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No LTO AMA thread?

> Hi Rick, Now Signrequest is acquired by BOX which is huge for them. Will this also be huge for LTO ? Are there any certainties in this case ?
>This story hasn't ended with the acquisition by Box. Just the start.

>What is the goal for 2021 in terms of tx on the network?
>We are aiming to keep on the pase we are growing with the last year. So that's 25-30% MoM.

>Do you have any plans to integrate LTO with other blockchains?
>That’s definitely on the plate, we are working towards cross chain identities later in Q3. All most used fabrics will be integrated.

>Any scoops?
>We’re adding a new transaction type called “claims” to the public blockchain in Q2. This tx type is not in our roadmap, but there are several prospects that require this feature.

>What do you think is the biggest problem your project faces, that you still haven't got an answer for?
>Dealing with short term expectations versus long term decisions. Crypto stakeholders are incredibly closely involved and want to see results fast. This is a great thing as it pushes everything and everyone to move forward rapidly. However, it sometimes bites you in the ass. As some desicions just need more time and reflection.

>What’s to stop a company from simply copying the LTO system and making a centralized personal token with no fees?
>LTO Network enables decentralized collaboration in a trustless environment. This creates a level playing field for all participants and provides transparency for everyone involved.
> There are plenty of systems available for collaboration with centralized control. Copying LTO and turning it into a centralized application makes it lose most of its value.

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that ama was very bullish sirs..

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US exchanges when?

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This is the question I care about the most. Last time I checked the ama still remained unanswered.

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> favorite porn star?
Without a doubt. Brenna Sparks. I even made her into an LTO meme.


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he wont say but is hinting soon

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Best crypto just got better!

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lmao its real, Im out guys

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Nvm. He answered in pic related. Still non comital.

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I think we can still expand our current clients much more. We will see an new wave of tx incoming from new parties.

Signrequest is our entry to Box :-)

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exchanges are under NDA
not allowed to comment on it, obvious pump will ensue
he's a legal and tax Chad

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>Arnold mentioned earlier today that clients are more and more actively reaching out to LTO instead of you having to approach them. Can you share anything more about how many clients, what kind of industries etc. without breaking any confidentiality?


Upsales within our existing relations. "Land and expand strategy""

And new ones: Fashion, manufacturing, lending, real estate, payments....

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>What are your personal goals for this year and what goals have you set for LTO?

>Personal level --> be a top 100 project on CMC
>LTO --> Be the number 1 platform for business identities

So that's at least x4 at the current moment.

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Lto is just so comfy

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>Hi Rick, any hints on the prospects that made you develop a feature that is not even in the roadmap? Must be huge ...
>Well, yes actually :-)

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>In the future will it be easier for Americans to buy LTO?
>Definitely :-)

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>Hello. What network has the largest growth potential and why is it LTO?

>We dont focus on the 0.01% of this planet as our client and hodler base. We focus on the 99.99% that is still yet to join this space. They will use LTo without even knowing it.

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next infrastructure

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Just leased 1,400 to the /biz/ node, this is comfy af

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>Not a question but you should maybe explain how to buy LTO in the usa cheap.
>VPN client + binance

KEK he's shilling for VPN as well

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damn , is that even legal for him to advise?

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Legal? No
Based? Yes

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>How could LTO change the world in 5 years? What are the main goals for the next 5-10 years? What are your predictions for the price in this year, and the next 5 years?
>With our identity solution, we are going to enable lending from the crypto spave to the real world for all fabrics and exchanges around the globe. This wont even take us 5 years.

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through the decentralized IDs / verifiable credentials
KYC and AML (anti money laundering ) and GDPR compatible with LTOs one click solution
I've been trying to stir up some discussion about this but only price and riddler so far have been discussed mostly

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Jesus this is so fucking bullish. Short term? No. Long term? Yes.

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Youre gmi

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>What makes LTO different from networks such as ETH/ADA/DOT?

>What does LTO network have in plans to address the scalability concerns that we have seen in blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum?

We are currently mainly focused on anchoring for B2B clients and application. But as we have a land and expend strategy we are now selling those same clients that operate nodes our decentralized identities. This will open the doors for p2p lending from crypto people to the real world, onboard merchants on payment platforms and market places like Ebay. We have a very strong foot between the door in the big organisations .

While eth ada dot focus on ecosystem and becoming a platform that’s widely available for anyone to build dapp, that’s not the direction we are heading to. LTO will not face the same scalability challenge as btc or eth as our fundamentals and tech simply work differently.

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Leasing 15k LTO and not touching it in the next five years. GMI

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Some oc i made today

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Altstreetbets mod posted this, way more based than jannies here

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>Hi team! Very excited for the future of the LTO. This is something that has been discussed to a certain extent on r/LTOnetwork

>But I was wondering if you could give any insight into what effect higher pricing for LTO has for actual business users?

>Could the price soar to $1-$3 without affecting clients? Thanks!

Good question. Nodes are able to reduce their absolute payment in LTO. So when the price for clients become to high (client drop off due to price) nodes can lower the amount of LTo that needs to be paid for a tx.

It could go much higher than 3 USD with the solution described above.,

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I didn't think I could get comfier but Rick just tucked me the fuck in.

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This is my idea too, given rate of transaction increase what do you estimate you'll get in return in lto for 15k staked for 5 years?

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You dun good

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My GRT frees up in 9 days, worth selling that for LTO?

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>Dealing with short term expectations versus long term decisions.

is literally telling you its not a moon, price will stabalise

In his 2019 interview - @33.25 youtube.com/watch?v=NSb4eneG4q4 - he clearly says the .30c price point was too expensive for clients to buy in.

The tokens price is already higher than his wanted price, he knows speculative investors cause massive volatility that puts his clients off yet he's done a AMA to speculative investors during a bullrun?

Buy in May offseason and join the biz node for the APY. This is not a moon.

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This will be a stress free and comfy ride up, like the riddler said.

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Yet hes aiming for top 100 MC this year.

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Yes, grt already mooned, it's not going to go much higher, but LTO can moon any second now

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>Do you guys have any short or long term plans on partnering up with Influencers in the Crypto space to tell the story of LTO
>I have realized that a lot of people often trade coins without knowing anything about them. Having influencers tell the story of LTO could be massively beneficial and I was mainly wondering if that's an angle that you guys are looking at.

We are going to allocate much more time to this spectrum in the next few weeks.

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20$-30$ dollars a token is definitely reasonable imo. What's your opinion?

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Holy shit awesome news, I was particularly waiting for an answer to this question.

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I agree I meant with the staking rewards more so? 15k staked and untouched would reap you what Kindve of LTO back?

Price I think it pulls back slightly next week or so imo, looks a bit over extended but $4.6 EOY not unreachable 20-30 in a few years time

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ricks last edit on the ama says “full day of client meetings tomorrow #ABC”


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muh dick

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Ah, my bad. I might be wrong, but annual staking ROI is around 7% at the moment (not sure whether this percentage will increase or decrease over the time). Assuming it stays around the same and you restake your gains, 5 years of staking would bring you to ≈21k LTO.

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Abc is always be closing
not related to whatever u posted

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Might go down slightly as more stakers join in, but transactions should outpace it, makiny bigger apy

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Based on prospective market cap its guaranteed to go up though. Just slowly over time.

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How did u get 21k off of 5 years of staking 15k? Wtf?

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I’m tired of getting rugged bros. Bought 7700 LTO, hope it gets me to 5 figure hell at least

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Nvm u added it to initial stack.

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Compounding interest.

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Rick is a chad non-coomer. He's just pandering to Reddit coomers.

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>he clearly says the .30c price point was too expensive for clients to buy in.
>The tokens price is already higher than his wanted price, he knows speculative investors cause massive volatility that puts his clients off
omfg I'm gonna sell..

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Is this the new fud?

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Dare I say this is the most based CEO I've seen?
Not giving a single fuck

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that's a mod from their subreddit anon

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Old actually

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Yeah, rick is somehow going to get LTO into the top 20 MC while keeping LTO under 30c.
Good luck rick.

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>A second country (not India) will likely follow
>(not India)
Unbelievably based

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Weak fud


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Pajeets btfo

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Comfy +1

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or sarcasm

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Its dipping

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I'm dipping in your mom

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Devastingly so.

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can someone explain how the leasing nodes work? Why do I get more payouts from a 95% payout node than a 97.5%?

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It depends on the number of people leasing/volume of the lease I assume.

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>Why do I get more payouts from a 95% payout node than a 97.5%?
The lesser the payout, the more jewy the node owner. Join /ournode/.

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AMA was a disaster, LTO is dumping as a result.

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Lmfao what?

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it's the whole market dumping you retard

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Dump harder please. Need to load my bags up more.

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CEO is a coomer who spends his days jacking off to Brenna Sparks, sell now or regret later

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damn dis nigga right here

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Absolute faggot, nodes adjust the fee down as price rises to balance it out so the token price can go high yet fees remain low

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so more people leasing to the same node will most likely get less rewards since it's distributed more?

doesn't answer my question tho, I'll swap to /biz/ regardless after i get this weeks payout.

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Market is dipping

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>so more people leasing to the same node will most likely get less rewards since it's distributed more?

I think it works like this, but I am somewhat of a brainlet when it comes to crypto. Just to let you know, I was among the first to lease to /ournode/, and on the first week, with my little stacklet, I got like 11 LTOs. On the second week, with an increased stack (still small however), I got 4. In the meantime, more people leased on the node. This is my experience and it is why I am thinking what I am thinking. Keep in mind that the payout on /ournode/ is and always was 99%.