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post in this thread if you got in under 1.00 and are living that comfy delegation life

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GRT/LINK chad, already made bank just waiting to make even more living the comfy life

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got in under 1 but not delegating because not in the profitable amount zone. feelsbadman

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Same, 1.1k stacklet here, fucking ngmi

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Half my stack <2 half my stack >2

I need a fucking psychiatrist.

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Bought 24k under $1. Rounded out my stack to 25k just above.
Delegating in that comfy life.

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I dumped my mortgage into this shit coin and it barely moved. SOMEONE TELL ME 10X EOY PLEASE!!!

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$25 eoy my boy.

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500 stack at 0.8-1, sleeping very well, actually 25 and poor, will i make it?

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>bought at an average of $1.50 but tried to swing and fucked it up
>had to buy back in at $2.27 for less graph at more price

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Delegating a modest 5k stack bought on .80 average :))

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I'll spoonfeed you anon
I've seen hundred of people say that about linkies since 2018
Just wait and be patient, you will make money.

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delegate man

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How does 1500$ EOY sounds like?

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How does being financially ruined for life because you're an irresponsible gambling addict sound?

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Sounds like bullshit

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>bought at .90
>brought my cost average up to 1.75 by swinging

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>swing trading on non-shitcoins
You deserve it

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>dipping like crazy right now

when should i buy more? now at 2.07 or see if it goes below sub $2?
i really want to own more stacks of this

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it's gone as low as 1.68 in the last 2 days

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Set limit order to 2.02, 1.80 and 1.5

If if it bounces off the 2 wall again you'll still get in or be able to catch a flash crash.

At this point the slow bleed is fucking gross to watch though

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How much GRT to live off staking?

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Whew. That was a close one. I thought for a second I was going to have no choice but murder/suicide/homicide myself, family, and the neighbors.

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.28 Chad, fuck it's so comfy bros

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this shitcoin hasnt moved in 5 days

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About as comfy as duct taping yourself to the ceiling as a joke but then everyone pretends they can't see you and you just stay up there.
WTF is up with that pic? Are you an extra terrestrial or something? Weird.
You're actually in luck. Once the value goes negative holders with less than 5k will just be stripped of all earthly possessions. They don't have to forfeit their souls unlike those with 5k or more.
>The alligator is hungry and always eats the greater number
So I guess the question is which is greater, 2 or "stack"?
Ok this just confused everything. Dropping the entire operation now. Someone arrest this man.
Guess what's under that blanket? A bunch of insects.
>Yes, but I don't mind bugs
Ok but guess what's under your skin? Tapeworms
>Yes, but I don't mind tapeworms. I'm trying to lose weight.
Ok but guess what's inside your blood? GRIDS
>I don't mind GRIDS at all, there's no stigma to having GRIDS in 2021, grow up
Your brain lost you your house. Your greed will lose you your soul. The Navy will catch you and you will be going to the camps.
Delightful optimism. The final price on December 31st will be -$4.99
Yes but only if you flip and rat out the larger holders
Someone's looking over you, consider yourself lucky

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that was on a big BTC dip, so I only see that happening again if BTC makes a big sudden move

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buy signal

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Based tripfag

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Senpai finally noticed me!

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Question: after full liquidity and most tokens are delegated what will the price look like?

I figure since most won't be in circulation the price will be pretty high.

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that's the hope, the more delegated the more limited the supply, should drive prices up

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Bought 12k at 24 cents here. Never been comfier.

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Had the chance to buy 500k GRT. Only bought 250k GRT.

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I tried to resell and buy the dip, but my timing was very bad. Turns out it was the bottom and everything rocketed back up. Had to spend the entire day swinging to recoup the loss.

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still mirin that stack bro

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it always seems to come back to around 2.10

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>Ok this just confused everything. Dropping the entire operation now. Someone arrest this man.
This is what happens when you have a dramatic variation between verbal and abstract reasoning... I'm a complete mess.
You should read some of my absurdist fiction though. They're going to find that shit after i die, and I'll be as famous as Kafka.

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Can't complain. Better than missing the boat but would be comfier to have 500k. We're all greedy degenerates.

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Just buy now then if you think this is the bottom. No shame in sticking to your gut

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Need help guys, didn't get a good answer the last thread:

I'm in NY. I can't buy GRT on CB/Kraken. What I'e been doing is buying ETH on CB and swapping via Metamask to GRT. Is there a more cost-effective way to do this? Should I be buying another coin instead of ETH for swapping?

t. 5k baglet

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85k stacklet here, delegated 79k 4 weeks ago. Have received 808 in rewards so far (3 weeks pay out). 808 grt per 3 weeks isn't bad tho, excited to see what my lil wagie worker does in the future

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>comfy bollocks thread
Premium bollocks will be contained in this post!
>Google of blockchain!
>The foundation of web 3.0!
>Transformational wealth generation by delegation!

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I got 300 but I think I might get a second job to throw in 1k worth and sit on that bitch

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No delegation but at .50 and .8
Only have 311

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Got this for 1 month of delegating. Not bad. Especially if this hits $5+. Best of luck anon. Don't sell your golden ticket.

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.69 average, I still hate most of you GRT fags...especially weebs

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>made my entire stack just by delegating

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hell yea, those numbers look about right. now to do the same with nu and link whenever staking goes live

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3 weeks of staking, am igmi?

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It's alright anon. You'll make it all the same, just need to be more patient.
Consider having LINKPOOL for LINK staking. I'm planning of living off the staking alone of GRT and LINK when the price goes high enough.

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How could it have negative value

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I remember linkpool had a token sale for eth, I doesn't look like they have staking link live yet though

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I have 13,302 grt and I haven’t delegated because I’m an idiot. Gooooo me!

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nice how big is your stack

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Staking is not live yet but LINKPOOL holders already get their LINK proportion of the LINKPOOL node's earned LINK. You get around 8 LINK/month per LINKPOOL now. When staking goes live you can stake around 10k LINK per LINKPOOL. Getting a LINKPOOL now is expensive now though (around 70 eth).

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You’re smart

I delegated 12k two weeks ago and was fuming I couldn’t sell at the peak

I was told 2 dollar by end of year was reasonable - not 2 dollar by mid month

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79k delegated 4 weeks ago, reward has 7 days of buffer so only 3 weeks payout so far

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I bought at 0.70 and gave over 7k. Can I delegate with that? If so. How?

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I have 1900 grt and want to delegate at low gas hours once i figure out when that is

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Will this shit ever go up again?

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wait a second....where is BOLLOCKS anon? did he rope himself already?

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Got over 7k. Not gave.

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no it is probably going to 1.67and if it breaks we might get really low. if it can hold these levels for a month we are gonna pump so fucking hard. People hate this price action but it is quite bullish and necessary for another pump.

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oochi ouchie I thought the 32 eth price was high and that was when eth was stilll low. Linkpool still sounds sounds like delayed earnings hold

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Sub $1 and delegating reporting in. 25 Graphies in 10 days for my 5k Greta Tokens. This will be pretty good when GRT is worth 100 bucks at the end of the year.

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So whose gonna hold for the token release in june?

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based as fuck and true

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you have a mega of this girl?

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It'll still do a 10x this year. Just be ready for the ERC20 token migration.

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we need an answer anon

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It's moved down.

I'm bullish, just waiting for it to hit $1.60.

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Im hoping we can see 1 dollar btwn march and may.

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Make it stack?

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1.4K stacklet in at $0.27. Please do the needful and dump sub $1 sirs village needs bigger stack

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Isnt it always 10k/100k sui/make it for every coin every time?

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GRT will not hit $5 this year

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I guess if it immediately jumps from $4 to $6 you’re technically correct

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it might MIGHT if things go parabolic for a few days
be realistic with your investments anon

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any suggested indexers to delegate with? I got a bunch of GRT on coinbase and looking for A) a wallet to move it to and B) somewhere to delegate with

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Look at those trips Kek has spoken

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meta mask
ur welcome

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unless you have over 10k GRT you will pay more getting to another wallet and delegating it.

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Fuck that's a thought I had as well with the price of gas

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check out the discord, if you do it while gas is cheap and are planning on the long-haul, it makes sense to delegate, its free money

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Just move it when the gas fees are lows. I have 5k delegated and it's about as much as you should have to start.
It depends on how long you want to stake it.

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Link to discord?