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I went all in when FTM was around 0,0025$
I put 10k in it. I stake to have more FTM all time long.
I just sold them all today and make 7 figures.

Good luck anons

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Dont sell it all. Leave around 30% of your bag.

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Scam. Whole chink team exit scammed long time ago. Now they only have hired devs from Russia and a tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. All their "partnerships" are paid for and made in some of the most corrupt nations in the world.

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You keep posting this FUD in every thread - why does the success of FTM intimidate you? Please go back to your pajeet coin of choice so we can get rich in peace faggot.

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Im not greedy I came here with a purpose and I did It.

I will come back to the next bullrun.

Hope you make it as well anons.

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what are you talking about? he has the biggest ftm stack here

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You post like a girl. Instead of trying to debunk my claims, you can't, you start to talk about your feelings and try to impose your feelings of intimidation etc onto me. Grow some balls, faggot scammer.

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that's bullish

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Only if you are insane.

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this community is cancer; we will never make it

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Twitter is good for fantom

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This. It's over Fantom trannies, give up while you still have some profits.

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0.18 stable coin

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Seems to be having a little pump right now

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ITT: 98% Pure laboratory grade copium

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why? do you think it will go back to 0.03? if yes i would just buy more

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please sell your bags

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I wish it would, I'm only on 10k fanties :^(

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how does 100 000 sound?

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>some profits

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What is this even a chart of? FTM at 2 cents? We're at 18 cents now you drooling inbred. Why is all Fantom fud so lazy and gay

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It was back in early 2019 kek, FUD was crazy back then. I am glad i never sold desu, FTM oldfags with iron hands wtf

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Why didnt you tell me anon, I just want to make it..

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Tell us about Bitconnects price action. Using your insane pseudo-logic.

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fuck you

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Schizo tranny fudster talking shit about Fantom on the way up. He thinks that his fud affects the market while we’ve been pumping for the past month.

Check mate! Fantom won

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>stop talking about this piece of shit!
>you might find something blatantly horrible!

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screenshot or larp

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Hell yeah brother!!
To the fucking moon

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how likely is this to break .20? should i buy in at current price of .18?

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very likely, go all in right now

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Time = money. You are spending a fuck ton of time that you will never get back on something that will bring you 0 financial benefits, hence the definition of schizo.

Talking shit about Fantom or any other protocols that make sense mathematically is like bashing the automobiles, washing machine etc on the way to global adoption

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could go either way desu

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hell yeah

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Fantom is already being adopted.

Guys AVAX is being payed to shilled on this board and to FUD on FTM. FTM has already real life use-cases and AVAX doesn't. I have a déjà vu writing this

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Thanks, bought 100k

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>Guys AVAX is being payed to shilled on this board and to FUD on FTM
The only paid shills here are the Fantom scammers. Shitting up the board with their countless paid shill threads.

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there's like 1 maybe 2 threads up at one time.

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Blessed fudder. There's still time to accumulate more.

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