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it's amazing how many people broke the number 1 rule of investing

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1. Don't invest unless you .. didn't hear it on Reddit?

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>photoshopped the same face onto two different bodies
>added a beard for the guy

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Couldn't we just larp like this and raise money too?

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>go fuck your self taken literally

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buy high, sell low?

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Need 2 make frens on /biz/ plz gib

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What are you talking about?
Rule #1 all-in and then some, buy high sell low.

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that physiognomy is incredible. look at his face. looks like he was conceived too close to a microwave. jesus christ

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Oh look another White couple with no children and a fucking dog

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the guy opened up a short which would have, at best, gotten him $8400, in exchange for assuming literally infinite risk. it's beyond retarded

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You'll find that many many couples look similar

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This. They get what they deserve.

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Odd isn't it. Now how do i find chicks with similar faces to mine?

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Trust me you don't want to find them

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kek based

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Why does every 20something white normalfaggot look exactly like this? With those goofy smiles and personalities revolving around “exploring” and their dog? I want to vomit when I meet faggots like this, Jesus Christ

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>Why does every 20something white normalfaggot look exactly like this? With those goofy smiles and personalities revolving around “exploring” and their dog? I want to vomit when I meet faggots like this, Jesus Christ

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they are NPCs

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imagine having a dog before kids lol
a dog is totally useless just like cats
have children fucking faggots

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Why does every 20something white normalfaggot look exactly like this? With those goofy smiles and personalities revolving around “exploring” and their dog? I want to vomit when I meet faggots like this, Jesus Christ

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You mean the rule to always buy kneepads?

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/pol/cel is crying. Go fuck your dog after you have an “adventure” to niggertopia or whatever “vacation” you’re taking this year.

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>/pol/cel is crying. Go fuck your dog after you have an “adventure” to niggertopia or whatever “vacation” you’re taking this year.

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When crypto crashed in March I borrowed as much as I could with my house as collateral, maxed out every credit card I had and put half into BTC at $4k and half into ETH at $100.

I paid the credit cards off 2 months later when ETH had doubled to $200, and just paid interest on the other loans. Cashed out half when BTC hit $40k and ETH hit $1.5k, and paid off the loans.

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>t. Dork who looks exactly like OPs picture

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Jesus Christ you're a faggot and a literal retard. Dogs have a literal purpose, you're supposed to give them a job. It's not the dog's fault you're a retarded faggot that can't take 2 secs to Google search various dog breed functions.

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Yet somehow....people will gofund him

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Why not? I used faceapp to see female version of me and i was kinda attracted kek

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pussy ass cracker

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yeah, never seen a hotter chick than me faceapped.

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If these retards figured out the price wasn't going to keep going up they could've shorted GME and most of their money back if not all of it and some more

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Only rich capitalist short

GME is about more than just money, GME is about sending a message

For all the recessions they caused. For all the jobs and homes people have lost. For all the people that can't pay for college because minimum wage has stagnated while wall street gets rich. For all the retail traders they left holding the bag. For all the times they got bailed out with our tax money while we got nothing.

GME isn't about greed. It's about taking back what's ours, what we've already paid for.

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I recognize this phenotype...

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>Implying we aren't
These were probably made by anons.

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too bad the retards trying to send a messaged also fucked themselves more into poverty lmao. Like this couple or that college kid who lost his tuition money in GME

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>Here's your free money, sir.
Nice message lmao.

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/pol/cel is crying. Go fuck your dog after you have an “adventure” to niggertopia or whatever “vacation” you’re taking this year.

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>I will never get to fuck my female self
Sad, many such cases.

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My wife and I got a dog before she got preg. We were trying from day 1 though. Finally got preg at 6 months, a son even, now I have a dog and baby son, breddy gud.

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Fuck yea I’m donating

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Makes me physically angry at this shit. Do I go make a fucking gofundme when I'm out 5g when my call options expire worthless? No, I make it back because I'm not a fucking piker and a pussy. Fucking onionss get the fuck out of the market, they became what they sought to destroy, greed.

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Giving all my money to chinks to make a female clone of myself seems like a good idea right now.
Damn you anon

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The fact they're taking "family" photos with it like it's a kid is what gets me. I have a cat and he's cool as shit but he's still a fucking cat, not my son.

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Let's help our fallen diamond hands!

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I made a female version of myself in Virt-a-mate but it was only as good as my sliderfu, so so-so.

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Based and redpilled. Just be careful of the dog in case it gets jealous of the baby.

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You’re so cringe

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pupperinos and cats > filthy disgusting babies. Why yes, I'm already snipped

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>Two ghouls and a dog
What a happy family

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Unironically post a pic. This thread has some amazing potential.

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you should be glad these retards arent reproducing. Thats what we call "natural selection"

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If your Jewdar isn't going off you need to learn about Ashkenazis.

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Should have bought chickens
The Jew fears the indoor chicken farmer

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and some retards fuck prostitutes bareback and don't get anything, doesn't make them any less of a retard

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They're going to turn it into a bed and breakfast business and go further under.

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Mad man

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These people think they always “deserve” another chance, sometimes there is no second shot and your stupid mistake has fucked you for life.

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God it makes me angry as a gambler. They should just kill themselves like that faggot on Robinhood who got assigned on those credit spreads and thought he lost a few hundred thousand.

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How do you make the room not smell like chicken shit?

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>and some retards fuck prostitutes bareback and don't get anything
No they got aids

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They should have opened up an only fans account.

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East Euro? Nah the colors are off. Gotta be balkans.

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>never won any wars
>can't even into stocks
Why do Failtalia even exist?

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even the FUCKING DOG tired of this shit.

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I want to pixar my face, but I'm terrified it will be ugly

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Scathing indictment, you got me though.
Yes, I own Chainlink.

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You don't

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>bet it all on red
>but it was black
>learned my lesson real good
>plz help
>if I win next time I'll give you half

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based nicoposter

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Best of luck, anon. YGMI

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Gentlemen, please take a moment to ponder the aroma.

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Thank fucking god this is pasta

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This garbage seems so fake. Both the photos and the fake stories.

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>how do you make the room not smell like chickens?
Why would you even try?

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You can't buy crypto with credit cards.

>> No.28824437

only in burgerkike shitholeville

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Speak for yourself seriously, no one cares.

>> No.28824466

You absolutely can.

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Don't do it anon, it's creep as fuck

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>did put my 80k life savings on GME back when it was 17 a pop
>sold at 390 because the pump was too sudden
>bought GRT and ADA with the profits when they were 80% lower than current prices
>my fucking face during the entire market

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Would those niggas even let you sleep? Better start a dairy farm in your room, cows are pretty quiet

>> No.28825044

dog to protect the property
and then dog to protect your baby

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Its a shame gme retards didn't realize while they were fighting against a single literal who hedge fund that jp morgan and blackrock among others were balls deep in gme positions. Reddit thanks for helping the richer get richer lmfao

>> No.28825206

and then dog to fuck your gf after the breakup

>> No.28825251

Lol what did he short?

>> No.28825307

dog to bite your baby's head more like

>> No.28825341

holy fuck McLovin aged like shit

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I hope this is bait. Otherwise you put your money down on something dumb. Far better ways to send a message. If all you can muster up is tossing money and feeling lile you did something, well you certainly aren't going to stop the hedgefunds as they have significantly more money than you and can bend the rules in their favor.

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>Based and redpilled. Just be careful of the dog in case it gets jealous of the baby.
We got a golden specifically with that in mind. I doubt she will, she is a very non jealous dog.

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Rita was so fucking based. And now we know the showrunners were just trying to warn us about China in an elaborate allegory. GOAT

>> No.28825603

yeah when GME was at ~60 and NPR was running stories about how it's "Kind of a David-and-Goliath story, financial populism, etc", all those other pieinthesky """revolutionary""" terms, I knew something was up. Heard that on the radio on the way home and it set me off, honestly what I did was ragedrinking myself blind.

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you come to relish it

>> No.28825870

>GME is about more than just money, GME is about sending a message
Yeah and you could have sent that message by selling at the top and then doing it again until you have enough money to join their exclusive club and burning it down from the inside you fucking retard... but instead you decided to hold and stay poor because you're too fucking dense to understand that wars aren't won in a single fucking battle.

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Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

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I don't get it, like half of all people cant afford a house so why do they deserve a gofundme?

>> No.28826247

because they're white.

>> No.28826458

yes the self congratulatory david vs goliath narrative that got shilled every made me rage drink too. Such a transparently self serving narrative cooked up by whales to get retards to buy and hold at any price. Kind of a stroke of genius, but still rageworthy how easy the masses fell for it.

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Imagine that The Revolution is here, and The Revolution is CAPITAL SPECULATION.

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It's no longer about making it
It's no longer about fucking over the hedgies and elites
It's no longer about "sending a message"

It's now about BTFO Redditors who sunk their savings and college loans into it

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What's hilarious too is all the women acknowledge their obvious matriarchal urges
>omg he's my son
>he's my mom's grand-dog LOL
the "men" just go along with it because it gives them more money to buy funko pops and onlyfans breadcrumbs and dopamine hits for their brain parasite called pornography addiction.

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go back to india

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You WILL make it. You have freed yourself from their clutches. I am glad to have witnessed you finally doing it.

How does it feel?

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So we're supposed to give you money because you're an irresponsible retard?
Fuck off faggot

>> No.28828246

imagine marrying faceswap

>> No.28828305

People need to be publicly shamed for shit like this.

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>Gender: F
>Age 35
>Dog: Yes
>Peanut Butter: Well stocked
>Kids: Someday

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fuck them

>> No.28828473

How much. 9m?

>> No.28828490

Okay, this is epic

>> No.28828658

why don't they all just take out loans to go fund each other

>> No.28828676

This is the perfect example of why there needs to be a purge; here is s family they invested in GameStop in ducking 2021....now they are asking for a handout...I ask you, would they be donating money to you if they made it? Certainly not.

>> No.28828727

okay, ur a faggot

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11mil currently. Rest is on my portfolio of GRT, NU, and XRP

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fuck you that pic always makes die laughing im bleeding now

>> No.28829239

Dont eat out of the same dish after an animal.
Or did you mean: get a whiff in the morning the braps have some spice

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>the "men" just go along with it because it gives them more money to buy funko pops and onlyfans breadcrumbs and dopamine hits for their brain parasite called pornography addiction.

>> No.28830556

this is class warfare

>> No.28830715

and then dog to eat your baby after you didnt expect the baby to look like that

>> No.28832056

obvious larp. moving ~2 million USD from stock exchange to crypto while also pulling enough into your bank account for the taxes you would owe on it would be a long drawn out process. also after keeping enough to pay taxes you wouldn't be able to reach 11 million usd on a 5x

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>the jews fear the indoor chicken farmer

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good luck explaining all of thag to the irs
you can. you're using the wrong exchanges

>> No.28832835

Get the rope nigger

>> No.28833096

where the fuck do you people find that kind of info??

>> No.28833638

>have kids
Fuck off faggot I'm going to make it and then die from a coke overdose in my Bentley

>> No.28833679

That's reddit as fuck.

>> No.28833831

Enjoy watching your children suffer through the future

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