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Took out 20k for a bike, any suggestions. I'm considering the the R9 scrambler

Post 'em

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SC3 Carducci is more of a fuck it money bike for me. The R9 is lit too. I am getting a t7 yamaha this spring.

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Very nice sir. I drive bmw aswell, but i am more a chopper guy.
Considering this bike. But if btc really moons, r18 classic would be nice.
God speed

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At that price you can afford most production bikes. What kind of riding do you do? What do you like in your bikes?

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Yeah, I'm a sucker for crotch rockets but I want one of every style. I just fucking love bikes.

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I'm a casual commuter with beater ducati scramber moto (first bike, bought off a friend).

I'd like to get something with a little bit for of a kick that I can still throw around


Looks good, I've never rode a chopper any reccs to test out?

That Carducci look beautiful

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Motorcycles have 27x the death rate as cars per mile driven. Male drivers have 2-3x the death rate of female drivers (for the age range most of you are in, that's even higher).

Anyone who buys one of these deathtraps is retarded and/or suicidal.

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Thanks reddit

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Yeah, bikes are cool as fuck and fun, but I dont trust other mongoloid drivers here in the US.
Ill just stick with fast cars and a dirtbike to goof around with on my property.

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best fastbro
I'm curious to see the new hayabusa

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I'm 38 y-o and been riding for 20 years and am still here
Obviously if you're a bad driver/rider, you shouldnt get one

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Helmet sold separately

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You plan on doing track days? Off road riding? Touring? Around the town hooning?

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Okay boome.

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Probably some dirty old Indian or a KTM supermoto

It ain’t much but it’s honest

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crf250 will do

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Based safety bro
>inb4 I’m a good rider
Everyone I know that was hurt on a bike (a lot of people) was hit by some retard or had to dump their bike to avoid being hit.

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>ever using cucked roads after you've made it.

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dodge tomahawk is #1 stunt on peasants bike if you can handle the look

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>Everyone I know that was hurt on a bike (a lot of people) was hit by some retard or had to dump their bike to avoid being hit

no me, everyone I knew were simply riding too fast

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/biz/ biker?! *swoon* I want to ride you anon. I've got an sv650 im trying to sell and a ninja 650r rn. Pic rel is my make it bike

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Do you guys actually feel safe riding bikes? I think they're cool and look fun but there is no way I'm trusting my life to a bunch of other retards and some dotted lines painted on asphalt. I might get one to rip at a track or a few dirtbikes or something but I'm not sure I could ever use one as actual transpo.

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country roads

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Git gud at riding

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You will never be a woman

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Anyone who uses this is too afraid to use "Tits or GTFO" because they know they'd be attracted to moobs.

KLR for me. Driving onnaroad is just begging to get plastered by some cunt in a minivan. Driving innawoods is safer; plus I'll be living there anyway.

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sounds like a good plan but you're still at the mercy of the hundreds of other hungover, tired, new, inexperienced retards hurtling down the road at the wheel of a 2 ton bullet

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If I ever make it, I would love to get one of pic related

Or some kind of enduro

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Can't live life in fear. Otherwise go live in a padded cell.

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I'm third-worlder poorfag and am investing to buy this piece of shit when it's MSRP is 1/3 of my portfolio. I just wanna go moderately fast.

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Ewww like those creatures that take your money, bleed all over the place once a month, and have crotch spawn that trap you forever? Anon I...

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indian scout bobber obviously

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ive been daydreaming about riding across the country on a bmw 1200 gs. right now ive got a Yamaha r6 in the garage for when it gets warm

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yes ive been daydreaming about taking a cross country trip with this bike

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I'll just buy a new wr450, and trick it out like this. until then, i've already got a road legal wr450 and luv it:)

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3/10 sorry bro
dirt bike bro! :) 11/10
5/10 normie but good bike
9/10 klr unfuddable
7/10 normie but good
10/10 unironically

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For me it's unironically a Yamaha Xmax 250cc scooter. I just wanna zip around town and attract dirty hippie girls.

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then take it to a track you pussies

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tits or gtfo
can't believe you're derailing a bike thread like this. unbelievable.

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Do you always live in fear, it is today special?

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based taste in this thread

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based thread OP.
The R9 is a lot of fun. Rides similar to the fz07 and fz09
Look into getting an adventure/touring bike. I never thought I would be interested in long rides but got a Ducati Multistrada about 5 years ago and put 40K miles on it in 2 years. I am looking for a BMW 1250 now and planning a trip to Alaska for the summer with some friends. Being able to go from asphalte to dirt without having to worry is a blast. It's the best way to see an area. Other than a plane.

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Honda silver wing is also nice fellow scooterbro

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I've got a Z900 RS Cafe and its way more bike then what I got from duc or BMW

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You dont have a womb or ever will. Seethe and dilate disgusting tranny

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To answer any potential questions, no I have never ridden a motorcycle.

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>buy expensive race bike
>drive it once a month at a closed track
Its either full balls to the wall, or nothing at all.
Besides, theres no poors to flex on or cops to run from at the track.

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I would love a bike, but I know my ADD would get me killed on one of these.

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damn that thing is sexy AF

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Why would you buy a wr450 when you can buy one of these?

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In 2020 it's the only reasonable answer.

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ITT: /biz/ has god-tier taste in bikes

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The top is in boys

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I really love the scrambler look and feel; love my ducati scrambler.

I commute and ride hillside/mountain/back-country roads for fun, not really pushing it. I don't do group rides.

I'm just looking for an upgrade to my scrambler, in a similar style but with a bit more power. I've never done any real off-road riding besides fire trails.

Love the BMW look, it seems to fit what I'm looking for and I'm planning on doing a test ride soon.

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No new bikes. Gonna build a garage and curate my Magna. Convert the cb500f into a real scrambler.

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nice bread

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Even with mask
this creature doesnt pass

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Modern motorcycles are so fucking ugly.

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too much is almost enough

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>I commute and ride hillside/mountain/back-country roads for fun, not really pushing it. I don't do group rides.

making me reconsider that bmw :)

Is that the FTR Rally?

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My grandad's old wreck of a Vincent Black Shadow (frame's salvageable, but that's it) is currently being restored with a new 1200 unit from the lads at JMC, to emerge glorious with the Lightning treatment. Unbelievably grateful to you autists for helping get this cash together - I'm from a council estate and chose to spend my career rolling in mud wearing lots of green, so there's no way I'd have been able to 'make it' this well otherwise. Cheers, lads! You'll get photos when it's done!

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I unironically lost my desire to ride once my folio hit half a million and the desire to kms went away. might track ride tho.

the pandemic shutdown was rider's heaven, then all these phone staring chuckle fucks ruined it again

t. Daytona 675 and SV650 owner

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not a make it bike but I might buy it this or next year

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could you imagine becoming a millionaire and then immediately dying on a small penis machine

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probably a ninja h2r

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>could you imagine becoming a millionaire and then immediately dying on a small penis machine

most trannies on this board will die from an infection induced from dilating so yes.

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>"made it"
>"took out 20k"
taking out a loan isn't making it...

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I ride and this goes through my head every time I ride.

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this. If you have time to LAYERDOWN
you have time to fucking stop or swerve. more likely they got too hot on the rear brake and panicked.

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Np, can i try again? Rate pls

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I have the R9T Cafe Racer. She is my love. Wonderful bike.

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Triumph Tiger 900 here. It’s a beast of a bike.

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Yep this. I'm a newer rider, I have gone down once and almost crashed twice. Each time it was due to user error and me either A. Being a hothead (going to fast into a turn) or B. Not being fully aware of what I was doing / was distracted. I went into a low speed turn into my parking complex, but didn't give the bike enough power, I stalled mid turn and went down like a moron turning into my parking space. A SUV pulled up next to me, shook their head at me and drove off. My ego was bruised for the remainder of the week.

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or youre just a pussy and a retard. 2/3 of those deaths are no helmet or drunk rider. so go ahead and tell us what you know

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This. It seems like /biz/ wants to make it so they can show off nice things to normies. I want to make it so I can /out/ all the time. A BMW R is a great way to do it. I like the Honda Africa but it reminds me to much of niggers. Triumph Tigers are cool as well.

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MV agusta is italian, retard.
not that a cruisermonkey like you would know the difference

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I'd still keep my honda

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First gen Akira bike

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>I like the Honda Africa but it reminds me to much of nigger
back to pol you go

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That's all I want/need.

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do you guys like my 2019 MT-07

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I have a 19 Yamaha MT10, highly recommend. but if really want to have fun get this instead

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checked, wage slave in a cage.

>> No.28886867

calls a crf250 a dirt bike. rofl

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MT's checking in

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It could have a 99% death rate, I'll still be in the 1% with my stinkies

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I have to make it bros

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So many gay bikes here
Get a sportster (do the exhaust and air filter) and a 600 jap sport

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you called the carducci a chang bike? stupid fucking nigger.

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Stay mad wop

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checked, based.

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>2019 MT-07


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pleb thread
>commute in pic related
>consume ~1.5 gallons of fuel per minute
>don't give a fuck

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>Wearing a cross.
Enjoy Hell you fucking scumbag.

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Also pic related. Seems fun af and you can cuck the petrol jew.


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I see a dude commuting with one of these.

A few years ago, I saw a car t-bone a guy on a segway. He walked away, very lucky considering he wasn't wearing protective gear.

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get the fucking 2021 mt09 sp edition its fucking cheap for what you get. ALL aftermarket upgrades and that engine is fucking solid, plus the insurance cost is cheap

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File: 1.60 MB, 2048x1364, KTM_690_Enduro_R_2021_001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had many bikes, steets, 600, 1000cc superbikes, big adventures, a hayabusa etc.

For me, for the type of riding I grew to like there's no replacement for a KTM 690 Enduro which I'll be getting this year hopefully, it's the most fun I've had on a bike that I can remember.

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File: 642 KB, 2150x1209, 2020-Ducati-Streetfighter-V4-S.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ducati Street fighter S

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go back to pleddit you stupid subhuman coward

>> No.28890233

wop is the correct pejorative
gj anon

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I have had this bike for 10 years and it is still an absolute beast. I am keeping it but I would like to get another bike im thinking an enduro or adventure bike. I would also like to get like a honda grom or something for the beach. I always wanted an h2r and can now afford it but honestly my reckless squid days are coming to an end.

>> No.28891589

These are both nice.
I like the Indian FTR 1200, mostly I just think it's sexy. Probably not the best bike for the money though.

>> No.28891751

Bikes are generally gay. At least you bought it from a good brand.

>> No.28891884

Ooh already posted here >>28883153 I'm not the only one

>> No.28891945

Hell yeah. I have a husky 701 enduro, it's perfect bike. I can drive on roads, I can drive in the woods. It's fucking awesome.

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My nigga. My dream bike aswell

>> No.28892374

New Speed Triple looks awesome. Considering trading in my 1290 R for one. Triple engine is fantastic.

>> No.28892587

Literal woman's/manlet bike.

>> No.28892699

Husq 701 Enduro
or the KTM 690 version?

buy it brand new for 13k USD and have 5k + for extra shit

>> No.28892989

Theyre so shit m8 just get a fuckin little ninja

>> No.28893028

death is the least of your worries 3bh. being paralized or vegetative is easily worse

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Spoken like a true cuck

>> No.28893191

Being paralyzed isn't so bad, neither is losing a limb. At least then you can hold onto the hope that medical advances will restore your functionality and allow you to live as a cyborg. Being rendered braindead or severely retarded is the nightmare fuel.

>> No.28893214

The biggest insider joke.

>> No.28893243

Ive always wondered if my love of going fast would disappear if my life wasnt shit

>> No.28893376

Don't trust anyone. The trick is to treat everyone like a retard. Then when you get an actual retard you won't be caught out.

t. 10 years riding crotch rockets and no accidents

>> No.28893451

My dad had this the r1200c. Great bike amazing ride. It also saved his life on 9/11 because he didn’t take the path train under the wtc that day

>> No.28893466

And stay out of the right lane

>> No.28893473

first responder here
was going to buy a bike
then the night before had a call: mvc, motorbike meets tractor-trailer
usually don't have authority to pronounce patients dead, but this time we were allowed to
since the only parts of the patient we found were a red paste on the pavement and a helment with their head in it

didn't buy the bike

>> No.28893560

Just saw a Harley and a Honda for sale at a truck stop for 6900 and 3300 respectively. Not sure your budget or location but in WI.

>> No.28893588

Ok now I want one. I knew shit like this had to exist or was possible just didn't know what form it would take. I imagined powered rollerblades.

>> No.28893698

>was going to buy bitcoin
>was going to buy that stock
>was going to talk to that girl

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Most fatal crashes involve a speeding rider, and a huge chunk of them involve an intoxicated rider.
Sure you can't prevent some freak accident of an oncoming car moving into your lane, and there is always a risk of a distracted driver rear ending you at full speed when you're the only vehicle stopped at a light, but its not like safe riders are just dying left and right. By the numbers the people dying are people that were asking for it.
Ride sane, wear crash armor, wear a full helmet, and watch your mirrors every time you're stopped and you'll be fine.

>> No.28893776

Motorbikes seem to be extremely popular with ambulance officers where i live. I used to give riding lessons due to retarded learner laws in my cuntry and probably a good 1/5 were paramedics or firefighters

>> No.28894194

you forget that people are fucking stupid and go out and get a 600cc or 1000cc or even more when they don't even know how to ride or respect the bike in the first place. the majority of those deaths are squids. noob idiot riders who don't wanna be called pussy for getting a 250 as their first bike and learning the proper way.

>> No.28894198
File: 36 KB, 750x750, schuberth_r2_apex_helmet_750x750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also make sure you attend an MSF course and totally memorize A Twist of the Wrist

>> No.28894305

Kawasaki H2R bruh. Gotta be that beast

>> No.28894422

I bought a bike, rode it a couple months, then some idiot driver almost hit me, I dumped the bike and seriously broke my leg. It's been a couple years and its healed but still never going to be the same. I can't run very well.

Wish I never bought it.

>> No.28894499

Love it
I have a 2013 800 xc

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Buy 2 of these and spend the rest on a nice toy hauler.

>> No.28894743
File: 366 KB, 2560x1707, 2018-Husqvarna-Vitpilen-701-59-scaled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought one of these bad boys

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File: 2.15 MB, 4000x1824, IMG_20191211_110532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still tweaking my k100 that has a gsxr front end.

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Here is the matching toy hauler. Comes with bed, bathroom, kitchen. perfection.

>> No.28895463

That's the absolute ugliest fucking piece of china shit I have ever seen. Are you on the right board?

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File: 1.51 MB, 2400x1600, 2016_AfricaTwin_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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The angry transformer does look pretty cool. Shame it didn't live up to the pre release hype.

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My guy

>> No.28895938

.>inb4 rattling itself to bits
would look sick with new wheels and a full system

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>No MTT 420rr
I'm disappointed, /biz/

>> No.28896148

I know it is cheap china material but it works and I can beat the fuck out of it and not give a shit. Just because you "made it" doesnt mean it is a good idea to throw away money on shit if you arent going use it as intended. Might as well be that Harley guy with the most expensive and loudest model with all the Harley accessories and jacket that rides it once a month for 4 months out of the year.
Damn right it will. I plan to make that happen. If it doesnt then I was not riding it correctly.

>> No.28896156
File: 47 KB, 643x465, 65EEA5D0-3E98-42E8-8817-51B27925799E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honda Rebel 500. Can’t wait

>> No.28896160
File: 83 KB, 564x564, 381d30653eb1ac7d533929f2921a8dc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some old HD that I will chop and ride around the world. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time.

>> No.28896201
File: 50 KB, 1024x785, 1611682106012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd rather live free of fear and die like that, than grow old and die with some kind of degenerative disease and a lifetime of missed opportunities.

>> No.28896202

>made it
>riding a motorcycle
does anyone other than fat old boomers on Harleys do this?
if i make it, i'm really not going to be interested in becoming an organ donor because some jagoff forgot to check his blind spot

>> No.28896291
File: 335 KB, 2121x1414, Westend61-eb972662da4f487ba84bf0ba11f4e19a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28896300

Fucking love those things

>> No.28896424
File: 480 KB, 1620x1080, honda-africa-twin-adventure-sports-concept-previewed_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


it's still a kino apocalypse proof bike that can do it all

>> No.28896444

also just going to say it:
motorcycles are objectively faggy.
apart from the fact that gays actually love bikes and all things related to them (leather),
there's also the fact that you're straddling a big vibrating motor in roughly the shape of a dick.

pretty fucking gay.

>> No.28896586


using this logic, riding horses is gay as fuck

>> No.28896609
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, dissatisfied bike man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Closeted gay hands typed this post.

>> No.28896664

>live life in fear
>live in the basement
>avoid reallife
>become rich with magic intermoney

>> No.28896750
File: 337 KB, 1200x800, gasgas-taddy-blazusiak-111-ec-300-tpi-281[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't ride on the street does this count?

>> No.28896786

I want one so bad. Is an mt10 too much bike if im 5' 6" 133 lbs but have been riding full-time without a car for like a decade?

>> No.28896822
File: 14 KB, 172x293, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

except riding horses and dressing in equestrian clothing isn't literally a foundational part of IRL gay culture.

>> No.28897066
File: 1.06 MB, 734x1010, Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 22.55.47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So instead you want to waste $1500 on a bike that will break by just looking at it.
Look at those foot pegs. Look at that seat. Look at those handlebars.

>> No.28897106

what have you been riding?

>> No.28897281
File: 918 KB, 2438x2438, Resized_20200422_065640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want a womb you fucking breeder slave-to-your-biology retard. I just wanna be a cute girl with a dick so I can be a hot biker side piece top. After some facial surgery, hair line lowering, and maybe a boob job if these don't get any bigger, this is totally an obtainable goal.

>> No.28897292
File: 97 KB, 838x628, nakedfz1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i ride a yamaha fz1. i love the bike. one day i'll replace it with a newer sport touring model, but i'm happy for now.
my next purchase will probly be a grom to hooligan around town lol.

>> No.28897337

Exactly my bike, man. But it would have to be a scrambler ver with orange/brown leather seat.

>> No.28897350

based. you made the right choice.

you have no fucking clue what you're talking about.
riding a motorcycle is something like 100x more dangerous than driving a car, which is already pretty sketchy, statistically speaking.

>> No.28897520

yup i'll be seeing you all in the OR soon
t. trauma surgeon

>> No.28897586

Statistically, the average rider is an inexperienced moron.
If you:
>wear a helmet
>don’t ride drunk
>stay alert and aware of hazards
>don’t ride 3x the speed limit
Then you’ll be fine. I’ll admit bikes are more dangerous than cars, but by taking the proper precautions, you reduce the risk to far lower than what your statistics will have you believe

>> No.28897884

You're both retarded. do some reading:

>> No.28897912

Do you like mts? I used to have an fz6 before I ate concrete on it. Now I have the sv posted above which I'm tryna sell after getting a ninja 650r (also kinda shite)

>> No.28897931
File: 74 KB, 453x679, Brokeback Mountain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*blocks your path*

>> No.28897958

Most people ride like fucktards anyways, you have to ride defensively on the streets but I always see dumb fucks splitting lanes at 80mph

>> No.28898023

Every time a motorcycle fatality in my town is reported it's always a truck running over a biker. Why do truck bros hate bikers? Small dick jealousy?

>> No.28898029

I'm speaking from a learned position with the relevant data right in front of me. I know exactly what I'm talking about, its you who is totally out of depth.

But why would you try to learn anything when you can open your mouth like a drop out retard and get embarrassed instead?

>> No.28898346

Its my 2smoke Jawa 638 or ill get a chadbike Bmw R90S

>> No.28898425

>consume ~1.5 gallons of fuel per minute
That’s it? Pretty sure it’s much much more than that

>> No.28898469

sorry, i was wrong...
it's only 35 times more dangerous:

For every mile traveled, motorcyclists have a risk of a fatal accident that is 35 times higher than a car driver.

>> No.28898548

ok, touchè. horses are faggy too.

>> No.28898757

Dear Lord it's huge

>> No.28898769

Yes, retard, you were wrong. Every single topic you broached you were dead wrong about, and you're so overwhelmingly astoundingly immature that you can't just stop talking out of your ass like a little babby.
Individually each of these statistics is meaningful: Fatalities in which speed was a factor, fatalities in which no helmet was used, and fatalities in which alcohol was a factor.
There just so happens to be enormous overlap between these three key factors, which is something that has been known and reported on forever.
The riders most likely to die are speeding, intoxicated, and not wearing proper gear. They are the ones asking for it.

If you ride sane, wear crash armor, wear a full helmet, and watch your mirrors every time you're stopped you'll be fine.

>> No.28898974

so you're saying that motorcycle owners are just statistically more likely to be retards?

ceteris paribus (go look it up), how much more dangerous do you (in your expert opinion) think they really are?
in other words, how much more likely to die are you willing to be just to look cool on your little vroom-vroom?

>> No.28899024
File: 158 KB, 1024x768, ural.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not buying a ural with a sidecar

>> No.28899076

>/dbt/ + /biz/ crossover episode
didn't know there were so many riders here. This is based. Main reason I am here is to get money for better bikes.

>> No.28899216

Those are fucking sweet. My friend has a brand new one and it’s really nice. I have an 09 ktm 300xcw that I got last year, after riding cr250s exclusively for the last decade. That 300 power is addicting. And I’m only 5’6 145lbs so it really hauls ass

>> No.28899218

I'm not engaging in your nonsense.
I presented strictly factual information. This information made you upset, and you tried to call me out over it. I provided direct IIHS data showing you why your objection was uninformed and childish. Moving the goalposts and deflecting to some tertiary arguments is neither here nor there.

If I wanted to waste my time talking to nonwhite retards I'd teach public school in Philadelphia.

>> No.28899266

>being this bad at risk management
>thinking you're ever going to "make it"
good luck with that.
ngmi though.

>> No.28899568

> just to look cool
t. has never rode a bike

>> No.28899653

>Obviously if you're a bad driver/rider
it is not about you, but about other retards who can't drive

>> No.28899707

i grew up riding dirt bikes, actually.
i stopped after breaking my arm at age 15 though.

considered getting a bike as an adult long and hard, but decided not to after reviewing the statistics, and hearing stories like

>> No.28900013

I've always been scared my whole life but I started riding recently and and completely obsessed. I actually look like a faggot wearing ATGATT and riding a dad cruiser but I don't care.

>> No.28900028

then you're a pussy

>> No.28900169
File: 187 KB, 1200x1200, revit_windsor_jacket_dark_green_rollover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ATGATT is absolute CHAD if you wear good crash armor and fashion tier jackets/pants.

>> No.28900303

get a knox urbane pro and you can wear whatever you want over the top. ATGATT can be done really well if you have the pennies

>> No.28900414

i'd have to see it in person, and i haven't. it seems to be same genre though. the flat black one >>28886256 posted looks sweet. haven't ridden/can't vouch otherwise.

>> No.28900426

I have second hand stuff for cheap. Motorbike gear is so expensive. I'll look cool when I make it.

>> No.28900996

Cool bikes Bros. I wish I had the balls to get a bike and learn to ride

>> No.28901102

Holy shit just yesterday I saved the exact pic on my phone because I want to get it. However I am thinking on waiting for the 2021 model because I like the headlight more.

>> No.28901206

You can always get a cheap used KLR and ride on trails and fire roads away from traffic. Riding is legitimately the most fun I've ever had.

>> No.28901288

the only thing this poster has ever ridden was his daddy's knee

>> No.28901338
File: 74 KB, 950x661, Honda RVF400NC35 94 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rode for 12 years before giving up motorcycles a few years ago. Did many trips across the country. Kept me out of trouble and gave me something to live for.

Post divorce depression and a paticularly bad close call made me leave motorcycles for good. I've moved on to things that make me just as happy now, as motorcycles did back then. I wish all the riders in this thread the best. Keep the rubber side down.

>> No.28901545

Well I live in Cali Bay Area so it would be city driving for me if I wanted to get into riding. Unfortunately I don't trust retards with my life so I'll never ride

>> No.28901620

Stop living in an area full of demonic homosexuals and needle drug using street shitters.

>> No.28901841
File: 94 KB, 1200x787, b5ca905e-1c2c-4489-bd84-7745fdff393b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Already have a ducati scrambler desert sled but I want to get a nice dirt bike to fuck around in the desert with. Thought I'd take the scrambler offrl roading more but it's too fucking pretty and I don't want to drop it.

>> No.28901944

can't help where I was born bro. One day I'll move but job availability sucks elsewhere

>> No.28901959

I’m from the Bay Area also. Don’t get a bike unless you only use it for scenic cruises through the countryside. Riding in the city/freeway is shitty

>> No.28902647

Unironically want one of these

>> No.28902852
File: 815 KB, 1333x1000, 701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This bike can do everything as long as you don't want to go over 110mph or 150 miles on a tank

>> No.28903327
File: 87 KB, 800x600, 12F61AB4-F52A-46BB-81BE-6646A5CDC7BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’d go with the 2021 version of my current bike

>> No.28903338


I'm in the south bay...yeah the level of driving retardary is insane.

Thankfully I've been ok. Looking to gtfo, but my family is here. Looking into SLC.

>> No.28904568

jesus, i just want that for my life, its not even much

>> No.28904779
File: 1.05 MB, 1242x904, 111C0B39-0DE2-4ED8-A1DB-434D38CF79C0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bosuzoku master race reporting in