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Return to normal.

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stealth phase

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return to normal. before we get royally dumped on

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return to 'normal'

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new paradigm 50k

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we're at Take off

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Bear trap

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It's hard to tell since normies are too retarded to trade crypto. So, I guess the enthusiasm phase is going to be drawn out.

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this rally isn't going to end for years

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Were are at valuation.

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Do you really wanna know ?

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Somewhere between enthusiasm and greed.

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Anyone thinking we're further than this is has nigger level brain.

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new paradigm!!!

everyone else is shill

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just gone through media attention

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first sell off

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lmao fucking bears imagine being a bear right now. This is what we are up against.

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how can it be return to normal if it just tried breaking 50k today and went down to 49k within a couple hours and trying to break 50k again, are you retards on the 15 minute charts or something?

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Bull trap

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return to mean

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>literally at ATH
>return to normal

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It's not a bubble.

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I'm starting to think these faggots actually get shaky hands from daily bobo threads

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Please retard, look at the chart and find where it says return to "normal"

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Return to mean, just slow steady growth from here on out.

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Can someone explain this image? I know what bull and bear is but what else???

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I was pointing out that it's not return to normal since it just did an ATH today

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We're at the point where the coyote realizes there's no more ground underneath his feet.

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Please retard, look at the price and find out if we hit a new all time high today

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snibbedy snab my name is grab, brice is neither bull and neither bear goes left and right liek me. :-DDDDDdD

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Henlo I'm a swan, and my color is black if you see me then shit hit the fan. No blue, no red and no white pill will cure, as I shit black pills all over you !!! :D (PS Bobo loves this)

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what are you getting at? these are the daily and weekly charts

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Stocks and crypto would be boring as shit without biz, I love this place

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this, after 2020 there is no normal

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mee mees do sell

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newfag get out

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Delusion but unironically

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Wouldn’t it be funny if satoshi can back and just dumped all his BTC..

I fucking hate the people who pump & dump BTC. Fuck you. BTC was meant to be an alternate currency. All you fucks who treat it as a get rich quick scheme deserve to lose all your money.

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We still have a lot way to go before the next crash

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we just exited the bear trap

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To be fair Monero is now the alternate currency as it's actually used by the dark web. BTC is now just "digital gold".

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Stealth phase

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I exit at 320k BTC

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enjoy the ride down faggots

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Im personally enthusiastic

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Is that contrapoints?

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cope. i want to believe you. but cope

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idk, I feel a strange mix of elation and total shit

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On Saturday, we'll be literally at the peak on some low marketcap coin.

Get in while invites are still open
discord gg/dnjfjeN3Gr
discord gg/dnjfjeN3Gr

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This. Surprised I had to get this far into the thread

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always do the opposite of biz
the posts here are saying return to normal so that can only mean one thing

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between delusion and new paradigm

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Just before Media attention.

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We're still in the awareness phase, only the strangest and more daring of my normie friends have mentioned doge coin to me.

Ask the average normie, and they can tell you more about gamestop than BTC.

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What if I tell you faggots that this graph doesn't apply to a globalized 24/7 digital market in 2021 but was made for 1970s regulated stock market based on a technological innovation that is in a bubble.

It's not some sort of laws of physics that everything that grows in valuation has to follow the graph.

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Really? All of my normie friends are in on doge, actually anything you can buy on Robinhood. I tried to get my roommate into bitcoin last month but she wasn't interested in making a wallet.

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We're at full blown public greed

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It surprises me that it could even go higher now than in 2017. I remember everyone talking about crypto in 2017. Including colleagues, elderly family, children and everyone at christmas.

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The fact that so many people in this thread think we’re at the top means we’re still far from it. Remember, /biz/ has always been dumb money and always will be. When the sentiment on /biz/ goes 100% bull, that’s when we know we’ve reached the top.

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checked and this

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Yes. You now know the truth that hours of lighting angles and editing hides

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We are at entusiasm

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God damn he's fucking ripped

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talking about it because you heard of it on tv is one thing. actively looking it up (and for a fraction, potentially buy some) is another.

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early mania

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Media attention. BTC is now in the home or one of the main Brazilian portals. Invest with caution

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>return to normal is higher than new paradigm

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Unironically we are in the take off.

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We're at the start of media attention. Namely new media introduced this cycle. So we just finished the bear trap

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Media attention
Up until now the bullrun was a footnote at best
Only now they are starting to pay attention to what happened to crypto and the whole DeFi ecosystem
That's where the bullrun will end up

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trannies are an abomination

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Coming into media attention /enthusiasm . Greed will be at six digits

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>that bicep vein tho
it's like looking at kangaroos, you expect them to be all cute, but then get up close and they are jacked af

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