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press N to pay respect to /BASEDRick/

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Whale joining us?

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What are those spontaneous massive buys?

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just a taste of what's to come and more

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poorfag with 2000 LTOs, aigmi? i will DCA into it every paycheck, how much time do you guys think I have left?

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you have a year

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Here we gooooooo

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I have 800 will also DCA in, I don't think LTO will blow up, maybe it will surge a bit when it is listed on american exchanges tough

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Just lease your tokens to the /biz/node and Based Rick will take care of the rest. The M&A fund is expected to open up in the summer at the earliest

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Literally LINK vibes.

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This is FUD. LTO is a stablecoin. 0.36 before, 0.38 now, 2 dollars in a few months, 5 dollars in a few years. Stable.

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LTO/UNN/VVN is the the comfiest triumvirate

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For me, it's LINK, DOT and LTO

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You forgot COTI.

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checked, but how is it FUD? blowing u would be going fro this to 3 in a week, I think it will grow ut that it won't shoot up for now

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I was joking but holy shit anon, lay off the alcohol and try to type that again

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fucking kek, my bad, won't happen again sir

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I have three separate 1.5K stacks leased to xen should I unstake and restake together or doesn't matter?

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It doesn't matter, it's all associated with your wallet. Also, and not that I'd advise it, having a few leases set up would allow you to take profits if you needed to without interrupting your balance generating rewards

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Nonono, big paycheck coming next week.
I havent even reached suicide stack

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Underpromise, overdeliver. LTO adding features that are not even on their roadmap.


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Guys if we all stake, where do people get paid from, let's say everyone stakes for 10 years, surely the supply would have to expand or people can't be paid out in LTO anymore? Maybe it's a brainlet question but would like to get it cleared up.

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how much do you need before you lease on xeno?

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People will be selling their staking rewards for income.

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Costs 1 token to establish the lease but it's up to you otherwise. Probably worth waiting till you have 500 to make that token cost negligible.

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Those are rookie numbers. Pump those numbers up.

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Did they partner with API3 now like everyone else?

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an can you keep leasing more or would each lease be a separate instance?

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your payout is calculated using your total tokens leased from your wallet, but you need to pay 1 each time you make a new lease

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alright thanks for the info fren, how come the leasing fee is so low?

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rewards are generated by transaction fees. .1 LTO is burned per transaction, and I believe .35 LTO are rewarded to nodes to be distributed amongst the leases

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Yes but what if for example the entire circulating supply is being staked, how will people be rewarded in LTO, do they have to create more supply?

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I'd imagine the price would be so astronomical that people would unstake and sell

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Please tell me this will crab for at least another week. I cannot buy yet

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Czeched these. It's a /biz/ node for frens to have low fees and high payout. I don't know if the fee to start a lease is different on other nodes.

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But then the team would have to buy those tokens up just to be able to provide the staking reward?

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I'm pretty sure the staking rewards will decrease proportionally.

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I think staking rewards are disributed from the transaction fees.

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Am poorfag should I just stake these?
Stakingrewards.com says it would be 2.87 lto/month

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Wrong pic

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that's a man so that makes you gay, sir

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It's ok poorfag, I only have 1,400 being staked.

O would suggest accumulating a few more, as the cost to transfer out of finance to your wallet is 5xLTO so if you are getting more this month's don't move to leasing until you have additional lto

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This shitcoin is so slow you faggots get excited for a 5% pump

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is it really? doesn't look much like it has a dick

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He's cute then. You're the faggot.

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The burn rate is what 0.1 at present, will drop to however many decimals required. Simple math check the math

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Lads I've got to be honest, I'm too much of a retard to do the math(s) can someone do it for me?

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You shitskins truly cannot resist to use word 'sir' when shilling

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Will we ever go above 800sats again, I'm losing hope...

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it was a joke you dummy

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LTO is so insanely undervalued. Comfy af.

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everyone has a price

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the price crabbing even after the ama has me nervous bros.

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then sell you weak handed faggot. dont deserve to make it

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I'm new to LTO but I think a big factor is how hard it is to acquire for burgers

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I kind of want this to crab for a few more weeks so I can accumulate, but I'm also scared that the crabbing will affect future prices as impatient traders will move to other coins. thoughts?

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So the chick is Brenna sparks and 3rd from left on the unicorn is skelly, but who are the other two? Is 2nd from left Rick?

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ama yesterday was fire, making a screencap right now boys

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looks like mcafee

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It's a reddit ama on a small-medium sized sub, not a world wide marketing campaign

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nonono I just need you to tickle my pickle and tell me it's going to be ok

they can buy it quite easily now, Reddit sub has the procedure for it


true lol

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tempted to buy more LTO should I wait till it drops or is it unlikely to drop enough to make it worthwhile?

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5K mainlet stack reporting in.
LTO looks solid indeed.

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mcafee and alex jones kek

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It's over

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btc just broke 50k

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It's very easily maniped by bots right now. I saw when it had a market buy spike there were suddenly buy orders for over 500k lto on the sheet for a minute or so

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I pray for it to dump back to 10c, I just want to accumulate as much as possible before this begins to take off later this year, I only have 1,400 but would love a 5k stack to lease and come back in 5 years to find the coin has 10x -15x in that time.

I don't even care about making it, but having a few hundred dollars passive income each month would be sweet

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ok just bought more even tho it's sitting pretty high it's still guaranteed gainz

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as long as it's under $1 I'll still be buying 1k LTO or more every week