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Hi, newfaguette here. I only recently started reading about crypto here and I have questions.

1. When or WHERE are miner fees lower/higher and why??? (only asking because yesterday in a matter of minutes I saw it go from .008 to .17 or higher which might as well be black magic to me)

2. What's a market cap and why is it more important than the low prices when it comes to crypto?

3. How badly have I fucked up? I might have wanted quick pocket money... first night here read a thread about this new cool $WOLFY (it's on here https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x75c83c6dafe52218f7a13c8244e9af5b60bc4511 ) that was only at the beginning so I put like $200 in it (big deal for me) aaaaand now it's doing kind of a weird thing where it seems dead. I'm no crypto doctor so my question is: is there a point in holding (in hopes that magically people will hear about it someday) or is it time to get out bc it will soon crash for good?

4.Any other advice?

Thanks ^^

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you sound like a woman

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That's disgusting

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>>tehee I'm a woman
No matter how many threads you make on as many boards you go on, you cannot be a woman.

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Tranny detected

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Damn it. A little too late for this advice now but will keep that in mind.

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Show tidz

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I do not like the way you type.

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Women don't help other Women, you'd know that sweety if you were one.

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>how badly?
yes you are fucking retarded

buy link btc eth aave snx or anything defi really

also kys

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Stop worrying about finance or crypto and start worrying about finding a husband and learning how to cook.

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post those mommy milkers and il tell you the next 100x coin

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Why do you type like this

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Please show us your titties (wearing a bra is ok).

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>wearing a bra is ok
It's not only ok but highly encouraged.

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>>28764981 yes it really is ok indeed
>why do I type like this
Idk. Lived under a rock I guess

Thx for all the useful advice :3 will certainly remember not to be a woman. But also, the fact you've been on the internet without seeing tiddies so far concerns me.

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you want something from us you should give something back

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... Uhh
Feet ok?

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kys faggot weeb

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I think I shall politely decline
>>28765699 your ideas about currency on this board are definitely weird but eh

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There you go

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such beautiful toes and i love that you trim your nails so nicely, would definitely worship

buy HBAR and hold

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Avoid coins named after animals or food like the plague.

Avoid coins with a circulating supply in the billions. If you invest in them do not expect them to go past 0.20

Avoid coins that have a low market cap despite being around for years.

Avoid decentralised exchanges, if $200 is too much for you then Ethereum's gas fees will eat you alive.

Buy low sell high.

Buy the rumour sell the news.

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>>28766339 this is great, ty

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I'm gonna give you the best financial/life tip that you can get:
>>28764752 follow this anons advice and also learn how to keep yourself healthy and fit.
If you really want to invest throw a few hundred into BTC and Chainlink and forget about it for the next 5years. Your future husband will be very happy that you can bring even more to the table tgan your youth and skills when you start a family together. Also marry as young as possible and become (latin mass) Catholic or Orthodox (the men you meet there won't be bumps or cheaters but also not onions faces betas).
Good luck
t. Easter Euro anon who is on his way to make it this bullrun.

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Down for more exchanges anon? We can share with u the next easy 10x

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1. What do mean by miner fees? GAS maybe? Mining isn't anywhere near profitable if you don't live in country where electricity is cheap and invest in really good hardware. GAS is cheap when americans sleep.

2. Market cap is more important because the price of a coin is just a number, if a coin costs 0,1 $ and there are 100, the MC is 10 dollars, if one costs 1 $ and there are 10, the MC is 10 dollars, so they are the same while the 0,1 $ coin seems cheaper.

3. Seems like a scam, if you already lost I would hold right now, maybe someone shills it again. Just my opinion.

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>become Catholic or Orthodox

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Nah that's too easy. Let's do something else: first, give me your advice and then if it's good you can pick the nail polish color

But first:
Thing is, getting PLT = huge fees rn. Already have very little (5-10 $ each) of the following: HBAR, RSR, ONE, GRT, ALGO. What next?

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>"warning, miner fees are high right now"
-The site, not me

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I'd not buy too many different coins, that's already a good amount in my opinion.
I'm very into GRT, best you do your own research.

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That's fair.

Here's a guide on to next get scammed and rugpulled:

1.Go to https://www.dextools.io, see if liquidity is locked, if not don't invest.
If the project is listed on Binance you are 90% safe from a rug pull.

2.If locked, check if the team has locked liquidity, this is the first risk because most of them don't have team tokens locked. Check to see if they are for at least 3 months in the market, if so you are safer but not 100%.

3.Check the first 10 -20 holder wallets on Etherscan if they have only the token you are possibly investing in, that means the team owns those wallets and are trying to fool you into thinking they are individual investor wallets.

I got 3 more steps left.

Pink is nice.

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>*Holds up spork*

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Very funamental for the understanding of crypto is to think about whales.

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Hi, senpai!
*bows and makes ahegao face*
1. I don't know. It doesn't matter (kawai)
2. Market cap is just the money in the coin basically. Low market cap usually means much higher room for gains. Even easier when supply is lower. Basically just divide market cap by the supply for rough math :>
3. Sad thing is wolfy got ran over by a car. We're holding it's funeral tomorrow ;(. I am a crypto doctor and after my time dissecting coins, I can tell when a bubu is too big.
4. Go fuck yourself

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*not get scammed

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Looks like you're fat

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The fuck? Are you 5 or malnourished?

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The duality of man

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How are those 2 the only options? Both.
4. You too :* thx
Looking for pink then ^^

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Don't buy random coins you see on here. You need to research them first. They have to have a purpose otherwise everyone will forget about them and you'll be stuck holding the bag

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do the opposite anyone tells you

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>DOGE pump
>XRP pump
>PRNT pump
What anon fuck you i made more money on those shit coins than in 4 years on stock market

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*bows and makes ahegao face*
Random ass question. What is the first letter of your first name? I will give you another piece of genuine advice from someone who has been in crypto for 2 years

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You click on the "team lock" icon and see on team.finance if it's locked? If it says 0% locked there, that means nothing is locked? Or do I still need to input something on team.finance

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OP, definitely do not look into RLC or visit nsmdo.com, whatever you do, never buy any

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>3. How badly have I fucked up? I might have wanted quick pocket money... first night here read a thread about this new cool $WOLFY (it's on here https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x75c83c6dafe52218f7a13c8244e9af5b60bc4511 ) that was only at the beginning so I put like $200 in it (big deal for me) aaaaand now it's doing kind of a weird thing where it seems dead. I'm no crypto doctor so my question is: is there a point in holding (in hopes that magically people will hear about it someday) or is it time to get out bc it will soon crash for good?

You did good. Invest only in pump and dump shitcoins, this way you have chances to double your money every day. Do not buy shit like bitcoin or old coins because you will need years for it to go up 20%.

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*Don't do that* Hi, I'm A, for Anon ^^ Nice to meet you, ...?

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4.I'm sorry to say but the only way for you is Onlyfans

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>doesn't tell me the first letter of their first name
You did this to me

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Ran out of nail polish desu?

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Okay, the reason I asked is because you remind me of someone I know irl and wanted to see if maybe you were them. Chances are abysmal, but you never know

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We are in a extreame bull market right now, you could make the same amount with penny stocks in the stock market. But it can change anyday. Also DOGE and XRP aren't shitcoins, they are in the top 10.

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>DOGE and XRP aren't shitcoins, they are in the top 10.

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they are heavily manipulated. Doge has no usage at all. It is straight up a meme coin and elon is the only reason it pumps basically. No comment on xrp

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Doesn't matter, it's all about market cap. You can trade doge on robinhood, eToro and all the other normie stock trading apps.

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Out of light pink, I'm afraid... Was forced to use dark pink. And hey you know these things take time to get dry right?

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You can say that about any pajeet coin too. You need more than "small market cap". Only reason doge is a surviving meme coin is because it's an og coin and because of elon. I will say one thing. If doge ever dumps to all hell because the small amount of people that hold them sell it, I will buy then, BUT ONLY THEN due to how I know elon will meme it to the moon

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Holy fuck your laminate is really badly layd, you can get lost in that gap dimensions.

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I have experience and those are man legs.
Go back to /tttt/

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*small amount of people that hold the majority of it

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>a true gentleman

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I had no doubt in my mind you would pull through.

Here's the rest :D

5.Check Twitter to see if they are active, at least 1 tweet every 3 days.

6.Ask questions on Telegram or Discord and see how the group responds, spend a few hours, and if they are not friendly or let other members talk shit to you, better not invest.

This is NOT "How to make a profit with crypto". YES, you can buy a scam and make a profit, and you can buy a legit project and lose.

I also have some fresh insider info on some extremely promising projects, so what's next desu

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Fuck... harbinger of peak. We're within a month of timestamped with face pics on /biz/

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>And now this
the clues have been laid right from the start...

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No, you can't. Doge doesn't have a small market cap. I know doge is shit, don't want to defend it here, all I'm saying is that it's in the top 10 and not your average shitcoin since it's the most known crypto coin next to BTC and ETH now. There are many people believing in this project that hold their bags whatever comes until it reaches 1 $ what will most likey never happen.

>> No.28769053

just hold the WOLFY retard, there's an AMA today and the dapp will be launching in 2 weeks or so. Every transaction made is taxed and the proceeds distributed to holders as well as 1% of the tokens being burnt. There is no reason to sell at a loss yet.

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Show me a man who could fit in a girl-sized pink high heel shoe

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If you're a say trader maybe, for long term holding don't invest in shitcoins. More specifically though I was talking about shilled shitcoins like the one OP bought

>> No.28769239

>it's in the top 10 and not your average shitcoin since it's the most known crypto coin next to BTC and ETH now. There are many people believing in this project that hold their bags whatever comes until it reaches 1 $ what will most likey never happen.
Let me explain something to you. In 2017, bitcoin dumped from 20k to 3k. You know why? Because it was driven by retail speculation. Problem with retailers is they have paper hands. Now we have actual demand from institutions and they have strong hands. They hold for years. You know what doge is driven by? Retail speculation. You'll learn soon enough

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And one very serious adivce: Think about taxes.
I don't know where you live, but you have to pay them everywhere.
In some countries, mostly euro you get swap-taxed, meaning you pay about 30 % everytime you make profit even if your swapping between two shitcoins. That can make you pay more taxes that you earned in the end if you don't know about that.
Most swapping-taxed countries have the hodl-tax tho, meaning you don't pay any taxes if you hold a coin for at least a year without swinging, staking or farming.
So better look that shit up.

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Show soles and I'll tell you the next hidden guaranteed 100x gem.

>> No.28769357

you pay the percent on the profit not the total volume, it is literally impossible to pay more tax than you put in as long as you write off capital losses and don't get caught evading (then they might decide to tax you 100%)

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Yes my dear friend, as I said before I don't care about the project behind doge, don't own any and never will. All I'm saying is that it has a market cap of 3,3 billion dollars and is not your average shitcoin, it's one of the biggest projects in crypto right now, if we like or not.

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First off, the way you type is fucking annoying. Go back to catfishing lonely boys on reddit or discord you fucking tranny.

Secondly, the truth is you're not going to get a real answer here. Everyone here is in the same pit of confusion as you. Keep doing your own research and eventually you'll come up with your own plan of action. The safest bet for crypto is just like stocks, you invest in the (almost) safe ones, especially if you don't know what you're doing (BTC, ETH, LITE).

>> No.28769480

Go all in on LINK.

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>female starts a thread
>immediately start whoring herself out for monetary profit

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Depends on your countries laws. There are tax laws where crypto losses aren't taxable, only gains.

>> No.28769500

>All I'm saying is that it has a market cap of 3,3 billion dollars and is not your average shitcoin, it's one of the biggest projects in crypto right now, if we like or not.
You aren't comprehending what I'm saying.
1. the coin is heavily centralized
2. It is retail driven

It having a big market cap means jack shit. It is a huge bubble waiting to burst. The way bubbles work is from there being too much speculation on an asset without actual demand and it eventually will pop and go to its fair value. You don't want to get that. It having a big market cap does not make it "legit" in the slightest. You aren't getting that

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Why are you two so upset over nothing

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gonna need you to prove that anon

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Put most of your portfolio into BTC and ETH. If you want put small amounts into shitcoins. Dont be a weak hand pussy that sells when the price goes down a bit. In the long run BTC and ETH will go up for sure.

>> No.28769619

Also, get the Algo wallet and just put your money in there and let it sit and accumulate 8% interest for the rest of your life. It's an amazing project.

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Settling both

Implying that there is any real "monetary profit"
I know you secretly like it anon :>

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They just can't act any other way even if it is for the meme.The only way to act otherwise is not to declare your gender in the first place.

>> No.28769705

YEEEEEES Anon I know that, but if you write a book, buy 100 million copies yourself and make it to the #1 on blockbuster list, you are definately retarded, but still number one. It's a definition, I'm not saying it has anything to do with the success of the project.

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nice shaving faggot, but you'll never be a woman.
anybody putting significant money into shitcoin memes like wolfy deserve to lose his money. your money is now in the wallet of a higher IQ person who will know how to spend those 200 better.

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Don't let your boss know you're so angry when it comes to women and non-straight people, buddy.

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ngl i can cum to this....

>> No.28769826

that's really retarded if true

>> No.28769845

fem proof and I'll give u the best advice everyone on this board will also go crazy over.

Hint: Someone on Clubhouse leaked info

>> No.28769856

Only shitcoin memes gives you actual quick money, just buy when it costs 0. Wolfy is good enough, it will cost more than now.

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>yeah babe i need you to write that down... slash biz slash... yes, a heart instead of a zer-... no, babe, don't ask me why, just do it
>"hi, newfaguette here..."
I see what you did there, anon

>> No.28770044

That was my (poor) reasoning as well. Here's hoping it doesn't die

>> No.28770286

Here's hoping you're down for some more exchanges

>> No.28770306

welcome from tttt fren

>> No.28770668

>you'll never be a woman
this WILL disappoint my mother, I'm sure

Well... Genetic tests cost a lot and whatever you say, no body parts can GUARANTEE you're looking at a woman and not a man in 2021. That's the sad truth, for all those "show bobs" out here

Thank you anons
'tis been a fun and useful thread :3

>> No.28770721

>no body parts can GUARANTEE you're looking at a woman and not a man in 2021
Bone structure can.

>> No.28770774


surely we get an OOTD before u leave

>> No.28770848

YWNEBARW in your life
also post fake hrtits

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I like u anon so ill just post this. Good luck.

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Can we have some more please? Really a nice foot.

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timeframe for next pump?

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what is this? google search only shows unrelated shit

>> No.28771896

catalog is plastered with it, you probably massage your PROState a bit too much.

>> No.28771926

In case nobody told you this today, you are amazing

>> No.28772115

Maybe the other foot now?

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second kek

>> No.28772744

It looks just like the other one, you can check above pics if you don't trust me. Ty as well

>> No.28772922

tits pls. my village needs food.

>> No.28772947

That's what I thought, maybe I'll try that. No problem, thank you.

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It's its always a good idea to immediately block any woman commenting on the stock market. I've never seen good advice or insight from women on stock twits it twitter. Only bitter attention whores massive chips on their shoulder.

>> No.28773203

1. In Proof of Work, the reward is constant between halvings (for example Bitcoin halves its rewards every 4 years). I'm not sure how it works in Proof of Stake or other algorithms. The reward is in crypto of course, so its fiat value is subject to price fluctuations.
2. Market cap is total value of all coins in the market. Price is a result of how that value is divided among coins (how many coins there are). If you sell apples for $2 per kilo or $2000 per tonne it's the same market cap.
3. Don't buy coins /biz/ or anyone else shills. DYOR.
Right now we're in a market correction so that could be why your coin went down.

>> No.28773361


>Right now we're in a market correction so that could be why your coin went down.
When are they going to go back up?

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Girl, i'll give you some general advice but please stop acting like a tard online in the future.

Don't announce yourself as a woman on here. You had to exchange feet pics for some mediocre advice you could have gotten with just a little research and by phrasing your post in a more integrated way. There's a reason why most femanons hide the fact they're women on here. At best you get thirsty betas you can't trust and at worst you can get Bianca'd.

We can see the namefile of the pics. If you want to larp as a uwu soft crypto weeb princess, don't forget to rename picrel because "cute_anime_girl" isn't doing what you want it to do. Generally avoid anime girl pics though, because they're more associated with tranners than with women nowadays.

Weaponized feminity isnt going to get you far. Do your own research, become competent and independant.

Crypto wise: buy low sell high. When you see the numbers going in the red, don't panic. Buy. Unless you just bought at an ATH which you should never do.
You can make money by flipping shitcoins but it is not a good long term investment and it requires more work than it is worth it. Invest in stable crypto that has a future and never invest more than you can afford to loose. I know this has been said many times but it's because despite everything, 80% of this board still doesn't seem to get it and looses money and nerves over it.
Have in mind that crypto could as well be a bubble. That doesn't mean that every coin is a bubble but that the overall market is. Invest in amazon type coins and not pets.com type coins. Always have a back up plan. When people say "buy buy buy!" you should be selling. When people are saying "sell sell sell" you should be buying or holding.

>> No.28773494

Looks like we've been recovering for a few hours already but you never know

>> No.28773674

seethe, cope and dilate

>> No.28773846


>> No.28773902

Thanks a lot!
First time posting, not ideal, yes, but... Now at least I have a good starting point for further reading and research and everything

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>> No.28773994

be a good girl, show more leg and we'll tell you about Algorand, the only legit project and run by MIT white men that will secure your future. You want to accrue high annual interest don't you anon?

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What in the fuck is this thread?

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Based. I wish all women would just post their feet when asking a question, makes the thread much more fun.

>> No.28774679

I wish every faggot like you was dead and I also wish this bitch would post her FUPA.

>> No.28774833

Fuck off nigger at least she posted something of value while asking her questions, unlike most whores who feel entitled to everything just because they were born with a vagina.

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Any woman worth a fuck would try to blend in and not draw attention to being a woman black incel retarded gorilla nigger.

>> No.28775115

I am white, blue eyed and blond. I am literally whiter than you and 99% of 4chan for that matter.

Try again, amerimutt.

>> No.28775253

>I'm not like those other guys online. Here let me guide you.
Nice white knighting faggot.

>> No.28775480

>You had to exchange feet pics for some mediocre advice you could have gotten with just a little research and by phrasing your post in a more integrated way.
As if, /biz/ rarely every spoonfeeds newfags. Whoring yourself out for free advice is literally the smartest thing you can do, and I would have done it too if I wasn't a ripped hairy guy.

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I'll tell you the winner coin list (approved by Elon Musk, Sergei, Sminem and Bogdanoff) if you post your discord @

>> No.28775620

>hes proud of being a swedetwink
Fuck off faggot

>> No.28775748

Not quite Sweden, but close. Also there are literally less niggers, arabs and cucks in Sweden than you have in murrica. But whatever makes you feel less bad about having to kneel in front of the BLM mob so they dont torch down your house, little mutt :^)

>> No.28776005

You are the biggest sell signal on the entire platform

>> No.28776160

>and at worst you can get Bianca'd.
Who? Someone explain this story please

>> No.28776236

Actually I find that /biz/ often spoonfeeds newfags, at least compared to other boards I frequent. I'm often kind of shocked at how much it spoonfeeds. You just need to phrase your question in a way that makes it seem you're not a newfag trying to get spoonfed

>> No.28776336

Bianca Devins

>> No.28776534
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thanks for the advice fren

>> No.28776887
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>> No.28776929
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Please post tits with a timestamp. Thanks.

>> No.28777245

honestly i support posts like these. I can accept mistakenly being called a tranny as long as trannies understand they're unwelcome everywhere. They have ruined every single space online, particularly 4chan.

>> No.28777512

Hey, according to these anons here, I have man legs too so I very much doubt anybody would know the difference if you tried it

>> No.28777892
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>something of value
>feet pictures

>> No.28777964
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Post tits or GTFO.

>> No.28778276

You will never be a woman, your bone structure doesn't lie

>> No.28778573

Behold the bone structure whisperer

I think that refers to face and body bones, but you do you

>> No.28778760

Do you want advice about the Algorand? That's what I'd do if I were you. Dead serious.

>> No.28778944

Onlyfans always works

>> No.28779041
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Hey can someone tell me if this is right? If my stack of 7,000 Algo goes to $5 and I hold for 5 years I'll get $12,000 just in interest?

>> No.28779379

What does the stake thing do?

>> No.28780588

Gives you 8% back annually in Algos, and they increase in value as the price goes up and compound. It's cozy and it's a great project. The current magic stack I last heard was 5,000 Algos = 1 free Algo per day. The more Algos you have the more free you get. Which could be really big if you have Algo is worth say $30 someday.

>> No.28780652

You get rewards for staking ctypto, it's like lending it to a exchange. Gets you some rewards, but if the coin changes it's price during staking, you lose that. So it's only profitable if you hold something stable or about to drop. You also pay GAS for staking and unstaking, so it's only profitable if you stake a lot.

>> No.28780895

Algo doesn't worth like that though. It's pretty simple. Just have Algo, receive free Algo. That's it.

>> No.28781071

Oh yes, in some coins it's special, ALGO is a lending coin. But most other ones work like that and many newfags miss the GAS and impermanent loss part, also you have to pay taxes in many countries for staking.

>> No.28781343

I wonder how fun the Algo taxes will be. If I have to list line by line how I "bought" 5 algos per day for 10 years at various prices.

>> No.28782336

So if I understand it right, instead of letting your coins "ride the wave" of changing prices, you lock it away at a certain value and that earns you extra coins and then when you unlock that back, you get all those coins you earned for their market value at the time?
Is this it?

>> No.28782390

It's like interest rates on bank accounts.

>> No.28782471

Ah. Pretty cool then

>> No.28782572

Yes that's it.

>> No.28783179

This whole thread makes me want to puke. You should all kill yourselves

>> No.28783572

But beware, many shitcoins scam you with penality fees and stuff like that and the GAS on ERC20 coins can go into the hundrets. It's usually only profitable if you have a very huge stack because you were early in a mooning project. In the bigger projects, it can be profitable in a bear market.

>> No.28783576
File: 102 KB, 1024x1024, F6F1D3F3-C148-4BFD-9ED7-347D5F1455E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally every guy in this thread

>> No.28783915

This. >>28783576

Can't believe that this 600lb ham beast tranny is fooling all these stupid anons.

>> No.28784258

Incel is a meme, don't fall for that. Deep down we all love each other. Also I like feet.

>> No.28785008
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please explain to me the obsession with feet. I’ve read this fetish stems from stress at less than 1 year old, with the only release being the child’s mother’s feet as they knew they’d finally be consoled. Neglected childhood anon? Genuinely curious

>> No.28785459
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Tf only 33% true

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