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I saw /biz full of the same coins the last few weeks, /biz has also helped me gain quite a lot so here I am giving back to the community, DYOR though but hop in for the long ride.

So what is HYVE?
HYVE is an autonomous ecosystem that solves the current problems in the global freelance and workforce market, leveraging the power of decentralized technologies while adding features that are non-existent on any current platform.

Then why would I buy HYVE? Well let's go over a few points:
< HYVE brings forth several features which are non-existent at the moment such as P2P legal agreements, native DeFi apps integration, a protocol that allows for automated verification of tasks, decentralized disputes and many others.  Hyve took what exists on the market and made it better while building on top of it.
For Hyve, the market is really small if you think about it's potential.
< HYVE is unique in their approach to solve the 2 biggest problems; 1. platform and banking fees(sometimes taking up to 40% of the working earnings) and 2. settlement time(freelancers have to wait a week to get paid).
< HYVE is a novel approach, not just a revamp of existing technology, Hyve has been created especially to address these problems.
< HYVE has a low market cap ($1.664 million as we speak)
< HYVE will be open-sourced, anyone will be able to check the code.
< HYVE will be allowing any DeFi app to be natively integrated into Hyve in order to assist the users of the platform.

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Why HYVE over other platforms?
< Hyve has a great 'user experience design', the savings in settlement time and fees are better then their competitor.

So what is the purpose of HYVE?
Democratize access to good work opportunities and good workers and help more people find work globally.

Some comfy points:
< All-in-one DeFi autonomous task marketplace
< Partnerships: Kleros, Bountyhive, Beyond Enterprizes, Kairon Labs, Pundi X(CEO is advisor), WH Partners, YOKEN and Coinhatch.
< Very low marketcap at 1.6m$(easy x10/x100 potential)
< New (integration) partners added every few days)
< Locked liquidity $400K for a year (https://hyveworks.medium.com/uniswap-liquidity-event-50effe8c97ce))
< Amazing detailed and explained Whitepaper with use cases: (https://hyve.works/whitepaper.pdf))
< Medium page updated regularly(https://hyveworks.medium.com/))
< HYVE does a lot of AMA's (https://medium.com/@dvanews/ama-recap-dva-with-hyve-24e9fade6d36))

Team & Company:
< Fully doxxed team (https://hyve.works/#team))
< 15 people team
< CEO: Tudor Stomff (Co-Founder from BountyHive > Industry leading company for blockchain marketing, 500M USD collected)
< COO: Brad Yasar (CEO of Beyond Enterprizes > Consultance on strategic and technical blockchain ventures > 5billion USD+ worth)
< Backend Architect & DevOps: Ionut Dobos (Co-Founder of Coinhatch > Top ICO launch platforms)

< The headquarters of HYVE Labs are in Malta, a EU member country with an established blockchain legal framework, while being closely consulted by WH partners, a leading Maltese law firm specialized in ICOs. Malta is seen as having an overall positive view over blockchain and is home to many established blockchain companies such as Binance and OKEx.

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Tokeneconomics: In the epicenter lies the HYVE token, an ERC777 asset that is backwards compatible with the ERC20 standard, coupled with the governance and staking functionalities of the ecosystem.
< The maximum supply of HYVE is 100M. No other tokens can ever be minted beyond that number.
< Current supply: 34.250.000 tokens (30M sale at ICO price of 0.05$, SAME price as now)
< Remaining tokens:
< 2M for Advisors; because we’ve already taken care of this, these tokens will now enter the growth reserve pool.
< 15M for Team; these tokens will start their 2 year linear-vesting period exactly 1 year after the initial launch of HYVE, so around October of this year.
< 3M for Bug Bounty, which will be released over the course of 2021–2022.
< 45.75M for Growth Reserve; to which we are adding the Advisory Pool since it has in essence already been distributed; and just so we answer this before it gets asked, none of our advisors has sold a single token. Keep in mind our advisors are personal friends and not just pictures from google.

Where to buy HYVE?
< Contract address: 0xd794DD1CAda4cf79C9EebaAb8327a1B0507ef7d4
< Bilaxy: https://bilaxy.com/trade/HYVE_ETH
< UniSwap: https://info.uniswap.org/token/0x03e72da40dd355f21a2c3b09bbd43b765d2d68b0
< Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xbbcd9986304fe340870f4816c614ba0c7a53512e

< Tokensniffer: https://tokensniffer.com/token/0xd794dd1cada4cf79c9eebaab8327a1b0507ef7d4 ( 1 coin with 0.9816 )
< Hyve website: https://hyve.works/

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Wow. This was undiscovered? This looks so promising, just bought 5 ETH

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Is this legit?
First impression looks great but I can’t even distinguish good shit from shitcoins anymore

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Actually looks pretty cool. I like a doxxed team. And they seem to be putting out a lot of good content

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Check out the CEO and COO, huge partnerships and already contacted with Fiverr to integrate them into HYVE

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I can finally stop living in my lambo, thanks Anon

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PnD group.

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PnD? we are not even pumping, just spreading the word on HYVE before this goes viral.

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Gonna look into this.. being careful tho, PnD’s are out the roof these days

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hmmm. 3 transactions.
now 3 people here shilling the coin.

fucking niggers

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not everything is pnd

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This is a number 1 research. I think Im going to check into it

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ceo from romania,
company in malta?

big red flag not gonna lie.

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it's getting hard to wade through the shit but this doesn't actually stink of curry to me

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pajeet shillers?

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cant even spell build

fkin pajeets

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I think I’ll give it a shot
Thx OP, looks like for once you‘ve not been a faggot

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>pajeet ceo
its a rugpull

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Most undervalued project! I have been telling this Biz for weeks now. You wont see these prices ever again once the first product demos / videos will be published in a few days. Perfect usecase, almost no competition. There is a reason why UTU has partnered with HYVE.

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You know this is done with upset right

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Lol he’s a bulgarian DEV Retard doesn’t even know what a pajeet is.

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Name doesn’t sound pajeet desu

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its a scam
look on cointracker

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Haha literally photoshopped a HYVE logo on the stats of another coin KEK

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na, google it ransheed.

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Can’t find anything, link?

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It’s FUD lol, coinstats doesn’t even show stats for a small mcap like this

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Same contract BOT OCEAN, which is known for being a rug pull.


big red flag

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It literally SAYS it’s not the same, you guys and your FUD are CRAZY

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scam lol

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CMO a woman.
You know what happened with rubic.

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dude shut the fuck up,
the only 'diff' is the name in the code.

its the same copy pasta.

you fuckin fool.
fuck off now

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So many fudders.. Im not in this coin yet and so many fudders already

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this a long term project

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people lost money on asko
people lost money on every rugpull.

just here to protect the newfags

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imagine fudding this at 2.2m marketcap

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Didn't know about Brad Yasar's connections and former involvements. Thanks

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imagine buying in at 1.5M and now creating a bizthread to dump on newfags at 3M.

fuck off

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Not everything is an organized FUD campaign to stop you from buying the pRiCeLeSs GeMs

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A simple counter to FUD, this FUD is organized by a PnD group that are emotional instable and mad because I gave everyone the same chance on this coin. Read the picture for more info

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>pajeet writing us to join their PnD

LMAO, just showwed that you are the one creating the PnD shill.

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stop shilling your shitcoin I got proof of your shitty telegram group

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He is not even shilling. He just wanted to give you info you stupid fuck. Fuck you with your PnD ruing ever coin. This coin has potential

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>coin launch in october 2020
>dead coin
>4-5 pajeets buying the coin
>it has potential BUY NOW!

big kek

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take your beehive and shove it up your ass

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Keep on FUDDING bro, you will see what HYVE will give

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>12 posts

how is the weather in new delhi.
tell us