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So this was just a psyop all along? Mcdc why is it legal to bait people like this?

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welcome to unregulated currency

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The crypto police are actually investigating as we speak, keep an eye on cnn, any day now the perpetrators are going down

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lol if any of you fall for these, it's your own damn fault

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All that wasted McDonalds food

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Welcome to capitalism. Buyer Beware.
One alternative is that your money could be forcefully garnished from you with no opportunities like crypto to make big profits.

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I would still eat it

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and now you finally figured out why even the SEC gets overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people ruining their lives over digital money, tying to fine whoever deserves the fine, fine by how much, and any other implications that are noteworthy

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i want to smell the barcode of her sock

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im snowed in and wanna kick that bitch off my mc

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what the fuck is wrong with you?
please explain your thought process on why buying into ANY crypto currency is a good idea
I don't even buy BTC despite the massive gains, because I don't have faith in it.
I am only buying shit that has an actual use other than being a currency

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>t. Comma

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It’s not bait lol, they’re already planning their next move in the discoed

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Imagine the smell

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i would pay extra

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yes, the next move down

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It was an IQ test and you failed

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there was a mcdonald’s coin in 2019 that rugpulled.

you got what you deserved if you thought this wouldn’t happen

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Reminder that anyon who fell for the McRugpull™ deserves to be knelt against a wall and executed with a snubnose through the back of the skull.
I've seen stillbirths smarter than McBaggies™.

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Restaurants throw away this much food everyday when they close