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>literally all in lock-step with bitcoin
what the fuck

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I have been saying this for years and you retards can't see it.
BTC goes up, everything else goes up
BTC shits the bed, everything else does
This is literally just a BTC market.

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everyone has always known this haha

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priced in faggot

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>you retards can't see it.
Do you think you’re special nigger? This is crypto 101

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Hi, you must be new here.

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Did you just figure this out? Altcoin markets are complete dogshit, and a self fulfilling prophecy. BTC is the only thing that ever matters, literally over 99% of the time. The last two weeks of alt season irrelevant to BTC price were a rare blessing.

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New fags....

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because btc is a reference point for crypto in general. if btc fails, then what the fuck hope does any other shitcoin have? bitcoin is the proof of concept at the root of the entire ordeal, and without it there is no ordeal at all.

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i've been around for a while, new to the shitcoin market is all

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>crypto market
there's an answer there somewhere... I just can't spot it.

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waves are the only green colored crypto money in the falling market :)

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How fucking new are you? Yes, whenever there's a bitcoin dump, all the alts follow

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>Me huge brain
>Me say loud what everyone see with eye closed

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I noticed this ages ago, it is so stupid and makes no sense. I mean, yeah, it is obvious it is because of bots but damn, you would think there would be enough people to actually independently prop up the price of everything else.

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Everything is down for me kek.

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bro... overly diversified

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I think people see BTC dump and they start to exit their other positions

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>bro just bet what you can afford and set reasonable limits
know nothing know it alls getout

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it's bots faggot
people don't sit and watch the market all day like you all retards do

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What's wrong with a bit of diversity (in my portfolio)?

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I gotta check those digits bro
But, that is the shittiest portfolio I've seen on here
You'd be better off all in Doge

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now show us the one with bonded.finance

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It's literally just reading bots doing this. Trying to get more sats or some other shit.

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You're better off going all in on one project with the amount of money that you have.

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he's better off ordering a large pizza and taking a nap with the money he has

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It's 50/50. The bots are the ones doing the very first altcoin sells nanoseconds after BTC dips the slightest. But then you have panic sellers legitimately exiting to BTC after their alts have already taken a shit. And then they get JUST'd when everything bounces back the next day.

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your portfolio is fucking atrocious

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crypto is btc's market

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all $37 of it

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Zcash... Damn your hopeless

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For the most the rises and the drops have been connected with each other on my portfolio. I'm not too worried about making it with that wallet. Kraken has limited offerings and this is an experiment for me. I'm going all in on mining and want to watch and learn from this so I know how to handle my mining earnings. I had some doge I sold that I got from 2014 so this all play money to me to be honest. I don't have much faith in doge btw, although this cycle has been different for it.

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>I'm not too worried about making it with that wallet
no shit

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>Bitcoin is 60% of the crypto market
>Surprised when the crypto market reacts to Bitcoin

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I hope you're memeing with that portfolio...

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Yeah its called bots.

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This. Trading BTC with leverage is safer and more profitable than trading shits.

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And USD always at 0%, that coin is so rigged!

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Just so everyone knows, that's the percent change over 24 hours. Not from buy in.

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when eth becomes higher it will be the true golden bullrun

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BTC will die a slow death. It's too slow to operate on a global level to accommodate billions of users. No to mention, it's increasingly becoming centralized. Other coins that are scalable, far more decentralized, and secure will overtake the market and become the digital currency widely accepted and used on a global scale.

it's A shame that no other coin has soLved the blockchain trilemma that plaGues the cryptO world to become that currency capable of servicing of billions of users with ease...

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ETH is a shitshow of a coin

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This is some premo late adopter cope. Any increase in actual usage and adoption outside of the crypto market thus far has always resulted in disproportionate support and adoption of Bitcoin against all and any altcoins.

Every wonder why all the billions of old money are flooding into Bitcoin and nothing else? It's simply too late to expect a pivot now, Bitcoin has become the only relevant money in crypto, and is by an order of magnitude or more the most decentralized (aside from Ethereum, no alt even gets close).

It's easy to dismiss Bitcoin when you're a crypto-boomer that missed out over 12 years, but the people with money and power literally don't give a fuck about your crusade to get rich with $10,000. They're happy dumping billions into Bitcoin and they won't be buying your bags.

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>link goes from under 50 cents to over $30 in 3 years
>btc goes from 3k to just shy of 50k
>almost 4 times the gains of btc

>as soon as the market shits the bed btc maximalists come out of the woodwork spewing this garbage
I look forward to you guys pulling a disappearing act when alts outperform btc again

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You sound like warren buffet, a guy who made a fuckload of money in an old market but is slow adapt to the new market
you can hang on to old faithful all you want but there will be a FAANG of crypto eventually

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You sound like me the first week I got into crypto. Didn't take me long to realize that Bitcoin was daddy for a reason, and that won't be changing any time soon.

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The market revolves around dinocoin because of it's name recognition. It's technologically inferior to everything else but normies don't know or care about that. If you want safe investment just stay in dinocoin.

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Other then being diversified, what's wrong with my portfolio? Just to clarify, my mining earnings are all withdrawn as bitcoin, so that won't show in my portfolio. I know there's a few shitcoins in there like Tron (but that one actually made me money).

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if this is new to you, you probably are unaware of API3 as well

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Yeah man good call, just fucking sit on the side lines during a bull market.

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is there a site or app to show multiple charts like that?

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newfags haven't figured out yet

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these are the kinds of portfolios that go to zero in a bear market

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Proof crypto can never work because for a futureproof coin to replace BTC means BTC would have to die, thus killing all coins

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Zero chance it'd go to 0. It'd hit $1.87...

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This is the worst image I have ever seen. What the fuck bro....

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Genuinely sometimes I read posts like this and I think... Is it actually hard to make it with crypto or do you just have to be smarter than the other 99% of people who are on this tier?

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This is what spherecucks actually believe.

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>Says the most obvious thing in the world
>Claims he has some sort of knowledge that others just don't understand/accept
The absolute state of biz

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Every time

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Drc did NOT move in lockstep -- in fact it rose 30%. This is where to go

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Is this satire

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welcome to crypto dear plebbitor

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Nothing but dead shitcoins and memes lmao

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You midwit wsb faggots have to go back

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who in the world has ever implied this? I FUCKING HATE REDDITFUGEES.

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Holy heckers, not a ludo portfolio!

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What's a ludo portfolio? Does it mean I'm sitting on gold?

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Is this your first correction? This is isn't it? You just walked over here from gme a week or two ago didn't you?

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I feel like this perfectly described 80% of the board now

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So you're new around here then

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what else is new?

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Bear trap?

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>what are bots

great thread

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pick 3-5 coins, then just invest in those after researching them properly, lose 50%, then immediately cash out whatever you have left then close your account

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its almost as if btc is the gold standard of crypto

stop being a poor wagie and buy a real cryptocurrency

>> No.28761239

be nice, they're new

just kidding, what fucking retards

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>Lose 50% then give up?
This is shit advice

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looks fine to me

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Ya need to go back

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>5 cents worth of dogecoin

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What the fuck..

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>>literally all in lock-step with bitcoin


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Are you still stuck in 2018? Because minus a couple of coins that looks like a 2018 gambling portfolio

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it's /biz/ 101

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/biz/ 101 is buy high sell low, then repeat

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Your percentage change to the dollar is irrelevant. You need to be trading based on satoshis. See op.

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>700$ in a billion coins

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this is hilarious

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welcome to the party, fren

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jesus christ anon

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I crackded the supersecret agent code.

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Plenty of coins that literally went up instead.
Just select all the ones that went together with bitcoin and derive a theory from it theory.
You're a fucking retard.

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I am all in PROS so fuck you faggots

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