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I see a lot of BSC threads recently. Is it a new fag or is everyone moving from ethereum to BNB?

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they should. ethereum is built like shit.

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The main problem with BNB is it's far more centralized and controlled by the chinese. But right now it's efficiency with TX speed and fees is amaazing and as a new platform it can attract moon chasers who are tired of spending 40$ to buy shitcoin34

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Further to what this anon said, it is quite centralised. But with that being said, I dont think people give a fuck. Right now, the fees in the ETH ecosystem are absolutely disgusting and people are leaving it en masse. BNB fees and transfer times are lightyears better then ETH, and will lead the charge this time round

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Retail is switching, everything is mooning. You're still early but not for long, next two weeks are going to be nuts.

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oldfag here, fuck skellys $60 fees, aping in on all of this shyt nibba

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it's like investing in defi back in the summer

it's still early and many projects just pump listing

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What's the BSC Dextools equivalent?

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Ether is a festering pile of shit, I fucking despise it and ALL ERC-20 shit tokens

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Yeah BSC is fucking legit. Those new project on Bsc are a gold mines

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Yeah, I switched through like 7 different farming pools with virtually 0 fucking fees and I've made 4x in 1 day off Wynaut. ETH can suck my nuts, I forgot how TRADING feels like. With ETH every transaction feels like a fucking shackle and you're forced to sit in losses way longer than you're comfortable since gas fees make you think twice about exiting positions or entering risky ones.

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BSC is the new frontier for insane gains (and risk). Almost 6 billion TVL in a matter of a single month. At this rate it will surpass Ethereum by the end of the year, all it needs is a few more quality defi projects.

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you have to be retarded to use ethereum right now
BNB is bacially ethereum minus ass raping fees
it's a nobrainer desu

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Can Burgers use this

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Yes. Just use a VPN. Or just buy BNB from KuCoin, no KYC needed. Google setting up metamask for the Binance smart chain, it's really easy, and you're pretty much set. Binance smart chain bridge let's you use it if you have a VPN and need to transfer ETH coins over.

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Even respected personalities, like Fluffypony, from respected project, Monero, think BSC is the Ethereum killer. Maybe he was trolling but it didn’t look like he was on Twitter.

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Newfags and some oldfags don't use BSC as they are too scared to add another network in Metamask...

That is why mainly DeFi Chads without any sense for risk and fear and degenerated and greed-driven anons are using this chain.

Good for these phenotypes as they do not have to share then these pools with losers and newfag paper hands and so they make faster, cheaper and more money on BSC than on Ethereum.

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Eth is dead nobody uses it

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>Binance smart chain bridge let's you use it if you have a VPN and need to transfer ETH coins over.
you can use rubic.exchange bridge to avoid using VPN

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Centralized and chinese controled? Fuck that, fuck them.

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>huuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppphhhhhhhh cz bad centralize bad no good
We’re here to make money, go back to trading $60 uniswap fees like the fucking goof you are. We’re here to make money

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>muh decentralization
retards like you should get euthanized immediately

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I thought they moved out of China and into Malta and Bermuda so they could escape the strict laws in China. Chances this is bullshit? I'm curious but don't really trust chinks.

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Never trust the chinks

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How do you guys feel about Libra/Diem? I was looking at BSCscan and noticed there was a Diemscan listed, but I can't find a "diem" token anywhere and apparently it used to be called libra?