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Any binance smart chain yield farm shit welcome

Common Misconception: Burgers think they can't use BSC.

>Yield Farms




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What happens if the site disappears and all of your funds are locked up in either their staking, or liquidity pools?

I keep hearing conflicting info. Some say that the contract can still be interacted with without a website. But nobody has claimed that it can save you from a rugpull

What’s the actual story here with these PancakeSwap clones?

Are you safe in their pools if they disappear tomorrow?

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>Common Misconception: Burgers think they can't use BSC.
I'm a burger. Binance is a piece of garbage but I want in on pancake and bunny. Please for the love of god someone tell me there's a way to bypass SHITnanceUS. All the bulls are running loose in BSC but I can't fucking access it because binance is hot garbage.

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I am brand new to this after finally figuring out BSC and bought some Eggs to farm/nest
Hopefully it works out. I feel like I am late. Let me know if theres any coins I can look out for

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you can interact directly from the smart contract if the site is down

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Hey im from the cucked state of NY and was able to use things fine, I used NordVPN, not sure if it was necessary but probably was

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No your pretty much fucked. If they rugpull then you have no liquidity to exit the LP

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hei goose bros is the website legit? At this point the apy offsets the IL

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legal robbery

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> tfw no talk of berry on biz, not even in a bsc gems thread

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Took my BUNNY gains yesterday and bought EGG. Would've been better just holding bunny, but happy with the purchase.

WYNAUT and SMOKE have been nice as well.

This feels like defi summer again

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why are you guys using a vpn? just bnb on binance us, send to trust wallet, convert your bnb to bep20, then send to metamask

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any $Banana apes in here? that goosedefi is looking juicy too ngl.

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Me. Have both BANANA and EGG

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i have bananas, brew and eggs. Feels very comfy

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wish i could get more capital to get brewing and smoking but im already at my withdrawal limit today

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checked. fundooz are SAFU

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Comfy af with 26000% apy on smoke

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based banana bros, YGMI for sure.

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Banana looks like the kind of project that tells me to sell this nonsense and take my gains

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You guys are also missing yieldnyan: www.yieldnyan.com

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what happened