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Mad old lady

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She's a seething nocoiner.

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Or are you a delusional bitcoin maxie? She was leader of the IMF, now she's leader of the EU Central bank. What makes you think you understand what's going on in the financial sector better than she does?

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Global kikes are saying bitcoin bad? Oh no11!1

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(((european central bank)))

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These aren't arguments and just make you sound more delusional than originally anticipated.
Can you please discuss the method by which BTC will topple global banking infrastructure, also without starting a war because BTC has no standing army and would lose immediately.

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Why would banks announce they are buying bitcoin? They'll just get dumped on by reddit wallstreetbets normies.

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>central banks are seething

absolutely perfect, she didnt seem to fud it as much as other no coiners tho.

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>some worn out politician says something
does it matter? She and all the other bureaucrats lack the competency to do anything, they are simply too stupid.

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Oh no central banks don't like the coin that's supposed to make central banks powerless? How could this be??

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>because BTC has no standing army and would lose immediately.
You're too retarded to be posting here, go back.

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>xrp maximalist
>banks seething
no surprise

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BTC Maximalist's argument constantly fluctuates between "Big banks are buying it up" and "Who needs big banks". It's one or the other.

>worn out politician
This is delusion.

See >>28778619

>Sidesteps the question entirely with a smug look on his face

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>Digital Euro
Here is one reason you’ll want to own Bitcoin in a world of Central Bank Digital Currencies:

“Panetta [European Central Bank Executive Board member] said officials keen to prevent bank runs could make the hoarding of digital central bank money unattractive by “penalizing remuneration” of holdings in excess of 3,000 euros.”

Yep, you read that correctly. How do you force European citizens to spend their digital Euro? Just charge negative interest rates for those who decide to save.

That’s only one of the controlling tools central banks can exert with Central Bank Digital Currencies:

Charging negative interest rates on your savings.

Directly levying taxes on your account at the central bank based on your personal profile.

Controlling where and when you are allowed to spend your digital Euros.

These are just a few of things that I can think off the top of my head.

This is coming. Bitcoin can help you stay out of this system. Don’t say later that you haven’t been warned.

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theres a difference between 'big banks' and 'the central bank' anon

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Power outages leaving millions in the dark winter will be blamed on crypto mining, prepare for fallout

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She has zero of the three reasons to listen to anything she says.

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>older than Methusalem
>not worn out
is it you, Macron the granny fucker?

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Its amazing to me how Europeans are so incredibly cucked.

So glad my Yaiyai and Papous fled Greece after WW2 for Australia.

Sure Australia has become KEKED AS FUCK in the last decade, but its still nowhere near as bad as Europe.

The European Union is fucking awful

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Because she probably doesn't know how to turn on a computer.

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This is a botpost, taken directly from this website. Or it's you shilling yourself. Given the lack of relevance to the topic at hand, I think it's a bot.

No there isn't.

This guy understands.


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check this out OP

*takes off pants*
*piss hitting the floor at 256mph*
CHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...ting ting ting*finishes monster piss*
and now
for the main course
*violent farting*
*high impact turd missles hitting the walls*
clean it up jannie

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how about this https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/christine-lagarde-convicted-imf-head-found-guilty-negligence-fraud-trial-a7484586.html
the whole eu is a crooked system

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>No there isn't.
Yes there is you dumb fuck. Jesus Christ you nocoiners are stupid, some next level shit

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shes hot tho, such a stacy

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is there any community more retarded in crypto thatn XRP schizos?
even doge retards have an excuse

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Look closely. Her body language says that she is aware the cat is out of the bag, and that the Tesla purchase was the last straw. Bullish af. I think we may be past the point where it is possible to regulate it apart from normal asset taxation.

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Thanks just sold 100k. I'll never look at crypto again. Back to my wage cage.

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There is no difference between "Big Banks" and "Central Banks", but since you're so informed. Why don't you explain the difference?

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commercial banks couldnt give two fucks what the accepted currency is. they just create debt out of anything.

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Surprised how mild she is about it. She seems to have a good understanding of BTC, her answers was well thought out. Might even think she kind of sounded positive?

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checked, shes pretty cute.

i can also tell that she absolutely understands the value of btc

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Why are the replies full of xrp fans?

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If Bitcoin becomes widely accepted then it is currency. For example, in my home I accept one squirt for $100. So theoretically a girl could provide one or more squirts for an equivalent of $100, say 2 whiskey stones and 1 inflatable beer pong table. As such squirting is currency as long as both parties accept that. Same with Bitcoin.

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>There is no difference between "Big Banks" and "Central Banks"
Yes there is, are you fucking stupid? Central Banks have the authority to print reserves for every other bank

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Reminds me of my ex (ecomics specialist/analyst) who told me back 2010 to not buy btc bc it is stupid and it will go only down...

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She sucked her way to the top.

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What do central banks know about storing value? They know about extracting it. From you. Using your government. Funded by you.

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to keep it simple

central banks create fiat. they print that shit
btc is a literal hedge against fiat.
ofcourse theyre not gonna buy btc. thats like shorting themselves

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To be honest central banks are run by big banks, just like fed was established by the big players.

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Even Peter Schiff outperforms fiat currencies.

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bet she didn't buy 100k links at .24c

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>commercial banks
No one has said anything about commercial banks in this thread.

>Surprised how mild she is about it.
Almost like she knows more than she's putting out.

Because they think that central banks will adopt XRP as a bridge asset.

Thank you for the Econ 101. Do you foresee BTC being widely accepted as currency with it's current energy usage, fees and TX time?

>Central Banks have the authority to print reserves for every other bank
Cool post, however you've only described the difference between "Central Banks" and "Retail/Commercial/Public/Credit Union/Industrial/Merchant/ETC".
Now explain the difference between "Central Banks" and "Big Banks". I'll save you time, there isn't one. The Central Banks are the Big Banks.

>muh store of value
Is it currency? Is it money? Is it gold? Is it a 'store of value'?

>Hedge against fiat
False. Until it becomes a currency at the very least.

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>making jews seethe
actually good. I just bought 100k more

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im waiting for BTC to do ANYTHING

the market is crabbing and scalp bots are keeping the price away from the big buywalls

so boring

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Love the crab, ho. We're resetting all of the indicators - NUPL, thermocap, etc - and coiling up for an even bigger parabola. upwards.

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I have doubts given how it’s becoming fossilized, same with eth because of gas fees. Also there’ll be less btc in circulation each year as lost coins will outnumber btc left to be produced.
The questions is will btc ride the wave due to organizations and corporations supporting it or will they pull the rug know that if they fuck up btc they fuck up crypto for at least couple of years

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She's is right, bitcoin as a currency is shit.
better using monero, litecoin, nano or xlm.

I wonder if she ever heard of ethereum and defi. But probably she don't even know how to powerup a computer....

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>>Hedge against fiat
>False. Until it becomes a currency at the very least.
nigger what? is gold a currency anon? is real estate a currency? are stocks currency anon?
no, all those things are hedges against the devaluation of fiat.

not even sure what im arguing about anymore. stay mad no coiner

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every asset can play the role you assign to bitcoin. Notably gold, silver, art pieces, collectibles, houses....

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You shouldn't underestimate this woman. There are two main races of politicians : the narcissists, and the snakes. We french saw her climb to the top and I guarantee you no dick was sucked on the way up, she is very, very clever, and competent about economics.
Which makes it dangerous. It's not a she-Trump boomer hag ranting about magic internet money here.

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yes and crypto is the best performing one

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>b-b-because it just isnt a currency please believe mee
>funny wummy money

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>nigger what? is gold a currency anon? is real estate a currency? are stocks currency anon?
No, all those things have value outside of trading it for fiat. You could MAYBE tie BTC to the electricity costs, but that's nebulous at best.


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>we french
implying people in France have any respect for this lying stealing cunt.

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the real world value of gold is absolutely fractional to its traded value

also. i buy shit with my crypto. it literally also already is a currency. (no not my groceries yet and i also dont see that happening, might get myself a tesla tho ;)
ive always compared btc to gold, or collectables like pokemon cards or digital items on videogames that are rare. or even art
it's cool if you dont see the value. i can understand it's difficult to understand if you didnt grew up with videogames items being worth literal 10s of thousands of dollar because they are rare. i made my first couple thousand bucks trading videogame money for fiat

the thing with btc is that there is an absolute scarcity unlike those videogames items that in theory can be duplicated. the security of Proof of work is something that has only excisted since the inception of bitcoin and has obviously been gamechanging

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just the fact that this woman has been seriously asked if central banks might adopt bitcoin is incredibly fucking bullish
a year ago she'd have probably wondered if the interviewer was clinically retarded or a troll

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>old roastie
opinion automatically discarded

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>In the
Stay poor.

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>Implying the French are anything but a nation of cucks
This woman is nobody. You made her somebody. What kind of country lets women work and vote kek