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This is a X S N thread

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any new updates?

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If you hold a MN you will be made it rich sirs

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stress testing in beta going as planned

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>What is Stakenet(XSN)?

>NEW: updated masternode fee structure

>NEW: Fresh and Quality Breakdown of StakeNet for noobs and veterans alike, good read

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proof its going as planned? for all we know it might be shitshow.

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Those who have closed beta tag on discord give positive reports.

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funny way of spelling DEXG

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also would like proof

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XSN trying to come for the king Blocknet, doomed to fail

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Sorry you have to take anons word for it, we know its too much too ask.
in the meantime :

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shit nigga i need to but some MN

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Also this for hopium purposes :

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that's just a random number on a website. Here I updated it myself. See how easy it is to fake that shit?

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oh wow, didn't know that Nigar

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Okay prove that the number given when you load up the page isn’t derived from the orderbook.
And once you realise you can’t, post short m8

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Also note that Jo park has admitted that the btc-usdt swap webm is a Render.

After all the shilling of it here last year, and jo and the shills saying that it was just fancy sparkles that could be turned off. It turns out that is was a promotional tender all along.

What a shit show. It’s like everything about them, as soon as you dig a bit deeper or question anything you get red flags everywhere

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I'm going to buy some XSN

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Also a PoSW thread, since these same “devs” exit scammed it. Look up http://posw.io/ . Look familiar to you?

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>Prove a negative
The brains shilling this token are top tier

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yea but it's working right now https://orderbook.stakenet.io/monitor/btc_usdt

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okey guys, I really really really want to buy into XSN, but I just don't see it working... I can see an overly ambitious roadmap and some rumors about closed beta working, but can also see suspicious things and discouraging low number of members and the fud from biz with real basis...
please shill me, please convince me

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how about you prove that it is derived from the orderbook???

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compare yourself with


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goto discord, ask questions if you have any.
XSN is listed on Bitfinex, BFX does have very high standards when listing a new coin. So if BFX people saw no evil, why should you.
As far as fudders are concerned, we old pals. nobody spends their time on a coin they don't like, fudders are here for a reason ie buying as low as possible unless you're labz of course.

>I'm on of the OPs of pic related.
>MN count was 26xx now its 28xx

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How much time do I have left to get a masternode

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goto sleep cunt

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You have 4 to 6 weeks
after that you might get priced out.

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Telegram if anyone is interested

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I’m not the one coming here making wild unsubstantiated claims, you implied a claim that the orderbook monitor doesn’t take real values by typing your own in as though that proves anything, and I asked for proof on that.
It updates every few seconds and matches the orderbook trade history from what I can see.

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You have anywhere from 2 to 12+ months.

The devs won't commit to a release date. They said "before end of Q1" during their shilling AMA, but then denied it was "official" on their discord a few weeks later when someone pressed them on it and laughed at anyone that thought it was definitely releasing by end of Q1.

So it could be end of year for all we know. By then the price will have gone down to a few cents.

Depends if you're willing to risk waiting a few months and then buy a faaaar bigger stack at a cheaper price. Or risk buying now and be too early.

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See you next month.
Price never go below 20cent. Now is 38c

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So basically, its literally the same 50XSN going back and forth over and over again. Quite literally and unironically faking the volume.

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Checked and based fudder pilled

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guys roll with me

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Right, because it’s finally connected. The point of my post was last December when the simple swap webm came out, it was actively shilled as being real. Now it’s proven to be a render by Jo himself, and no one seems to give a fuck.

Blatant lies. He said it was a real trade

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>too early
dumb niger

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They are testing it, that is the point of testing. Do you cry about everything in life or is it just XSN?

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yea Jo is kinda a piece of shit from what I've seen

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what's happening in 4-6 weeks?

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do I have to explain everything?

Its too early to buy right now because the price is gonna dump once we get to the end of Q1 with no sign of the DEX release.

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It's a scam BNB is a the safer option I mean seriously just ask yourself do you want a proven scam 'POSW'?

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Pump worthy announcement

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Uh guys why is XSN forming a launchpad

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>forming a launchpad

LOL. Its called crabbing.

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Get ready for the dump because this is a POSW SCAM, A FORK OF DASH THAT CAN'T RUN EVMS LOL

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It will either break down or break upwards.....

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post shorts

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Big launch pad for a big rocket. It's happening SOON

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as I've said before
>4 to 6 weeks
MN count is at ATH

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Polkadex in a non-custodial and trustless manner. Polkadex is built for the future, making it possible to integrate with other liquidity providers using forkless upgrades.

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> Under 50mil mc
> Masternode ath
> Most supply locked up
> Launch pad forming
Checked. The BIGGEST pump in history is about to unleash. $100 is FUD