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How are you all doing? We've seen another 20% drop over night so some of you might be a little nervous, so I want to know what's on your minds and how we can give you some information or just help you out. :)
Have a good day frens, I'll be here for a few hours to chat if need be

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Don't worry lad, I'm still holding my cubes.
I just wish those damn chinks couldn't say the same! Sad!

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Hey fellow Rubichad, what's up? I kinda regret not selling when it went to 0.80, just to buy more now, I really hope it's gonna go to 5$ EOY

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> t. mod of the RBC discord p&d server

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Based $5 fud poster

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greetings fellow chads

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>20% drop in price
>increase in wallets
At this point the price drops in a few cents don't matter as long as the number of wallets keeps growing.

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Yeah it's a shame, but it's great for more people to grab some RBC at a really cheap price
Hahah, I totally understand, I was looking at +70% gains at 0.80, but I think trying to swing trade will end up with me getting burned, so I'm going to just try and hold, and accumulate some slowly each week, trying to average out costs

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I sure hope they're overhauling their UI

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My Rubic
Still Cubic

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daily reminder this is the next chainlink

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Their github development branch was updated two hours ago, so active development is still going on, I guess you could poke around the changes and see if UI has been changed yet?

Greetings fren, hope your day is good today :)

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that looks like stinky poopoo. i hope it's fake

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We won't know until the changes are pushed to GitHub, no point in speculating. Have patience my fren :)

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Fuck kikes

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Doing great! I added to my stack when it dipped to $0.30. I now have 1.1M cubes.

If anyone wants a whitepill, look at the Top 10 wallets. Have they sold? No. Are they continuing to buy more even at higher prices? Yes. Look at the Top 50 wallets. Have they sold? Only a few. Are they continuing to buy more even at higher prices? Yes. Is the wallet count going down? No, only up, 6,234 and rising. Pay attention to the details, and you will make it. Listen to all the fud, and you will never make it.

By the way, for reference, here is what 1 RBC would be worth if it had the marketcap of the following competitor DEXs:

Pancakeswap -- RBC = $8.16
Sushiswap -- RBC = $22.48
Uniswap -- RBC = $64.63

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Rubic lives rent free in the head of multiple demented posters on this board
Anyway I am feeling cubic AF today
Buying more if it dips more

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5$ seems too much for the end of year? What do you think is a reasonable projection for EOY?

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Rubic $200 eoy

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? it looks great, you should buy/use UNI its pink & for faggots/leftoids

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my rubics are cubic my idk about my mental state bros.. im strongly considering selling half my stack next pump so I can sleep at night

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Depends if the bullrun even lasts until EOY anon. If you were here during 2017 you'd know what it was like to have a massive bullrun for a few months and then all cryptos lose 80% of their value 2 months later.

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Glad you're doing good! Man, 1.1M!! insane!
I've got just about 6k and that's all I can afford without burning into rent money. The information you gave is accurate, so that gives me hope. I don't believe it'll get to UniSwap levels within this year, but even with us hitting 5$ in a few months that'll be an INSANE return. Lots to look forward too, only time will tell I guess, but the active github & constant team updates + QnAs give me lots of hopium

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So What I'm just supposed to go blind into the future? What do I do? TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

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You'll be good my man, withdraw what you can't live without, keep the rest in for some juicy returns. Think about it logically, - a great project with active devs, constant updates + community interaction will always perform well in this space. Don't listen to the FUD about indians, kikes, or any sort of rugpulls, do your own DD and look at the github, reach out to the devs on Telegram, anything that will help you get a better understanding of the project

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So this is what it means to HODL... Heh, not bad.

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Buy small amounts you can afford during dips, and hold on until you reach a target profit. Long term trajectory is up, in a month or two we will no doubt see 1$, and then higher and higher from there. Think about ChainLink and how everyone was fudding when it was 1$, now it's over 30$ and people are still fudding it.

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>Think about ChainLink and how everyone was fudding when it was 1$
I legit haven't seen something get fudded this much since link. I'm beginning to think rubic really is /ourcoin/

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I prefer actual informative trading terminals rather than flashy style over substance UIs cobbled together with frontend components from Angular or React.js

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based, I have 1 mil too, what yachts are you looking at anon?

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My Rubic Stays Cubic

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It's nuts, RBC truly is /ourcoin/

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It's defiently not the most pleasant feeling

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I thought I would never see these price again. Just grabbed 2k more up to 15k now. If this gets to $20, between this and link i will have made it... the first ever Rubic thread I posted in I got trips. Stay with me, rub my pubic rubics and believe in this project anons. Channel your belief energy into visualizing you checking the price and it growing. WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN WITH OUR COLLECTIVE MEMETIC THOUGHT ENERGY. I love you all

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How many of you are actually 2017 linkie OGs? I got in just after the Binance listing.

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Ooo so close to trips again

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This, we're all in this together.
The lord is one, and that God is I am, and thats his name forever and forever and forever

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2017 og, shit was insane. So much FUD. It was hard to hold at times but I believed. I had to leave biz and crypto for like 3 years because I couldnt handle all of the volatility and I didnt even know that link had grown so much until my brother texted me telling me that it was at 20.

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God I love you /biztards :')

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rubic 1inch copy paste
rubic matic copy paste
cope, seethe, dilate, etc...

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Thanks brah, I can technically afford to lose it all but I "made" more money on that 3 day pump than I have made in my entire life so far and if it all goes to shit now I'm gonna be pissed as fuck... Idgaf about the FUD the only problem at this point are the whales and discord faggots, I just hope they didn't finish it off for good and we see a pump around the 25th

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Posting the same shit in multiple threads you dirty piss drinking felch guzzler I'm gonna stab you in the abdomen and rape the wound.


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Whats so good about rubic?

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Blessed be the rubic

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rent free

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Honestly the resurgence in enthusiasm I have experience for this board in relation to rubic is worth the money I have dropped on it. I got in at .15. This shit feels so exciting. Let your positive belief energy flow into the project. Hail rubicus

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Uhhh this shit is dumping hard you niggers lied to me again

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rubic mommy

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You have to believe anon. That's the secret. You have to believe that this project will succeed. Believe in yourself. Belief in the memes. I held on for dear life with link thru multiple shitstorms and now I have fuckin six figures to fuck with. Dont be scared. Be better than the chicken hearted fucks that cant hold it together. Be adamant. Be vigilant and you WILL make it.

Blessed be the rubichad, for ye rubic is good

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Stay poor.

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Sites down

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Did you guys meme me out of all my money again

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she cute

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Try this one I'm too lazy to type out I'm wageslaving rn

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Fuck forgot link


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