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How fucked am I in the next 2 weeks/

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why would you be fucked? this is a comfy hold.

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18k reporting leasing to /biz/ node

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next 2 mins If you dont find a charger

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Is it worth leasing with 1k bros

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gonna need a few of those API3's to level off what you got going on here, sir

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one thing I really like about LTO is it's close association with the Dutch gov. I work in this industry (although in a different deeptech sector) and I can tell you that the whole system is designed to draw in as many galaxy brains (and therefore projects) from across the globe. this starts at the Uni level where the best performing postgrads get offered subsidised living, PhDs, etc. there are various gov agencies (eg RVO) which exist solely to support Dutch tech startups in securing grants, funding etc. all of this is actually headed up by the Prince, which is his main order of business

the infrastructure alone is a good enough reason to buy into LTO. then you find out it already has a functional AND profitable business

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17k here, I'll catch up to you soon bastard.

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What sort of realistic price predictions would you expect/anticipate in 3-5 years?

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Not gonna happen.

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anyone making price predictions is a charlatan. predict me the weather this time in 3 years - you will have an easier job!

just take note of the fundamental value. LTO is a functioning BUSINESS - it is already has customers, it is already profitable, it fulfils a purpose. maybe if you can time exits on this months FOTM shillcoin you will do better; LTO is more like a bluechip

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I am all in with 146 heckin dollarinos you guys

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Getting sick of this downward crabbing bros.

I'm so fucking close to putting my money into Polkadot or something - anything. I need a 2x and this isn't delivering.

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Made a screencap of the ama

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did a 4x for me since my buy in

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I was just looking for another long term hold. I've been holding chainlink for nearly 4 years and it's finally starting to pay off. Thought this might be another worth-while holding.

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This is it. Given it's a B2B solution I hope that it eventually decouples from BTC movements as well.

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Can someone shill me their usecase? Why is LTO so different from others? Ofcouse next to it having government adoption.

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Can someone explain a retard why would businesses want to buy a overpriced token due to deflating system? With time the amount of staked and burned token will be so high that no company would consider using their solutions because the token price will be just too high

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Clients told the team they are willing to pay $1 fee for transactions, the token fee can voted down to remain stable with that, meaning they will need fewer tokens to participate in the network so it won't become more expensive for clients to use it.

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do you work for the company?

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if it needs to be voted down that means a high percentage of all nodes should agree to it. what if they don't?

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wrong one sorry, pic rel is the right one

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No I'm just an LTOtist

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Shill me on API3

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Why wouldn't they? Letting the price get too expensive will mean less transactions which will mean lower returns. It's in the interest of the node owners to keep the fiat price of the tx adequate.

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I hope this works out for you dubs bro,

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Piece of shit crabcoin

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Also keep in mind LTO needs to x8 in value from where we are for that to start being a problem.

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$100 minimum

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>tfw made it in 3-5 years

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LOL No, but $10 is very realistic and I prefer that to chasing Pajeet 100x PnD moonshots on Uniswap, it's super comfy to HODL this coin

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dont get ahead of yourself

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Anon asked for 3-5 years prediction. It's possible for $100 in 5 years. I think we will see once DIDs get implemented, if that takes off we'll see a TON of transactions.

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This is not a joke. Not a meme. Not a shill.

This is mathematics bros

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Holy shit. This anon has done the math.

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Plantation owner right here.

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Current true value is $6.

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checked, explain pls

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It's the only <100m mcap in the top10 networks by transactions, it has huge revenue compared to most other networks.

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I'm interested in the potential but I'm not listening to people who fell for that PnD

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is there any way that the business keeps doing better and better but the value of the token doesn't go up? i'm a LTO holder & believer, but a crypto noob.

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Another make it stack reporting in

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If the business keeps doing better it means more clients, clients are incentivized to hold their own coins and run their own node as they can get back some of the cost of using the network or even run at "net zero" which means using the network for free. That means there will be an incentive to buy LTO the more successful it is, which means higher demand, which means higher value.

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tl, dr: it can't fail, math has been done, it's only a matter of when.

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It's value is it's value, it's not $6 until later it's $6.

People are paying 775 says for it right now, that's its true value..

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It's about recognizing it for what it is and surfing the wave regardless of what it is.

Rubic to me is an afternoon surfing. I sold my bid at the top and now I'm playing with house money. Today is far from over

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I don't fully understand the appeal of ROSE, are you just trying to shill it by association?

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Its undervalued, its price is also being suppressed.

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Which is good for now so we can accumulate.

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How is it being supressed? and who?

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"price is being suppressed" is literally something every holder says about their bags. It's just a convenient excuse for why something is supposedly undervalued.

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Whats the sui stack?

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The same constant sell orders for weeks, the same spoof orders. The 6k bot.

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Still a few more to aCOOMulate yet

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just bought 10k, now it should dump

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Based I'm at 17k myself, trying to get to 20k or more, I'll DCA while it's under 50c for sure.
>*bzzt bzzt*

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I have 1k leased and just bough 50 more with some extra USDT. Is it worth undelegating and redelegating or should I just wait until I get more?

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Not worth it since you'll pay the 1LTO fee. Wait until you have more to offset it.
For an easy example, if you leased 10, you'd have to pay 1, meaning you'd be leasing 9, losing 10% of your lease straight away. Wait until you have 400 at least.