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So it's not a meme, the blacks really talk like that

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at least sse has "g" on the phone muh doin, groin sum

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I can't wait for BTC to drop by 1/3

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My lil bitcoin stock doin some Tyrone, mmmmhm

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Be glad you've never had to hear them in a gas station or grocery store yelling.

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My lil net moneyz be doin sum sum

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Yes, and you'd know that all the memes are shockingly true if you lived with them

That's why we try not to

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True, I'm glad where I live in Europe there aren't many niggers

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someone needs to make a pink wojak with nigger haircut

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at least this one can spell

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These nogs are smarter than 99% of your immediate family whose supposed to be middle/upper-middle class people who all think Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme scam.

That meme is true after all....the lowest of IQ and the highest of IQ end up with the same conclusion while the midwits are completely fucking ignorant.

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my lil bitcorn doing sum

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this, fuck boomers and black

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my lil magic intranet stonk doin sum

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>thinking buying crypto is smart

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because they will sell their $5 worth hahaha thats like all the money they own.

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Spotted the seething nocoiner

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The earlier you got it the more you benefit
The last ones in get to pay more than first half of the literal pyramid
>Not a ponzi scheme

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You guys are butthurt because she called bitcoin stock?

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These people are buying in when we're approaching the peak of a year long bull run, in a market known for crashing 90%. They did it in 2017 and now a new group of retards are doing it again in 2021. They are the opposite of smart.

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She's cute, I'd teach her how bitcoin stocks work any day

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Based, fuck crypto niggers

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Whus ma coin gawn.. whus ma coin? Gib me ma paper back.. whus ma paper

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>year long bullrun

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I used to make troll profiles on facebook for shitposting because my own account got blown up a bunch before I deleted it.
I made an account that was supposed to be some thug nigger from Florida and talked in ebonics and I got invited to join a "blacks only" private ground called "B'hams Tea Shop". I then found out that was one of the biggest private groups on facebook with multiple millions of members.
The amount of niggerdom I witnessed in that group was absolutely unreal.
Black facebook is a real thing, every post was just 100 emojis and completely illegible messages, 60+ year old black grandmas and grandpas acting like they are in a rap music video wearing flat bill caps bling and shit.. It was fucking surreal being in that group because it solidified every racial stereotype I had ever heard or seen.
Their culture is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting, the only thing "african americans" have is rap and hip hop and from birth to death they just act like niggers.

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think 80% and in a single day. Big players are already unloading at 50k into the massive scam buys from tether and they are exitting the market. Smart people are guaranteeing their chair for when the music stops playing

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BTC has done a 13x since march 2020, you fucking idiot.

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Ayo finna boutta put another $10 in dat RIPPLE boi

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only if they sell in the crash

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post your 125x leveraged short

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They'll still be down 70-80% on their investment for the next 3 years while the market recovers. That's a horrible fucking investment.

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You guys act like they put any meaningful money into it, probably $20 even if it goes parabolic theyre priced out already

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>bear market ends the second BTC goes up at all
fucking brainlet nocoiner lol

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Such a sell signal it's unbelievable
Rip all that hold btc or bought it at the top
WGMI api3 holders

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Niggers ruin everything

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Why would i short? I wouldnt be able to cash out. You have no idea whats coming, many of you people werent here to see mt gox and this will be like mt gox but affecting every single exchange.
You drank the tether kool aid and now youre gonna pay for it.

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Hahahah i hope it crashes and burns. Fuck bitcoin.

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u from austria my friend?

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When bitcoin dumps 80%, all your shitcoins will dump 99%

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Italy, despite many of them immigrating in the country you don't often see them around. There's probably 1 every 200 people

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i went to my local supermarket yesterday to pick up food for the week. there was a male of the species who smelled so bad i smelled him thru the mask i had on. wheeling my food to my car, i seen it, middle of the day with kids around, pull his dick out and piss right in the middle of the parking lot. i started screaming from across the lot and he just ignored me. theyre not human

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Italians are niggers

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since the big refugee waves ended - i didnt see more than 1 - ever

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Yes respected investor and community member detected

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Funny thing about that story is I saw a youtube video where that happened. black man pee in parking lot

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cartnarcs is dangerously based.
just dont like these kinds of things arent enforced but encouraged because niggers can do no harm

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>They'll still be down 70-80% on their investment for the next 3 years while the market recovers. That's a horrible fucking investment.
You mean like people who bought the tippy top in 2017 and are now +150% on their investment 3 years later? Outperforming the S&P by 3x? Yeah, sounds horrible.

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Thank you for the report, Anon.

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yeah you aren't allowed to criticize the people who hold power.

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Only burgers and retards think this, we're whiter than many other countries you deem as "white", while americans keep getting racially mixed with blacks all over the country. We're whiter. I've been in lots of countries and I can safely tell you that italians are white, even the southern people like sicilians(some of you retards see them as not white because they are tanned)

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>he thinks 50k is the top

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even if we crash now, we will have be near at least 100K later in the year

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Why do you think stereotypes exists, it's not out of thin air

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just imagine how much more they would have made if they didn't buy the ATH like a dumdum

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>>I have no clue what I'm doing
At least she was honest. Don't find that enough among African-Americans.

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go back

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Sure thing nigger

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I'm probably whiter than you will ever be

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calm down luigi

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Show eyes, if brown you're not white

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based wop!

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spotted the stacklet who'll eat bogz

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this bitch aint playing and shit. Ratfhet ass hoe got a whole fuckin unicorn on there and shit. she probably making money moves and y'all dumbasses ralking abour >"huuhh duuuhhhh" she just ripping yall a new one with her pretending comedy shit. fuck. yall stuoid ass hell lmfao

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>black arm hair

uhoh get a load of this turkic nigger

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Solid sell signal.

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>im more whiter than you
mutt hands typed this post. you really are pathetic.

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sorry we don’t speak nigger

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that looks like a lighting thing really not actually black arm hairs

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fuck you I have brown eyes and I'm white

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They're not black

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>fat hairy mutt
Sure think TurkRoach

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>year long bull run
Ask me how I know you started in 2021

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Welcome to 4chan, we make fun of stupid people here

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Never have this image been more relevant

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Never seen a turk with blonde hair and blue eyes, but I can't expect a shitskin pajeet to know anything about that. Stick to things you know like shitting streets and bathing in rivers full of feces nigger

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I usually laugh then twitter goes on about how fragile wypipo are, but then I see threads like this.

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>those thin slavic branches

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Said no one ever.

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The bitcoin bellcurve is real and nocoiners are in the middle

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Kek! I'm half Italian half German American. I went to Italy and you guys are overrun with niggers. Wtf are you talking about. I hate to chase a little nigger off in the road when he tried to wipe my clean windshield in my gay little rental fiat while stuck in your 3rd world tier traffic. You are an embarrassment. Dont feel bad though Germany was worse. Im so glad my parents got out of that shithole.

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ah so you're a paranoid nocoiner. makes sense. how are those precious metal gains, lad?

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>tfw its so easy to get in that even a nigger can do it
>tfw you got in when you had to focus all of your autism just to get a payment to go through

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Seems like i struck a nerve

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trying prove yourself to a pack of tards and incels...
seems pretty niggerish to me, mutt.

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Needs more gorilla glue

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You mean someone who makes a thread just to belittle others has low self-worth and needs constant validation?? Say it ain't so

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Holy fuck aaaaaaahahahahaha
Jesus fucking christ what the fuck ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Same shit happened in 2017. As soon as the blacks started buying, shit dropped back to reality.

It's the #1 signal for a bubble. Remember blacks are slow in the heda by design, so all of their actions are extremely late.

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Was biz always filled with braindead racists? I feel in 16-17 there weren't so many poltards

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The crash is unironically coming very soon

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In my time riding trains in northern Italy, people reacted with visceral disgust to Africans getting in their train car. I fell I'm love with the country for that.

There was a moment on the train to Trento where a couple of Africans who didn't buy a ticket were giving the older ticket checker a tough time when he called them out for it. Looked like they were ready to chimp out. I was a few rows back in the mostly empty train and stood up looking at them very seriously. Circumstances resolved peacefully and they were off on the the next stop.

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They have an average IQ of 85
70 in Africa

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We don't want to play with you guys; ever. We want to make money, not fuck wit shawty.

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Fuck off reddit

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I want "bitcoin stock" to crash and burn so hard, I can't wait to read the salt when this is the fault of "wypipo trying to keep the black folx poor"

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Central Switzerland here. Almost nigger free and the ones who are here are docile

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good point. mb

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>ayo my Bitcoin stock doin a lil sumn

>> No.28873952

>bitcoin drops to 35k
>ay yo dem wypipo tricked me

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Charles and Cardano will make them all smart

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i never understood the joke in the movie 'idiocracy', where the police referred to everyone as "a particular individual".
The context of the movie made it seem unlikely that the police officers would ever have the words "particular" and "individual" as part of their normal vocabulary, with the exception of using both words in connecting with each other i.e. a particular individual.

after having seen enough tweets about "bitcoin stock", i'm beginning to understand the joke.

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shes cute

>> No.28875423

It’s not a black though, it’s honestly a normie thing. I hear white normies say this all the time too

>> No.28876016

Literally unironically correct
Some people are built different, risk management
some humans enjoy the plains, some people enjoy scaling the cliffs

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wypipo be talkin like dat
but i guess it don't fit your narrative

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there are no docile negros anon, only coons waiting to pounce

>> No.28876169

Do you have any pics? That sounds fucking hilarious

>> No.28876350

The bitcoin stock isn’t even a black thing, it’s a normie thing. I hear a lot of white people use this phrase too

>> No.28876577

I'm laughing because a lot of them seem to think that the price action of their bitcoin stock behaves independently of others bitcoin stock

>> No.28876700

thats it, get ready to hold or take profits

>> No.28876830

That’s a fucking scary thought neurolink using chainlink to aggregate thought data feeds. I will never get a neurolink. It’s the last place in the world you have any form of freedom. Although pattern reading software is getting advanced enough to practically read your mind anyway

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If anything this proves the opposite. Midwits still overthinking themselves out of crypto by calling it risky/speculative. The "muh bitcoin stock" niggas are buying $5 of BTC on Robinhood. Means nothing.

>> No.28876907

Privacy I mean

>> No.28876981

Based Chinese master race.

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>2 tweets
>One is James Ferraro
You have to go back

>> No.28877090

>some nigger on twitter bought btc
>wtf i hate bitcoin now

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