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We're about to get hit with a 1.9 trillion dollar tidal wave

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1400 dollars? what do you need 1000 dollars for? americans just want to here that someone cares about them, they don't want handouts.

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>both chambers of congress are on scheduled breaks until february 22
these mother fuckers are always on vacation

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i hate politics so much bros

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if i could just get 600 dollars, that would be fantastic and help me a lot

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Imagine honestly thinking that people will buy crypto with their stimulus checks. You deluded are you guys? Jesus Christ.

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well, you're getting 1400.. so congratz anon..

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Priced in

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Doing exactly that plus my tax return

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Its not about buying crypto its about deluding your purchase power. DYOR

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That's what I did and it worked great.

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time to convince all those nigs to buy 0.03 btc

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A shitload of people did it for stocks and there's plenty more that will fomo into the nearly-top right now.

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thats a lot of free PS5s

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Anyone who actually needed this money is now either dead or homeless lol

It's been like 8 months

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this. expect a dump if it doesn't go through,

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they've been discussing more checks for the past year lol
wake me up when they finally send out payments

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Notice the clever wording does not say that the checks are scheduled for next week, it just says that Joe Biden 'Will Discuss' the checks.
Learn to read between lines OP

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Dems were fucking it up to make Trump look bad. Now they can take all the credit.

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>dems literally buy votes with their $2k promise
>suddenly drops down to $1400
>almost 3 months into the new year and its still just a discussion

no matter what crypto gains i make these next few years it wont buy enough rope for these fuckers.

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$1400 dollars?
Why do you need $1000?
We can't afford to give you $600, how about $200?
Here's your $50.

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Did you forget the $600 stimulus checks, moron?

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“If Democrats take Georgia $2000 checks will be oof the door day 1”

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Thank god i don't live in US

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Paid vacation. Paid by you.

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At least Newsweek isn't calling that fake faggot 'President'.

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This will never not be fucking hilarious

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hands off my $700, as an american i earned that $500

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>mfw I forgot Joe Biden was President

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It’s easy to forget when he’s been shown on camera maybe twice since he became it

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lmao he promised all those niggas $2000 the day he was elected
all he's done since has been backtracking

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That was passed by Trump, faggot.

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How the fuck are these faggots still discussing this shit? Remember when Trump passed $600 stimulus checks and we got that shit in two days?

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I’m finna spend mine on some jo’dans

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No, now they wont do it and the media will applaud them for it and their voters will forget.

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jfc. eat the bugs retard.

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You're on the wrong site. Go back.

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It's called recess, like for children.
They can go and have fancy dinners paid for by lobbiests and convince schmucks to vote for them again.

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Any wagers for how much goes to Israel this time?

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KEK 1.8 of that 1.9 trillion is going to Israel Pakistan and other shithole countries.

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Hope it was worth the complete collapse of USD as reserve currency and inflation from printing monopoly money

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Took my dad like a month to get it, speak for yourself.

Didn't get either one, have to claim it on my taxes.

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I wouldn’t say that’s trumps fault directly. I got mine immediately and didn’t even need that shit. What was the reasoning you didn’t receive yours and dad received his later?

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The only thing worse than politicians at this point are shmucks who believe in them

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>checks on how OXEN can protect him from the statue of liberty enslaving him for accepting yet another stim check

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when i get the 1400 i'm hella ordering pizza

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>"looking foward" to discussing stimulus checks this week
What's there to discuss? Just fire up the fucking printers already. You know you're going to. You also know Congress doesn't give a fuck about America if they had to do the Trump dog and pony show before the "lifesaving" stimulus checks (that they'll still squabble over like vultures over roadkill). Either do it or not, stop blue-balling everyone you fucking faggots

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didn't israeli citizens get like $3500 out of that while we got $600?

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based and delivery-pilled

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You disgust me, I hope the FBI catches you, fucking pedo.

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Retard, they wanted one stim check of 2k passed under Trump and he didn't do it? You obviously grew up eating bugs and have 85 iq

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Bread lines are longer then they've been since the depression nationwide. Poor people continue to take Ls

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>immediately dumping all of it into cryptos, putting it into my trezor, and never touching it until usd finally starts tanking

gonna be interesting watching people try to use USD once its value tanks

>if i buy 1 bitcoin for 50k dollars
>and the value of the dollar tanks
>then how much is 1 bitcoin truly worth?
>why, its worth what i bought it at
>so sorry, inflation occurred.
>1 BTC is now 100k because of the dollar anon
>50k simply isnt enough now
>what do you mean im a filthy goy?
>its not my fault you kept printing money mr. shekelberg

its gonna be a blast

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But the meme lines are going up, how can people be poor?
This is the top isn't it

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Right until the government says you have to turn in your btc for Fedcoin. Better if govt does not know you have BTC. I cannot understand buying on something like Coinbase where irs and all government put your SSN on a list

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We literally made Israel you fucking idiots. It’s not a conspiracy about Jews because we’re using/working together.

I didn’t even look it up and I bet Russia or China is involved with a neighboring country.

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GenXers and millennials who used to be middle class now have to wait in 5 mile long car lines to feed their families. The future is now.

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who cares? if i put BTC in an offline wallet they cant do shit about it

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I am saving up for a career and also using that money for rent and food. Yes, I still work like a dog. I'm not wasting a single cent on stupid bullshit, not anymore.

I am finally an adult.

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>It’s not a conspiracy about Jews because we’re using/working together.
what do you think we're getting out of the relationship? cui bono?

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The weakening of the dollar since April has gone along with the bull run.

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>People still have their homes, cars, cellphones, TVs, Netflix, internet...
Truly a nationwide disaster

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-mfw my wife is on disability and so I’ll get more gibs than jews

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>discussing plans
Bro just cut the fucking check or don't already

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They know it’s yours, it’s still on the blockchain. The feds pay amazon giant money to do blockchain analysis. You aren’t able to hide any money in Bitcoin. Inb4 mixers, glow harder

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1400*330million = 462 billion
what happens to the other 1.44 trillion bros?

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>muh demoshits!
>muh publicraps!

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By "we" he meant the jewish race, filthy goy.

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retard. when biden was walking around paying people off was he offering $2000 minus $600 checks for select income groups or was he offering $2000 checks for all? holy fuck the back tracking and damage control, im glad yall wont have any guns.

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Its only for welfare queens, blacks and Israel.

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>2800 stimulus check coming
>5 grand refund mainly from daughter being born late last year (2000 child tax credit, 1100 from the dependent portion of the previous stimulus checks)
>new child tax credit is being nearly doubled and will be monthly payments meaning it will most likely include the first few months of this year as another 1200
>brother in singapore wants to send me 10k to give me more capital and jumpstart my earnings
I'm used to maybe having a few hundred of disposable income every month come march I'm going to have like 20k to throw into crypto. I'll be able to make a grand a day just swinging the daily +/- .02 xlm fluctuations

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True words that deserves dubs

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I love this, so Democrat, well give you all $1400 then tax you all an additional 15% for fucking ever

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>implying votes matter

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>Wife is a Jabba the hut.

I wish to smell her cheese rolls

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>Meanwhile in Australia
>$1500 bucks a week from my tech support business which I claimed lost income because I started full time work after graduation
You Amerimutts are cattle

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You’re going to be eaten alive by spiders. Good bye Anon.

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This gay shit is paying people for kids to simply exist and I get shit fuck this im seething coping dilating whatever fuck this

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imagine all the plebs pumping dogeshit and the money then flowing back into link

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I like how no one give a single fuck when companies, who legally didn't have to be named to the public, got 1.5 trillion, but when citizens get any kind of money it's a massive bitchfit.

>> No.28758736

Checked, based, and redpilled.

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>discussing his plans
"yeah sorry guys"

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>90 year old pedos who stole an election after destroying the economy because an orange man wasn't starting enough wars so the poor lobbyists and miltech companies couldn't make money while fracking meant cheap oil was cutting into the profits of oil companies
>but maybe they'll give you some money, after they give their corporate friends some money


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By the time they actually pay out the $1400 it will have the buying power that $700 did in Jan 2021.

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I hope you make sure you remember to pay tax on your $350 check.

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He probably means the IRS stiffed him on the 600.

If people re-elect the same swampniggers who have been in government for 50 years, why are they whining that those same swampies are still being swamp and fucking them over? Americans are actual retards.

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>dems literally buy votes
Trump would never just send money in the form of a stimulus. Remember dems bad, reps good.

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Friendly reminder that they promised us $2,000 checks, not a "grand total of."

Anybody covering for them deserves to be shot if/when the revolution comes.


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The anon who posted this does not speak on behalf of me, an american
I will gladly take 1.4k

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And they get to order it themselves with no objections the way us wagies get objections to it. Same with raises. Oh and we get fired if we're not well liked or do a bad job...

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It was literally a kike trick lmao
The memes write themselves

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>The Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jimmy Fallon, etc said vote Joe
Yeah but the greatest artist of all time said he'd have voted for Trump

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The real surprise is that even as the establishment dems try to ban crypto, regulate retail usage of the stock market and will probably go after online shops and precious metals next, we somehow have people on /biz/ still shilling for them. I'm convinced the fuckers are paid somehow, there's no way someone could be so derangedly retarded as to lurk a business board and then advocate for anti-business politics.

>inb4 that post from nearly 2 years ago where orange man says he dislikes crypto
>or that one shill saying CZ's funhouse isn't available in TX

The world is bigger than orange man, shills.

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Purchased 28oz silver the other day. Also happy in the fact that my family has always loved jewelry, specifically gold jewelry, so we have a bunch. You should have seen the look on my face when I decided to weigh out the two necklaces I wear every day and realize that they are 32g of 18k.

That being said, I want to only purchase 24k from now on.

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>if/when revolution comes
so never? I think it would hurt too much for americans to admit their government is one of the most corrupt in the world, they just keep overdosing on copium saying that it's all the other party's fault. Notice how they don't think there's a problem with only 2 fucking parties having a >1% chance of being in power?

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Not anywhere close lol, you might want to check that math.>>28756150

>> No.28761117

>Friendly reminder that they promised us $2,000 checks, not a "grand total of."

Come on man, the Trump impeachment trial costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Missing out on a few hundred per American is well worth getting Trump to quitted

>> No.28761187

>dumped my Trump stack ($600) into the crypto market
>probably going to dump my Biden stack ($1400) into the crypto market too.

>> No.28761199

You realize stimulus payments haven't nothing to do with lost income right? It's literally just free money handed out by the government to everyone whether you have a job or not. If you lost income you get a lot more NEETbux on top of that.

>> No.28761216

It's better that way, everytime those fuckers work they only pass laws that make our lives worse.

>> No.28761255

if trump was president how come you blame his opposition for destroying the economy?

>> No.28761284

If only my cock would inflate like the US dollar

>> No.28761318

When trump was president how come many people claimed all his achievements were just a long term result of the Obama administration?

>> No.28761383


Wow, reddit has really arrived.

>> No.28761385 [DELETED] 

“Checks” implies more than one so she wasn’t lying

>> No.28761403

Nah they're robbing and scamming. Carjackings and robberies are up in every city in the US.

>> No.28761424

>working together
as in, the USA spending trillions and sacrificing their soldiers fighting Israel's wars, while Israel plays the victim decade after decade? Sounds like a balanced working relationship to me

>> No.28761482

oh yes the FBI and their wide jurisdiction over eastern Europe. Why do people in this board still live in the USA? You guys must really love niggers

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Boomers can suck up social security for a few more years so it's okay. Never forget the sheer amount of hate boomers have for their kids and grandkids.

Commit suicide, faggot shill.

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They honestly deserve it at this point. Imagine voting for the people trying to kill you.

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"You want it?"
"You need it?"
"Oh you really want it huh?"

>> No.28761946

imagine running a meme twitter account

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>$2000? What do you need $1400 for? You're not getting your $800 stimulus check anytime soon!

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