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what do you think her braps smell like

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As stinky as my linkies

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her ass is too big

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ever been to a fresh fish market?

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No, Anon.

Her ass is nearly perfect.

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I don't know anon but given the opportunity I'd pay 1 eth to sniff her BBRAAAAAAAPPSS

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boys, you'll be able to buy her ass if you buy LTO now

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>buying women
Enjoy destroying your mojo
Once you pay for pussy the desire to hunt it is diminished

Soon enough your cock stops working
Don't fuck yourself over like that

Hunt the pussy

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>Once you pay for pussy the desire to hunt it is diminished
And what exactly is the point in "hunting" it?
Women are a terrible long term investment. Pay her for an hour or two and kick her out, much cheaper and safer than being involved with them.

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That's a man

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Peking Duck

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You're not a man

You're a rat

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You couldn't be more redtarddit if you tried.

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No he's smart youre a dumbass.

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anon "hunting" pussy is really overrated. been there done that. doesnt give that same high once you get it. look for love or a good time it's much more worthwhile I promise

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This is the only option in 2021 society. Women are all whores if you don't live in a conservative commune.

You're a fucking faggot. Why would you waste your time talking to and interacting with females on any level besides transactional sex? Is it the stimulating conversation about their tik toks? Their inability to make decisions? Their profound, unique, thought-provoking worldviews?

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The only girls you should love are chaste, obedient virgins. Those do no exist anymore if you are over the age of 16 in the west. Females are all whores and should be treated as such.

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You're a fat piece of kike shit and you don't deserve to get laid

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jesus, you sound pathetic ahaha
>be a bluepilled simp like me anon!! please!!

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same energy

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I hope you have a daughter one day and she becomes a hooker

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Im getting a vasectomy so that exact scenario never happens

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Boy you dumb asf

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do i go all in?

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soap/lotion miked in with a little of their own natural smell. Women like that don't smell anon, they make sure they smell good, speaking from experience. The fat girl and the ones with very low self esteem don't care much about hygiene, those don't smell too good.

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bet she fucks grandpas

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I’m thinking fruity pebbles

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It’s all good until you see the back fat peaking out and you are reminded of that one sponge bob episode

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How the fuck does she even find pants that fit?

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Oh shit you're right. She has Instagram Angle maxxed out

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yes chums, i agree with all the great points you have raised about LTO here.

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our LTO threads truly have evolved to the next level

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I'm neither fat nor a kike. And the whores I fuck suggest otherwise.

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>Women are a terrible long term investment.

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i would love to eat her with chopsticks

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>LTO is now on the front page of crypto plebbit
well guys, I'm glad I bought the dip

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Who is that and whose dick do I need to suck for her to sit on my face

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fish sauce & ball sweat

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are you gay?

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danicak3s. She owns LTO

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Her instagram:
ur welcome fag

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>tfw holding LTO and REEF
always do exactly what /biz/ says

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sell reef u brainlet

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I made some new OC, what do you think :3


I hope we get alot of adoption in the future

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It's literally true tho

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They’re all right though, women are only useful as wet holes and to be child bearers, fuck off simp

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ruined herself with that awful back tattoo lmao.

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can someone link her workout? i want to get my ass half that.

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literally ghey

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need thicc buttermilk asian gf

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>Once you pay for pussy the desire to hunt it is diminished
Is it? I usually like women who want to bang me, not because I pay them. Maybe the ultimate hunting is getting whores to call you when they are horny and not pay them.

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Danielle Gee
That’s her only good pic.

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Kani Salad

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her ass is too small

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