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Upcoming announcements/integrations:
>Binance listing
>Huobi listing
>2 defi intergrations
>2 layer 1 intergrations
>IQ protocol
>Epoch 2 tokenomics
All in Q1/next 6 weeks
picrel is prq/eth, bullish as fuck chart as is the prq/usd chart. Top of channel is 3-5x.
Don't believe the fud, yes it has crabbed but now it's time to buy.

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wrong picrel

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No comfier coin than my parsnips. Holding till 2022 minimum.

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Too many whales, will not ever go up. Slav scam.

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Binance soon.

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All those huge announcements in 6 weeks and the general public is not aware of them yet. Feeling ultracomfy.

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when will the pump begin?

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Except GRT of course

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EOY price predictions lads?

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You understand GRT barely has any room for growth left, right? You've seen the tokenomics?

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I’m still seething I sold my 5k GRT stack that i got for only around £1000

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Yep, GRT. I don't fosee any issues here at all anon. It will be great when they flood the market with tokens and all the delegators are locked in for 28 days.

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best place to buy? okex?

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$1 is still under $40mill mc, we're pampiiinng!!


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Ngl, its a great looking chart. Mcap is too high for me to invest in now though.

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Coin Metro if you want an exchange, otherwise Uni.

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Okay so
Block chains block chains
Block chains are like burritos
Yes burritos
Like when you are moving through the line at chipotle
You have your meats your beans your rice
Many mutually exclusive realities exist
Mild salsa queso guacamole
And the gas fees in this case are high
The person will yell at you GUAC IS EXTRA
But you already know this
Because Parsiq
This is Parsiq

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Just aped in

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Accidentally put the wrong salsa on your burrito?
Reverse time with parsiq and put the right salsa on this time.

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If you've made profits off of GRT good for you, but I would switch them over to PRQ now if I were you. PRQ has way more growth potential now, especially since GRT already had a big pump.

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This has a 3-5x in it short term
This week

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>Aped in with a quarter of a million
Anon, is there something you know that we don't?

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6 weeks left in Q1......

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>fully diluted marketcap of 24 billion

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I want to believe it will go parabolic, but the crabbing has crushed my hope

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Im really suicidal but I want to see what my suistack will do for my life in 5 years boys... fuck

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How is staking going to work boys? Is staking a small stack even worth it? No plans to sell for at least a year.

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Hang in there fren. A suicide stack is enough to be comfy and not suicide.

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Everything cools off anon. 100x doesn’t happen in one go

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I don't believe anyone has any idea yet. It will be a lending/borrowing system without risk, but how lucrative it will be is dependent on how many customers PRQ has and a few other factors. So I guess we'll have to see to find out. That said, we know PRQ is atleast a top 20 project, possibly even top 10 so chances are it will be pretty lucrative to stake.

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some anon claimed this buy came from a wallet connected to aave.
don't know if true but these are the sorts of buys we can expect regularly as more and more companies intergrate parsiq

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Thought so too anon, we already know they have a massive pipeline of interested companies. Passive income would be great, I just don't want to be left out being a poorlet.
Neat, thank you. I wonder if that rumor of a market buy from Binance is going to be true as well. It's only inevitable.

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Any idea when we can expect the next announcement?

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top 50

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Gotta think this week there’s one. They have reiterated they are on schedule and there are 6 announcements left in q1

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If WeChat, Shopify, Salesforce alone all happen then it's top 20 guaranteed.

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6 announcements a week for 6 weeks means it'll also do well to stave off the crabbing.

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They have so much lined up for the next 6 weeks, we can assume an announcement this week.
Also, they have fulfilled every promise and deadline to date

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Feeling more confident lads, might even buy a few more parsnips with the money i was going to use to top up my LTO stack

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top 50
we are living in clown world anon

lads, general question, what's the all time high prediction for PRQBOOST

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Also anyone else experiencing delays sending ETH?
Tried to send some to my metamask wallet about 4 hours ago and it’s still pending

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this shit is surreal to me, I remember when prq was under 1 cent and 1k could get you 200k prq
I fucked up by not throwing money at it then

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Once they get the big projects like IQ protocol and Ncase up and running it will free up time for more partners and integrations, plus development on new strings they can add to their bow. 2021 will be the year of Parsiq. I'm holding right on through.

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True. Tron is top 50 after all.

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this, i still sometimes think 200 bucks can give you 10000prq

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Same. I bought yesterday and it was tough, will still 10x from here though and my 5c parsnips are coming along nicely.

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Anyone able to explain what this project does in a way that someone who has had sex can understand?
The chart looks primed for some big poompa but I'm on the fence

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why did it release so cheap? even GRT was 18p on release and that has billions of tokens
i got in fairly late and got most of my stack for around 40-60p

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>why did it release so cheap?
because it's not a vc controlled jew coin, and it stayed cheap because biz was unaware and didn't listen to kevin.

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Number goes up.

That's all you need to know anon.

For more info you can visit their blog.

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I wish I visited a PRQ thread, I remember seeing them in October and November and I didn’t bother looking into it.

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for you

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two more weeks

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It might have started already? Fingers crossed.

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FUCK my eth is STILL pending, it’s been about 5 hours now

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Trust the plan.

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Parsiq, the Illuminati of Blockchain

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This coin is the path to your financial despair.

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>Parsiq, the Illuminati of Blockchain

BlockchainS, where we are going there are no boundaries.

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Imagine GRT being more expensive than PRQ with 20 times more supply



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grt's product worked for years and NOW they have a token hmmmmm

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so does PRQ hmmmmm

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even as a discount token its more needed kek
but its not a discount token anymore


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>so does PRQ
wait i just actually, read, your post
prq had its token since its inception you dumb fucking monkey
since Sep 2019

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This forced rivalry by GRTrannies is cringe. They're not even competitors.

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>I’m still seething I sold my 5k GRT stack that i got for only around £1000
Lol. I had a 30k stack and sold it. If you're seething, I've got a gun on my left hand

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Why is this better than GRT then

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>smaller mcap meaning more growth
>not shit tokenomics meaning good for long term holding

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GRT can look at past data, PRQ can do the same but also in real time, has far more room to grow as well, see >>28775333
In the long run PRQ will be far more valuable than GRT

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I should add, there’s a reason that despite a month of crabbing no one has dumped their bags, this is a really solid project

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"Graph is querying the database of historical data (which has already happened) via code environment. But it's just a completely different project. PARSIQ is not querying, it is performing transformations on live streams of events (that have not happened even yet) with automation triggers, user data and direct integrations with on- and off-chain apps, devices, web services. Also not just ETH, but blockchain agnostic and available for both coders and non-coders.

Different approach, different tech, different product. Not competitors."


Im tired of you brainlets acting like they are even remotely the same product. You dumb fucks see blockchain + data and think they are alike.

This fake ass rivalry was started by GRT holders to shill GRT to PRQ holders, thats all. And your stupid ass fell for it.

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pic very related

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Charles Hoskinson even said PRQ is very interesting while GRT is a useless tech like everything based on ETH.

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They should create a BSC bridge, nobody cares about ERC20 tokens anymore.

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>[+400 CNY] have been deposited into your account
>your social score has increased by [+3]

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yeah that would be tubular

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I really don’t like these prepaid pump and dump Ellio TRades coin. The tech is utter pure garbage, and the shitting thing is that Ellio TRades a YouTube, has been paid to shill to to his watchers so he can dump on them and swing into some trash coin he made.

Extremely low IQ if you buy any more of this garbage. It will go to zero and then then you will have left a ton of people pissed off.

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Thanks, just sold my bags

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Try harder

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still holding

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All those noobs chasing pumps will go rope once they realize thry had one whole month to buy PRQ for 1$ and they blew it.

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They already had months to buy PRQ at 10c and they still dont get it. Still buying worthless meme coins like Doge

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I keep telling myself that it is too late to buy into this coin.

>> No.28782542

where do i buy this? man i left crypto for a year and i missed this gem

>> No.28782566

I almost forgot this shit existed

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I bought in at 20 cents, 40, 60, and $1.45.
I will still buy up until 3 bucks probably even higher depending on how the partnerships play out.
Just zoom out your brain and think about the future more than 1 second ahead of you. It’s gonna be big.

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coinmetro with the rest of the gems

>> No.28782829

Me too

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Guys. Do me a favor. I need to up my PRQ stack bigly with my RARI gains. But RARI has another leg up in the works, so give me 3 more days. That's all I ask.

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I like this comment. I heard before, when Parsiq was at 6cents and had pumped from 1ct. And I heard it again at 70cents, literally 2 days before it pumped to ATH.

Not even kidding.

I will hear it again at 3-4$ next month.


>> No.28783139


Coinmetro has decent volume for PRQ/EUR or USD pairings.

It's kinda like Coinbase but for yuropoors

>> No.28783369

coinmetro, surprisingly good exchange wish i had made an account sooner

>> No.28783406

5$ next stop

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I bought at 0.0052 and doubled up at 1.20. Not too late.

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>your request is being processed and will be shortly sent to BigPump TM, wish you the best
I sold 10k at 0.05 and 300 at 0.29

>this shit is surreal to me
lads I'm in fucking disbelief, I can't keep it in, I could have went all in and retired by now, but I just got a sui stack instead
sometimes I think back at the days when I was eating breakfast while watching kevin's AMA where he talked about parsiq, I could have had it all bros

>> No.28783876

Its barting retards.

>> No.28784150

>bought at 0.0052
No wonder you are shilling this shitcoin with fucked up tokenomics.

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>get home from work
>check dextools chart
>that wick up to $1.40
Why can't they just let it MOON already for fucks sake, god that candle is depressing to look at, it got eaten alive

>> No.28784375

What kind of job do you have that you get home at 10am?

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You think everyone is from the same country or summin?
Don't get my hopes up

>> No.28784485

what’s wrong with the tokenomics?

>> No.28784671

>only up 200x bro, the 6 figure wallets totally won't dump on you bro

>> No.28784817

So many upcoming features to the product. This is a use case ive actually been looking for and I could easily see integration with other projects

>> No.28784960

which indicator

>> No.28785051

>being scared of a few whales
you must only have like 6 or so projects you dare invest in

>> No.28785247

i would like to buy a bag but the low liquidity and the low volume scares me. why isnt there more interest in this coin?

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because it’s been crabbing for a whole month in the middle of a bull market where everything else is pumping left and right, that and it’s not on any major exchanges, yet

>> No.28785406

still early

>> No.28785569


>> No.28785676

Whales have no friends irl

>> No.28785810

You had months, I'm shooting someone if my gains are delayed because of some random anons shitcoin

>> No.28786058

Be straight with me guys, I've got about 4.2k parnsips. Is this a comfy stack or will I rope if I dont get atleast 5k snippies?

>> No.28786199

10k is sui stack. Although at this point it might be hard to get, 5k is a good stack too.
I'm almost positive Parsiq will be a future top 25, maybe even top 10 project. So 20-30$ or more is not off the table.

>> No.28786239

I’m in the same boat fren, tempted to sell a few XMR to top myself up to 5k
but i KNOW the second i do that it will pump

>> No.28786421

My Delta app finally updated to include Parsiq logo. Moon mission confirmed.

>> No.28786480

I've been DCAing weekly since early January. I'll keep chucking in 25% of my paychecks until we go over $2. Then hopefully the anxiety will subside.

>> No.28786559

I want this so bad

>> No.28786772

I like snippies. Parsnips plus crabbing. Prquties is tranny discord tier.

>> No.28787377

Shut the fuck up newfag

>> No.28787474

Look at the market cap and trade volume. Its on a big upward trend and its coiled to strike soon. This things has so much upward potential its insane and you're still at the genesis

>> No.28787548

Yeah, PRQ is about automation with specific blockchain triggers causing an action. A great tool, but why does that need a token?

>> No.28787708

It doesn't NEED a token, but it will REQUIRE a token.

99% of projects in crypto could've done the same thing without a token. What does it matter? If the devs plan to integrate the token into the project, whats the problem?

>> No.28787801

I got most at 6 cents. Need to get to 50k before the next leg though.

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I can't accumulate any more and im well below a sui stack

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>mfw holding 40,000PRQ and 5,000GRT

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Unironically true, so lonely.

>> No.28789524

i too am not at sui stack and will not reach it by end of q1
at least we'll make some money

>> No.28790128

This is the dumbest TA chart i've seen all day lol. You're not ashamed to share your ignorance here? You're the real guy "I drew lines on a chart" meme comes from? Listen faggot, you're showing me a chart doing highest high and lower low.

>> No.28790134

3 sui stacks reporting in
feeling giga comfy