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there is fucking nothing to buy right now
every single coin already did a 200% this month

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im giving you the gift of financial freedom, if you take it or not is up to you

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Same. I am also sitting on some tether that I don't know where to spend, especially since things keep dumping now.

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Base protocol. Still a 10x from ATH

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Start looking at lower MC coins. Eventually everyone will start thinking this and the money trickles down. That's how it works.

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then wait anon

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YFII will break 10k this week

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All in CLF

>Biden says China will 'eat our lunch' if U.S. doesn't move on infrastructure


>"New orders for manufactured goods in December, up eight consecutive months, increased $5.2 billion or 1.1 percent to $493.5 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today."


>"US trade court dismisses challenge to Section 232 steel tariff"


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Oh and LTC, LTC will probably break $500 this week if not higher. Extremely undervalued.

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yah ... no

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Litecoin is poised for an epic run.

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Charts are primed for a big move, reversal is ready to take place on the BTC pair.

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Biz is retarded, they don't understand even the basics of TA or what the Composite Operator is or does. They just follow hype and pump and dumps and gamble like degenerates.

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litecoin is fuckin DEAD

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The moment Bitcoin takes a short breather and moves sideways for a few days the alts that haven't already pumped will pump hard, the previous highs have to be tested since smart money already packed their bags and will allow the move to happen, it's just a matter of time.

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instead of monkey coin you may exchange dollar for yen ...

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It doesn't matter, Litecoin as an asset is being traded and therefore it's still subject to market forces.

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Literally everything is about to dump you whining little shits. $50k rejected hard.

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the only thing that makes shit go up or down is a monkey shooting cars into orbit

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Wrong. RLC.

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*sips* You kids these days with all your flashy gizmo coins. LTC has all your coin essentials and nothing more. It's all that a man ever really needs. Its a shame they don't make 'em like they used to.

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>imagine being a bear in a multi-year bullrun
I feel bad for people like you.

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join the bizfinance ICO and wait the staking pool


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gold u dummy

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plt, omi

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>calls it like it is
>"must be a permabear"
kys newfag I have millions on the line and still not selling

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It's because you retards don't want to buy something that isn't already pumping.

Shilled REEF weeks ago and most people called me a pajeet shill. Couple weeks go by, REEF pumps hard, people buy the top and then start complaining that crypto is a scam.

The problem with /biz/ is people want to be spoonfed and don't want to read white papers or do any research themselves.

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You can still buy DEXG, OBR, PPAY

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Nobody cares, "50k rejected hard", will be laughed at in less than 48hrs.

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Try Digital Reserve Currency

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There's literally a massive selloff taking place right now and all the TA tards predicted this could happen. Since we didn't really break $50k it's breaking down.
$30k by EOW.

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That's a known scam.

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Buy LIT.

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buy REEF.

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So don't buy anything.

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Yes and it SHOULD happen, but that doesn't mean that it will. The markets are not rational and wont be for a while.

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pmsl at the curryniggers itt shilling their trash.

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Are you dumb?

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you know how everybody always complains about eth gasfees? yeah me too.
you know how everybody sells a token claiming to fix that but they never deliver? yeah me too.

these guys finally delivered.

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this is how i feel as a zoomer
literally everything is at ATH
were more fucked than millenials arent we?

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RSR, Reef and ERSDL


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Stopped reading right there

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if youre reading this, invest in Celsius trust me. guarunteed 3x by mid march, 10x by 6 months

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OVR dude
it's sitting at just 1.5M mc and has working apps in the appstores and a fully functional AR based NFT system. Imagine Pokemon Go as Crypto NFTs. Moreover they're Italy-based so no pajeets



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buy rubic else your mom dies in her sleep tonight

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0xYFI Chain Network Lite Cash (Cronje's Vision)

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This. I'm all in sub top 200 coins.

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XSN is next to 5x. Non scam, very under the radar.

Actual working project that's amazing.

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It’s literally screaming in your fucking face and you’re too fixated on shitcoin pumps to hear it. You WILL get pinked.

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Wrx. Indias biggest exchanges own coin. Expect to explode when 3 billion ppl continent decides to join.

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ill just leave this here

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Ethereum has yet to do a real big move during this alt season...

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Monero is the best coin ever invented, but I don't see it mooning. It's the coin of choice for glowies, cartels, etc. I'm pretty sure they want more of an untrackable stable coin.

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Dude, that sentence is peak euphoria/mania
I'm taking some profits fuck this

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I'm not euphoric at all, I want there to be a correction but there wont be. Bears are going to get wrecked in these market conditions because normies don't know how to trade, they just "buy when number go up." We're in an irrational cycle, Doge pump, GME pump, Tesla announcement are all signs that the markets will not do what you expect. Everyone with any common sense expects a pullback which is exactly why we're going to be above 50k in a few days.

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man of taste

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What stock is this

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