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Can someone explain the potential of The Graph and why you think we should invest in it? What do you see people using it for and in what timeframe? I see a lot of shilling here but want to know more before buying. However I'm too lazy to do my own research.

Couple years ago I saw a lot of LINK shilling here and fomo'd in and it paid handsomely. Can I expect same with GRT? Thanks anons. Serious replies only.

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any reliable source on delegation stuff?

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no thanks

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then just kys

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Truth is, no one knows.

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very edgy

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i wish grt had a website where i could read about what it does, who is behind it, how to delegate. this sucks.

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thanks, seems like another pump&dump shitcoin, gonna pass then

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Traditionally, GRT is the google of blockchain.

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Gotcha senpai.

Historically, GRT is a pump and dump. Hate to break it to you folks, but it is. These are the facts. People saying it isn't, you're on the wrong side of the data. The entire market is being run by trade bots. Large GRT tokens have been already allocated to holders, way before GRT even hit the exchange platforms, because of testnet operations (before mainnet).

I estimate each token to be valued at 0.30-0.35 maximum until larger companies want to use it, which currently they don't, because it is too expensive too. ETH is expensive, in general, to use anyway.

With that being said, GRT is a utility token which means the price has to remain low for companies to even want to use it. It is just the way it is right now

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Grt is a make it coin. But you have to get on now anon.

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word on the street is this is one they're thinking of pumping this weekend
disc ord gg/5rsnqmHKNx

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Wtf is this? Data doesn't flow into GTR. GRT searches data already on the blockchain. A feature that is ALREADY POSSIBLE. Why is nu-secure tossed everywhere like its the only way data can flow? This is exceptional bollocks.

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isn't it just GraphQL but for blockchains?

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GRT is a chain of American family restaurants, and the primary brand of CEC Restaurant, Inc. based in Irving, Texas. The restaurants serve pizza and other menu items, and feature arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays as a focus of family entertainment. The chain's name is taken from its main character and mascot, Chuck E. Cheese.

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Here you go OP I'll spoonfeed your retarded request.
>Data exists in the blockchain in an unorganized fashion
>Dapp developers want to access this data
>Pre GRT they had to download the entire blockchain and then perform a linear search
>This problem becomes exponentially more complex if you want to join data.
>Say the difference between finding all men, all people age 40, or all people named John. Versus finding all people named John that are 40. The first example is hard enough, the latter would take ages
>GRT indexes the entire blockchain using what are called indexers (people with servers resources)
>They create queryable API that allow dapp developers to just focus on their dapp instead of creating a database
>Running servers isn't free
>Indexers get rewarded with GRT for hosting their servers as well as for processing queries
>Delegators signal to the network that an indexer can be trusted by staking GRT to that indexer
>Delegators get a share of that reward
GRT is needed as a currency to incentivized running indexing servers that process queries for dapps.

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Well then, don't buy it is a pajeet scam.

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Did you ever have blue baby syndrome ever? Thats what the image shows *indexed* data

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basically it's a money printer

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quads and dubs confirm

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Fuckin' check em

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it's the google of blockchain bro

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What no one here will tell you is that some 6 billion GRT will be entering the market in months. Only 12.5% is actually sold retail. The price has to remain low for it to be usable. Basically a short term pnd at best.

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its the 4chan of blockchain, need i say more?

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Enjoy your second round of false hope.

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Who need hopium?

>pic related

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It’s the Riley Reid of gangbangs. You literally cannot lose money here.

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you are writing a book on faggots and how the name came about. you have a library and the class you take at the community college set a deadline of one day. you can hire a team of niggers to find all the faggot information in the library so you can start writing and have a chance to complete your deadline or you can pay a librarian a few tokens to direct you to the faggot information you need.

the graph will find your fags for a fee. by the way, your there are 11862121 libraries in town so pick the one that has the faggot information.

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It's a fucking search engine.

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its the epstein of pedophiles... what epstein did for pedophiles is what the graph does for the blockchain industry.

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no need to, you can easily find out how token distribution works. you are going to miss out on a lot of good things anon. you're still thinking in fiat currency.

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alright so while GRT seems convenient for devs, this seems to make it a bad investment for long-term hold?

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Sirs you must do the needful and sell. soon no more money graph is worth 1 rupees :(

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tfw you arent rich enough to put 2k in every coin that is suggested on biz and then hold it for a year to see what happens

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I'll throw you a bone anon since you actually seem interested in real information

the query fees are dynamic and set by indexers. If the price of GRT mooned, it would simply cost "less" GRT to execute a query.

There's no "need" for it to stay low, because there's no set amount of the query fee. Like any other asset, the price is dictated by supply and demand. And every app will demand GRT since their data services essentially rely on the Graph.

And what incentive do you think they have with regard to GRT price once everyone has it?

>Do you think they want to pay MORE GRT when they're shelling out their data expenses in GRT every time they make a request?

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Now see I heard traditionally its much more of a pump & dump

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Oof right in the feels hombre

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DMM was shilled just as heavily and look where it is now.

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GRT Delegation Reward Calculator:






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the fucking bollocks guy is still at it. based.

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makes sense, thanks.

ouch... probably had a bad team behind it. tried looking for info on the graph's devs but couldn't find much...

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Imagine thinking GRT is remotely like DMM

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It's the Myspace of blockchain

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Wow based

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you're a stupid nigger

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oh my god

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So the token is not needed? Yeah there’s no justification for the price of this to go over $3.

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Literally nobody uses it, they had to create their own company to make it look like there was demand.

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so is NU worth getting in on to? I still dont really understand how it provides security. i even watched the video of the pinkhaired bullring jew trying to speak.

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Why would I explain GRT to you? You think I care if you make it or not? I'm not your mom you entitled little brat. Do your own research or fuck off.

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is throwing 1k link at this a bad idea?

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Dont do it. Dangerous and dark road to go down investing in NuCypher. As you can see hooligans will write anything on a whiteboard to get you to buy.

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Do it and find out.

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Incredibly based

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It's the Google of Blockchain.
Buying GRT now is like buying google stock back in 2004.

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also it has recovered faster than most alts from the Valentine's Massacre so there's that.

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thank you for your valuable input

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luckily there's better anons than you

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Take it from a seething link 3k link stacklet who wishes he had gotten more in 2018, 'token not needed' was the fud that pushed me away from making that leap of faith. Not falling for it again this time.

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Stfu fucker is that your first 10% profit ?
don’t be a tard who trashtalks here
share what bot u use for it
I am clever enough to understand how it works
Bot Ocean - the thing you need

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Where is the fucking chink dump I just waited all day to buy this stupid coin.

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Historically, GRT is a volume based coin. Hate to break it to you folks, but it is. These are the facts. People saying it isn't, you're on the wrong side of the data. The entire market is being run by volume. When trading volume decreases, the price decreases. When volume increases, you can expect to see a jump in price soon.

I estimate each token to be valued at $5 minimum until more normies and smart money arrive, which they haven’t yet, as this coin is still in its early days. Coinbase lists it though, so we will see more volume in time anyway.

With that being said, GRT is a utility token for a project essential for Web 3.0. “The Google of Blockchain” is not a meme. It is just the way it is right now.

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Are we fudding GRT like we did with LINK? Are we keeping the redditors and Twitter fags out? We had such good fud for link. What's the good stuff for GRT?

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you missed it

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its already tuesday in chinkland the dump was yesterday

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I would burn an orphanage full of white children and convert to Judaism to fuck that girl. Also I panic swapped all my GRT to link because of this stupid fucking pajeet infested website.

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so blockchain SQL essentially

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doesn't this mean the GRT you now own will depreciate a lot in the future? I mean there's going to be a lot of new GRT dumped later on

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Cuck and simp pilled, tighten the fuck up lad

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very trash coin sir, invest Parsnip instead

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Can someone clear this up?

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... It dumped pretty hard, are you fucking waiting for it to be less than 1$? Come back when we're not in a bull market.

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boys im in 500€. greetings from europe.

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Why do you think other people should put in work to make you rich? You retarded fucking faggot. Don't buy GRT.

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look up "5 years GRT circulation" on Google and access the one on GRT's official web page

they'll dump millions of GRT onto into circulation every month until the max supply cap is reached

amazes me how these retarded Biz zoomers coming from wallstreetbets thinks it can retain its $2 value end of the week or even peak $3

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I can almost guarantee you most people shilling this coin will sell in the next 2 months because of this.

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And link is useless IRL. I mean, literal useless coin with sergey dumping on everyone. Yet...

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>What is staking? What is delegating? What is indexing? What is curating? What is token burn mechanism?
If you were really interested in this coin and not just subtly FUDing, you would've found out about staking etc.

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Hans, get the flamenwaffen

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Why do you think the token isn't needed? Do you think servers are free? Do you want a centralized server that you can just buy a monopoly on instead of a decentralized solution where token holders can literally take action against indexers that provide bad information? Read: indexers that decide to moralfag and censor info.
Eat shit dude. You post the same fud every single day and every day you get BTFO to never respond and go create a new thread.

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this is a brazilian scam, i lost 90 quadrillion dollars with this shitcoin

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BuT ChiNa Is DuMpiNg ToDaY lool thanks for last nights dump, bought even more ;)

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I literally outlined why the coin is necessary. It's not my fault you have the reading comprehension skills of an elementary student with severe downs syndrome. You're ngmi anon. You never deserved to in the first place. People as fucking stupid as you deserve to be poorfags for life.

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Get tezos retard

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It's a good pump and dump, that's it.
Wish I had bought it a weak ago, I could have doubled my money.

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>the Elliott Rodger of incels

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>No one will ever tell you
This is literally the number one fud talking point. I'm certain I'm dealing with a Chinese bot at this point.

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I have a huge folder I'm saving for EOY full of swingies like this. This is the next LINK and if you can't understand why LINK and GRT are necessary together to complete the dapp cycle I cant help you

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Its honestly funny to see people falling for the most basic of FUD the same way people fell for stinky FUD back in 2018 and are now not going to make it
GRT is your shot anons, stop being faggots

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Yeah these guys should know GRT is their shot

Shot in the foot

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>nigger opinion
many such cases

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>reddit spacing
>not clearly a pause for dramatic effect


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They literally dumped it to 1.6, but I guess our info was wrong because we said the target was 1.5??????

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you will never be white r*dditnigger now go pay taxes on every trade like the jew worshipper you are

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I think alts might go down again because there's too much dumb money in the green. But GRT is the only one I'm not willing to swingtrade and risk getting left behind on. Same as with LINK. Every other shitcoin I have is replacable, but GRT really isn't.

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Yeah we really dropped the ball on that one, off by 10 cents!

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Everything you need to know about why GRT is the best coin of 2021 is in this image.

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faggot. this not reddit.

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Whiter than you yankie doodle

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The token is what incentives indexers to query data on their own free will in turn this makes the graph self sustaining and completely decentralized. Indexers aren’t working out of some office space in San Francisco making a salary. They basically get paid by the delegators staking their tokens with them. It’s literally genius but you’re too stupid to see it therefore ngmi

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Most of those coins will be staked by delegates and therefore not in circulation and tokens will be burned as well.

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Blockchain elastic search

>> No.28791047

11 billion with 3% added every year. I'm not saying it's a bad coin but most people shilling now are pnd scammers before the deflation.

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They are adding more coin each year. 3% so burn rate is whatever. Just tell me why people will pay more than $3 to own 1 of 11 billion coins. Yes, it serves a purpose but so does the dollar store.

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If you think this coin is going as high as Link, think again. This coin cannot sustain that kind of price. It'll hit $5 at most from hype. At this point that's a nice 2x, but it ISN'T a long term hold for profits.

>> No.28791544

it will go higher than LINK because GRT actually does something

>> No.28791720

The real flippening is when GRT flips LINK

>> No.28791798

First of all it’s capped at 10 billion minus token burn. Second, a large portion of those coins will be wrapped up in delegating so the entire 10 billion won’t be in circulation. By the time all tokens are released the market cap will be so high the circulating supply won’t matter.

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33bn market cap is nothing... wait for BTC to hit 10T and 33bn will be shitcoin status.

>> No.28791945

LINK og here from jan 2018, you guys said the exact same thing then and how the token wasn't needed at all. It's the jason parser all over again

>> No.28792067

You still aren't explaining why it will be worth some 50B+ market cap. Only 12.5% of coins is sold to retail, 3% token inflation each year, 10B+ total circulation. You shillers are so desperate to pump this before they add another 6B to the supply in a couple months.

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How to spot a shitcoin
>Massive hype over nothing substantial
>Reddit fags on it
>Massive supply
>"Low price"
>Mcap does not matter.

Congrats GRT has it all.

>> No.28792161

Now compare bitcoin circulation to grt shill

>> No.28792171

When they add to the supply this coin will drop like a ton of rocks.

>> No.28792179

So basically I should sell half of my coin at the end of the bull run to make sure I maximize profits since It will probably never hit that high again but will likely never be bellow what I bought it for

>> No.28792288


You mean an x8 profit

>> No.28792327

correct. there are better moonshots out there, especially now that GRT pumped to like $2.50 already

>> No.28792378

Because it has an incredibly useful function and the more popular and mainstream crypto becomes the more important the graph will become. They’re about to integrate bitcoin’s blockchain into their platform soon as well so expect another massive pump when that happens. GRT’s marketcap is nowhere near the top yet. It literally is the Google of blockchain so when blockchain tech becomes mainstream and decentralized tech is in higher demand expect the graph to be in extremely high demand as well.

>> No.28792389

Sell before GRT devs fuck everyone over by flooding the market with billions more coins.

>> No.28792403

you don't understand, making the thread IS THE research

>> No.28792478

lmao as if all of crypto isn't others making others rich. kys

>> No.28792599

Are you literally retarded? It’s literally mapped out on their website how they will be releasing tokens. 12% of total supply is released right now and 3% will be released every year so the total won’t be released for a long time and on top of that tokens will be burnt and a large portion won’t be in circulation. Get the fuck out of here smoothebrain

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Awesome, debate me.

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>Now see I heard
why did this make me kek so hard

>> No.28793174

i bought this shit for 13 cents at presale or some shit ico, dont remember
sold it for 50c and REGRET NOTHING
absolute shitcoin with infinite supply

>> No.28793607

Literally ngmi

>> No.28793621

Why are fees for GRT transactions so high in comparison to other PoS coins?
A transfer from coinbase costs > 4GRT, which is like $10 , while for coins like XLM, EOS or ALGO, it is nearly 0.
Given that, why would it be better than such coins?

>> No.28794260

>Massive hype over nothing substantial
literally the entire crypto economy has been involved with GRT more or less in the past few years
if web3 takes off (and it will) GRT is heavily involved
I encourage you to do some research instead of being a butt hurt little bitch who didnt get in early
>Reddit fags on it
every crypto
>Massive supply
do some research and youll know why
much of it is delegated or will be delegated
>"Low price"
for now yeah
every crypto
theyre hilarious
>Mcap does not matter.
it does

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I did my research well enough and while it has value, that's undeniable, it's a shitcoin.

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>I did my research well enough and while it has value, that's undeniable, it's a shitcoin.

>> No.28794976

like buying google shares at $1

>> No.28795158

once again

>> No.28796134

would like to know this too (if true)

>> No.28796578

If you on profit, better to take of and put on another project, more people know it, more vulnerable it will be, /biz/ already exploit the weakness of GRT and reply just "its already price in"

>> No.28796637

95% of shitcoins will die in the next bear market, and people like you are too retarded to sell the top. The winning strategy is to pick the ones that survives.

>> No.28796833

yeah sure like bitcoin is the most vulnerable because it's the most known? cool logic bro

>> No.28796955

started watching this and took a look at this co-founders Linkedin - it says he's no longer involved with the project since last December? What's up?