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> He still hasn't bought any ATOMs below $30

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I just want a girl with leggings on to sit on my face and sit there for hours but whenever my gf does this I just don't find it that enjoyable and I don't understand why. I can be horny as fuck and still after 1 minute of facesitting I just get bored.
What the fuck is wrong with me bros

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Porn addicted coomer

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This thing will do pull an eth later this year

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Coomer shill. Hallmark of a scam. GL next

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Unironically shill me why I should convert my GRT into this and will make up in the morning richer than I was going to bed

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quit watching porn you degenerate piece of shit. enjoy real beauty and traditional values.

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Because the ibc launch on the 18th is the biggest event in crypto this year. Atom will be in the center of it all.

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8 billion coins yet to be dumped on you. Vs the best week a crypto can have starting tomorrow

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If king shitcoin shits itself at 50k again, this thing is crashing and burning with no survivors

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I once wore leggings at night, through the streets of Belgrade. Cant believe I didnt get stabbed to death.

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Good show. What’s a good dip price, and what’s the estimated end of week?

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Because I was called a fucking moron 2 days ago on an ATOM thread when i said I was putting all my GRT gains into ATOM. And now here I am making $ while GRT crabs.
I was you two days ago anon.

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Like any coin you delusional faggot

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Thanks for the wake up call. That was two days ago though, this still has room to grow? Not fudding legit questions, just heard of atom tonight trying to research as fast as I can

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As well as the launch, there's a rumour that there will be some kind of airdrop to ATOM wallets. Check the telegram.

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excuse me but is there a way to stop talking about atom for a bit. it's kind of annoying.
i'm here trying to be private on session messenger and it just isn't working
not with all this noise

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Guys, shoud i sell al my Links and go balls deep into Atom?

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I think it’ll dump at some point after the launch, but think between now and Friday we should be in the clear for growth (depending on btc)

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Got it, I guess I’ll buy in then. However, why do you expect a dip at the launch?

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Everything under 30$. 200$ eow conservative

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Because "buy the rumours sell the news" fags

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Tezos is better than atom tho, and worth less.

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i just bought some ATOM. now it will dump. thank me later

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Noice. Really hoping for this. But ok I’ll keep a lookout, maybe I’ll try to swing on the announcement with a stop loss then come back in

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Kek you weren’t lying

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sell half

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Kinda smartest move. I was watching it last year when it was 3$ fuck me.
Ups and downs are normal, Bull Flag on 1 h chart

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Alright I’m in. I hope you all aren’t lying

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Check outside the /biz/ for confirmations if you need them

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I gotta buy the top!

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I already feel amazing I bought the exact dip phew. Now where to find atom memes?

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/Biz/ will get in at 40$, thats when we start seeing atom memes

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I only hear old people spout that religiously. Are olds getting in on new coins enough to cause that?

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That is happening with every coin, go on coinmarketcal and check how news affect prices.

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This is amazing, thanks for helping me jump in. I love you guys. WAGMI

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Side note can someone explain what the hell this means on Coinbase? Says “muh they move together” but yet comparing atom to algo... algo is massively tanking and atom is just getting ready to kick off a moonshot. tf is this indicator?

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Oпyштeнo cлeдeћи пyт ћeш бити

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That doesnt update minute by minute, its probably on a weekly basis

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>> He still hasn't bought any ATOMs below $30

False, asshole, I bought exactly 1 and don't you spread another lie about me or I will fuck you up. Do you hear me??

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>limit sold at $25 before bed at 11 for some cheeky gains
>wake up and it nut punched $26 and is crabbing
life of a swingie

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Got it, thanks anon

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Also guys I made us as ATOM waifu

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What are some honest price predictions after 18th?

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>choker and pubes
If i was a weebnigger, i'd approve

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Doing my part to bring to life some memes for when they are necessary

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I bought the top, I am financially ruined. Fuck that dinosaur BTC.

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I want to buy before the release on Thursday but don't want to fomo in and buy a relative top. What are the chances that it will dip before Thursday?

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It’s ok anon, we will make it through, volume is increasing

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Unlikely, volume continues to increase as we speak, people are getting interested. Just my guess though, I’m a retard like all of us

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I’m meaning major dip. There will surely be small dips along the way, get in on those at least

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We'll be going up again. Don't worry.

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