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You know what this thread is.

Do not link to s m g proper.

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I got a job working with supercomputers at a research facility.
How do I turn what I might learn into making it in the market?

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smg was literally 8 hours of straight China shilling today.

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>like Texas, even futures have frozen
Is this maximum comfy?

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Only hear to post my Slippi connect Code. Will check in every 5 min to see if there are any challengers. Post ConnectCodes for response.

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>predict weather half a year from now
>buy or short basedbean futures accordingly

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They're going all out it's weird as fuck

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I think it's the classic "I bought a stock and now I must shill it no matter what" brainlet tier behaviour.

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China/Taiwan slap fighting. Natural consequence of YINN vs SOXL.

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I made the Taiwan thread in hopes of fending the chink shills off, but it seems it's just a dedicated autist.

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He's clearly a troll.

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At around 11:00 euro time, there were like 3-5 simultaneous chinkshills. Now it's just one guy, and 160 ticker spammers. Absolutely uncomfy.

Is CRBP shill here? Did you have a chance to talk to your pharma friend? I'm starting to believe lenabasum will actually work.

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Oh and that one other guy constantly spamming the 2% stop loss meme. Pretty annoying.

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I can't possibly fathom why someone would willingly expose himself to overnight risk.
Did you know that a stock doesn't necessarily have to open where it closed on the day before? :^)
Stop losses don't work in AH/PM. :^)
:^) :^) :^)

How can you not fucking love this guy? :^)

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Nice, I was hoping for this
He must be afk or maybe I lost track dunno

I think I'm going to open a new account just for SOXL, to be ready for next week

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Okay you guys. This thread is gonna get pruned unless one of you helps me git gud at
>connect code: HIGH#533

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People got thoughts on ghvi?