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price entry seems good now. i got into graph at 17 cents and it’s at around 2 each. thinking of cashing out my initial investment of 1.7k and moving to rubic should be like 6-700 graphlets. i want to move up the ranks in being a top holder (currently a whale). what do you guys think

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Grt is going to fuck you yearly with token unlocks. Sell while you're up and join the winning team.

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should i sell graph now ? wondering if it will pump tomorrow or dump more. rubic seems like it will test 30 cents again

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No shit sherlock

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No idea fren. Every time I try to time the market I get eviscerated. Just do it when gas fees are low I guess

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my rubic go pubic

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i don't which will pump first but rubic definitely has more room to grow

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GRT will likely correct lower in the short term, rubic is far from a sure thing. Limit orders will be implemented on the 25th but that won't move the price much. Very ambitious project but it's far from finished. Still need L2 solution implemented, anonymizer, cross chain swaps, etc.

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thanks anons. i’m gojng to fud the shit out of rubic and buy in when it drops to 29 cents

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>far from a sure thing
the team has consistently set a roadmap and achieved the goals if not on time AHEAD of schedule. very doubtful they wont be able to meet their goals, and once the chinks roll in with the anonymizer $100 seems likely

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There are plenty of fudders already. One is calling for a drop to 25 cents then to 3 based on the bear flag forming

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Rubic absolutely cannot fall behind. Eth 2.0 and uni v3 are coming.

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No but RBC is also aiming to make in-roads to China which right now is a pretty untapped market due to current restrictions on Western crytpo. Sort of like a crypto version of Silk Road.

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what happens if ETH 2.0 or univ3 get released?

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