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This is hands down the worst crypto right now

Absolute piece of rat shit

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why? it seems pretty great to me.

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Lmao he buyered the top

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its a great program and a really powerful addition to the defi ecosystem, idk why you'd hold the coin it doesn't do anything. I honestly think that protocols that distribute governance tokens (UNI, AAVE, BAO, literally everything else in DEFI) just do it so it feels like they're not making free software.

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Of all the charts it's one of the most forgiving. Also is a DeFi star. Half supply of btc.

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my asko bagholder senses are tingling

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ASKO is coming for AAVE in its sleep. Mark my words this shit is getting pumped and going to the moon.

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Ah yes, the high school project with half the team using nicknames and avatars.
Also they ran out of money rofl

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Aave does more than governance, it supports the network in the case of a large drop or loss. Which is why the staking risk is high. It’s basically the guarantee of your money being insured up to a certain amount, like a decentralized FDIC. If you think people don’t find value in that I will question your sanity. You’re getting paid to be the FDIC, which notoriously makes a ton of profit because those kinds of events are rare.

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aave and snx holder here. no worries, just accumulate

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If you had to pick one, which one do you prefer?

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hm? I don't quite understand. What kind of large drop or loss? like a hack? or just a bear market. by what mechanism does AAVE provide insurance, do they just take it out of your wallet, or do you have to stake it somehow?
>t. love aave protocol and want to go long on it but have convinced myself that the token itself is useless

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>33% downside for a 5% annual APY when the entire DeFi ecosystem is nascent and getting hacked every day

Turbo brainlets stake

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I can't wait to buy at $240 bros

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>idk why you'd hold the coin it doesn't do anything.
Lmao besides going 60x in like 6 months, you mean?

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i guess synthetix now because you can still get in at a fairly low price, but i'm buying more aave now and holding both for the long run

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this piece of shit never pumps

this. if u stake this coin u are RETARDED

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Just bang it like a machine and it should start working again

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A large liquidity drop, a hack, anything where they can’t actually pay people money that people are withdrawing. Up to 20% of the staked AAVE can be used to pay people back in a crisis event. Staking Aave is their solution to a shortfall event, which is why staking pays so well (you are theoretically risking 20% of your staked Aave). Shortfall events have a low likelihood of occurrence, though something like the US government banning defi could do the trick. Think of it like a bank run type event that would need to happen. Or yes, a really big hack that drains most of the pool. Why do you people not read?

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yeah, I think I remember warren buffet said something like that. I mean it's use case.

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>annual APY
okay I'm in. how do I stake?

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Why is it SO useless now