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High IQ thread. Don't pitch me your shitcoin. I don't want recommendations of specific coins or companies but rather industries and broader trends. What kind of stuff will moon over the next 5, 10, 15 years?

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You’re still early fren

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my dick

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Dao Maker, no doubt

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The next Chainlink was shilled here recently. If i’m not wrong, biz was correct on BTC, ETH, and LINK going ballistic.

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Just look for things with institutional support or contracts. There are several being shilled on biz at the moment, and you're still early enough to catch them

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Biotech, but unironically.

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Whatever all the boomers flock to since they control all the wealth. Calls on dentures

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NFT's - buy YUI fren

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defi and all it entails, still. derivatives and insurance.

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This thread is a yikes. Shows you all the shills who don't understand basic English.

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Wow this is the first one and its already retarded.

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Oil, uranium, lithium, semiconductor manufacturing industry

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This but for me it's ENJ.
Thanks for suggesting YUI anon I'll check it out.

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>What kind of stuff will moon over the next 5, 10, 15 years?
Probably projects that don't exist yet

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LTO unironically if ur looking for huge potential and not a pump and dump piece of shit

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Sex robot revolution. Female value is the actual biggest bubble in all human history and it's going to pop in a big way sooner than later.

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Short globalism, long futurism.

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I'll actually tell you OP, for real. Currently there's a noosphere crisis with language, so whatever can push the boundary further out in terms of communicative bandwidth will control perception in that area. Currently, we control this through memes. I am not joking.

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Stock market will crash, USD will be worth nothing. PM will skyrocket for a while.

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grtfags are braindead

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ada newfag

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LIT is a frontrunner in it's niche of identity management.

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Solar had a huge run but there's more room to grow imo.
Maybe silver miners..
Look for things that China currently supplies that other parts of the world also do, like steel.
The world doesn't want chinese shit. They want to trade without needing china
I thought desalination would be a big thing this decade but it's too expensive.

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privacy tokens is not big enough
I'm talking about the good ones not the shitty ones
not the ones that steal from you when you accidentally send to the wrong address.
I'm talking about suter shield DUH

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mushroom therapy. look at MMED stock. Kevin O'Leary is backing it too. It will be like the weed boom but a lot bigger with all the people that missed out on the weed boom.

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genetic engineering, gene therapy, synth bio

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Decentralized cloud computing

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Transferless payments, or UFO's with Flashstake

Leveraged uniswap with GFarm2

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>What kind of stuff will moon over the next 5, 10, 15 years?
Mate, we mooning on Saturday
Get involved. Invites only just been released. Closed pump group
discord gg/dnjfjeN3Gr

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well biz shills everything its normal to be right for once

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https://erdstall.dev/ You didn't hear it from me.

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Binance smart chain and its shitcoins like EGG will probably go parabolic

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>Founder is the guy behind ERC20
>Nike VP, Instagram Director of Partnerships on board of advisers
>Designed with NFTs in mind
>Will be released this Spring (Northern hemisphere I'm assuming)
>Comfy aesthetics
Instagram will probably start shilling this thing eventually or build a coin on top of it. Once that happens we're going to the moon. Currently sitting at a $15M market cap. The fact that /biz/ isn't shitting it's pants over the potential of this thing yet is miraculous.

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selling shrooms is intrinsically not a good business
you want returning customers
why do you think SSRI are the norm for treating depression

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I would say ICX or RLC.

RLC has the higher potential and ICX has already done a mini moon.

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I get what you're saying but big pharma is involved in this as well. Drug addiction and depression is becoming a pandemic of sorts in NA and around the world. Treating Mental Illness is going to create a vast new set of industries such as psychedelic rehab clinics etc. Johnson & Johnson is involved in treating mind issues too. I can see this becoming huge in the next few years to come.


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China Jo-Jo Drugstores Inc (CJJD), you heard it here first

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Tbh i have taken shrooms a few times and keep coming back, because they always tell you something and its fun, but only like once every 2 months because tolerance is strong. There are a lot of people, which mirco dose daily, so there is def. potential.

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I implore you guys to spend 5 minutes looking into GET Protocol (GET)

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Quick rundown? Just had a very brief look, im intrigued.

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The blockchain is still fresh. It’s like the internet before porn. Imagine porn on the block chain. You’d be rich for the next 7 generations

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Mentioned a few times here already but unironically LTO.

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blockchain is about to be abolished. It's a hideously bad technology. Wait 3 more years.

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LTO is the next link and will achieve untouchable cult status not a year from now. The way it is.

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>>semiconductor manufacturing industry


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Buy rubic sir

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>nearly every single post is shilling a shitcoin
Jesus Christ, this board is literally 99% Pajeets.

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This is a good project.
I bought in at 1.50 and sold at $3, then spent the last week trying to trade shit coins and losing 11k.
Considering just aping back into Dao Maker, its a good slow long term hold with good tech behind it.

My only concern is how much its really worth.

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this anon gets it

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>losing 11k
I was in the same boat so I know them feels
make it back on Saturday on this pump
Invites just opened
discord gg/dnjfjeN3Gr

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Macy's might just be the new gamestock anon. Somebody made a post about it yesterday and it got slid faster than a fatman on a waterslide.

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>Complains about shilling shitcoins
Shitcoins are the ones you can pump easy x5-x10
Join the pump group, invites just opened
discord gg/dnjfjeN3Gr

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Everything electronic that you own contains semiconductors. Safe constantly growing industry

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long term space industry
short -medium term psychedelics/recreational drugs used to treat mental illness

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>I don't want recommendations of specific coins or companies but rather industries and broader trends.
...But it was too late. The floodgates were wide open, and the original poster recoiled at the sight of swarms of brown men, crazy eyed, clambering over each other to soil the thread. "RUBIC!", "LINK!" they would scream, festering forward, greased by faeces. When they grabbed the original poster by the arms, legs and head, they forced a plastic funnel into his pink little mouth. "EGG!", "ENJ!" they would continue to shriek, shitcoin after shitcoin. In a dizzy hivemind fury, the brown mass brought handfuls of literal shit to cram down the funnel.

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Land. Climate change is causing some lands to become uninhabitable, as these effects start ramping up new land which was previously completely unusable will be the next place for livestock and farms.

Ive been accumulating shitty permafrost land in Northern Russia for years.

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Binance-backed project https://research.binance.com/en/projects/prosper

This is the last Binance Smart Chain project not to have mooned yet.

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ATOM, Stargate coming in 2 days.

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When travels pick up again it'll moon

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>climate change

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Tokens on the BNC. Bye bye ridiculous gas fees. Until ETH2 or the ETH killer emerge that is.

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behold, the future of biotech

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hi Murdoch.

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LTO you dumb nigger

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of course
people are getting mass injected with mRNA and nanoparticles right now
this is clearly the future of everything
if you cant to capitalize on worldwide zombification, be my guest

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>cant to
want to

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anti aging industry

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Incredibly based.

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not only GET protocol specifically (altough I do have a nice bag) but anything with a real world NFT use case - think real estate registry, car registry, idk. To me these seem like ideal uses for blockchain that are very underdeveloped

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birth control

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El Tio, Mijo.

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Atom/LTO for me. I'm starting to research API3.

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Yield App and Trustswap. Nobody really talks about them but their growth is based on fundamentals, they're relatively low caps still and their growth is very organic. You do you fren

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