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this but unironically

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do campervans depreciate in value?

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Kek i bet 70% of retards here cant even drive

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midwit says this and joins a car sharing service
halfwit buys some piece of shit for $2000 from craigslist that he ends up putting $3000 to fix over the next 6 months
topwit buys a certified used car with all the upgrades and keeps it for 10 years
who even buys new cars nowadays

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even faster than cars. I just drive a civic from 10 years ago

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chad OG linker buys an old school nsx that goes up in value with his aave loan

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cars appreciate in value for every glow in the dark bloodstain they acquire
pick up an old beater and start cruising around at midnight looking for your prey
play your cards right, and in a few months you'll be driving a luxury green disco ball down the freeway
not to mention all the pussy you pull with that shit

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i need a car so bad but i just cant afford on
Have 18k in crypto though so I guess thats something
If i had to pick a dream car id take a fd RX7
For more modern the new supras are a dream
One day I hope

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Its kinda true. My boss gets all his vehicles at auction and doesn't pay more than $1000 for them. He even goes in January as it's the best month to get a discount. His yearly income is what some people here have said is "make it" money for them. Save your money and don't worry about looking flashy to the other plebs it only makes you a target.

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>topwit buys a certified used car with all the upgrades and keeps it for 10 years
imagine paying a premium just because you want to be the first sweaty ass ever put behind the wheel

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boomer bought a light pickup back in the 90s and is still driving it because of how cheap and simple it is to maintain

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70% of retards here cant even drive and live with their parents

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Unless you actually have at least $750k in stocks, why bother with an expensive car?

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>buy new car
>loses 70% of its value as soon as you leave the lot
people who buy new cars are either rich or retarded

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Car loans are like 1%. How much are you paying to lease?

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>not SCP-265

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some of us have to drive
our mom doesn't provide everything

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Who does that when you can just buy a 1200 dollar 97 camry and drive it for 5 years doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for repairs

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To impress your fake friends with how much money you don't have.

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Only semi related: I saw a lambo yesterday in Vegas, with the custom plate “40 BTC”, likely referring to the price he paid for it.

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This but unironically lol
Cars are for niggers
I'm buying a boat and leaving mainland

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>For more modern the new supras are a dream

>modern poopra


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>nooo, you can never buy FF&E because it depreciates!
>uses a depreciating computer to make the post

It's fine to pay cash for a depreciating asset that you take depreciation on to lower your net income for tax purposes. It's never fine to purchase a depreciating asset with debt. Most FF&E depreciates. Like your computer for instance.

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Because the indestructible Camry XV20 meme has run it's course. The only Camry's from that generation that are left are grandma cars which are more than $1200 or 300k mile examples that have not seen maintenance since Sandy Hook.

The only thing going for them is how simple they are to fix. But unless you're willing to do the labor yourself you will be spending more than the vehicle is worth in shop labor.

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The lease is a few percent over the depreciation cost

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>Toyota branded BMW, made by neither (made by Magna in Austria) is somehow a dream car.

I mean they're good looking fast cars, but they'll never be iconic like the Mk.III or Mk.IV.

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Kek imagine being a grown man and riding the bus wearing 2 cuck muzzles shoulder to shoulder with pavement apes.

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>not buying a classic that is guaranteed to appreciate

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When I hit 1 mil I bought a brand new mustang, cope poorfags

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you forgot gas and insurance, I'm trying to have as much disposable income as possible so I can continuously put it into crypto. This isn't some boomer 20 year investing strategy to retire at 55 that we're doing, we're trying to get financially independent so we don't have to wagie.

One of the easiest ways to save a lot of money is to live with your parents and not drive. But hey you can live the normie life and wage slave for the next 40 years, have fun.

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Nothing beats the mk 4 but still I think they did a decent job reviving it back.
Again its just something I like but will never afford.

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what do you mean? Leasing an 2021 Audi A3? Me? Everyone at work or school avoids me and I have 2 contacts in my phone besides parents, but yeah. Therefore I derive my non existing personality by regurgitating constantly that I use a 5 year old iPhone with a broken screen and drive a $ 800 car to work so I could DCA my wage into BTC/ETH/LINK in 2018/2019. Imagine Beeing a consuuuuuumer Kek. Heh I spend 3-4 yrs of my 20s/30s on 4channel/Twitter 18h a day and now I Have $88.000 Kek. Insane right I am rich normies never ever will make it

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Depends on the car

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I don't think my -98 V6 Camry can depreciate much more.

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>steals your Tesla
Nothin personal nigga, just bidness

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>no metro
>no tram
>lives in the past in a country cucked by kikes and needs a car
This is why mutts are ngmi
Keep giving your taxes to israel

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the right kind of expensive car appreciates

i drive classics and very rarely lose money on cars

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>doesn't buy a used Toyota or Honda
>has car payments outside of insurance

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>can't figure out what's worth buying and instead buys whatever the GED monkey at the stealership tells xim to

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>buy a "new" 20 year old $1000 car
>drive it until something breaks down, usually takes 12-16 months
>sell it to an auto repair shop for $300-400
>repeat cycle
I do this despite having made 7 figures from LINK

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Do you still recommend jumping into Link?

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I'm just going to buy a 2016 CRV outright with cash. I just want something functional and safe with decent mpg. Use it for 5-8 years and then upgrade.

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>thinks having $88k is a lot in your 30s

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absolutely based

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>we're trying to get financially independent so we don't have to wagie

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Just drive your parents car. You do live at home right?

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based. I got a 2012 CR-V w/ 180K KM for 4K usd. it's great

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>buy an old car in good condition that has already depreciated in value
>dont buy a new car for the next few years because everything is going to electric in 20 years anyway

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I bought my car 5 years ago when I was making minimum wage part time while in school, a europlebian like you probably needs to pay 5 years wages for a 1 cylinder cuckbox not to mention all the slave taxes because owning things is antisemetic. Hurry along now, you might miss your paki infested tram!

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I can but i don't. I'm a volcel

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A 1-2 year old used car with 15k-30k miles isn't even that much cheaper than new these days. I buy new. I email every dealership in the area with what I'm willing to pay. Don't even negotiate.

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leasing is not so bad

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agreed. anything else is ngmi-tier

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>tfw bought a miata and drop all my paychecks in car parts, lightweight cluch, lsd, quality coilovers, light wheels, bucketseats etc
>went all in link in '17 so idgaf about "muh saving half your paycheck"
>tfw I NEVER respect speed limits and I drift every corners at full speed and cops never tell me anything cause im white and polite and basically they can feel im peak anti-nigger by excellence

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are you the anon who made the post with the bmw

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I can drive but I don't have a car, why would I need one? I don't live in America

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The cars I own are already depreciated
>t. 30 year old shitbox chad

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>yuropoor is so poor he has to take public transportation
>waits in the rain and snow for ages for trolleybolley to show up
>pays a couple yurobucks to board
>gets blown up by a muslim migrant in a suicide bomb vest
>"Thank god I don't drive a car like an American and pay a whopping $2/gallon for petrol!"

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why not a fucking motorbike you fags?
>more fun
>cheaper on gas
>cheaper on insurance
>cheaper on maintenance
>if you crash a car, you lose all your money and have to kys yourself, if you crash your bike, you just fucking die and save yourself the trouble
>did I mention more fun.

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>taxes on every single trade
>thinks he can make it
>literally jewnited states nigger
You will never be white
3min metro, inside, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world
>chicks are actually hot
>I'm not taxed on every trade
>I dont give my taxes to israel
>my country isn't ruined by ever increasing population of niggers
You will never be white

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>cheaper on maintenance
Tell that to ducatifags lolol, bikes are sweet though

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I'm a jew tho

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>if you crash your bike, you just fucking die and save yourself the trouble
audible kek

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I drive a 2001 chevy cavalier with 250,000 miles on it. Am i doing it right?

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public transport in europe is only bad if you live in the bumfuck of nowhere or in the most central city centers. otherwise its not bad at all. and the most important factor of them all: girls dont get a license now a days. ALL the hot girls basically take public transport

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Used cars are really overpriced atm due to rona

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I live in a place that has an actual winter so a car is kind of important. I do have an ATV to blast around with.

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you got it right, public transport is one of the most humiliating things in existence

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>I live in the pod, I travel in the pod, I own nothing, and I am happy

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>cheaper on insurance
>cheaper on maintenance
false, I don't need to rebuild my engine every 20K
false, around a track cars are faster thanks to downforce in corners, you don't plan on speeding on public roads with a fucking bike, right?
>if you crash a car, you lose all your money
>and have to kys yourself, if you crash your bike, you just fucking die and save yourself the trouble
nice rationalization of this dumb purchase retard

ngmi also sage

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dangerously based

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I can't even drive, Anon.

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My financially incompetent dad literally compared buying crypto to buying a car. He knows I have crypto but not the numbers, and I mentioned last summer that things are looking up on the crypto market. He went:
>if you’re break-even you should sell asap, imagine if you bought a car some years ago and you could sell it now at the same value!!

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I learned to drive just 2 months ago. I'm 27

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Used Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country.
Make sure it has stow `n go seats that fold into the floor
Congrats, you now have a van that has the bed of a truck for 1/2 the price of a truck. Though it cannot tow as much. The SXT Caravans can tow around 3500 lbs.
Turn it into living space if absolutely homeless. Pick stuff up curbside stuff to resell beating the metal collectors. Clean up and sell on craigslist/facebook as a side hustle.
If it looks good enough you may be able to use it as an airport shuttle for uber/lyft for groups.

Mini-vans are no joke if you get the right ones.

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no, that's true. I'm talking about just liability though, since you shouldn't have anything else unless you like giving away money.
>false, I don't need to rebuild my engine every 20k
not that hard, not that expensive, not necessary unless you're riding the bike from pic.
>false, around a track cars are faster thanks to downforce in corners, you don't plan on speeding on public roads with a fucking bike, right?
yeah dude, im sure your 328i has a lot of downforce. average sport bike more than makes up for lack of downforce vs average sports car with power/weight. also, yes I do.
>nice rationalization of this dumb purchase retard
nice rationalization of buying a "lightly used" (ex rental) base model bmw.

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>mfw that guy who sold his bitcoin last year when it was at 10k to buy an overpriced german meme car

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Awww poor op did someone say mean things about your shitty purchase?

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Fair, I go to school in vermont, but the roads tend to be pretty well plowed and all I need is my bike. I guess if I needed to make a longer commute to work id buy a 3k civic or smth

>> No.28793753

>not buying a second generation toyota 4runner for $1000-$2000 and watching its value increase every year as it becomes a collectible classic car


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Not just any car but an overpriced and expensive to maintain bmw.

>> No.28794026

Mechanic here, those vans are fucking trash but also indestructible.

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I just want a little house and some chickens. Cars are retard bait. A bicycle gets you wherever you need, and you don't need to waste time at the gym. Just lift free weights at home and use transport time as cardio time too.

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I hate those people but sometimes they're right. You need to know the market especially when buying a brand new car.
Every car market behaves differently.

You can buy some very nice used cars that have nearly bottomed in price thus you won't lose money if you ever happen to sell it.
There's a whole Youtube channel dedicated to model specific market behaviour.

If you go out and buy a brand new car that is known to depreciate 30% in the first year then yes you're retarded.

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I bought full VR simracing rig for 6k, that is not counting pc, to learn how to drive when lockdowns started, actualy started racing cuz good at it

shits funny cuz simracing gear costs way more now, ez gains

I am soon 27 kek

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They depreciate as bad as a Mitsubishi though. Good luck with that rear wheel well rust.

>> No.28794458


Why not just get a normal covered van? They're pretty cheap too, with more space.

>> No.28794489

Thats legit. Turn it into an off road van. Any thing you can sleep in is a win

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sounds nice anon

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Based. Toyota Hilux chad reporting. Some vehicles are just worth buying and are considerably going up in price due to gas regulations, specially in Europe and the United States. I bought my Toyota for 2k in okay condition but with 150k in the engine (absolutely nothing for this model) and it’s already up to 7k and I get offers constantly from people on the street when I’m driving. Sometimes it’s not even that they’re vintage but rather becoming difficult to find or just not going to be made anymore, I also own a Challenger that I have a payment for but the insurance isn’t high, it’s a good comfortable car and very easy to drive for my wife to use.
>inb4 it’s a depreciating asset
>inb4 it’s a dodge
Well, if you people weren’t retards you would know that muscles cars in general are going to be extinct in the next 10 years in the United States. They’re already phasing out the mustang and the challenger will soon follow along with Camaro, thus increasing the price in these vehicles. You’d have to be a total fucking retard to not get into the vehicle market at this point before you don’t owe nothing and be forced to be happy. That’s why you yuropoors are so fucking cucked and will never make it, your government and culture has brainwashed you into not owning jack shit already, either way..enjoy being faggot loser living in boxes taking the metro and getting stabbed in the neck by diversity as Abdul rapes prime cunny in front of you but sure...us mutts are cucked. Sad.
>inb4 wage cuck
>inb4 married
>inb4 ngmi
I’m 33 with a net worth of over 300k that is not reported or seen by the irs at all due to owning my own business, I get laid constantly and actually just now choked one of my clients because I do sex work professionally (no not gay but actual hot women since I’m a male dominatrix) you people here are sad.
>inb4 what about your wife
Women are property and children and they need to be treated as such.

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Came out of long lurking to say you are based. This whole thread is based.

>> No.28794793

Don't care. I get a new one every year. I hated the supra so much that I gave it to my friend who had an old supra and was into them. Got a landcruiser to replace it. Much better rig for what i want to do. I will put about 50K on it and dump the fucker. Kinda stuck on toyotas since they seem to always start and never fuck up. Just don't expect super performance.

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Can you nuke Brussels pls, we want normal cars too

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Stealth approach. Less pulling over by police. You can part it anywhere and no one takes a second look. Park a free candy van and people pay attention or get concerned if there for a bit.
Yup cheap parts, but together it can go for 300k miles as long as it got oil changes.
Angle grinder sanding, bondo, spray cans.
That is a 4x8 sheet of plywood that was in pic. So plan space based on that. If in cold areas and plan to sleep make insulated window covers.

>> No.28795043

can't you just get a secured loan with the car as collateral then put the loan into crypto? now you own the car and made money off it

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Based /biz/raeli then

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>You bought a car anon?
>Depreciating asset NGMI

>> No.28795323

>bought retro car for $2k
>do all my own work on it, only have to put in about $800 in parts
>get tons of pussy in the back
>rent it to movie sets, $300/day
>sell it three years later for $6.5k to a collector

Depreciating asset?

>> No.28795466

I'm buying a car for 70% of my cash when lockdown ends because I'll always be a slave but at least I'll be able to go fast

>> No.28795586

>accepting defeat
ngmi, enjoy wagie hell goyim

>> No.28795742

anons, should I get a tesla model 3 with some of my crypto gains? that's my current plan

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>> No.28795768

I know it’s not all of you but man, your peers are surely fucking cucked. Imagine not wanting to own something that will get you from point a to b, whenever you want, when you need to on your own terms.your entire continent is fucked and I hate to say that mine is heading the same direction. Buy a car if you can anon, do not let the Jews destroy your dreams and your ability to be mobile, after all time is money

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I haven't left my apartment in over a year.
I have yet to wear a mask despite being in a blue state.
I have no need to leave until the collapse.
Until then, I just siphon money from the money hose.

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get an audi etron and you will have some resale. far better car.

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Car ? NGMI !

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File: 60 KB, 640x480, Solar van stealth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What some do is put a solar on it but in the cavity to keep it from being obvious and and not have drag on the highway. They then remove the far back seats all together and use the fold down space for batteries and inverter. Creating a real camper out of it.
Others will also toss in a cassette toilet so they dont have to leave it at night.

>> No.28796036

or porsche taycan

>> No.28796067

you literally want him to buy a depreciating asset he doesn't need instead of investing money into a growing market that can one day liberate him from his wagie hell, you aren't going against the "jews", you're actively helping them dumbass

>> No.28796144

my dad forced me to get a driving license at 18 but i haven't driven a car after that

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>"i'm still holding GME"

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>> No.28796735

I still drive the car my parents gave me in high school. I have sex regularly and feel bad for anyone who gets conned by salesmen into thinking a five figure mistake is a confidence booster and career builder.

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File: 117 KB, 920x690, suzuki-gsx-r1000-1000-cm3-slika-48212595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for like $3000 you can get a used sportbike that will keep up with any Ferrari/Lambo

>> No.28796807

>no, that's true. I'm talking about just liability though, since you shouldn't have anything else unless you like giving away money.
Oh so you're an actual retard.
>not that hard, not that expensive, not necessary unless you're riding the bike from pic.
Expensive and necessary why would you put yourself in this position you mongol?
>yeah dude, im sure your 328i has a lot of downforce.
The squarest wedge cars from the 90s have more downforce than your Piaggio mouthbreather.
>you don't plan on speeding on public roads with a fucking bike, right? yes I do.
Natural selection.
>nice rationalization of buying a "lightly used" (ex rental) base model bmw.
Cope, imagine buying a used "formerly raced" 2-stroke moped on Lithuanian eBay and thinking it was an excellent use of money.

>> No.28797255

imagine enjoying driving

>> No.28797312

High IQ take, I just want to get from point a to point b and driving always stresses me out because everyone else drives like a retard

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>> No.28797998

I only buy cars which either hold their value or appreciate. I've made about $6k on cars this year unintentionally and that's after I've put a lot of money into them. Then again, people would probably say I'm an enthusiast. Driving around daily in an 1980's Landrover isn't for everyone.

>> No.28798380

You can also splatter your intensities all over the pavement after some attention deficit zoomer hits you from behind in her Jeep

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>> No.28798483

>you'll own nothing and you'll like it

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>> No.28799294

Oh no

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Kek, low test sojaks out of my way

>> No.28799502

>Insurance, service and parts replacement included + tires
>all for $250
Leasing is a pretty good deal for me. I know jack shit about cars and would probably get swindled if I bought some used one for cheap.

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>"Finally I can drive"
>Pay insurance
>Pay to get it checked up
>Pay for repairs
>Get pulled over and have to suck off a police man before he gives you a $1,000 dollar fine for not swallowing
>Gang of youths break your side mirrors
>Drunk spic crashes and kills you

Wow I sure am glad I D R I V E

>> No.28799953

how the fuck a car value appreciates

>> No.28800067

cars are very convenient to fuck woman though

>> No.28800142

Driving is not your problem
Living in a 3rd world shithole is

>> No.28800225



>> No.28800286

This is 4chan. Our ideal women is a nerdy freckle girl with asthma and an adderall addiction.

>> No.28800319

>You can also splatter your intensities all over the pavement after some attention deficit zoomer hits you from behind in her Jeep

just like unprotected sex with sluts, or surfing some 20-ft waves in Hawaii, the best things in life are dangerous anon

>> No.28800327

FPBP /thread

>> No.28800335

I live in New York

>> No.28800518

Buying a car is fine if you don't already have one. Buying a new car when you have a net worth of less than 1 mil and already have a perfectly good one is smoothbrained as all fuck, though.

>> No.28800628

what car?

>> No.28800666

point still stands

>> No.28800744

My truck has 1300 miles on it, and I bought it because my accountant said I had to for tax planning. I guess it is different when you have a business that generates income instead of sitting around on your computer all day.

>> No.28800764

Gigawit doesn't leave his house and has no need for a car.

>> No.28800907

Buying used is patrician tier.
It doesnt depreciate as rapidly, they are reliable, and you don't have all that new Google spyware shit like all the new cars.

>> No.28801027

I am medically disqualified so I don't feel too bad.
>t. Blind fag.

>> No.28801103


>> No.28801203

How does it feel to be a modern day serf?

>> No.28801393

This, but with a picture of Chad instead and without all caps.

>> No.28801523
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Kek Just buy a BMW E46. Guaranteed to rise in price.

>> No.28801613

just cashed out high 7 figures and bought an approved used merc e class diesel estate. i get 50mpg+ and can sleep in the back of it. super comfy, like driving a boat on a calm lagoon.

>> No.28801730
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I bought pic related for 1300 with 199k miles and a rolex

>> No.28801751

I drive an '05 Civic that has almost 300,000 miles on it and the only things I've ever put into it are maintenance and replacing things for wear and tear. I just keep the oil and filters changed and the fluids topped off and it runs great. I drove it from Michigan to Florida and back a few months ago, it took it like a champ. I will drive it until all the road salt eats the frame but somehow it still doesn't have a speck of rust on it. Our other daily driver is a 2003 Corolla which is actually a little bit of a nicer car, but it's starting to get some rust on the back fender.