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mmmhmm dat lil efferium is all red on ma portfolio an' ol' nigga marvin be sayin' that good fo' bears or some shieeet, bears be liken' honey so eyes thinks I must be makin' all kinds of dolla bills yo

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fucking racist.

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This will never get old

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cringe bait

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mmhmmmm, dont chu worry girl. day day said our lil efferium stocks gon be doin a lil sum

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Why did God create black people as some weird antagonist for the player characters to have to deal with

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my favourite thread again

never stop posting i need some american flavour in my life

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red like yer pussy after a night with marvin

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It must suck being racist. Imagine thinking you're better than someone, because of the color of your skin. I'm gonna start posting memes making fun of white people and see how you like it.

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leave 4chan now and 4ever

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Kek solid effort. These are actually my favourite threads on biz these days

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i picture the scene in my head
that kind of voice saying the "mmmhmm", with horizontal neck and flat hands moviments and shiiiiiiet

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I'm not going anywhere Honky.

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here we go

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Hey hey gurl! whatchu be sayin' bout dem efferiums, gurl nuh uh fo'real? *slaps baby crying for food* hey gurl you hear about dey niggas over at darnells, das rite dey all up in dem efferium stocks with a lil bitcoin sumthin sumthin on the side nuh huh gurl i swear it! damn gurl dis baby killin me, we better get outta dis house or imma slap mah lil baby chile into next week gnome sayin *slaps baby again*

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cmon, man, let me be racist in peace.

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you then man

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How is this racist? This is literally exactly how black people act. They say shit like this all the time.

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That’s literally what white people are dumbass

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>black people
I believe you mean niggers

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>mmmhmm dat lil efferium is all red on ma portfolio an' ol' nigga marvin be sayin' that good fo' bears or some shieeet, bears be liken' honey so eyes thinks I must be makin' all kinds of dolla bills yo

what the fuck

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Kill all niggers

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>I'm gonna start posting memes making fun of white people
If you thought the LA and BLM riots were bad, you have no idea what will happen if you post those memes.

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>I'm gonna start posting memes making fun of white people and see how you like it.
go ahead anon.
i will SHIT THIS ENTIRE BOARD with 13/54 memes. go ahead
i dare you fucking gorilla nigger!

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This is bullish for Cardano

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White people are like the dairy cows of modern civilization. Except there are thousands of brown farmers milking our udders so hard they are falling off.

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no you wont

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>white people are like the dairy cows of modern civilization
Said the unemployed, co-living “day trader” with $1000 in his portfolio

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go ahead. The memes are supposed to be funny. If you actually have funny racist memes just post them, not some SJW shit or"haha white people be like" or "Black people be like"

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That's the best you can do? You know the difference between you and I? I'm not out to hurt people's feelings or win internet points. I just post the facts. That's literally all I have to do.

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White people get bashed all fucking day on tv, in movies, and at school. I think we can handle it

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Because it points it out

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can we stop it with these stupid ass posts? memes are supposed to be funny

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>I'm gonna start posting memes making fun of white people and see how you like it.

All of western society is anti-white. Jews already post those "memes" for you fag.

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fuck you yt, your women can't resist this bbc

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>muh dick

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I will you little funky albino monkey.

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go ahead gorilla nigger, go ahead, see what I gonna do to your little IRONICALLY pink ASSHOLE.

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nah yall coomskin just jealous we get da beetchesZ

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>oogabooga we GUT da bieeches.

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>reverse google search this image
>The image is no longer available or is not publicly accessible.

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This is in honor of George Floyd. I cant breeve.

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no one like niggers.
lebron james suck chinese cock, but niggers cant even tolerate niggers on posters
sucks to be a nigger
>be nigger
>born too late to become Arabs and whites slaves
>born too early to become galactic slaves
>born just RIGHT IN TIME to become CHINESE SLAVE

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Someone photo shop a desert over the insanely huge Saharan desert that is not crossable.

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kek seethe more niggers

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FUCK niggers and FUCK pigskins


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Thats good idea.
niggers ALSO think that they were ALSO hannibal too.

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I love my shitskin cow worshipping bros.

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>donald trump??
>i am not racist but..
no nigger I AM RACIST
this nigger thinks this board is about left vs rights
no nigger
trump suck jew cock
biden suck jew cock
pelosi suck jew cock
harris sucj jew cock
and WE HATE SHAPIRO nigger
post something better nigger.

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> t. Kike

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Daily reminder that half of whites have a double digit IQ

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Great book but apparently he got a little sloppy with some of his research. Taleb got pissy, cherry picked a page, "fact checked" it (ie, said nuh uh to a bunch of things and didn't cite sources), and now the entire book is a little suspect and probably needs a good in depth review. On the whole I think his thesis is correct and Murray went out of his way to point out good works of science/art from non white-men which is pretty nice, since he actually has standards and now you don't have to search through all the dreck modern culturefags push as good when it's clearly not.

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Ok, but i'm not going to pretend that niggers have done much else of worth throughout history when White men created the modern world and made life 10000x easier in the short span of 100 years.

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Fuck you. Fuck nigger speak. Kill yourself.

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Daily reminder my lil bitcoin stock doin some

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No white men steal ideas and make it their own. White men stole the native Americans land and gave them diseases. The only thing white people had were guns and diseases they wiped out a majority of the native American race with their caucazoid hands.

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You worship trump. Trump is your daddy. You would suck his dick for a chance to meet him in person.

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Ah I always love his cope. I can never tell if he actually thinks white people are superior and comes up with bad arguments so he can dog whistle to us or if he just likes to talk shit.

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You've got a long way to go anon. You've been lied to. I won't hate you for being brainwashed. Go seek the truth

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Yeah bro niggers are actually geniuses. They just never had their neurons unlocked with geography.

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Good bait, nigger. Every sane white person hates jew sucking Trump.

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If we didn't know darkness we wouldn't appreciate the light

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kek'd harder than I have in a long time on this board, thx anons

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mods, sticky this please

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i violently beat my dick to fat nigger asses on tiktok

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Dare I say, based?
>tfw no thick quadroon gf

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This is the most black positive thread 4chan has had in years.

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When this bullrun ends I PRAY that niggers and w*men become bagholders or sell for a massive loss. It's going to be glorious to see these retards get rekt.

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Its playful, it isnt necessarily racist (is it racist when you mimic a redneck or even an irish/scot?), and black women are qt
Really like this meme. Wojack is cringe incel tier.

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Use cum skin or milko, those terms are more effective.

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This isnt accurate. Cholos wear dickies and gildan also.

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White man is also responsible for industrialization, the technical age, world wars, central banks, inflationary economy...
It wasnt purely jews who formed the federal reserve. The presidents who allow this shit are also white...
I doubt some trumpcel from idaho would call Pythagoras a white man.

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posts (all 3 of them) reek of reddit

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>coming into thread just to multiple you
k kike shill. black women are also more submissive than white women and will never get out of line. they only act that way with niggers, with a white boyfriend they worship every step he makes.

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racemixing kike kill yourself

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didn't BP bomb in china anyways lmao

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>gets called reddit
>says nigger or fag or kike to try and fit in
change up the script pls

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Jewish hands typed this

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Wear a johnny. Regardless of the bitches skin colour.
Tf you doing mate.

>opinions counter to your shill narrative are posted
>better call him a kike or reddit or leftie to whip people into a frenzy
Not working. Should have got a psych degree from a proper school before applying for a job with the NSA.

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>He wants to fuck apes
How do you ignore the smell?

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And he's enjoying his colon cancer in afterlife.

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>In 2019, black adults had the highest obesity rates of any race or ethnicity in the United States, followed by American Indians/Alaska Natives and Hispanics. As of that time, around 40 percent of all black adults were obese. Asians/Pacific Islanders had by far the lowest obesity rates.

>inb4 he can't comprehend the statistics anyway