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Guys, I don't think I can do this anymore

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you have become rounded brother

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stop making this thread. this isn't your fucking diary you ape. we want your bag, so sell

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Noooooo not my heckin rubicrinos!!!

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I will literally buy your rubic immediately if you sell and you will buy it back from me for $10. Do it faggot

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Just stay <3

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Grow some balls. Whats up with all the whining. We are growing in holders. We are now at 6214. When it gets listed it will go way up. Sell your weak hands and stop whining if it's so hard to hodl.
My rubic stays cubic.
$1.4 eom

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I just upped my stack to almost 20k.

In the short term at least it's going places.
Binance listing his highly likely sometime in March which will bump the a fair bit, probably.
$1 bil MC would be $10, which isn't too unrealistic.
No real marketing yet but wallet holders steadily growing.
Suprisingly stable for a such a low MC.
I think back to .80c by eom isn't impossible.

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it's the same tranny making the same thread saying that he's gonna sell lmao

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Bro, I got some good news. You're gonna make it.

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he's lost his edge

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>green ID

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it's not a scam people posted white hands and they all made x1000 their investment. just hold this is the future

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I'm just an europoor that woke up and saw the disgustingly low price, and it's not about selling it's about offing myself at this point.
Bros, thanks for the hope, but I bought the top.

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>Bros, thanks for the hope, but I bought the top.
Just hold.
It was pumped to .80, but there is actual potential here, it's not merely a shitcoin.
If you feel shaky about it you'll likely be able to break even in March.
$2 over the next few months isn't unrealistic, and people will say you're fudding at $2.
Just don't buy the top next time.

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Literally every new coin that comes out pumps like that and drops back down in the beginning wether it's a legitmate project or not because of all the people that want to make a quick buck off of new projects. GRT dropped to .27 the first week it came out, and it was already on coinbase.

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I have some hope that it will grow back some time in March, but I need money right now for rent and bills, I miscalculated.

>Just don't buy the top next time.
The growth looked so organic.

You just reminded me that I sold my GRT at .80 usd to buy Rubic

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I'm unironically filled with pure joy at the reduction of RBC spammers and shill threads. I can't wait for RBC to be back at .0x

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Sold all my RBC for LIT today at 11.31 and I'm in the green.

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don't worry bb, full steam ahead tomorrow. i'm thinking 50 rubic threads. IMAGINE

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Hold brother. Nothing great in life comes easy. We will all make it

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Stinks of cope in here.
I missed the run to 80 cents by selling at 30, but at least I wasn't dumb enough to look back. The project is garbage, the team is garbage, the only thing this had going for it was that it had a tiny market cap and it was shilled at the right moment in this market cycle. If any of you have any wealth left to preserve still in rubic, get out.

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Quick question for something that doesn't deserve a thread. Which CEX or DEX is gonna list this pajeet coin? I have a 1k @.38c to dump on someone.

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Most people say binance listing is coming by early march

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Does Binance and Binance.us list the same tokens?

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Of course not, numbnuts

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The irony is that RBC isn't needed by anyone - everything it's trying to do will be accomplished by 1inch and uniswap. You're better off selling now.

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Stinks of cope in your post you mean? Yikes

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i bought your bag, thanks. what color should my lambo be?
i was thinking green

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this >>28756855 kek even if you sold right now, after more than 50% crash, it is still higher than what this retardo sold for haha >>28754666

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The attempt at fudding for cheap bags is hilarious.

All of you paper handed fucks thinking about selling need to remember how long it took for link to become anything

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I bought at 3 cents and still holding but definitely thinking about selling. Might see how this week goes though

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>uniswap and 1inch provide cross chain swaps
Ngmi anon

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link has a use-case, do you know what an API is?

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unsightly and beyond repair

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My Rubic
Still Cubic

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as if unifying those resources isn't useful in and of itself
so many dubs and green tags here this is real rubic energy

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You dont, otherwise you would be buying the available ones NOW.

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i am

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He got redpilled on BoringDAO, can't blame him

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fud more you seething swingy

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There's a group of swingers holding down the price.

And prob the same group that have been doing it to low MC tokens like Asko, Zenfuse, etc.

Learn to hold and buy after dumps.

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You can't even imagine how comfy a person can be when he has bought at 1 cent. Seriously. The people are scared talking about a crash and I'm here just laughing at the whole market.

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