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Please Please Please Just Hit 4 Dollars

Vortex goes live any day now


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This isn't some pnd coin anon
Stake and get comfy

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Just been watching how well its holding up to this BTC dump. So fucking comfy.

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too expensive to withdraw and stake. must be a huge bag first

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this is what gets me hard desu, i know it's not gonna POOMP but I just want to see it go uppies

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I just read 5 articles about BANCOR and I still don't understand shit.
It's hopeless for me, isn't it?

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hi anon. the only reason I threw all of my crypto money toward this is because i watched a dumbed down, hour long explanation of liquidity mining and bancor's system here


it helped me understand a bit more

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Question. The passive income from stake is it that you earn BNT directly or that you earn the dollar amount that can be claimed later? So If the price of BNT goes up you get less BNT for the dollar amount. Because that's how some other AMMs like 1inch niggers do.

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you earn BNT

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As soon as ETH and LINK stops shitting the bed it'll hit $5

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350 stacklet here shpuld I stake or is it not worth it with so few coins? Gas fees are atrocious but if its worth it I might give it a try rather than just hodling

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Do you believe in the project long term?

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I do actually most of my poorfolio is into Bancor. Its not much but a guy gotta start somewhere

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>switch vBNT into 1 eth
>BNT price goes up 2x
Would I need to put back 1 or 2 eth in vBNT to unlock my stack?

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and? It is eth. Why provide liquidity, take risks and get laughable returns in interest and shitcoins and have to pay an eight of the price in eth. Until Arbitrum isn't ready, I scam chinks, beaners, vietnamese and since about 3 weeks americans on bsc and heco

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I would wait until they have a way to lower gas fees (supposedly coming soon) because the current fees are really high. You would need to wait the entire year to get your gas fees back in profit unless the price explodes...

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You get BNT from the rewards and you get LINKies from the fees.

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Is the arbitrum rollout gonna make this skyrocket?

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its going to hurt bad on gas.
keep an eye on gas for the contract
when its looking lower, go ahead and stake, i'd recommend staking on eth as that is the one pool that will most likely have rewards extended indefinitely, though link probably will too. This is hard to predict. Put it in and leave it, if you stake off hours, you might be able to get it done for like 75-90 bucks. After 4 weeks, the rewards will 2x for your stake and you will be in the money, if not sooner.

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Thank you anon. I guess I'll hodl in the meantime then

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you need the number of vBNT tokens, not the value when you traded it

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you only need the 1:1 amount of vBNT, it's genius really, like a mini Aave built in

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It has no max supply you fucking retards im thinking about selling

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can somebody unfud this?

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Does vBNT pool go live tomorrow now that vote has passed? I will probably put most of it in there since I dont have any better idea rn. Also it will probably have really nice APY
Thanks for telling me bro, sold my entire ETH stack

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So let's say you earn 1 bnt a day with bancor price stable at 2.50. Now Bancor shoots up to 50 dollars. Do you still earn 1 bancor a day?

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I just hope it stays mooned.
I staked 1049 and its not worth it to unstake until gas goes down

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Smart content made a blog post featuring the most important Chainlinked tokens. I was surprised to see BNT wasn't included

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If you are staking BNT, yes.

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Its because it has no max supply

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I have 5k usd in bancor, is it worth it to stake

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so as eth who fucking cares

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I care, how the fuck should this ever moon if they just mint new BNT everytime some nigger deposits a token in their stupid pools

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go buy pokemon tokens on BSC if you want moons

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Probably not. If let's say $1000 worth of token x earns you 1 BNT a day and BNT is worth $1. Now BNT skyrockets to $1000. That gives you a 100% return per day. That kind of yield attracts a shit ton of liquidity on the platform and your rewards are diluted down towards the yield the market sees fit. It's probable the market sets the yield somewhere around where it was before the price appreciation. In some cases such a price appreciation might make a lot of people aware of the yield opportunity and ruin it for the early adopters. That means after a project has gained a lot of attention your edge over the rest of the market, in this case being early, is diminished

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Imagine being in the midst of the Great Bull Run of 2021 and thinking a max supply fucking matters.

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>only 33k BNT holders


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It's not really worth it unless you have a big stack because the fees are so high. You need to spend about $100-250 each time you stake, unstake or change anything in your account.

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Ok so its a game of musical chairs until rewards run out, got it. Thanks.

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The absolute cope of bagholders trying to counter the fact that this has UNLIMITED SUPPLY
>yeah we know this will never moon go buy pokemon instead

Absolutely seething

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mfw been holding this shitcoin since it was first shilled in 2017

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Christ... why is FUD in Bancor threads so fucking awful

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If you are staking BNT, then you still earn the same amount of BNT. If you stake any other token, you will earn a different amount depending on the price change of the token and BNT.

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I gave you legitimate fud and youre ignoring it. The token has no max supply.

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the max supply cap theory is created by buttcorn maximalists to support their deflation backed by math lame meme.
when you are pouring money into a token, not a fucking meme coin. the value of the token is strongly associated with the team behind it.

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How does this work? When you stake BNT you just infinitely earn the same amount? Is this because the inflation on the network is so massive that the dollar value of your rewards will stay proportional to the dollar value staked?

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Are we actually going to 25?

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thanks just unstaked all my positions and market sold everything

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Thinking of switching my AAVE stack for Bancor. There's more room to run in price and mc. Dumb decision? I feel AAVE's gonna crab for quite a while more.

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Forgot image

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Why do you think linkwhales are buying 180k at this price?

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This is a legitimate concern. The more the assets on the network appreciate in price the more BNT is minted. No way around this. If the amount of link staked stays the same until link is $1000 the inflation on BNT will be absolutely massive.

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you are earning an APR on the BNT that is paid out in BNT, so the price change doesn't matter. 10% of 100 BNT will still be 10 BNT.

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BNT has some very big red flags which is why I will not invest in it, however I am salty because the day after I sold it, it went up 50%. Take this how you want.

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What are the red flags

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The more liquidity in the pool, the lower the rewards. But that attracts trading which generates fees. What did you think the point of this was again? Its not like this inflation will just go on forever

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YES IT WILL RETARD. Every time somebody adds tokens to one of their pools they will mint the same value of bnt tokens

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And how is the amount of BNT paid calculated? Also if I stake I'm not going to want to calculate my yield in some inflationary token (except maybe $ or ether). If I stake $10000 of BNT and that earns me an estimated 10% APY when extrapolated from the latest daily%. If BNT does a 100x is my APY going to 100x? Nothing can affect that? If something can affect that, what is it? Inflation? Dilution of the rewards from more people staking? I'm having hard time believing the APY can't go down

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I am telling you rewards will eventually stop. Are you braindamaged?

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Why won't it go on forever?

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ok well all you need to know is that historically the APY has been where it's at now, and if you REALLY care you will read the very well documented and detailed governance/blog posts

bancor is big brained and you really got to dig deep if you want to get it, but if you do your research you will want to get in 100%. goodluck anon.

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a few years ago you was laughing so hard about bancor... and telling the worst things

Now, everyone says "good project man" much much


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whats the revenue for 1 year staking?

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Can you niggers at least do minimum of research on the project you are interested in?

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No, they can’t. Retards are always the loudest.

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>projects can progress and get better and you can change your mind

yes anon, I do possess critical thinking skills

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Well that's not all I need to know. The shit people spout out in these threads goes against the understanding I've gained from doing my research on Bangor. That's why I'm asking questions. Also some of these claims seem completely lunatic from the game theoretical point of view. Somehow people who make these claims still don't seem like complete idiots, that's probably why I even bother to ask

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(((they))) are here to pump our bags now. play both sides

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check out blog.bancor.network and if you want to dig even deeper, check out their governance forum

you need to detach yourself from the personalities in threads like these and just go dive deep in their documentation

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Alright thanks for the conversation

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Thanks. I've already read about it quite extensively. The info I read on here and CT is so contradicting I sometimes end up thinking maybe there's something I've missed. But thanks for the genuine answer. Hope you make it

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Ok I think I see what you are saying, yes the reward APR can change due to the volume in relation to the liquidity provided. Bancor caps the liquidity with any increases passed by governance so the liquidity can't just skyrocket overnight. If volume tanks but liquidity remains the same, then rewards will go down but vice versa is also true.
Also the reward APR is so high because it's incentive to grow liquidity on bancor and it's only estimated to last for another year or so.
As far as inflation affecting the price of BNT I don't know enough to speculate on that, but around 65% of BNT is staked and there is strong incentive not to sell your rewards because it will cancel your reward multiplier and you also will not receive impermanent loss protection. I'm still learning about this too so I don't think there is enough known about how issuance of BNT will affect price.

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BNT is burned when a single side liquidity provider withdraws, also will be with swap fees in the future creating a deflationary asset

>> No.28886188

well its not deflationary if tokens are being minted

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must read. wagmi

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>they don't know that vortex is about to launch with a mechanism that not only collateralizes your staked BNT (if you wish to use it that way), but also introduces a burn mechanism that can introduce significant deflation into the protocol

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Do 5 minutes of research retards

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More burning

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Got it. Thanks. One thing that comes to my mind is this creates an incentive for the governance not to raise the cap while rewards are still being paid. Lots of moving parts with these new systems.

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checked these nice digits

>> No.28886741

Very good coin please sir do the needful purchase loooool

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Good read....now check out February


>> No.28886845

Checking these too. Kek demands answers. Will the bancor pajeets answer the call?

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>he was a salty low iq negro all along

Lol knew it

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I have a question. I have 5000 link, if I put it on Aave and borrow 50% worth of my stack in USDC and buy BNT with it, I can put that on Bancor for 100% rewards right now.

100% rewards beats the current 25% interest on the Aave loan and I can just repay the full sum after rewards end. Is there something I'm missing?

Just gas fees would be very high every step of the way.

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Bancor provides strong hope while everything else bleeds.

>> No.28887681

Or I guess I would borrow ETH and swap the ETH to BNT for a much much better interest rate.

>> No.28887729

I wish you good luck trying to put 80k USDC into the pool my fren

>> No.28887786

Based bnt and ren only green numbas on coinbase

>> No.28887795

1inch claims that their mathematical contract stipulates that it's token amount and that dollar is just ui shit, since just staking 1inch alone instead of farming you the direct token amount, but results and testimony has been iffy.

>> No.28887849

I was saying I would swap the USDC to BNT. But I think I would borrow ETH instead, swap that to BNT and deposit it. Interest on an ETH loan is way lower.

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DO NOT BORROW ETH, only stable coins, but other than that your plan is fine if you can continue to stay safe on AAVE and out-earn your borrow APR.

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fuck he's gonna borrow eth then an hero when it moons

>> No.28888845

Thanks, that why I would borrow only 50% worth of my stack to stay below the Aave liquidation threshold.

>> No.28889330

And stick to a stable coin then.

Problem is its like 5 steps to do all of this from my hardware wallet all the way to the Bancor pool. That's 5 fees on the way there.

How long is 100% rewards for staking BNT supposed to last though? Only as long as the countdown shows right? Nothing after that?

$77k worth of BNT would make me about $5k for the time that the rewards seem to last.

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you understand why you can't borrow eth right?

>> No.28889464

i think ima steal this idea....thank you

>> No.28889528

they're going to reinstate the rewards after they inspire, but it will be voted on. Basically stick to the most viable pools like LINK/ETH/top stables. Put your BNT in them, put LINK in the LINK pool if you can get enough space to make it worth the tx fee.

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Sitting comfy af today. What is all the whining about? I've been busy counting my rewards all morning.

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expire not inspire

>> No.28889644

Rewards are going to 2022 anon

Your 77k will make you 77k

>> No.28889742

there's no way that's sustainable though, right?
it's literally
>send me 1 eth and i send you 2 back ;)

>> No.28889782

Probably a stupid question but do I have to pay gas to stake my rewards?

>> No.28889838

You are being paid for providing liquidity to the network...its an actual service man, people are trading on here and paying you to do so


>> No.28890056

the rewards come from the fees the traders pay though, right?

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>> No.28890215

yes, and a gas fee 2 get them back as well

if ur a poorie arbitrum should fix this when it rolls out. when is that supposed to roll out anyways

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Thanks, this is more realistic than I thought. Another thing though is I don't know how good of a time it is to use link as collateral when we seem to be at a top, at least in the short term.

>> No.28890544

So what makes them forecast that the traders are going to be generating that much in fees in the upcoming months? And if they don't what will happen then?

>> No.28890602

Meaning if link takes a far dip that can impact the loan health an Aave and liquidation risk.

>> No.28890633

you are the retard, i was never talking about the rewards. i was talking about the fact that everytime somebody provides single sided liquidity there are BNT tokens minted to match the value of the deposit

>> No.28890907

Why don't you take a loan from Celsius? It's 1% interest for a 25% ltv loan

>> No.28891434

I just had a look, that a great rate. But for a $77k loan they want 10k link put up where as Aave its kind of up to you as long as you stay under their liquidation threshold.

I do have that much link but its already tied up. Basically have 5k link to work with right now.

>> No.28891452

and everytime someone withdraws, BNT is burned. its a temporary measure to ensure liquid markets

>> No.28891502



>> No.28891570

Yeah but they're minted pool side only, they never even touch the market

>> No.28891830

do you have extra ETH/BTC you can use?

>> No.28891912

Damn this still in the green

>> No.28891946

just keep your health factor high enough that you feel comfortable you wont be liquidated, do the math and determine what level you are safe at, do you think LINK dumps 50%? more? Health factor on AAVE should reflect that.

>> No.28892518

Whole market is getting obliterated, but BNT is holding the line. Thank ur sirs

>> No.28893083

Green in a sea of red

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Very swaggy and poggers.

>> No.28894297

>Thanks, that why I would borrow only 50% worth of my stack to stay below the Aave liquidation threshold.
That still feels somewhat risky to me desu. What if a scamwick happens down to $15?

>> No.28895077

Yeah. Also, I'm not sure where the other anons got their info that rewards will continue after this cycle currently with 20 days left.

It is risky just for 20 days of incentivized rewards. I think this strategy would have faired way better in November when it was first announced because that was 12 weeks of rewards. This current cycle is just a month extra add on.

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The program continues until April next year and people can vote for extending the rewards.

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>you was laughing
>telling the worst things
>"good project man" much much
begone ESL, rich whites only
The only risk (i just did the same thing) is if LINK flash crashes 50% and you default and lose your 5k LINK. That's why most people only take out 25% worth of the collateral. ie. I put up 6k LINK and only took out 30k USDC. Also, as other anon said, I too made the mistake of taking out ETH. Couple days later realized I was gonna JUST myself hard asf owing 150k$ when ETH is 10k at bullrun peak vs. owing 30+interest. and dude, the rewards will get renewed. Just stay in the LINK/ETH/wBTC pools to be safe (the other less pools *may not* get renewed, those always should)

>> No.28896406

rewards are ongoing into next year m8

>> No.28896489

can you explain to me something please? if I put BNT into the LP of a LINK/BNT pair, the rewards are going to be all in BNT? or can I choose to receive LINK instead?

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So what will be your strategy when Vortex finally launches?
I'll probably just play it safe and stake vBNT.

>> No.28896849

Think this might translate to a bigger pump once the other alts recover?

>> No.28896967

You have to differentiate between fees and rewards.
Rewards are always paid out in BNT, while fees will be the same as the coin you provide.
So if you would provide LINK, you'll get LINK from the fees and BNT as a reward. In case of LINK, the APR for the rewards is currently 15.42 % (with full 2x multiplier).

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Ok so I guess I was confusing the LM and the rewards that are put on top of that?

So we get LM till April 2022, meanwhile the rewards on top of that will be voted on, on a case by case basis?

Ok, I shouldn't be too greedy then. Thought 50% was safe but we did just have that 17% crash on link two days ago. Kinda flirting with going against my better judgement though that half my link is to stay on my hardware wallet. I have some in Yearn I can pull and use too. I should add I also already have 3300 link in the bancor pool right now. But the 100% BNT side rewards are giving me some major 'get it while its hot' vibes.

>> No.28897242 [DELETED] 

Every time some adds to their pool, BNT is burned you fucking ass hat

>> No.28897398

got it, thanks. so right now as a linkie my only option is to get BNT and go into a random pool to make the most amount of profit until there's some space for LINKs in their LP, right?

>> No.28897501

lmao at the dipshits thinking the elastic supply is a reason to stay away, like better minds that theirs haven't been all over this shit already.

>> No.28897591

>I should add I also already have 3300 link in the bancor pool right now.
can I ask how much are you earning with that?

>> No.28897858

I think this is my 4th or 5th day. Made 1.8 LINK and 28 BNT.

>> No.28898098

thanks, and that's honestly really good. almost 1k a month while you still get to keep your linkies safe and comfy
I might jump in with my stack once there's some space

>> No.28898148

>So we get LM till April 2022, meanwhile the rewards on top of that will be voted on, on a case by case basis?
Yes. You can also look up the previous votes (rewards have already been extended) and read about the LM program details here: https://blog.bancor.network/announcing-bnt-liquidity-mining-b30be90a008d

Either you wait or you provide enough BNT for the LINK/BNT pool to free some space for LINK. Of course you have to be quick lest somebody else takes your space.

>> No.28898574

i can't get a hand on more than few thousands of BNTs at the moment and if I understand it correctly I can only free up space for LINK in the value of the BNT that I drop in, right?
so I'd need to wait for some BNT whale to deposit in the LP if I want to stake more linkies

>> No.28898887

Where is arbitrum ?
Fuck eth

>> No.28898950

>fuck the platform that literally everything useful is running on
nice take bruh

>> No.28899015

it has no min supply

>> No.28899245

been in the eth pool for about 2 weeks now, almost 2.5% roi already in rewards, and bnt price keeps increasing.

Shit will be lovely when vortex is out and more lp pools will be added. Thanks to whoever shilled this 2 weeks back.

>> No.28899287

I don't really know. Right now, you'd need at least 4500 BNT to free space for LINK, but no idea how much LINK you could stake afterwards.
But you can check out their Telegram and ask them, the team is pretty active.

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If the ratio gets to 1 or above I will leverage to the tits before the arbs can get to it.
Seeing as the odds of my running into that before some whale or bots does, probably just stake the vBNT for sweet swap fees.
If you are bullish on bancor at a multi-year basis, it's probably worth it to leverage vBNT swaps all the way down to like 0.5 ratio since you'll earn enough rewards to unlock your leveraged stack again by stitting on your hands for a year. Won't be able to move a muscle until then unless you market-buy extra vBNT though so it's not for the small fish or the frequent profit-takers.

>> No.28899458

Poorfag here
is my portfolio decent? Just bought BNT

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File: 21 KB, 695x236, dfhdfhfghdfghdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28899722

Are you 3rd world country? Is this bait? Bancor suicide stack is 1k

>> No.28899903

>Are you 3rd world country
Russia, Siberian shithole.

>> No.28899908

Your picks are decent but you are far too diversified for how small your capital is.
Research the shit out of one coin. Smaller market cap and larger moonshot potential is better. BNT just barely qualifies but you really want some capital since its main moonshot potential lies in the synergy of staking and price movement, LINK is a class of its own, but ADA, DOT and ETH are absolutely not good investments for a small player unless you only want to earn a sandwich and a cup of coffee during the bullrun. Honestly you'd be so much better off catching a 10x somewhere on a pajeetcoin and then moving your gains into Bancor.

>> No.28900071

All coins are pretty great but if I were you I would probably try to get some moonshot instead

>> No.28900259

Have anything particular in mind?

>> No.28900506

Consolidate into one coin broseph, go for something with big potential

>> No.28900637


>> No.28900784


>> No.28900841

when is L2 dropping? everyone will use bancor when it comes out to get past the eth fees that everyone has been crying about

>> No.28900932

Injective protocol is tempting

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Get something you can mine easily. I'll drop a shill here since you asked for it, but do your own research, do not buy any bags until you are confident in the project, and study as much as you can.
>Idena is the first human-centric blockchain based on Proof-of-Person consensus
>Human personhood is the most evenly distributed and scarce resource on Earth
>Idena formalizes human personhood on the blockchain in the form of cryptoidentity - a manifestation of a conscious human proven online without central authorities or revealing personal information.

>Voting and governance
>Public good funding
>Serverless messenger
>Decentralized publishing platform
>Bot-protected marketing
>Decentralized oracles (NOW LIVE)
>Cryptoidentity sign-in (NOW LIVE)
>Decentralized applications, smart contracts (INC Q1-Q2 2021)
>Global UBI
You can easily mine it on any basic laptop, and you can expect between $30 to $100 USD/month in proceeds assuming you pass your validations and achieve human status.

>> No.28901198

Thank you very much for the info anon

>> No.28901327

I was going to try staking but it would cost $200 in fucking fees just to start, let alone getting your money back out.

>> No.28901445
File: 84 KB, 436x425, pepefuming.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was only 90 when i woke up at 3am to stake them the other morning

>> No.28901484
File: 57 KB, 1024x523, 1598583119964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28901498

I luckily dont have to play shitcoin roulette anymore, but you should probably keep checking all the new uniswap listings and maybe join their tg. Also with low caps always remember to get in early and get out fast. Absolutly do not fall for the memes like "1000x EOY", "we are in this together", "never selling". Be prepeared to sit in front of computer most of that day to not miss time to sell. Take profits even when you are feeling euphoric. Those things always crash 70% down eventually, check what happened with various dog coins or asko recently

>> No.28901890

>Honestly you'd be so much better off catching a 10x somewhere on a pajeetcoin and then moving your gains into Bancor.

You might be right. My main issue with pajeetcoins is uniswap gas fees but those can be bypassed if I use BSC instead.

>> No.28902306

15 minute chart makin a WcDonalds rn

>> No.28902526

Get all into LINK and forget it for 2 years. You will be happy. I would recommended you to follow guys who made early calls.

>> No.28902888

Let's get that McChicken sandwich, the best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce packets and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige.

One time I asked for McChicken sauce packets and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly McDonald's worker laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!".

Now the staff greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three packets. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local McDonald's restaurant, I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great meal that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily nutritional needs.

I even dip my fries in McChicken sauce, it's delicious! What a great restaurant.

>> No.28902899

Don’t trade shitcoin. You would lose all your money. Your portfolio should be 60% LINK 40% moonshot. My moonshot rn is BNT. Maybe you’re priced out but at least when LINK moons you will have a good amount of money in your country.

>> No.28903013

You are welcome.

>> No.28903101
File: 70 KB, 220x220, gsdniolgnseil.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28903523

Gas fees on uniswap is worth like half of his current portfolio, shitcoin flipping isn't affordable to poorfags anymore

>> No.28903565

My lil bancor doin some

>> No.28903795
File: 499 KB, 2340x3404, 1613420206072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting a FAT virgin GF once my Bancor is done doin a lil some and fucking off to the citadel.

>> No.28903821
File: 408 KB, 500x345, 1566942296826.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This seems reasonable but im fewling call conservative and afraid. If there will be some straight way to stake vbnt, this is probably what i will do...

>> No.28903910

>Right now, you'd need at least 4500 BNT to free space for LINK, but no idea how much LINK you could stake afterwards.

So, I started about a week ago and have managed to stake about 8K link. Got very lucky last Thursday when they opened up a HUGE amount of liquidity and I could do about 2500 in one go, but other than that, I have found a bunch of opportunities to put in an additional 500 to 1000 each time. Obvious downside is I paid, I don't remember exactly but around $200 to 300 in gas fees each time. That kind of sucked and who knows maybe I screwed up, but over last ~5 days I've gotten around $300 in rewards and I haven't even had the reward multipliers start yet.

Current plan is to keep my 8K link parked in Bancor for foreseeable future.

1. every couple of days, seemingly at random, around ~1000 Link opens up
2. paying gas fees sucks but oh well and I'm planning to stay in this for the long term.
3. I'm sure this is a noob thing to say, but it is pretty fucking comfy to log in every day and see the rewards going up, and looks like I'll be making about 3K a month in passive income, and hoping that goes higher given (1) reward multipliers and (2) (I hope) increase in value of both link and bnt.

>> No.28903943
File: 87 KB, 326x305, 1613166621832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will be able to stake your vBNT in the vBNT/BNT pool, soon to be whitelisted since the quorum for it was reached.

>> No.28904167
File: 801 KB, 1024x958, F0553E4F-7A9F-4655-9896-C2572706564B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28904366

very proud of shanice. a real go getter

>> No.28904566

I like it, this is what I will be doing.
Am I wrong to say, besides doing nothing, this would be the lowest risk move?

>> No.28905202

This is actually one of the more original blockchain ideas I've read about.
Think it'll take off?

>> No.28905413

Alright bros what will drive this coin to previous ath of 10$. In upcoming weeks?

>> No.28905617

Vortex going live and arbitrum rolling out

>> No.28905720

>Alright bros what will drive this coin to previous ath of 10$. In upcoming weeks?
a miracle.
I am super bullish, I have alot riding on bnt, enough that it would hurt very badly if it falls apart and if we did realize 10 dollars I would be insanely happy...

>> No.28905801

Arbitrage from Vortex pulling bnt supply off Cexs and back to Bancor. Supply dries up= price go up

>> No.28905825

Arbitrum is April at the soonest. You would know this if you were in the private Bancor telegram channel.

>> No.28905900
File: 596 KB, 1284x2778, EC5CCB58-151B-4458-8AE2-DA4B07B316E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bancor is the chosen one. How do I know? See this? Chainlink researchers are working with only 1 amm on amm innovation. It’s bancor. Not a fork of bancor uni. Or a fork of uni , sushi. So called link og’s on twitter shilling sushi and uni instead of this, are lost comrades. It’s like shilling band instead of Link. How the mighty have become blind.

>> No.28905960

The team has been working on this for years after overcoming some very serious obstacles and having Uniswap steal their idea. They are not fucking around. $10 is fud

>> No.28906070

>3. I'm sure this is a noob thing to say, but it is pretty fucking comfy to log in every day and see the rewards going up
I got into this when it first started, I think just a few weeks after it started. Anyways, for like the first 50-60 days I was in, it didn't show rewards, then they did the update and bam, 49% ROI...literally half as many tokens as I staked sitting as a reward.
That was def an oh fuck moment, this is madness, then regret for not going heavy out of gate. Im in deeper now, 40k bnt, mostly becaue the taxes from unloading eth i bought at 7 to convert and stake in the final calculus wasn't what I was willing to do.

>> No.28906085

Actually kind of glad on this. Means large cap rewards will definitely be extended.

>> No.28906226

I am hip man, i have literally had bnt since the ico, it was the first one I ever gave up ether for. The fact that uni forked it and became a runaway success is pretty terrible honestly, the bancor team fucked up. I think in the end bancor will win, but it should never have been in the position its in.

>> No.28906321

Bancor + Chainlink didn't actually pan out, the new model doesn't use oracles. I don't remember exactly what the issue what but it was something to do with frontunning or the speed of data delivery not being fast enough.
Not fud against either project, just clarifying.

>> No.28906389
File: 335 KB, 501x500, cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck. one less of an usecase for chainlink

>> No.28906404

I just read the entire article, amazing.

>> No.28906417

This is true. However, the latest news on this front is that Bancor is working on a new pool design that will utilize Chainlink Oracles in order to facilitate liquidity amplification and reduced slippage.

I have literally no idea why or how they are going back to using LINK oracles.. but this news is as of like 2 days ago. Pretty hilarious imo considering the original V2.0 design used LINK and was a failure because of latency

>> No.28906493

Yeah the whole thing sucked for everyone except Hayden. But if there is one thing I know from running my own business for 12 years is not to underestimate the power of revenge winning. Bancor will literally give away its swap profits to us for free if it means reclaiming the dex throne.

>> No.28906524

checked. so when is link staking due to be released Mr Nazarov sir?

>> No.28906537

what the fuck vbnt is basically aave
this is crazy bullish what the fuck

>> No.28906559

Incorrect. They use Chainlink to cafor IL protection

>> No.28906613

if i withdraw my rewards that wont reset my il protection will it? just the multiplier?

>> No.28906674

Aave without liquidation or interest

>> No.28906691

Liquidity amplification was a fucking awesome idea that I know got put aside with v2.1, glad to hear it's back on the table.
I do wonder though if BNT becomes THE major platform for trading, and they have liquidity amplification, then doesn't that actively reduce volatility across the entire market?
To illustrate, say you buy $1m of TKN today and the price goes up 20%, that 20% is a result of how deep the orderbook is on that side. Price movements are completely dictated by that depth.
But bring in a liquidity amplification model and now when you buy $1m worth of TKN and the price barely moves... so if most of the liquidity is happening on Bancor where market moves are significantly reduced through liquidity amplification, wouldn't that put massive brakes on volatility and normal price discovery?

>> No.28906703

heard she's a big fan of Candace Owens

>> No.28906723


>> No.28907344
File: 484 KB, 1085x609, unknown (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you're right anon, it's covered by the IL protection if you let it sit for 100 days, so it's an extra printer of swap fees.
Who knows. Their dev output is really good so far, and they've supposedly worked on lightning/L2 solutions before so they're not exactly copy-paste pajeets. As always, DYOR. For this one, you can mine easily and freely once you prove your personhood since that's the whole concept of the network. You only have some time to lose. If you strike a fancy, you can fill bags then. I wouldn't allocate as much to it as one would to Bancor, LINK, or even ETH/BTC if you're a big boy, but it's certainly a promising moonshot since both the concept and execution seem very good.
Bancor is incredibly comfy.
We already have a proof of concept running marine, you can find it at https://app.bancor.network/eth/data/

>> No.28907405

After vortex is up, is this a good plan to maximize my link positions?
>deposit BNT for staking
>use vBNT to swap for LINK
>use the LINK as a deposit to LP when there's extra space
>repeat ad infinitum

>> No.28907555

You're risking LINK shitting the bed, not being able to get enough vBNT back to get your original BNT back.. I'd put vBNT into a stablecoin pool and forget about it or just trade the arbitrage opportunity if that's more your style

>> No.28907701

Checked. Wondering if it will be more profitable to stake vBNT than it would be to convert it to a stable coin?

>> No.28907717

It's a good plan if you want maximum risk with maximum potential payout in case of a LINK moon (inevitable over a very long time frame, but it could be a long while away). Keep in mind that you're going to get a haircut every time you do a swap since the vBNT value will be pressured downward. You won't get liquidated as you do on say AAVE, but your Bancies might be locked up for a looooong time if BNT suddenly moons and drags vBNT along with it, since even if the value between the two is not 1:1, vBNT follows BNT movement by design.

>> No.28907753

yeah that's what I mean, put vBNT straight into vBNT/USDC or something like that

>> No.28907907

You can only put vBNT into the vBNT/BNT pool.
You CAN swap vBNT to BNT and then to USDC/DAI etc. but you would quickly be unable to afford unlocking your BNT position if BNT price movement goes up harder than what your stablecoin earns you in liquidity mining and swap fees.

>> No.28907923

great explanation thanks

>> No.28907980

To add to this, swapping vBNT to a stablecoin is great if you expect a crash, since it allows you to keep your stake locked and printing tokens for better days to come, while also "tethering up" and offsetting the risk. It's like being an advanced bobo.

>> No.28908090

>You can only put vBNT into the vBNT/BNT pool.

Ahhh that makes sense, looks like I'll just be doing vBNT/ETH then

>> No.28908160

Yeah thats my endgame once I think bullrun will end

>> No.28908176

Is it just me or is Vortex basically giving Bancor Aave-esque capability with even more flexible options with what to do with your collateralized vBNT? Seems so based

>> No.28908477

It's AAVE but less Jewish.
Nothing against AAVE since their concept works great and has made a lot of anons a fuckton of money, but Bancor Vortex lets you get the bonus of leveraging without the scamwicks liquidating you, or interest swamping your gains. It's all on the chain, and there's no Hebrew magic going on in the background. This is one of many reasons why I think Bancor will win. It brings the good parts of elasticity, inflation/deflation mechanisms, and leverage - without the usury, corruption and unlimited printing.

>> No.28908555

I just bought $10,000 worth of this via Coinbase. What do I do now?

>> No.28908605


>> No.28908637

well you can stake it for rewards as a start on their network

>> No.28908674

Get a hardware wallet, get Metamask browser extension, connect the hardware wallet to Metamask, and then go to bancor.network and stake your BNT in the most lucrative pool.

>> No.28908699
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, 1535624732970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The irony is of course that Bancor is powered by Jewish tech and an all-star team based in Switzerland and Tel-Aviv. It's the next level of Jewish evolution, the symbiote that will make the chosen goys honorary Jews.

>> No.28908787

wow just got a chub reading that

park it in your pool of choice over at app.bancor.network

BNT/ETH or wBTC or BNT/stablecoin are good for a stable, good APY, eth probably best. The other pools are good if you're married to a particular coin or want exposure to it, otherwise they tend to fluctuate more in APY compared to the aforementioned.

>> No.28908816


How do I stake? I'm a retard.


Is the hardware wallet essential? Or recommended? (got any recommendations for one if so?)

Gonna log into Metamask and do some reading in the meanwhile

>> No.28908877

pretty essential when it comes to keeping your money safe. I have a ledger but they've had terrible press recently with their email lists getting leaked, so maybe go with Trezor.

>> No.28909026

>Is the hardware wallet essential? Or recommended?
It's recommended, the bigger your stack, the bigger your potential downside if you get rekt. If you have perfect opsec you do not need one, but mistakes are human,
One quick and dirty life hack is creating a second wallet on a different device, preferably a factory reset one that has no other connections, and sending your vBNT to this once you stake your BNT.
This way, even if your hotwallet gets rekt, they won't have the vBNT needed to unstake your shit straight away.

>> No.28909136

I just ordered a Trezor

>> No.28909236

I just went and looked... am I understanding this correctly that I would receive 7.5% of my BNT value if I stake it out for people to borrow to buy ETH with? And that I would get a portion of their ETH purchase as a fee for putting up my 10k for others to use?

>> No.28909384

>Switzerland and Tel-Aviv
Mountain jews and jews team up.

>> No.28909450
File: 42 KB, 653x726, 542627711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>recovers back to test 3.65
>breaks out of ascending triangle on the 1 minute chart looked like it will find a new range of volume distribution to bounce around again
>farts back to 3.61
I'm so confused

>> No.28909617

TA is tea leaf reading for retards

>> No.28909618
File: 30 KB, 526x710, 1591902071668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you seriously TA-fagging the black hole of liquidity that will gobble up all other AMMs and lending protocols like my future fat wife will gobble up full-fat vanilla icecream on our honeymoon? Really?

>> No.28909689

yup... email and address leaked. happened to me, shows up on haveibeenpwned.com

pisses me off, who wouldn't be paranoid? also it happened shortly after I bought it.

>> No.28909707

IT DID IT AGAIN! I have to turn on the TPO for this again
>Are you seriously TA-fagging the black hole of liquidity that will gobble up all other AMMs and lending protocols like my future fat wife will gobble up full-fat vanilla icecream on our honeymoon? Really?

>> No.28909850
File: 67 KB, 1024x569, pierce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28909924

Nein I forsaw this with great probability except what's strange with Bancor it keeps wanting to break out higher and higher and then botting arbitrage faggots just fold hardcore in a way I rarely ever see. Who the fuck sells Bancor with this kind of chart and and metrics. WHO?! THIS IS GOING $10 EASILY ONCE TVL IS AT A BILLION

>> No.28910048

Bancor isn't lending. Bancor allows people to trade Asset X for Asset Y by holding a huge "pool" of both assets. The value you provide is by putting your asset in that pool. The bigger those pools are, the better the platform is for trading, so you are rewarded for your contribution.

>> No.28910086

Either way this very bullish and $4 incoming once sellers get it out of their system at this equilibrium price

>> No.28910274
File: 82 KB, 953x1280, scamwick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe a bunch of whales are suppressing to accoom? These are some LINK-tier scamwicks from back when it was below $5

>> No.28910334

A fully decentralized, peer-peer, orderbook based cryptocurrency exchange for the Defi ecosystem in Substrate.

>> No.28910579


Stake them as soon as possible, as the supply dries up the price will pump hard with no resistance. Those poor BNTies can't even pool with their frens. We have to bring them home.

>> No.28911136


>> No.28911186

what's with all the scam wicks on bnt?

>> No.28911251

didn't see this kek

>> No.28911815
File: 8 KB, 209x241, 1613268373346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28912529

The gas fees are really high and appears to be controlled by market forces. I am unsure if I made a wise purchase without reading more :(

>> No.28913136

you have about the minimum BNT required to stake right now. Just bite the bullet and slam it into a pool and forget about it. Gas is cheapest in about 5 hours from my experience

>> No.28913505

So why is a hardware wallet added security when used in conjunction with metamask? Is it because the hardware wallet has to be plugged in and physically used to confirm transactions?

>> No.28913528


Okay, thanks for the advice. My BNT is on Coinbase at the moment... Do you have recommendation on best way to get it stakable?

>> No.28913550

I staked 2k BNT in ETH/BNT about 4 days ago. Rewarded BNT is currently 15 and swap fees earned is 3. I payed $105 in gas fees.

>> No.28913563
File: 17 KB, 581x225, bitcoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28913641


this website tells you which hour gas is cheapest

>> No.28913668

There are some serious whales moving in tonight. Seeing so many token pools being slammed with $250k+ stakes on both BNT and TKN side.
Yes. Even if you get rekt, nobody will be able to get your bancies without a physical confirmation.

>> No.28913706

i've only been making shekels on this project anon

>> No.28914533

Refer to >>28908674 and be sure to choose a low-gas moment.

>> No.28914549

Ok, I've been playing around with metamask and my ledger just now. So now when I click 'confirm' for any transaction I want to do on metamask, I will then be asked on my actual hardware wallet to confirm it, and metamask won't be able to do anything before that?

>> No.28914602

That's right. If you don't confirm it on the HW-wallet the transaction will just time out and no funds will be moved.

>> No.28914612

250 bancor here. Can it reach 5000? Probably!!!

>> No.28914823

I've only recently got into bancor, pretty comfy so far. Can a kind anon give me a history lesson on v2.0 vs v2.1?

>> No.28914882

Thanks, that's great to know. Too bad my existing staking portfolio (about half my crypto net worth) exists purely through metamask. Would be too cumbersome and expensive in gas to pull it all off platforms, send to my hardwallet, just to go back on those platforms in a more secure way. Would probably never be able to get back into the Bancor pool either.

>> No.28915280

Move your vBNT to the HW wallet at least so if you ever get rekt those are safe and your stack is hard to unstake.
As for the rest of the coins, I know the feeling since I'm in several shitcoins without HW-wallet support or metamask integration. Best bet is to consolidate them onto your hardware when arbitrum goes live and gas fees drop 50x
It might cost you some effort and you may have to sit on your hands for a bit while waiting for pool space, but the peace of mind can't be beat, particularly when you're starting to deal with potentially fuck-you amounts of money later once Bancor goes to Andromeda.

>> No.28915564


>> No.28915571
File: 38 KB, 2410x509, poopmyass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The moon mission is tonight it's so obvious.
Pic related

>> No.28915659

someone mentioned automatic reward restaking the other day but i can't see it in vote or governance. anyone know about this?

>> No.28916295


>> No.28916437

>selling BNT this week of all times

>> No.28916438

Far as I know it's one of those "in the pipeline" projects that is likely to come sometime after Vortex / Arbitrum launch. That's going to crank our compounding up to 11 though.
Oh no no no no no.

>> No.28916454

You sold your shares in the money printer? Literally why.

>> No.28916560

what pool to stake my bancor? Seems it costs also a lot of gas. asks me for 200usd for 300bnt. is this even worth it?

>> No.28916582

Cheers geeza. That other anon is probably in the secret Jew telegram. I remain in the goyische channels where people are still asking if 12bnt can be staked.

>> No.28916640

in 5 hours should be half that

>> No.28916693

>where people are still asking if 12bnt can be staked.
Fucking kek
>for 300bnt. is this even worth it?
Not at current prices unless you plan to forget your stake exists for a year.

>> No.28916772

why don't you just consolidate up to 1k? you'll make the gas back in a month or so

>> No.28917308

money go up sires? price go up? eod price? i like my coins to grow

>> No.28917465

hi can I stake 12 bnt?

>> No.28917576

Another anon posted the other night, its actually not hard, you can link hardware wallet to existing metamask, just a few steps.

>> No.28917608

sir the bacor is best staking platform praise vishnu many returns.

>> No.28918372

is there somewhere on bancor network I can see the exact time I started staking?
I just reached 7 BNT in rewards exactly.

>> No.28918395
File: 111 KB, 1014x676, EuG5oD8XYAEC0Yd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Telegram] Mark Richardson
If we can become the default source of wNXM, arNXM, and Armor liquidity, we can apply the same strategy as we are currently using for wNXM on all three.
[Telegram] Mark Richardson
This would effectively make Bancor the home of defi insurance.

You just win

>> No.28918459

how much for the make it stack

>> No.28918542

What is staking?

>> No.28918659

Nevermind I see it on Metamask

If anyone is curious I started staking:
1,046.26 BNT in the LINK pool
2/11 at 18:28 PST its 19:29 right now
7 BNT rewarded.
I haven't hit the multiplier incentives yet.

>> No.28918722

i assume you're still waiting for the cliff? minus your time remaining from 30.

>> No.28918772


>> No.28918827

see here.>>28918659

and yes Im 5 days in

>> No.28919145

you can just hover over your position with the mouse in the protection tab and it will pop up

>> No.28919291

thanks mate.
I guess I'm too used to shitty interfaces

>> No.28919544


>> No.28920025

If you single-side stake, do you only make the token you're staking? or do you make both sides?

>> No.28920045

the amount of tokens, its maximum cap and shit like that, none of it matters
all that matter is total value captured, whatever amount of bancor exists at the time will be equal to 100% of that value
this is brainlet filter shit guys

>> No.28920151

You make the token you have staked in terms of fees, but BNT only in terms of rewards.

>> No.28920156

No, I'm making both.

>> No.28920175

You make the fee's in the token you are staking, and rewards in BNT.

>> No.28920202

Interesting, thanks.

>> No.28920211


>> No.28920974

Guys I just got 50k of bnt on coinbase. What do I do next?

>> No.28921796

This shit don't move it's impressive

>> No.28922507

the 401k of crypto

>> No.28923025

send the BNT and some ETH (to cover fees) to metamask wallet, go to bancor, stake in a pool of your choice. easy as fuck.

>> No.28923450

>bancor thread
what year is it

>> No.28923498

You got anything better?

>> No.28923535
File: 5 KB, 250x136, 1504034929585s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28923676

Stake it in one of the main pools

>> No.28923857

does kyber/0x have DAMM tech?

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