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Yesterday, i bought 100k of this piece of shit, how much time do i need to wait to see this piece of niggerlicious crap move?

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Everythings dumping and it's staying stable. Relax.

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Where to buy kleros?

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Nice, but i haven't see any fucking new in the media of this piece of shit. Is the team working anymore?

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Probably 3 years
>100k stack here too

Dude just trust me lol

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I literally chimped 10k on kletoris via uniswap.

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The kleros court is now in session sirs.
I hereby sentence all no kleros coiners to 5 years without toilet use.

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i was telling everyone i know to buy pnk a month ago. now i'd be ashamed to even mention it.
still holding.

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Sir the team is doing well, very busy at work. They shared a tuktuk to get out of the village before monsoon floods but the tuktuk was tipped over from holding the village and they are needing your help to save them from the flood. Will you be doing the needful and sending them your local currency?

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I told you guys to buy cover where you vote on multimillion dollar defi issues.
No, you would rather vote on video production and token lists.

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Is uniswap safe exchange sir?

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I've already accepted that this thing isn't mooning this bull run, I'll be stuck holding these bags for god knows how long. Just wish clemens or rico get this on binance, just pain everyday holding this

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Most likely 7 year minimum. But depends on what your make it is. 7 years for 100k stack to be worth 1 million dollars.

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Just sell it. You're obviously a coomerbrain looking for the next quick and easy 10x and that's not what Kleros is. Go play shitcoin roulette with whatever is top 10 on dextools right now.

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7 years?

You think it will take twice the time to reach half of LINK’s MC for solving the other half of the oracle problem??? This is FUD or a low IQ post.

$10 in three is much more likely.

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Hey nigger, can you show me the proof that they are fucking working? marketing? anything? THEIR LAST ANNOUNCEMENT IN THE SOCIAL MEDIA WAS 1 MONTH AGO AND ISN'T EVEN RELATED TO THE PROJECT. THANKS, FAGGOT.

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0 shame

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I easily can but I'm not going to because I want less idiots like you spamming "WEN MOON" in the PNK threads every day. And if you sell now, I can get cheapies more quickly. So I'll ask you once again to please sell and fuck off.

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Baste and curry pilled

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honestly. Years. 3 minimum.

things that needs to happen for this to become fucken huge.

1. a product that has use cases and works well. (this is is in the process of happening but takes time to build studies)
2. adoption of blockchain technology
3. adoption of smart contracts in the everyday use of peer to peer businesses. eg freelance graphic design.

im holding a small 25k stack. but i dont expect it to go far, it just a nice little gamble on the side because there are a gambles that need to happen and years for this thing to take off. BUT HOLY WHEN IT DOES ITLL BE THE NEXT ETHERIUM/CHAINLINK

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Can someone, ANYONE please do the needful and tell my whu literally every shitcoin pumped massively while this is crashing with no survivors? I bought in October and enjoyed the pajeet kleros court memes but admit I have not kept up with any news about it. What the fuck is going on and what is the reason for the abysmal performance? Did the devs stop working on it was an exploit discovered or something? Im still in a little bit of profit but seeing every fucking meme coin moon is soul crushing, I really believed the kleros defi court for resolvinf disputes was a valuable proposition to the space as a whole.

No meme answers or I will sue you in kleros court assuming it doesnt keep crashing back to zero

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eth fees to vote

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>I easily can but I'm not going to
>And if you sell now, I can get cheapies more quickly.
THIS IS LITERALLY THE PERFECT CHANCE TO FUD THE PROJECT AND DROP THE PRICE. You will not link me anything, because the team is full of stupid onions lazy faggots like you. Also, you don't even need FUD to drop the price, since a fucking gigawhale with 50M PNK is fucking dropping the price with his yielding profits alone.

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Sold all mine almost an hour ago. It should have tanked the coin to zero. Pic related. See you in Valhalla!

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How long do I have to wait for your wick?

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i bought 25k how much will this be worth next year?

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smart money is currently accumulating this

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I will drop my bags while you sleep, because animal planet taught me that faggot niggers needs 20 hours of sleep time. FUCK YOU.

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It’s going to be a good project. I’ve been a juror multiple times since I own roughly 10 million PNK and was one of the first to leverage it for juror pooling. So I was picked multiple times, since I put up so much that it increases my chances of being pooled. Plus there isn’t that many people in the pool, roughly a few thousand. I’ve made a few hundred deliberating some really good cases. My favorite one was a rape case I deliberated on

But the problem is that we need good smart contracts that just aren’t “there” yet to make this more seamless, I anticipate more of Chainlink playing a role in making the network more effective. What I mean is that LINK would be the payment bridge between PNK and escrow accounts. As well as an intermediary between paying victims or jurors in fiat or ETH as an example.

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sell if you want to but do a little research anon
you'll see that once they fix their marketing issues then the sky is the limit

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About 25¢

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The PNK whale with over 2M PNK started dumping PNK for ETH when ETH started pumping and he crashed the price on himself when he panicked. We all hate him now for his stupidity.

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Come on now I said no meme answers and you are saying 1 guy was responsible for destroying this? What the fuck does that say about the validity of the project as a whole if one sperg can destroy it

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Bright side is that pinkies are spread over more wallets now, but that's hopium I hold onto

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He will cope and say "we r soooo earlly"

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Not a meme answer it's the truth. He killed all the momentum that was building up and now we're just crabbing since he realized what he was doing and stopped. He was also the reason it was a ten cent stablecoin for so long. Now it's being suppressed by ridiculous gas fees on the ethereum network and no huge development announcements lately.

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PNK price has nothing to do with the validity of the Kleros project as a whole.

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>Maket dumps
>PNK up 5%
I think we hit the bottom guys, accooomulate while you can

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unicef sirs

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You must be mistaken, OP. Kleros only dumps

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Kek so this groundbreaking paradigm shifting project is subject to the whims of 1 whale just like the absolute lowest of the low shitcoins?
>its not about the price

I really cant tell if youre trolling or not

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Lots of shitcoins outperformed good projects recently but won't in the long run.

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And most if not all of "good projects" are up hundreds of % anon literally everything with a usecase from link to snx to aave ec so wtf does that say about kleros? Im literally asking if the project is still viable because price action during a bullrun reflects a lot about "good projects" the fact that this is performing terribly says a lot about market sentiment about it

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He misstated. He didn’t have “2m pnk” he had 2-3 m USD IN PNK which he dumped at the bottom pushing us to new lows so he could buy UNI at the top.

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SNX and AAVE pumped, dumped and crabbed for month before taking off again. They rely on LINK which has crabbed for months and crashed in Sats similar to how PNK crashed in ETH. Kleros has a product but that is just a fraction of what they intend to offer. Including potential integration with AAVE.

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Link took ages to get to where it is now tbf, and it was one of the coins that mooned the least in 2017-18. Shit like verge was doing 300x's and don't even get me started on Raiblocks, look where those projects are now.

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Not trolling. It's okay, don't buy PNK then. We don't owe you a satisfactory explanation and we don't need your pocket money. Kleros is live and working as designed.

>market sentiment
>in the beginning stages of a classic crypto bubble
If that's your investment strategy then yeah, don't buy PNK. Ape into every new food token and scam, ride the pump, and try to take profit before the dump. I don't care. I'm never selling my PNK.

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Im getting GME bagholder "never selling we are undervalued" vibes with zero explanations for why PNK is crashing during an Alt bullrun.
>price doesnt matter
>price doesnt reflect how good a project is
>it took link years to get to where it is

Sounds like a lot of cope still here waiting for an anon that isnt a biased bagholder to hopefully explain wtf went on with kleros to put it in the gutter. I refuse to believe one guy with just a couple million dollars could crash one of the "new paradigms in crypto" because that is absolutely pathetic.

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Check the forum and the telegram. Sometime this month they should be announcing a pilot demonstrating how proof of humanity makes UBI on the blockchain possible. They are also in the process of implementing guaranteed juror rewards, regardless of whether or not they are selected for cases.
I'll let you in on a secret: they don't care about overhyping the project, they just want it to work. As a result all their marketing is targeted at other crypto projects rather than random buyers. So far they have or soon will have integrated the project with Omen, Union, API3, HYVE, Uniswap, aXpire, Colibra, MARKET Protocol, TIXL, and more (some talk of Maker DAO and AAVE). Most of these partners are tiny. But as they grow, being a juror is going to get increasingly lucrative. You won't WANT normies to catch wind of this, you'll be swimming in so much ETH. However, word will start to get out organically, and the price is going to explode as normies realize what a great opportunity for farming ETH with minimal risk this is.
If you aren't willing to wait patiently on your mountain of gold, this isn't the coin for you.

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>no link

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imo I feel like what made this project tank is lack of marketing and the fag devs who dont see value in listing on a cex
theres a job listing for a communications manager at kleros, which may indicate that they're trying to fix that but whether they are successful or not is anyone's guess

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Just sold, absolute cringe don't bring that shit here.

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>>28825831 https://blog.kleros.io/kleros-online-conference-report-the-fundamental-importance-of-humans-on-the-blockchain/
>This platform is in its final stage before launch in February 2021 - coming soon to an internet near you.

There you go, you lazy faggot.

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Sorry Melvin, we just like the token.
Deal with it. Power to the players.

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Thanks for an attempt at a non meme reply. The pnk/eth chart is screaming BUY but like I said idk whats going on with the project

>> No.28826859

The real answer is that retail has fomod into green lines whereas Kleros has seen one of the harshest shakeouts in crypto. -80% in sat value is excruciating. Almost everybody who doesn't believe in this project is out, including the whales - the only holders left are the ones who truly believe it will succeed and will never sell at any price, or the fish with 5-6k PNK who would pay more in gas fees than their stack is worth.

You have more intelligent crypto investors holding PNK, and even though most of us want to increase our stacks, these people are less likely to fomo into bubbles. They know the current market is completely unsustainable and a year of green lines is going to be followed by a bear market. Normies are up 30-50x on their vaporware shitcoins. There is no point buying Kleros now when you can buy it in a year's time when ETH is $300 and PNK is 4-5c. Yes, it will eventually be $40-50, but not until the next bull market which is years away.

>> No.28827069

Well they are listed on bitfenix, a cex but yeah the points you mentioned make it so difficult to hold through this whole ordeal

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>ETH will be $300
Kek. I remember when Kleros threads were the comfiest on /biz/. Now it is full of schizo copers.

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just leaving this here you poorfags

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ETH will be lower than $300, friend. That isn't even full capitulation. It went from $1500 to $80 last time despite everyone saying "lmao never under $1k ever again priced out kek". If you believe in the "s2f" bullshit, and that the price will go up forever despite the crashes, that implicitly factors in 80% BTC corrections and 95% altcoin corrections.

Even if ETH went to $5000, it would still correct to $250.

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>eth price back to almost ico levels

looks like its time to buy in

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looks familiar...

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How will Kleros ever be worth $50?

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I think in 3 years the dollar will be worth less than it is now, and Kleros will be a top 5 coin. Cardano is currently valued at $30b, which is an insane bubble valuation and shows just how stupid the average crypto "investor" really is, but even assuming the total crypto market cap doesn't increase nominally past 1.5t over the next 3 years (and dips in real terms), then Kleros at even position #7 (where BNB is) would be $40 per token, and $60 at position 4 (where ADA is). Both of those are shitcoins, Kleros is not.

>> No.28830329

That's pretty optimistic and he's probably assuming widespread adoption of smart contracts, but I can see $20 easily.
>all enterprise-level smart contracts will require decentralized insurance
>all p2p economic transactions will move to smart contracts that will utilize a decentralized escrow mechanism
>established companies will be under pressure to crowdsource their customer service if it can cut costs and increase consumer confidence
>smart contracts will require access to a great deal of "subjective" or private information
If Kleros makes the right connections, it will have the first mover advantage and network effects will take out most of the competition, which could allow it to monopolize most of this rapidly growing sector.

>> No.28830437

That's with the current mcap too. Given that the bullrun isn't over I expect that the mcap of the top 100 increases exponentially. It used to be 100mm or something before august and now it is 400mm. I wouldn't be surprised if the top 100 ends up to be 1B for the 100th spot.

>> No.28830875

This bullrun won't last nearly as long as people think it will. Elon pulled some magic the other day but when robinhood retailers are up 10-20x on DOGE and other shitcoins it just can't last. $1.5t is absolutely mindboggling. If crypto was a company it would be the second or third most valuable in the world.

I expect a major correction, some government intervention, another tether fiasco, and the dollar going down. Even still, as the only coin which actually does something at the moment, Kleros is extremely underrated compared to the rest of the market, so I'm not selling and will buy more after a market-wide capitulation. The people saying crypto will go up exponentially forever are zoomers. Almost all those top 100 shitcoins with no usecase, no value proposition, and billions of dollars of valuation, will go to 0.

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You sound like a smart guy anon. But the bull market only really started in December-January, what makes you think it will end so soon? You say to wait a year and buy PNK at 4 cents, but its 8 cents right now and the TA and the usd/eth chart is screaming buy now at the top of its lungs. Only reason I have been asking questions itt instead of buying more is precisely because it is weird as fuck for a supposedly "legit" project to perform so poorly during alt season. Every shitcoin pumping and making new highs every day are you really waiting 1 year to buy more pnk? Genuinely curious, trust me I wish the music stopped tomorrow and bobo raped the market and every normie, unfortunately I think this madness will continue for months Id like to hear more from your perspective.

>> No.28830880

Ok faggots, you convinced me, i'm putting another 10k into this.

>> No.28831035

Can I store this on ledger or do I need metamask?

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It's ledger-compatible out of the box.

>> No.28831175

>Even still, as the only coin which actually does something at the moment, Kleros is extremely underrated compared to the rest of the market

Come on now anon this is the shill bullshit Im talking about and we are trying to avoid. Theres so many shill threads about everything why do you have to ruin a discussion by making such an absurd statement like "only kleros does something sirs!".

Like I said many times the TA is begging me to buy, but the fact its shitting the bed during alt season is what keeps me from pressing the trigger. And no I dont think "its because only us realize its value and the rest of the market is wrong" is a good answer

>> No.28831564

The project itself looks legit, it was the low activity from the team what looked like bullshit to me, but since a non melanine rich anon gave me some links, and since the other fags speculations had sense to me, i'm willing to put another 10k, now i've 201k PNK.
Good nights, faggots.

>> No.28831965

>low activity from the team
you should check github more and twitter less. Proof of Humanity has gone from a couple tg chats with Vitalik to a fully functioning product in under 6 months. Marketing in this space is just pumping, and there's always a dump which comes after.

>absurd statement like "only kleros does something sirs!"
As tempted as I am to give a ">he doesn't know" type response, Kleros is the only coin besides ETH which has a role and fulfills it. You can't replace it with another token, except perhaps ETH itself. And the fact Kleros pays rewards in ETH renders that redundant anyway. Functioning, the token is needed, fills a role which is needed to progress in the crypto space, and most importantly, provides real value, which is why you can be rewarded in real money, aka another token. There are no other alts which do this. Not even Chainlink. It is not hyperbole or shilling to say this.

>> No.28832388

Based. I've been eyeing PNK for a long time and this price range got me to get 100k today. It reminds me of early LINK so much. Which I missed out on because I thought that I was smarter than biz.

>> No.28832483

How does $200 sound?

>> No.28832602

The mcap of Google is currently 1.14T. A billion in speculation is nothing.
>dollar goes down = crypto down!

>> No.28832725

i dumped almost a 100k because its been such an opportunity loss ive already made 3x probably missed out on literally six figures because of this trash muh thomson reuters incubator ill try and buy back before it moons i guess but if not whatever

>> No.28832964

Thanks for the well-written input, anons

Hope this comes true. I remember when I thought LINK was a delusional man’s hold at .17cents.

>> No.28833342

$200 for 25k or $200 per PNK?


>> No.28833604

>ADA is a shitcoin, Kleros is not
LOL. Cardano has a massive team of some of the best minds in the industry carefully building a project for the future while Kleros is a couple feminist hippies farting in the wind. This whole thread reeks of cope.

>> No.28833695

Do you really think that crypto in it's current state is worth 30% more than Google, a real company which controls most of the internet, a huge percentage of the smartphone and digital tv market, an enormous amount of extremely profitable side projects, and a complete monopoly on advertising over the entire world, which creates real returns for its investors?

>dollar goes down = crypto down!
Crypto is in a bubble and has risen much, much, much faster than the dollar has gone down. Remember that the dollar was lower when BTC was at $14 than it is now at $50k, and 40% of all dollars have been printed since 2009 while BTC has gone 1000000x in the same time period. This is a bubble. It might stay the same at nominal prices, but in real terms it has to go down. Nothing can go exponential forever.
I imagine he coming crash will be like the 70s. The stock market only went down 40% in nominal terms, but in real terms it lost 90% of its value.

Charles Hoskinson is a scammer and your name is Victor, not Victoria.

>> No.28833894

>dollar going down
That would make crypto go up dumb-dumb, like what has been happening the last 6 months. Check btc vs dxy.

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>all the other coins building things like l2 solutions, cross chain interoperability, smart contract based loans etc are fake

Come on now anon you sound like a GME cultist. That said I'll probably add more to my kleros stack in a few hours when gas prices go down because despite everything Im a sucker for when I get multiple buy signals on longer time frames on something that isnt a meme shitcoin and has crashed a lot while other shitcoins have mooned.
> dollars have been printed since 2009 while BTC has gone 1000000x in the same time period. This is a bubble

Yes but we live in clownworld anon. Sadly this bullrun might keep on going for another 6 months or more, it just means bobo will have a great laugh at the end but we all know in 5 years almost everything that's legit will still be much higher than it is today.

>> No.28834127

$200 for your $25k
>Hoskinson is a scammer
And why is that?

>> No.28834646

>everything will go up forever so long as the dollar goes down
stagflation is a real term and a real phenomenon. There is no infinite amount of demand just because the supply is increasing.

>there is no alternative
>new paradigm
All these terms are interchangeable and this time isn't any different. I'm bullish on crypto, especially kleros, but a bear market is coming and will wipe away the overleveraged defi people, the robinhooders, the uniswap daytraders, etc. The entire market is leveraged. From boomers mortgaging their houses to buy BTC, to Microstrategy and other companies taking out loans to buy BTC, to actual american cities like miami taking on public debt to buy BTC - and nobody is selling. Why? Because they can convert it to wBTC, put it on aave as collateral for USDC, and withdraw that to avoid taxes, creating their own leverage. Their will be massive liquidations and it will be much worse than even bobo expects.

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Just increased my stack to 100k sirs

>> No.28835195

The dollar is going down because we're creating massive amounts of them amd demand for them is falling. Where are those dollars going to go? Same place they've been going the last 12 years: crypto, equities and real estate.

>> No.28835313

keep reddit memes on reddit

>> No.28835597

>Their will be massive liquidations and it will be much worse than even bobo expects

Stop anon Im already rock hard. The only thing that could possibly be hotter and make me blow a massive load would be Craig proving he's satoshi and destroying BTC. But like I said its clownworld and this run could keep going for months while perma bears sit on the sidelines expecting rationality while robinhood zoomies make bank by buying doge coin because Elo tweeted about it. Your mindset is what prevented me from re-entering btc at 18k and ETH at $300 look where that got me.

>> No.28835621

I've been wondering this too. It's price-action seemed normal for a low-cap alt during late 2020 and the very beginning of 2021. It had a blow-off top at 2021 and spend last fall in a despair phase, not unlike what LINK did. When BTC hit 42k, PNK had gotten back up to 16 cents or more. Not bad at all. But then when BTC corrected and then alt season happened, literally everything flew to the moon... except PNK which just kept slowly dumping more and more. There's no fucking way it's natural. In an alt season like that, even completely useless dead shitcoins get pumps.

There's no logical way anyone can explain why ETHEREUM CLASSIC pumped but Kleros did not.

jury duty is indeed getting cucked by fees, but that's no different than every other DeFi project out there. Uniswap is cucked by fees and it still went up like 5x in a month

>> No.28835784


praying it happens.

>> No.28835838

Since 1931 the world has operated under the assumption that if you increase the money supply, you cannot have a recession. This is the core of Keynesianism. The government creates the supply of dollars, and the public creates the demand for dollars by selling things to the government, in the forms of stimulus, infrastructure, bonds, MBSs, etc. This is wrong. It was proven to be wrong in the 1970s and yet nothing changed about Western policy. You can print as many dollars as you'd like and still experience recession.

The assumption that the entire market is working off is that interest rates will never rise again and the dollar will go to 0. It will be worthless. And because it is worthless, the only things you should buy are assets, which will stay the same in real terms but moon in nominal terms. This is why BTC is 50k and Tesla is $4k pre-split, and as you say, housing is mooning even though nobody can rent their investment properties and nobody would have a job if it wasn't for government giving free money to employers to keep people employed.

The market assumption is that this state of affairs will continue, and that the government will simply print so much money that main street inflation will kick in, and after about a year or two when milk and bread costs $50 each, these valuations will make sense. The only problem is this isn't true. Inflation is ticking up in some parts of the economy, but not consumer prices, because inflation is not simply the M1 that the fed released, but the M1 x circulation, which is massively down. Dollars are the same they were two years ago, but BTC is up 20x in the same time period. Now, long-term, they might be right. BTC will eventually be worth $50k. The dollar will eventually be far lower. But it isn't now, and if you're agreeing with Michael Saylor, Robinhood, CNBC, and the average drooling idiot on Twitter, you might just be wrong about your investment strategy.

Increasing supply can't create increasing demand.

>> No.28836069

Lern 2 spel

>> No.28837543

I'm encouraged by your posts thinking kleros will make me a millionaire in just a few years yet discouraged because of how worthless a million may be by then

>> No.28837593

I mentioned one single company out of all the companies that deal with the centralized internet that we currently use today. The option that is crypto is a second layer to the now internet that is capable of incentivizing users to make money by themselves without having to rely on a middle man and is arguably more valuable than what we have now. So yeah I think that it is fair to say that crypto is legit when it is worth more than all of these individual industries that it is attacking at once because it is threatening so many plus creating new use cases that were not possible before. Cope no coiner.

>> No.28838668

>cope no coiner
I own much more kleros than your little 100k stack, newfriend. I'm not selling, but they will go down.
What you say about crypto adoption might one day be true. But that's not the state of crypto now. Crypto provides very little real value and yet is already priced for BTC flipping gold in a year, and altcoins flipping stock indices. It is *extremely* overvalued right now. Mindbogglingly so. I like to compare crypto to mining companies. Chainlink is "worth" $40b USD fully diluted. An equivalent gold mining company produces over 5 million ounces of gold PER YEAR. One of these prices is clearly wrong. Either Chainlink is overvalued, or gold is undervalued.
You can compare DOGE, ADA, XRP, DOT, even BTC and ETH to real companies, real products, and most importantly, real dividends, and on every metric, crypto is extremely overpriced. "Clown market" and "it's not BTC going up it's the dollar going down" don't add up in comparative valuations. Crypto is extremely overvalued compared to anything else with a price tag.

The fact you can say crypto is fairly valued when admitting it's valued 30% higher than a company which owns 60% of the world's ad revenue, 50% of the smartphone market, Google Maps, Google the engine, Chrome, etc etc etc. should be a good indicator to you that you are buying into the bubble mindset. Google's revenue last year was 200 billion dollars. This justifies a valuation of "only" 1.3t. In comparison, crypto has generated *maybe* a couple million dollars of real, tangible value in the past year, and it valued at $1.6t. If you compared it to google, crypto should have generated at least 300 billion dollars in revenue. It hasn't even come remotely close.

Don't get emotional about investing. We're in a bubble. Now we take profit and look for other places to invest. There are always opportunities, but even if BTC goes to $100k, a 2x for incredible risk is simply not worth the return. I would look to buy back in around 2022.

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