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Need more films to watch while I wait for my LINK to moon

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>The Big Short
That's a propaganda piece.

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Gold 2016

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all movies are

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Lord of War

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>reddit approved films

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Propaganda for what, against who?

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margin call

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nicky cage's best film desu

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Margin call felt more like a propaganda, with all that shit "we're saving jobs, we're giving people opportunity, we're necessary, blahblah". Big short was actually pretty good

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It taught me everything I know about shorting

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The big short sucked. Just saw it. Way too cluttered with annoying side characters, really forced pacing and editing, and way too much exposition.

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Catch me if you can was good. Pandora. Tombstone. Whats eating gilbert grape. The matrix trilogy. Bridge to tarabithia.

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God yes. One of my favs

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Margin Call
Thank You For Smoking
Glengarry Glen Ross
It's A Wonderful Life
Up In The Air

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None of those have anything to do with /biz/

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>the kike of jewstreet
>outside job
>the really short peepee
>the chink hustle
>shekel monster

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The jew moralfag hero makes a cringe speech at the end of the movie: "they're all going to blame this on poor people and minorities".

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Boiler Room

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margin call
boiler room
rouge trader

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All of this is propaganda minutes the wolf of Wall Street cuz that can be considered a comedy more than anything

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UItA made me rethink my life and realize how pointless it was. Good movie desu

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unbearable cringe if real

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This is a clip from the big lebowski

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How new are you?

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Glengary Glenross is better than any of the reddit movies in OP

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>shit is not chocolate

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9/10 movie
Really good

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>Wolf of Wall Street
That film is like 5% actual business 95% shots of the firm fucking hookers

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New enough to have bought stinky linky for $0.50

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educated bizraelis should enjoy Adam Curtis

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Got 2 more:
The Apartment (pic related was the lead)
Double Indemnity

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You just cost me six thousand dollars.

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Isn't that what hooknoses do?

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Margin Call

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Well, they did. That's why they call it the subprime mortgage crisis, and not the wall street debt fraud crash.

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>not feeding biz the shit and keeping the chocolate for yourself

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Forgot how great this scene was, just rewatched it. Al is a talented guy.

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how is it bad to point that out? love trumps hate, it's a good reminder not to blindly hate poor people and minorities.

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don't watch movies or series, any of them

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Lot of quality films out there anon

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These movies are all bullshit.
>oy vey I'll cast cool looking suave gentiles for all the roles that are in real life disgusting shmarmy kikes and make the stupid goys think we're cool

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