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>reach 3 figures
>remember that I will always be black no matter what
Top 10 pranks God did to humanity

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let the mutts convince themselves they're white

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3 figures?
but anon thats only 100 dolar

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Taught you our language.

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Bro it’s 2021, every girl wants to fuck black guys

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He’s black. Now he can pay for his quarter ounce of weed he put on his credit card last week

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it's okay, as long as you aint a nigger
being black is okay
>check your peepee
is it 7 inches anon?
if yes, please plow away

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That’s the fucking j-goddam anon

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Based fellow three digit holder
We are going to get out of three figure hell one day

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remember to thank the white man for not being in Africa butt naked hunting buffaloes with stone axes under a cloud of flies

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Follow the fundamentals and don't get greedy and you'll be looking at 4 figures very soon

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I don’t knock people for having small portfolios. You work with what you got. It’s better to throw it into crypto than to use it for drugs, which is what most poor people end up doing anyway. Cheers lads

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On the 18th I get paid, and will add another $25, maybe to XMR or Link

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holy shit
ok you're not bad

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>not wanting to be black

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I beg you anon
Teach me the fundamentals

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Thanks frens, I am a College student and work part time, just trying to save some money by investing in crypto until I get an actual job in my field

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blacks are based. niggers are cringe. which are you?

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I like that you have 1 LINK

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nuff said ygmi

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Started with $22 in XMR in january, comfiest hold ever, my short term goal is to be able to get around 1-2 XMRs
You shouldn't browse /biz/ if you hold less than 1 link

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>reach 3 figures


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>every girl
Definitely not. Most girls want nothing to do with blacks. A lot of women are aware that men don't want coal burners.

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the world is changing... you skin color doesnt matter, and if does its for the better, peace!

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At least black men are not the bottom tier in SMV.
Jeet here, forever a shitskin.
Plus my jeet bretheren don't help with our image in the society.
It never began for us, no money in the world will give us a good first impression to a stranger.

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hello fellow poorfag.
I bought 40 linkes when they were 2 bucks.
Took me to 4 figures.

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Extremely based, this is me holding my 1 linkie

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Hand over dem Linkies nigga

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based n word.
you should buy some graphies.
might be the next link

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ok, bro
just keep DCA'ing,
there is no reason to swing trade since it's too smol
>DCA ETH is my suggestion
desu with ya, REEF is 9 cents top

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to be honest*
fucking autocorrect

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Picking good projects, with real futures, and dca buying and holding or swinging up your stack doesn't care if you're a maltliquor-american. WAGMI

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I am not a nigger, I am not OP
I might buy some graphies after the market correction, seems like a solid project
Yeah I lost like $5 swinging reef, but I made it mostly to practice and familiarize with the system, I will DCA into Link and XMR, I don't feel comfy about ETH with AVA and BNB fighting for the marketshare, but I may just be retarded

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hey newfag!

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tbqh senpai

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Sorry fren!
Thought you were OP

he's cheating the system!!!!

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but you have so many ethnostates to choose from how is this a bad thing dude
literally move to any peaceful african country everyone there looks like you
this is only a problem if you insist to live in places where you obviously don't belong

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WAGMI, as a poorfag I am very excited for the inevitable market correction, to experience the pink fields and buy all of the dips

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>but you have so many ethnostates
Imagine your race having multiple ethnostates, but they are all shit, and you can only choose between South Sudan and Liberia
I'm sorry OP

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fuck you
I lurked since 2017 bull run
I just never typed
>fine you win
I just want to help a nigga out

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It's okay senpai, desu I don't even know why moot banned those two words, I guess they were as spammed as onions

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Been doing a little fudding to help the process so I can get some cheaper bags.
Gotta wait for my neetbux though
If I made it to 4 figs, so can you fren!

for some reason cuck is back, which is nice

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>TFW you will always be white
>TFW niggers will always be niggers

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here's a matching pepe for your digits

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He banned them because it was annoying seeing people say t-bh f-senpai like this was reddit. And s--0y says onions, because they had to ban s--0y boy, and then they had to ban s--0ygoy, which is why you pretty much cant type it at all now. Even with shit between it.

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This turned to a really comfy thread, I love you /biz/

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based and gmi

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lol... cant even get f---am off. Does senpai. Even if you put - between it, they filtered that specifically and like 18 others. Some s---0ycuck mods were real asspained about that.

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sóy is really a pain in the ass when speaking in Spanish in /int/, but what can we do

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That makes him the second richest african american

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Nobody in the US is actually white
Mutts just can't handle the truth but their IQ is clearly non white level

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Pic related, the guy who got so offended he put in permanent filters on that.

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tb-h - desu
s-mh - baka
f-m - senpai
cuck - kek, oh yea it works
I'm a total noob

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Back when America was anti-black, there were a lot of niggers who pretended to be white. So if America was still as anti-black as the media claims, then where are all the light-skinned blacks pretending to be white? Why are there so many whites pretending to be some other race?

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baka desu senpai

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This is like reddit stage 4 out of 10 before you move on to realizing whites are being exterminated, and then beyond that realizing voting and pacifism wont stop the problem. Keep going!

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shaking my head to be honest family

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I have been on 4chan for 10 years now, you eventually learn, at least /biz/ is motly a normie free board for the time being
In your governemnt, in your banks, but not in crypto, they hold no power here

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if you're black and well-spoken, that shit is pretty much a superpower in 2021 America.

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Oh I am full on stage 10 out of 10. It was a rhetorical question.

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If you make it, it doesn't matter. Hell, even if you don't make it, it doesn't matter.

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are you being anti-semitic right now?

just called the ADL buddy

yeah, have fun being raped in prison,,,,

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>at least /biz/ is motly a normie free board for the time being
ask me how I know you aren't on this mongolian throat singing website for 10 years (weird thing to lie about btw)

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in the oven

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When you understand this meme and enjoy it, then youre 10/10.

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"I dont have anything in common with you. Do you know what a fucking loser you are?"

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My only motivation in life is the complete and total annihilation of the jewish pest, anon
I mean when compared to /pol/ or /b/, I came from /pol/ since boomers were shitting the board, but /biz/ feels like /b/ from ten years ago, the first meaningfull memories I have of 4chan is selecting Kim Jong Un as Time Person of the Year, but I came around the whole megaupload incident, I guess its 9 years instead of 10

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The only advantage that can come from being black is if you actually have a big dick ( 7”+, which statistically is the same chance as any other race); you’d at least get to live out the meme. Other than that, blacks are being pushed in media so much that the lower tier of women from every race are being brainwashed to date black black men more, but many figure out the myth. I’ve heard stories of women who have dated black men, and say no his dick isn’t big or actually small - they keep dating them though, so I guess you have something going for you besides meme propaganda

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Fuck why does time go by so fast

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One of my favourite movies, along with eyes wide shut.
>picrelated is one of the best scenes

>My only motivation in life is the complete and total annihilation of the jewish pest, anon
hmmm.. sounds reasonable I guess.
But have you forgotten the holocaust?
6 trillion jews died by rollercoasters and masturbation machines.
You wouldn't want something like that to happen, right?

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time goes by when your having fun with your frens on 4chan.

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I like all the scenes everyone else likes, but I like the serious ones too.


Oh and I dont care what the faggot who wrote it says, its clear that Bateman, Allen and even Halberstram were the same person in one guys head.

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bro, its fine to be black, its just not fine being a nigger. there is a difference. its up to you.

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>he fell for the meme

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4channers are my best frens
I wish the holocaust had happened

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Most likely no one else wants them after they've been with a nigger. I know I would dump literally anyone if I found out they had a nigger ex-boyfriend.

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>its clear that Bateman, Allen and even Halberstram were the same person in one guys head

>I wish the holocaust had happened
It did happen, here's the proof

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I believe this to be the case as well, and I’d do the same. Was just giving hopium to our negro fren OP

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Its not uncommon for white women to deny white men who they know have been with non-whites, especially black women. People who dont see a problem with that could be assumed to be defective, they should know why its wrong naturally and so they are a deviation from the true white genetics. Not worth reproducing with.

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3 figures is anywhere between 1.00 and 9.99$ you idiot

>> No.28778782

Lol... rewatch the business card scene, and look at the telephone number on the card etc. Its pretty clear at the end of the movie when he didnt even kill anyone and his lawyers like tf are you talking about.

>> No.28778886

He, and Paul Allen, and Halberstram have the exact same suits and glasses and even the same barber he admits. They exchange cards, they all have the same phone number, same extension, same job title, the only thing thats different is the name. He imagines he kills Paul Allen, who is actually just a figment of his own imagination.

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so if i buy one shitcoin for .00000014 dollar i can say i have made it to 6 figure hell?

>> No.28778945

>people who work in the same firm have the same number on their business card
Activate almonds

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I was about to say "at least you're not a nigger" but then i saw >3 figures

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Im not going to argue with it, watch the movie again assuming Im right and especially the end where hes frantically running around thinking his life is over and his lawyers like tf you talking about, that never happened. And then it ends.

>> No.28779109

Watch this and about 20 seconds in you should feel dumb for never having seen it before. DAVIS. Hes not even fucking Bateman.

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>post 2010
sorry still a newfag

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hey i remember this movie
that one guy he shoots a guy and then runs away and then he calls his best friend who doesnt even remember his name and his friend calls him a nerd lol
what a dum movie

>> No.28779269

Wrong movie

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The Lord God doesn't make Idols.
Fallen Angels made niggers to mine gold.
Could it not be more obvious that the black is a creation OF the world, and he is not merely IN it.

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Yeah I'm a cancerfag

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the lawyer had dinner with paul allen in london, how could he be the same person.
Obviously bateman was hallucinating or something.

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But what are the fundamentals

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Buy High
Sell Low

>> No.28780187

Don't understand. The whole western system is meant to support you and make things easy for you by now and you still complaining.