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Uniswap stole my Etherium when I tried to convert ASKO to ETH.
It took the fee, but never did the conversion.
Anyone know what happened here?
( Sorry I'm a newfag )

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That's the risk
Failed transaction still cause fees. Add more slippage

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It was probably asking for a contract approval for $8 or whatever. Then you can pay $40 to do the transfer :^)

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try the uniswap support board here

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Ahh Ok, Makes sense.
They took $9 USD from me, then It gave me an error.
It's not the end of the world, just a pain in the ass.
I have no idea how to get rid of this damn asko now without spending a fucking load on a UNISWAP Miner fee :\

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OOPSIE WOOPSIE!! Uwu We make a fucky wucky!! A wittle fucko boingo! The code monkeys at our headquarters are working VEWY HAWD to fix this!

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buy link or iexec or nucypher or something, asko will not survive a crash

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you deserve to lose your portfolio for buying Asko

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Haha Thankyou, first laugh I've had today.
fuck uniswap

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Imagine this but with 50 dollars.
It's happened to me.
I can't wait for ETH to die.

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trading crypto isn't for poorniggers like you. stay mad.

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that's a man

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Sucks dude, I'm sorry to hear.

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She's so cute bros

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anon, i blew +$120 on a transaction error.
play for numbers that null the transaction tax.
getting angry about this is like arguing against the sun.

good luck fren

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OP just told you that he sold the ASKO you nimfuck

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waves hands
>prints stimulus

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I bet you're really cute and the two of you would make a cute couple and I hope you make it

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QRD on using uniswap if you dont know wtf you're doing: Don't.
>Set slippage (maximum price difference for tx to approve) to something relative to the liquidity and volatility of what you're trading. Price fluctuate too much? Higher slippage.
>Before accepting, edit gas price to 'fast'.

Careful with slippage as you can get frontrun (bots pump up price ahead of you causing you to pay more).

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It’s slippage, not fee, fgt

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Ty anon, I hope we all make it

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I want to smell her ass

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ATOMchads are just waiting to pounce

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>he fell for the uniswap meme

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