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Same PnD TG Group is promoting Hyve.
They got rid off ASKO and are shilling Hyve now.

Dont fall for it.
Just look at my image.
Sell it ASAP. They will dump on you

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so you're saying that hyve will increase in price at a ridiculous rate, just like asko, then absolutely fall apart?

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coin has literally no volume.
they picked it up and gonna dump later on newfags.

just look at the chart.
huge redflag

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let me preface this by admitting to being a newfag retard.
my first post was just a joke really.
Am i right in thinking that what this means is that theres a lot of holders, but no money moving in or out? meaning its all bag holders?

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1. Smart contract of HYVE is currently a placeholder, you'll see it's ERC20. At some point after mainnet we will make the switch to ERC777 token which will be the actual governance token so to speak. This was basically created for the sale only (initially we planned to hold off on listing until launch but people requested otherwise -> placeholder token)

Yes, the Botocean contract is literally the same because it's done by us so yeah go figure. Dragos has been my friend for 10y+ (their ceo) so I've been advising and helping them throughout. You've probably seen him in our groups too

2. Github is private because of a lot of reasons but most importantly because if it were so easy to build a platform like HYVE people would've done it already so I don't want to give people free tips on how to do it before we are ready

3. Yeah we listed in Oct 2020, and we took a big big dip. Mostly because we didn't list on Uni. At the time I didn't believe in it and that was my mistake bc I remembered the forkdelta days so thought it'll be short-lived. Anyway, through a sequence of good decisions we turned the situation around and went back to private price and then above.

4. I don't know where that rating is from?
5. Women in management = scam, lol. But anyway, Ksenia was replaced by Anca who just started last week, you've probably seen her on the group we just haven't managed to update the site. Anca was the head of marketing for creativetim.com before and increased their sales from $100k / y to ~$2M / y in ~18 months so she really knows what she's doing

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As I said, release was in October 2020.
They have a private github, this project is dead.
Picked up by some pajeets to make quick money.

We really need flags ngl

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just researched the coin. pretty good potential imo. dont undestand this overdone FUD

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>Pajeet defending the coin like its his mother.

Yep this is a scam 100% confirmed now.
NO one would act like that for a coin.


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6. To be honest I am not a fan of shilling either because it comes of scamish so I totally get the point with pajeets sending shill texts

7. Buidl. Lmao. It's not a mistake. It's intentional.... from #hodl but whatever

8. Cringe AMA, yeah, that's a fair point, it didn't go that well desu

9. Company is in SY indeed. It was in Malta but they changed all crypto laws in 2021 and so almost all companies closed down their Maltese presence bc of insane rules like hiring x maltese people / year etc. SY is more of a placeholder place while we find a proper jurisdiction. I would say within 6 months at maximum we should be incorporated in a proper crypto friendly country. I'm trying for Romania as well but we have to see because regulatory framework is pretty blurry rn

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mate, just stop, no one is gonna buy your bags.

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Lol je moeder is een hoer

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I must say, thats a pretty professional response ngl

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curry shillers

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So you're just gonna repeat "Curry shillers" and not gonna go into the response itself?
Fuck off faggot

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fudding so hard and this is 1 guy lol

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yes its true guys. total scam ! now sell

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>we really need flags ngl
yeah i agree, ive said that before as well. although they will just vpn, or outsource to some 5 bedroom house in england with 20 pakis living in it.

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What telegram

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they have TG group where they shill it together and bump the threads.
some dutch ransheeds.

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romania is the india of europe.
ceo is looking like an indian.
cfo and cmo are slav women with no crypto experience.

only flatbrainers invest in this dipshit

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Alan you drive a yellow used mercedez lol

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pls give me free hyve i want free hyve

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>failed PnD attempt
>I love you biz for fudding this
>ASKO 2.0? rejected

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Rope yourself nigger and get a life

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Jesus christ youre pathetic kek

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>TG Ransheeds promoting to join their "Shillgroup"
>They already have bags
>They will dump on ATH


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na, everyone is saying it

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It's literally just you lol

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coin is a scam

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always the same ID hahaha
Go choke on a dick

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So is CKYS, real stock look it up. Stands for Camp Kill Your Self. Like the band CKY. if nobody pumps this stock based on its name I'm going to be very disappointed.

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what is it?

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is that all you got Ranjeep?

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Ohh he learned how to use a VPN
Or is that someone in your TG group?

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>7 posts by ransheet
>defending coin on biz

ye legit as fuck.
fuck off pajeet

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14posts by this id. Only you are saying this, retard. Im sorry you got rug pulled on ASKO, HYVE isnt the same project. Be smarter next time.

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lol dont be so salty cause I collected all your fudposts buddy
You seem very eager to fud this coin, how come?

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literally what? nigga what kind of dumb ass retardation are you on trying to call me the indian street shitting shill whose trashing this trash coin while you try and off load bags onto retards

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thank you anon.

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Yes, I'm exactly doing that, you indian street shitting fudder

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This guy is fudding.. Like I dont know why. Always do your own research guys. There is prove in this thread that HYVE isn't a scam. Dont fall for everything.

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You get fired, Alan?

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kek brah give it up Pradesh you ain't good at this

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kek fucking knew it
Suck a dick Alan and stay in your shitty fudding group

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based fudder. just bought in friend hope u did the same. good dip brother

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Notice Alan immediately stopped posting fud

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Good job Alan