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The chink on the left is called Michael Chen. He’s CMO for Fantom, the biggest scam in Cryptocurrency’s history right now surpassing even bitconnect.

The white goy on the right, is a south african nigger whose name is Andre Cronje, responsivle for various hacks and scams like EMN, Alpha finance hack, Yfi hack and of course he co-authored the technical paper for Fantom (SCAM). Everything he touches gets hacked to death.

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Yeah fantom is the biggest scam going on right now. Try withdrawing from Fantom wallet and they charge you $100 just to withdraw wtf. I’d avoid Fantom and buy Nano instead.

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>le ironic fud means the project is actually good
it's not.

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Only retards fall for fantom. Stop buying fantom it’s a fucking scam. Avoid fantom at all cost bizlets. Do not fucking buy fantom. Buy nano and be rich.

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Fantom is a well known pump and dump scam by biz community. This is not ironic fud, Fantom project is unironically bad for you. I’d rather buy Nano for being fast and feeefeeless. Nano is Plebbit backed too.

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I remember when I used to think people posting this stuff actually believed it

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Ukraine is scum, they are like orcs that was made from elves (russians) 30 years ago

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>elves (russians)
u wot

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just an analogy

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it's the literal opposite, russians are ukrainian-mongol rape babies

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lol, where ukranian soldier at this picture?

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that's most likely a crimean tatar. crimea isn't russian nor ukrainian, it's tatar land

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But at picture is usual ukranian nazi, tatats
don't do hair like this.
Tatars are 2% of the total population of the Crimea, and you say that they are the owners of this land?

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100% a scam, pic relates

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they were ethnically replaced lol. look at a 1500's map of europe, you'll see the crimean khanate

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guy on the right looks like Sergay if he was addicted to meth

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they were not killed as traitors, just replaced to other USSR region.
according to your logic the Indians are the current owners of America, you stupid as f***.

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These are the two guys people are trusting their futures with?

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