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Why don't women own any bitcoin?

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natural risk avoidance

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women are extremely material their brains probably can't even grasp the concept of bitcoin

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Because all the men are keeping them out through eeh...I mean they are held back by ....eh.....it's just....too complicated...yes thats it

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we do but we don't talk to you

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they dont have the balls

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Too busy thinking about emotions and black people, I gusss

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i read somewhere that more and more women invest in crypto

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Because of incels

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because they know when the time comes all they have to do is show you some titties and you'll give them everything you have

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yeah it went from 1 woman to 10 trans women

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what does this mean

yes some of my riskier friends (day traders) have moved half their portfolio to crypto, we also do options a lot though

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hard to decrease from zero

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I think bitcoin is absolutely useless and dosent deserve its value, so i just transfer free coins or whatever i win into bitcoin, but make my financial investments in other coins like BNT n ATOM

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Because they know you'll buy it to attract them

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That's a man

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Apparently you don't because the media won't stop whining about how evil men control crypto

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when women start holding bitcoin, sell.

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It took TWO YEARS to get my girlfriend to buy a lil sum

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What concept? A ledger? That's the end concept isn't it? Wallet A contains this many BTC and Wallet B contains that many BTC. The blockchain is just a way to confirm the validity of the ledger.

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I still kek every time I see that picture of the woman who leaves her bf because he was 'wasting time' on bitcoin and then messages him after it goes up to like 1000 a coin.

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tried to get my girlfriend into crypto and got her to put 2k into parsiq. She doubled her money and tried to swing trade when I begged her not to and then she got priced out and afterward got so emotional and frustrated about it she refused to buy crypto again despite making 2k by sitting on her ass and doing nothing for a month.

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That's a man

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White Supremacist Patriarchy is clearly keeping women and People of Color out of cryptocurrency.

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It's why they pay less for car insurance.

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Cause they're too stupid. I've been telling my gf to buy for a few years now. Already told her I won't marry a nocoiner but I believe she thinks I'm joking..

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>I was my gf who told me about btc in 2017
> Got all in
> 2018 70% Correction. she sold never bought back
i guess that was it lol

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someone post it

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I heard that on every woman there is one man forcing them not to buy it. We need to do something about this patriarchal society anons.

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Found a wahmen

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Camgirls have been in crypto for years. I remember lots of them accepting BTC, LTC and Doge back in 2014 lol.

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I was mining bitcoin in 2012 lmao but ok

I'm just dumping everything into polkadot now, next logical leap in network theory

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>Implying I understand any of the shitcoins I buy.

I just like to click buttons and see my satoshis go up.

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That's a proof they are not women. An AI bots to suck incels money.

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Because they own something infinitly more valuable that men pay them for in all forms of currency; pussycoin

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Women only conform to what's popular. They can't fathom to push the boundaries of what's possible.

BTC/Crypto was created by men and is currently being fought to be adopted by the hands of man. This is a war and who fights wars? Men.

Women are inconsequential in all of this.

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Because they are risk averse. Also they don't care about making money, they only care about spending it on things to attract chad. For a women to make it doesn't mean to make a shitton of money. It means looking hot enough to attract a rich guy.

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why would they? all they have to do is let men kill themselves for bitcoins then they can pick the man they want (in the pool they belong to)

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this x1000
also, they have cucks who have crypto and will get rich

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This. Women will buy crypto when it becomes completely mainstream and there's no more debate about its legitimacy. That's your final sell signal.

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What are you talking about

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I'm talking about the root function of BTC and what it actually accomplishes. It's a technology which allows you to track/confirm the value of any given wallet in a decentralized way. The end result is always just the confirmation that the amounts in the wallets are accurate. That's what the blockchain accomplishes.

What is your view?

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You're either a tranny or a larper.

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post tits or u man

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dump her

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I'm a woman and I own 700 Bitcoin.

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Women are stupid, that's why.

Stupid women, why won't they break into my NEET cave and have sex with me, it's so unfair.

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unironically? Women rarely have any passion or interest in actual important stuff. That's why every hobby requiring intelect is dominated by men.

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Two words that prove you wrong: Lyn Alden.

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yeah but you just know the first thing they do is convert to fiat and never invest. Of course they'll accept it as payment, women will estimate the value of anything in terms of whether they can accept it as payment. Jewellery, precious metals, fiat, cars, houses...

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ywnbaw. Also, you don't own 700 BTC.

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>that thousand cock stare

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Risk averse, that's why when they jump onto a trend, you know it's over. The value has already been acquired

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>18 y/o female
>tfw 10 figure hell

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Yep, this. And I have already seen articles tackling this very question. When some "crypto governance association" or "blockchain future alliance" is formed it will signal the. beginning of the end
>projects will be required to join in order to be traded
>must pay a percentage of coins toward
>committees formed of middle aged nocoiners with connections to establishment
>tackling the "real issues affecting cryptosphere"

Pic related is example of how this works

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This. And they aren’t programmed to be providers/ accumulate resources. They are programmed to consoom and be (attention) whores.

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but a lot of women are into books and literature, probably more than men in percentage

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>why won't they break into my NEET cave and have sex with me
I would anon but I'm booked up until at least 2027. Apply later kthnx

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And gay people.

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It means you're a tranny. Post tits with timestamp or GTFO

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esadmf and yes I do.

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Sure some, but most only care about travelling, partying and shit. Man on the other side almost always have different interests. Some are into vidya, or lifting, or crypto, basically everything. Women are NPCs.

Tits or gtfo

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Guys hear me out
>Wearable bitcoin
this is the only way to female adoption

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Have you seen what sorts of books they read though? It's all trash like Harry Potter and Twilight. Find me a woman who's read War and Peace or Brothers Karamzov.

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It’s usually 100 IQ tier fiction. Women don’t read books about physics, philosophy, math and computer science.

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fucking nora roberts bullshit

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>>mined BTC in 2012
What did you use to mine?

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Most of women larp as avid readers, because they think it increases their value in the sexual market. Most of 'reader' woman i talked to think that LOTR is a shit book, instead they like Harry Potter.

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All of those books are garbage. There was a reason why Hitler had them burned.

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You're forgetting something important. When they tried this shit with video games instead of getting what they wanted they got BTFO by populism for half a decade. They're eternally obsessed with this fact about GG regardless of whether or not we even care.

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>t.91 IQ unironic skinhead

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Smart ones do actually.
But cum dumpsters like your pic probably dont

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they dont need to
no matter what age they can always sell their bobs and vagene for a good amount of (current_top_currency)

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Cute chick at work was reading a book,

I wonder how feminine her dick is

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based and tomassi-pilled

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my sister has 500k hex i gave to her from back when 500k hex was $250

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Yeah but often that literature is either trash or very basic shit. Few chicks have good taste for books and go out of their comfort zone. Same with music, if not worse. Only those with a music background really know their shit, the rest is usually the same trite sounds.
Dated a cam girl in 2017-2018. She was pretty good at investing and gave crazy head. Still more risk-adverse than your everyday cryptotard

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For the most part they read sub 100 IQ tier fiction. Which isn’t much more intellectually challenging than watching Netflix.
You never see women reading/ studying history, philosophy, math, physics or computer science in their free time.
And there’s nothing wrong with that. Women didn’t evolve to be great thinkers. They not supposed to have deep, meaningful interests/ hobbies. Women evolved to be good at attracting men (i.e. (attention) whores) and taking care of children.

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Books and lit allows them to live porch and housecat fantasies

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too complicated and not mainstream enough

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Implying there are women on 4chan

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>natural risk avoidance
Yet they fuck niggers

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Women dont take risks, plus couldn't be bothered to even go out there way understand it, keep in mind the average women just puts all there effort in finding a rich/well off husband to live off of anyways. Its a pretty solid strategy.

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This. Also they get to leech off the men who take risks and become successful. And they can always cut ties with men who take risks and fail. All the benefits, none of the risk.

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But they never definitively slew the beast. I bet it'll be back soon enough

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It's trendy to date niggers. They only hear about the risk from racists, until they themselves become another statistic to be laughed at

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I'm a woman. I have bitcoin and ethereum and a dozen shitcoins that are booming.
My mom has bitcoin too.
Yes, I have autism. Yes, I convinced her to put some small part of her money into Bitcoin last year to get rid of some debt. Yes, I'm making sure she doesn't sell yet. Yes, I made sure she only cashed out the initial.

>tits or gtfo
wanna see my dick instead?

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>we do but we don't talk to you

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holy fuck, female readers are absolute suck and suck. Man you should read goodread reviews on any book made before the 50's.

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How long before she falls from grace nad has to do onlyfans? Those titties should not go to waste before she hits the wall.

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You will never be a woman.

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Do you actually have real autism?

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More risk averse on average. Also if someone claims to be a woman on here they're immediately hit with assumptions of being transgender (though they are also real women).

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>no no no no no no nooooo no nonon

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Same reason why women don't have as much muscle as men. They don't need it.

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hearty kek

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men are supposed to be the ones who take risks, face dangers, and fail and fall and die. men are far more likely to take chances, and even lose their lives in dangerous situations. men are made to be less scared than women. that is why we find that men, in all human societies, die younger and die in stupid circumstances. we are replacable. we are worth less. we are evolution's test runs, and we gotta find some way to deal with those realities

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Time to read more Dostoevsky

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Because Onlyfans is the ‘Bitcoin’ for women

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Thats a man

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they'll just take it from the simps they marry after divorce court. No need to risk their own money.

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Diagnosed Aspergers as adult. I don't have Kanner autism which is a much severe type. To combine them all into one spectrum was a mistake.

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>naturally more risk averse
>stand to gain less by becoming rich
Evolutionarily, a man who took a major risk, and succeeded theoretically could've have hundreds of offspring. Conversely, a woman in the same situation could have dozens max. Not to mention women are more attracted to status and money than men are aka men stand to gain more by taking risks and becoming rich.

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hard truth but unironically this. we need something to be left for our kids basically, in the case that we get rekt doing something risky or dangerous

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It’s another thread where a man asks a question about women only to be bombarded by answers from other men ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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jesus fuck

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I actually know a prostitute that has sex for Ethereum. Not all women are stupid. She made bank in 2020 if she didn't sell which I assume she did not considering she accepts fucking ethereum for sex.

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pussycoin has infinite supply and each user can only hold one. not worth investing in.

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guarantee she market sells and buys drugs with it

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kek most of you will never even have a chance at kids

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Implying that's a bad thing?

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because women dont go on biz

>> No.28802087

women drive like dumb cunts in my experience
>gf earlier today tailgating some guy on the highway who was carrying pipe in the bed of his truck
if a deer or something hopped out in front of him vid related would have been my fate

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>Why don't women own any bitcoin?
Because they have cunts
They can get as many bitcoins as they want with one of those

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trannies need not apply

>> No.28802338

If that was the case I think she would have accepted BTC or XMR instead.

>> No.28802436

Sends bobs

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>implying a drug addicted prostitute thinks rationally about her financial decisions

>> No.28802499

final destination 2 has made me so fuckign scared to drive behind timber trucks and shit like that, i always try to pass them if possible

>> No.28802501

I only own legitimate web 3.0 tokens with good, western teams that are PoS (not eth) and random airdrops

>> No.28802688

this kind of argument never worked ever. Thinking most people don't have trogodlyte-tier levels of self-awarness is a sign of social illiteracy.

>> No.28802713

>implying you a complete stranger know her better than me

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>mom has like 600k in life savings
>dad takes a bunch of it during the divorce, first time i hear about a man getting money from a woman, but he's a faggot so whatever
>mom is left with 400k, no job, half blind
>bank is stealing her money
>tell her to buy bitcoin, didn't listen to me when they were 400, in 2018 she had to capitulate and admit she was fucking wrong and should have listened to me
>buys a bunch of bitcoin
>kind of expensive but whatever, we manage to get 52 BTC and some nonshit alts
>studies economics and finance the next years, falls in love with the technology behind crypto and what it represents
>fast forward to now
>you can do the math
>dad won't see a cent, bank got owned because all of our money is in btc, the rest of the family is estranged, the mills are ours and ours alone
>she had given me a couple BTC as payment
>she wants to give me more because she's grateful and loves me
>she respects my work, i respect her trust in me and the chance she gave me
>tendies galore whenever i go visit her
>i love my mom

Literally the only woman who deserves to be in crypto, and i'm glad she's in.
I have to admit, the good boy points meme kind of gave me the idea. I did not want to work ever, so i made my mom a millionaire. Who can argue with that? I could have made more but this is already good. Being more greedy than this is for jews.

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Yes, I'm pretty certain of that, considering that you think it's possible for a whore in a western nation to be smart.

>> No.28803121

post pics of your mom

>> No.28803189

kys retard

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you sure showed him, anon

i'm sure your std ridden whore friend is smarter than all of us

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kys retard

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here, just because you made me reply

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I don't know any other women around me who have any crypto even though most of them have at least heard of BTC. Even the men around me are avoiding crypto or just now considering investing in BTC\ETH solely because their cocaine snorting broker friends have finally convinced them its legit. I understand pretty much nothing about crypto but enjoy throwing my money at it since it's been successful thus far and I'm bad at any other form of gambling. It's paid for all of my new baking supplies so far this year. If GRT reaches $3 I'm buying an artisan kitchen aid stand mixer

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Fuck off coalburner

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kys retard

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Wholesome as fuck. Wish I had a good relationship with my mom. She was abusive and I haven't spoken to her in 2 years.

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women arent as industrious or have the foresight as men

i still remember back in 2018, i was hanging out in a discord server and overheard a egirl trash talking her boyfriend for "wasting" his money on internet fake money "bitcoin", and wouldnt shut up about it, few years later they broke up and her now ex boyfriend made a fortune

thats when i realized you should never take any kinda advice or criticism from females

>> No.28804091

Women have low risk tolerance and crypto is the riskiest ponzi scheme on the planet

>> No.28804446

post it faggot

>> No.28804524

kek, had to save

>> No.28804805

They do, my ex had 15k link, probably no idea how to sell kek

>> No.28804889

Men will only compromise so far. Asking overweight virgin neckbeards to abandon world of warcraft was one step too far.

>> No.28804893

Good mom. I wish my parents listened to me I told them so many times to buy crypto last year in march but they didn't fucking listen to me.

>> No.28804900


once you become a top 25% adult man, you disregard anything they say whatsoever because it's all impractical nonsense

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wth is that teeth, is it coming out?

>> No.28804930

How did she get it in the first place? Did some simp give it to her?

>> No.28804937

>she had a fortune and i dont
>b-but she's probably too stupid to know how to sell it despite knowing how to buy it
your seething jealousy is showing.

>> No.28804939

They don't need to if men are buying it.

>> No.28805026

Proof retard

>> No.28805190

I shouldn't have clicked that.

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>> No.28805506

exactly i don't get why people debate the coins
i want a pretty icon, a good-looking graph and a low market cap and i'm sold

>> No.28805549

if this is true, I'm proud of you anon. Good mom too.

>> No.28805680

that's a nice story, happy for you anon

>> No.28805881

Women don’t care about getting rich. They want to be a “girl boss” and work a corporate white collar office job at a name-brand company. Something in mid-level management for low 6 figures so they can live in a 1 bedroom apartment in NY. It’s about achieving societal success and validation that their peers can recognize. Normie men are the same. True autists want success and riches in obscurity, which to women is completely pointless.

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I meant to say she “has.” I checked her wallet and she hasn’t moved any. I got her in in 2017 when it was considered a small stack kek
Anon, I...

>> No.28806017


Well Billie Eilish is a man

>> No.28806039

Unaware of the risks. The same reason so many dumb women travelled the Islamic world solo.

>> No.28806146

Fuck you, that is the most hideous thing I've ever seen on 4chan.

>> No.28806151

Steal the whole stack and replace it with some shitty cheap pajeet copy of link, she will never notice the difference.

>> No.28806156


>> No.28806223

I have four
Man up faggot. Find whamen to impregnate.

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I do. Not as much as I’d like though, most of my money is in alts

>> No.28806380

Post pebis

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File: 2.41 MB, 4032x3024, CCAFD9B2-67E2-4CD3-B4A8-FB46D317ABC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t need to as I have more than her. She deserves it desu she was a good little cumguzzler

>> No.28806447

I mean they’ve started to buy it via Robin Hood because the app runs in their brain (their phone)

But they will never OWN it

>> No.28806467

That's a man

>> No.28806471

They don't need to. They own you.

>> No.28806548


I guess I'm an autist, I just wanna drive my honda accord during the weekdays to go nowhere, as I no longer need to wage.

>> No.28806859

We said “women” anon, not “moms”

Your mom isn’t a “woman” she’s your mom. And if you’ll haven’t figured it out yet she’s the only woman on this earth who’ll actually love you unconditionally and won’t fuck you over someday for a petty gain.

>> No.28807146

Imagine being so bitter at women that you doom yourself to a life of loneliness and end your own bloodline.

>> No.28807332

MKUltra singing tranny oooohhhhhh iii think iiimmmm gunnnnaaaaaaaa brraaaiiinwasshhhh

>> No.28807344

Heather O'Rourke died after being brutally sodomized by Steven Spielberg.

>> No.28807372

>She deserver 450k because she drank my cum.
You're the reason behind the fall of the west.

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This is true actually

>> No.28807566

Anon you sound jealous that you didn’t get to drink my cum, I’m sorry for you.

>> No.28807611

They don't need it, they get shit for free