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wagmi and I think it won't take long

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Wow. Ultra bullish.

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Imagine not holding Fantom.

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The Ukrainians whales have been suppressing the price, don't think they can hold it down for much longer

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I hold around 500K fantom, when moon

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After CB listing

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117k reporting

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The fuck?
Holy shit time to buy some of this crap

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You will have $1m+ in a year

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I have 10k but fuck I wanna buy more

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Shut up faggot is this your first 10% income ?
don’t be a faggot who says shit here
share what bot r u using for it
I am smart enough to realize how it works
Bot Ocean - the thing u need

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50k stacklet, i think im gonna make it

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It's fun that eastern european countries are more invested in crypto than some failed state called Germany which i'm living.

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Nu sho tut moina skazaty? Slava Ukraini

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>"creating a platform for the exchange of intellectual property based on the Fantom blockchain"
So they are making a fork of Fantom for use in their own country?
How does this benefit me?

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What don't you get? They're building their exchange on the Opera network. It's using their chain.

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No, it clearly says BASED on.
Not ON it.
How it's said makes all the difference.
They are clearly not going to run ON the Fantom blockchain, only base their code on it.

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maybe you should read a little bit more other than image boards and social media, that's an awful reading comprehension

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Kys hahol

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Is this a Pajeet scam or should I invest

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lmfao youre an idiot

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just bought more and finally have a 10k stack. it's not much but I'm a poorfag so it's good enough for me.

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holy fuck bros WGMI

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They lied about 300 000 tps dag

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is this a tranny coin?

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They lied about central banks

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Are you really that easily fooled that you believed those who told that this is a scam? They told that KeeperDAO is also a scam. They tell you that so that they can buy more :D

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oh, i was answering the schizo

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stay poor faget

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heroyam sala

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Don't let them scam you

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I only hold 25K FTM

hope this moons so I can put a deposit on a house by the end of the year and not be a fucking rentcuck anymore

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Why is all of Fantom's partnerships with some of the world's worst and most corrupt governments and not a single first world company or government? Why are ALL of Fantom's projects with corrupt governments just empty words and not resulted in a single project working on Fantom blockchain? Even Fantom's mainnet has been available for over a year, not a single dev is working on it. They all know it's shit and stay he hell away.

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They lied about transaction speed. Their "test" of speed was on a "testnet". ie on a computer and not Fantom's blockchain

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All governments are corrupt.

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Tech is a trainwreck. A badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

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Sure, no difference between Germany and Afghanistan, Mohammed.

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Honestly Germany is way worse and way more cucked

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Whole chink team exist scammed long time, before a new scammer team took over.

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shizo is back! hooray!

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That's the point of blockchain. A public ledger for transactions. That's one way to eradicate fraud and corruption in government contracts. It's a great real world use case. Now begone schizo fudder.

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Germany is more corrupt than Afghanistan. Got it, faggot.

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Partnership with Oracle is fake and only a sales rep contract with Fantom's Korea division. ANY seller of Oracle have that "partnership"

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All you have is empty statements from some of the most corrupt nations on earth, in partnership with a PROVEN Fantom scammer team.

NOBODY is using you shit tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. Even after having been out for over a year. Not a single dev will touch that shit.

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Get some new material ffs.

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The tax laws in Germany are based tho, i hold like $200,000 in FTM and when I cash out, I won't have to pay a dollar in taxes because I held my coins for 365+ days. I am starting to plan my retirement already and I'm well under 30yo kek

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Dedicated fudder, bullish af

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My god :D i can feel your pain fren. Let me guess: your shitcoins didnt moon yet and thats why you havent done accumulating? :)

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that's our of schizo fudder
the herald of fantom pumps

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You Fantom scammers are the most psychotic and delusional in crypto space.

ALL from some of the most corrupt third world countries. Not a single company or government entity from the West will touch that shit.

Worse, ALL you have is emty statements from corrupt thrird wold leaders and a proven Fantom scammer team.

NOBODY is using you shit tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. Even after having been out for over a year. Not a single dev will touch that shit.

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Went all in

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>the West
Oh you mean trannies? Thank god

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You are so fucking angry that you're priced out, it's actually pathetic. Cya @ $1 schizo

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well ftm to moon
i have now seen everything in this cycle

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his bags are probably larger than ours
i firmly believe he got a validator node by now, he's diligent on his fudding you see

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>only have 500k

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Sorry guys, I have never seen a happy and joyful scammer ever. Fantom is a proven and documented scam. You know it, but you just don't care. Every scammer has a miserable live, no matter the money.

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ukraine isn't that bad, it's not belarus or moldova
and you gotta start somewhere

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Thanks biz
Youve helped me yet again

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Fuck Becker. He ruined my marriage by fucking my wife his huge BWC!

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20c today?

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>implying you can cash out ftm into fiat
take care fren thats how i got cucked, they make that crypto to crypto transaction count, too

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>>platform based on fantom blockchain.

the platform needs a base, which is the fantom blockchain. What dont you understand?

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That's what Bitconnect morons said, until they didn't.

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salty fren :(

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10k peanut fund holder here

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Why did it stop pumping? Thought this was big news, should I sell my Solana for more ftm?

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