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I wanna make it

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set a limit sell at 0.135, it will dip there sometime once the euros wake up to find that BTC has dipped.

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it's a rug

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this looks interesting but I can't use uniswap, oh well, look forward to following the outcome

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Yes if you want to 2x your money in one day you buy the dip

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It's a plane

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There's so much interest that even right now it just keeps bouncing back.

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falling for this,
unironically the chart is looking good and I see some potential kek

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It's available on mxc

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It's literally a scam please don't anon

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stinkiest pajeet coin that's ever been shilled on here and that's saying something.

Every thread is full of the same 10 dirty Indians pushing it.

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100% rugpull

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sorry my name is Rajesh and i am from Pakistan, i already fed my village with my ASKO earnings, now i am investing in PLT to build missile to destroy India.
Please let me get money.

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