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So do futures open in 45?

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Daily reminder that $ZOM is just Theranos but for pets

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I don't know about you lot but I'm gonna go from 50% cash to 75% cash this week.

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We actually have one

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Daily reminder, Tinny is the Chinese schizo poster now

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15 percent of it will be gone by the end of the week thanks to the daily inflation

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Uh, can we not use racist white supremacist antisemitic islamophoic transphobic homophobic xenophobic nazi images in the OP?

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no title, cannot find in search or by ctrl-f
not usable

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Fuck off, its not even baked properly

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Which of the cable news business networks gives the best investment advice and knowledge? Just looking for something to listen to while working from home. Not looking for anything political here either

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happy valentines you winners

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>mfw I learned g3v0 has only $5m revenue and their plants won't start until 2023
Is it time to get out of this bubble?

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>cable news
> investment advice and knowledge
None. They are all shills. Nobody is your friend in the stock market, kid. You gotta blaze your own trail.

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how are we feeling Planterbros?

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just listen to the youtube channels; joseph carlson, financial education, ale's world of stocks, and solving the money problem. unironically they're all based as far as stocks go.

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>he thinks he can learn from the boob tube

Dude, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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I think Cramer is pretty entertaining though.

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How are we feeling about SNGX?

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Where all my AL̵P̵̮̌P̷̧̙̍̊b̵̩͊ro̴s?
Are we hype for Wednesday?

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Terrible choices, Sven Carlin and the popular investor for value. Old Peter Lynch speeches. Gregory Mannerino for daily entertainment. Learn basic spreadsheet stuff.

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link please. All I know is that the net 0 doesn't get finished until the eoy. They will get more orders and when they do they will make net 0 2,3,4. They are making as much product as possible atm.

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And so, a whole new generation of PLTR bagholders was born

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The DNN mine, is planned to be mined via an ISR method, the ISR method pumps water mixed with oxygen, along with hydrogen peroxide or sodium carbonate into the ground, it dissolves the uranium deposit and another pump pumps it up. Both those chemicals seem quite safe, since we use hydrogen peroxide on cuts and wounds, and sodium carbonate is used in food and cleaning products. Water and oxygen well that wont harm the environment. I think it is going to be approved, and will be profitable. Better than nak if not still a potential x2 pump on it currently with hype just take profit but this could easily be a x15 from current price. On top of that it will cost $3.33 /lb to mine of u3O8 uranium. Spot price for uranium $29-30 it is also expected to increase

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I want to kill myself

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I'm buying some next week so prepare for it to go to 5$ EOY.

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>AQB bounce off of 0.618
>next stop 0.786 = $10.76
>inb4 mUh TeA LeAvEs!!1

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to late too buy?

>> No.28726169

Why not just buy Khazatomprom

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I am at work making 80 bucks an hour making cheap shitty tinny memes. What a life ;)

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Checked, trips or truth

>> No.28726194

You're in luck, here's what I omitted from the OP:
>Links for (You)

>> No.28726204

Anyone have any idea why Fisker gapped up last week?

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Join me, frens. You didn’t listen but laughed instead. Water under the bridge.

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Will look into that now

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Stop making fun of $ROPE investors please

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Any /ptg/ Anons in here remember when we hopped in on this back in like May or whatever and attended their earnings call hoping for a Microsoft buy out?

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I only researched dnn cause it popped my screener a few times last week didn’t take any notice of it until I saw the volume n started reading about the uranium bull run

>> No.28726288

reminder to buy uranium

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Here is their marketcap. I jumped the ship once I realized this is redd*t pump n dump. Company might be profitable one day, but I'm not going to gamble right now. If it's pumped then price could plummet any day now.

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can i get banned for racism here?

>> No.28726311

Bullish call from Morgan Stanley pretty sure, just like Quantumscape (I could be wrong though)

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Advice here is to buy and never sell but what about never buying only selling?

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So is Tinny really the China shill or is that a meme

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STND.V for microcap uranium gains if you want the full uranium spread

>> No.28726369

your call, i'm thinking one or two more gab ups, if we crab next week. pop in 14 buy order if you scared

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Please keep the antisemitism to an absolute maximum or we won't have these threads anymore.

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Is it time to dump GTE on Tuesday? Or is it better to hold since Reddit doesn’t know about it yet?

>> No.28726465

Yes this is like reddit but with heavier censorship it's not worth it, honest advice: Get out while you can.

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Checked. Based man on knees sex corp

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Absolutely not, nigger.

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buying and selling doesnt exist. All that exists is asset reallocation

>> No.28726538

There is no such thing as racism. Only good vs evil.

>> No.28726566

I was very bullish on GEVO after seeing the cofounder as part of Biden's science team
but after a lot more thought on it, it seemed silly to invest in a company that is creating an oil substitute, if the whole world is pushing for electric vehicles
it seems like a dying venture - at least 'real' oil will still be used in all sorts of production processes - I cannot imagine any business using GEVO 'oil' to make petroleum products
I also don't believe that oil prices will continue to go up or stay up, regardless of OPEC intervention
It might continue up in the short-run and provide some great gains.. but if I don't believe in the business, I stay away. I don't try to buy to then pass it off to the greater fool

>> No.28726614

Tried watching the recent Adam Curtis documentary but it irked me that he just didn't come out and say the jews did it

>> No.28726623

PLTR 50%
CCIV 30%
NAK 10%

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Bros i've managed to go from 1k to 11k luckily enough. I want to reach 26k because it means if I lose my scholarship I can still pay for college but I don't know if it's too risky. Should I just pullout now?

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Good morning I hate AMC calls

>> No.28726676

Yes no racism, mysoginy, transphobia, fatphobia, xenophobia or furphobia are allowed on 4channel.biz

>> No.28726677

Hot damn the one of the left is ugly

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I hope you guys are getting ready for Lent.

>> No.28726705

Could use an oil substitute as a lubricant between oil and electric. Think about it.

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I've been trading stocks since October and despite everything that I've done, after holding gold and shit and making thousands and then losing it all. i have always ended up back to my starting amount. It's like someone is fucking with me. It's like i haven't even invested anything. I've learned a lot and I'm more confident but i haven't actually translated that into any money.

When did you guys start making money after you started?

>> No.28726743

When the first world advances to electric, the second world will be on the verge of pushing it upon their citizens, and the third world, the camel riders and monkey people will be finally driving mustangs across Africa using outdated technology consuming oil.

>> No.28726755

Thanks. I've been staring at the $15 crab for a while thinking about clicking buy. Shoulda gone with the gut.

>> No.28726757

Your whole 'job' is to sell. Your 'job' is to take profits out of the market. "Never sell" is a market maker psy-op to keep liquidity in the market and keep the commissions coming in
Always pull profits
>never buying only selling
Sure, sell puts (and then take profits)

>> No.28726776

Yeah, and GEVO is in early stages anyway. So I doubt it would get huge market share. It's more probable that BP would bought their tech or other similar company. Right now GEVO has no capacity at all to provide fuel for even small part of the world.

>> No.28726806

Basadium gmi

>> No.28726826

> Every bullish indicator is actually bearish once you look past the headline

> Like which?

> Myth: "the CEO bought 1.24 million shares"
Fact: the CEO bought 1.24 million shares back in 2019, was only just now required to report his holdings because his share fell below 5% due to massive dilution.

> Myth: Hudson Bay Capital took on a 10% stake in the company
Fact: Hudson Bay Capital bought a 9.99% stake one month ago, exactly 0.01% under the minimum required to report, because they actually exercised warrants at $0.19/share

It's just an all-around scam stock, disappointed I bought in so hard.

>> No.28726840

>posts this crap almost every/smg/ thread
>still can't get digits

>> No.28726844

I'm bowlish on weed

>> No.28726846

Meme spike hasn't happened, but might not at all. It's a little over implied underlying value atm, but not much.

>> No.28726851

i buy stocks and hodl them until they're worth more than i bought them

>> No.28726882

I haven't done anything Catholic in years. I did read the bible a lot a year ago but that's not a catholic thing to do really.

>> No.28726903

I fucked about for a year on my trading platform with like £25 bought gold miners in like March turned a decent profit, then bought some tankers turned some more profit, then back to gold, I’ve only started to invest heavily the past 3 months started with 3.5k now at 12.5k

>> No.28726916

The pullout method is 95% effective, anon.

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Based strategy

>> No.28726949

people would just rather use oil
it's cheaper
especially if global demand is shifted to electric vehicles, will make oil even cheaper
GEVO substitute won't be able to compete if oil is inexpensive
You think that "camel riders and monkey people" are going to be using a more expensive, ecofriendly, oil substitute while they "drive mustangs across Africa"?
Hell no. They're going to be using good, old fashioned, OIL
The 3rd world is not going to be caring about the carbon emissions from using regular oil versus GEVO 'oil', especially if the world has transitioned to EV driving down the price of oil substantially

>> No.28726962

should i buy PLTR leaps for 2022 jan or 2023?

>> No.28727018

Is that why I get called a faggot for holding that tranny stock?

Well what's your profile?

>> No.28727037

sell leap puts

>> No.28727039

Every priest I have spoken to recommends reading the Bible, it's just not a requirement to read it to get to heaven.

>> No.28727052

Fib lines are the only form of TA I can get behind.

>> No.28727083

I averaged down how much I invest in each thing until I got a consistent profit and I've stayed that way. Also learning to hold things until they're profitable. A lot of that is investing a small enough amount in ventures to make sure you can forget about it. There are plenty of stocks and quick gains out there.

>> No.28727103

I think you underestimate how a lot of dems think. A substitute, if it’s widely available enough, would be eaten up by them, as long as they’re the wealthy ones.

>> No.28727105

Shill me. What's happening Wednesday

>> No.28727116

It is literally this easy - Check em, PLTR $100 EOM.

>> No.28727135

I buy memestocks and hodl them until they're worth less than I what bought them for.
Buy high, sell low, that's the /biz/ way you fuckong tourist

>> No.28727162

I meant oil not gevo oil. I should have worded it better. I don’t see the big oil company’s going bust anytime soon anyways, they have all the infrastructure and stations to really be leaders of the charging stations. Instead of filling ur tank up at bp or shell u charge ur car and have Costa coffee

>> No.28727185

Jesus fucking christ anon.
You'll actually be able to buy the stock on Wednesday.

>> No.28727194

Fuck, see you all next thread.

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Manga knees sex corp

>> No.28727262

Wait until harbinger anon brings you cheapies

>> No.28727268

Horsebros how we feeling about this week?

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Will anyone get in on the star-link IPO? It is going to be a certified game changer.

Also regarding Lithium stocks, PLL has been quite good for me. Does anyone have any other decent Lithium picks?

>> No.28727303

You vill eat ze bugs euro ETF:
Rize Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF

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>52 posters
Aaaaaand we're back

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BFARF EMAN FRSX comfiest holds

>> No.28727345

You can buy the stock now, OTC, on some platforms.
Wednesday is when it lists on NASDAQ and ev̸͎͐er̶͔͗yȍ̴ͅne can buy. It's like a semi-IPO, and a lot of us are hoping for a huge pop.
No guarantees though...

>> No.28727353

You didn't say Allah willing.

>Narrated Abu Huraira: Solomon said, “Tonight I will sleep with (my) ninety wives, each of whom will get a male child who will fight for Allah’s Cause.” On that, his companion (Sufyan said that his companion was an angel) said to him, “Say, “If Allah will (Allah willing).” But Solomon forgot (to say it). He slept with all his wives, but none of the women gave birth to a child, except one who gave birth to a halfboy. Abu Huraira added: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If Solomon had said, “If Allah will” (Allah willing), he would not have been unsuccessful in his action, and would have attained what he had desired.” Once Abu Huraira added: Allah apostle said, “If he had accepted.”

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I sunk 23k into SNDL at over 3.10 a pop

pls tell me it will rise again

>> No.28727402
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In one week ending this past Wednesday, $22.9 billion flowed into stock funds.

This has been the biggest weekly inflow since March 2008.

In 2008, after big inflows into the stock market happened, the stock market crashed. Most well-structured conservative portfolios lost one-half of their value. Momentum stocks lost 80 - 95% of their value.

BofA’s gauge of market sentiment-- the so-called Bull & Bear indicator-- is approaching levels of extreme bullishness, which can trigger a sell signal that hasn’t been set off since January 2018, according to the note.


Fed to test bank ability to withstand 55% fall in equity price


Today’s Shiller P/E multiples are the highest they have been in two decades.

Dot com bubble: 44
Today: 35

Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation metric, a simple ratio of the total U.S. stock market capitalization to annual gross domestic product, effectively gives market watchers a reference point for current prices.

The current stock market value of $42 trillion, compares to annual GDP of $21 trillion. One year after the dot-com bubble popped, Buffett said the unprecedented highs should have served as a strong warning signal. "If the ratio approaches 200%—as it did in 1999 and a part of 2000—you are playing with fire," said Buffett.

Current Buffet Indicator: 195%
Dot com bubble Indicator: 159%

Margin debt balances have exploded on Wall Street, recently hitting an all-time high of $778 billion—nearly 37 times the $21 billion investors held in March 2000. However, the more important metric to focus on is margin debt to cash in customer accounts. It’s currently at 72% more debt than cash, versus 79% at the peak of the dot-com bubble. Speculation is contagious

TLDR; The Stock Market Will Crash, Screen cap this

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>Buy high, sell low, that's the /biz/ way you fuckong tourist

>> No.28727410

buying DNN on tuesdays dip

>> No.28727426

Do you think it's a buy or nah?

>> No.28727475

hope so, I'm buying more puts

>> No.28727489

>TLDR; The Stock Market Will Crash, Screen cap this
ok genius
what year

>> No.28727491

Definitely going in, not sure if there will be the typical IPO dip though. I'm leaning toward that not happening since it has a fuck ton of hype.

>> No.28727492
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What is this called?

>> No.28727494

>Does anyone have any other decent Lithium picks?
Consider LAC

>> No.28727499

>NAK 2021, now with more glowy rocks!
This will be the next big bagholder stock.

>> No.28727519

No it is not. But if you want to eat bugs you could invest.

>> No.28727537

>It is going to be a certified game changer.
doubt, it's another gov welfare queen project

>> No.28727541

how low do you think it will go?

>> No.28727545

I think graphite and graphene are better plays for the future. I believe lithium is already priced in.

>> No.28727553

I like Cramer. He is obviously incentivized to say what viewers want to hear, but he's still fun.
Check out either his show Mad Money or him on a panel on Squawk on the Street, both pretty good imo.

>> No.28727581

Big oil companies aren't going bust anytime soon but stocks like GEVO are a good bet. Even with the EV market growing trucks, heavy machinery and planes are going to need fuel for a long time, and a green alternative to oil is very likely to catch on if it's not ridicolously overpriced. Don't forget that fossil fuels are going to be taxed into oblivion in the upcoming years

>> No.28727591

it takes me over a year to save up 20k and you dump it into some meme stock, fuck you

>> No.28727633

it's like watching a fat fuck get turned down by a cheerleader over and over again

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Buy CFIIW you fucking mongoloid retards.
View Smart Glass/Windows
Each window has its own IP address
Auto tinting
Interactive displays and shit, imagine Times Square but instead of interactive displays and billboards it's just the buildings windows showing you ads.
Reduces Energy Consumption
Increases mental health of workers and residents (back by "science"
100% growth
80% market share
500m+ backlog
This is the shit you saw in every fucking Sci-F film growing up coming to life, interactive, transparent fucking windows, glass, screens, etc.... They allow in the natural light, block out the solar radiation, allow offices to ditch all of their blinds and increase useable space. Imagine modern homes with 2-3x more window surface area since you can now just tint or block out light as needed and because they are energy saving mother fuckers.
Imagine truckers with auto tinting windows while they sleep, or having smart windows that'll adjust your cars windows in the summer heat to trap as little heat in your car as possible.
You fuckers are so early if you're reading this. This is a real company merging via SPAC. CFII is the SPAC and the company is View. CFIIW are warrants which will give you leverage = more $$$$ You're welcome

>> No.28727650

The 19th, right?
Don't worry I'm ready

>> No.28727684
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Ya it makes me nervous.

>> No.28727735
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>> No.28727753

Just move to a country where college is free, somewhere in Communist Europe, then back once you've graduated.

>> No.28727789

Welcome to clown market, buy stocks and enjoy your stay

>> No.28727829

Not even 10 minutes have passed wtf

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>Multiple /smg/ threads
>Chinese "I swear we aren't cooking the books" stock shilling
>WSB PnD stocks
No, this place is worse than the hundreds of over cryptoshit threads.

>> No.28727871

Fuck off we are full

>> No.28727908

>I think graphite and graphene are better plays for the future
I've heard that for the past 20 years since it was discovered.
More realistically solid state batteries will replace lithium battery, all the big EV companies are pouring millions into solid state batteries research and it is like lithium tech from 10 years ago.

>> No.28727909

quite literally, every single person ITT thinks that the market will crash
everyone is aware of the debt / housing / equity bubbles occurring simultaneously
however.. it is not going to happen anytime soon. the Fed is purchasing $120 billion in assets (minimum) a month
the market is going higher.
if you see 10 year yield + DXY going parabolically higher, then you should be a little scared

>> No.28727938

We should create lcsmg.
large cap stock market general

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holy kek, I love these so much RIP in peace schizo retard

>> No.28727991

This sounds remarkably similar to SOLAR FREAKIN ROADWAYS. Pass.

>> No.28728005

100% correct, it will blow past 40 and never get that low again.

>> No.28728008

How did you even find this?

>> No.28728016


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Go ahead and short the market then bobo, tell us later how this worked out for you. Let me give you a tip. On Friday, G7 leaders concluded that they must continue current policy of spending on debt. USA will "give" 500b USD to emerging market countries soon too.
Fed won't allow this market to crash no matter what. They will pump it with dollars created out of thin air. The moment they stop you will see crash, but for now, they seem to plan exact opposite.

>> No.28728049

Fund it I fancy a new tab

>> No.28728053

SXOOF (Pelosi connection)
AMBL (Recycles lithium; new factory w/TSLA)

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I found a nest of bugs in the sorry pile of laundry on the floor of my room. I still haven't cleaned it up

>> No.28728087

Lol, annalist saying "buy disney now!" after the latest earning report. Fools, the time to bag Disney was back in march 2020. It's not like the stock sank to sub 90 or nothing then..(Smug dude who struck like mad during march;Hell I'll be sitting on green for life now)

>> No.28728094 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 1024x780, 25404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No fuck niggers. And jews, spics and chinks as well.

>> No.28728112

>nothing can stop the golden bullrun!
Except acts of god, you calf worshipping heathens

>> No.28728116

Wow a another shitty gimmick no one asked for just like 3D fad

>> No.28728117
File: 8 KB, 320x180, fatman-eating-pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28728121

>buying puts on a stock with greater than 95-5 call to puts ratio
>buying puts on a stock that just announced the highest grade uranium drilling results in the world
>buying puts on a stock that will double within a month
>buying puts on a green energy stock in general in this market

>> No.28728123

>Each window has its own IP address
Future is here! IoT devices have their own IP address now! Just joking, looks like cool product, thanks for shilling.

>> No.28728166

Futures have opened around the same price

>> No.28728197

the problem with doom posting is they are always right. the market WILL crash at some point but nobody knows when. if they say it will crash in march 15th and it does, I'll be impressed.

>> No.28728232

even if SS battery research does succeed, we'd still be a decade away from commercial application. Realistically they will be refining existing anode materials that are needed.
This is why I invested in
for graphite
for better silicon. Nanotubes or whatever they call them.

>> No.28728233


>> No.28728234


>> No.28728246

damn this just made me want to buy even more puts.

>> No.28728290

What are you guys looking at?

>> No.28728311

I will screencap your posts, and check-in with you in a month :^)

>> No.28728316

The "FED put" is in place and they're not going to let their foot of the gas anytime soon.
Interest rates are at historic lows with no better alternatives for yield than equities.
Inflation is creeping up which will boost equity prices even further.
The S&P grew off the back of tech companies going rampant during the shutdowns. Companies like Boeing and the cruise lines and many others are still down quite substantially and will likely recover heading into the Spring as the virus cases die down and lockdowns ease. Many people think the markets going to converge at around 415-420 with the remaining Rona shut down stocks regaining their pre rona levels which is what's been happening lately as Tech has crabbed sideways. Could certainly be a correction in the short term, but a full blown crash I doubt it. Even people like Tom Lee thinks that the market will expand to roughly a 30x P/E multiple going forward.

>> No.28728323

Thinking about buying a relatives home as part of the estate probate process on a steep discount. (Somewhere upwards of 20k-40k under market value) but not sure if I want to go for the 15 year or 30 year mortage.

Which would be better for my ultimate financial health? I would assume 15 year to get out of paying stupid ass fees because a bank owns the house.. but it would cost $400 more a month that I could use to gamble on the stock market instead.

also I could get a fenced in backyard and bitches love dogs

>> No.28728332

I have a short time frame I've predicted crash in, and I'm short the market, and I have it saved and screenshotted. I'm just not sharing it because then some investment banker lurkers might bog me just for the fun of it.

>> No.28728397

thoughts on WWR?

>> No.28728405

KNSA PDUFA approval and buyout imminent.

>> No.28728473


>> No.28728510

So just buy really long puts?

>> No.28728535

Not to mention. Tons of articles coming out of crash. Smg talking about huge crash. Tiktok fags talking of crash. This is the most bullish I've ever been

>> No.28728542

being shilled by twitter so it's got that going for it

>> No.28728599
File: 1.29 MB, 5000x2164, 1613230113742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

QQQ will hit 500 EoY easy. Realistically there is nothing stopping it. The Fed has allowed for QE, new businesses are literally not even created anymore and the only thing banks and funds do is buy assets

The politicians support this behaviour, as green line up means more pensions for the important boomer voters.

If you still look at actual revenue or profits in 2021 you will lose money. Just buy.

>> No.28728623

Futures are open

>> No.28728655
File: 106 KB, 1200x1000, 1613169383496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hack the windows with goatse

>> No.28728711
File: 9 KB, 150x150, happymerchant-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone here a financial advisor?

>> No.28728732

>futures are blood green
When has making money ever been this easy?

>> No.28728745
File: 24 KB, 758x426, davedisgusted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright. I know you like to all have fun on the stock market but this isnt a game. You already sold your cousins cars and are looking up listings for your uncles car model and year looking at how much you can leverage. How much more money do you think you can keep losing on these gamble stocks? Sooner or later they're going to find out their car went missing. Anon. Settle down, put the remaining money in a safe ETF and stop looking at charts and what some people on a gambling discussion board tell you to throw your dwindling money at.

>> No.28728764

Me, what's up kike?

>> No.28728766

Banks used to be for giving credit to industry and business and now they just fuel giant bubbles.

The Richard Werner pill

>> No.28728767
File: 106 KB, 635x862, 1611618755452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Stock dream happened again
Yes. They laugh... but soon I will be the one laughing

>> No.28728791

little late for the party, earnings come out tuesday

>> No.28728844

You will make it. Check out KNSA

>> No.28728848

He committed suicide after being wrong about CRBP. Sorry but now the only /smg/ updates will be from the monotone redditor

>> No.28728852

This is a multi billion dollar company with over 500 million in their backlogs, a huge moat, I also forgot they have over 1050 patents for their tech. Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Regeneron, Dallas Fort Worth Airport... all of them are using Views products. SoftBank even invested something like 1.5 billion into the company, this isn't some fucking dog shit hype company.
I'm a full time trader, and I really enjoy trading SPAC's. I've traded about 65-70 of them now over the last year and have been profitable on over 95% of them and have made some very large non crypto gains doing so. I track all the SPAC releases, mergers, Letter of Intents, Definitive Agreements, etc.... I've shilled about 8-9 SPAC's on 4chan and all of them have made significant $

>> No.28728861

>tfw ROTH IRA is 100% SPY


>> No.28728867

I memba

>> No.28728897
File: 112 KB, 977x565, IMG_20210215_000942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Please Sirs to be investing in SmartStain (TM) glasses!

>> No.28728902

Dude you said yesterday that BTC was hitting 50k but it never got there.
I'm not mad just disappointed.

>> No.28728920

These niche markets aren't appealing to me. It's just because they're penny stocks. I don't blame people though, it could be an effective way to 100% your capital. Just wouldn't put too much into it.

>> No.28728925


>> No.28728954

>tfw ROTH IRA is 100% SOXL

>> No.28728971


>> No.28728978

Ah yes, the predictable weekenders of /smg/, back from the wage cuck 40 hour work week, bristling with dunning-kruger.
"The market will definitely crash for sure!", he exclaimed. Spittle ejected from his throat leaking down his gaping fish-lips onto his shirt.
"I'm a bank teller and at least 5 people withdrew cash from their accounts on Friday." one observed.
"Clearly this is a market top, people are buying penny stocks." the other noted, willfully ignorant of the other 52 weeks out of any given year where retail traders also speculate on small cap and penny stocks.
The weekenders blissfully agree with each other, confiding and supporting each other for holding 100% of their net worth is held in cash since November.

>> No.28728983

Thoughts on BTWN and BTBN?

>> No.28729018


Fuck we have some good times

>> No.28729049
File: 111 KB, 399x297, D479E7FA-5D35-4FB6-ADFA-BC2681DA7A48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No stock market tomorrow. Honestly will be good cause Monday is my busiest day at work and I’ll be able to get some work done.

>> No.28729062

that's pretty comfy bro. desu I have a lot of SOXL in my main trading account, but I wanted the ROTH IRA to be as stable as possible

>> No.28729063

Which SPACs did you shill?

>> No.28729067

My dad is like this

>> No.28729070
File: 182 KB, 666x968, 1606418649534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how many holidays do these kikes get off each year

>> No.28729090

> small business all around world dying due to coof
> stock markets go up thanks to stimulus money created with debt controleld by debt
> oil prices propped up to bost energy sector (controlled in USD, other countries pay the price)
We think we are winning by making currency, but it's Fed that will win the war it seem. I have a feeling we will end up with world controlled by megacorp and Fed / shadow government.

>> No.28729091
File: 16 KB, 239x211, 87654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my weekend
>eat shitty food
>do almost zero research
>stay up to late
>be completely unprepared for the week
>miss out on big moves

>> No.28729110
File: 28 KB, 640x480, sddedfs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>I can't wait for BTWN to wake up.
I hate that faggot who shilled this crap

>> No.28729112

Yes /biz/ is BIPOC and LBGTQP++ supportive.

>> No.28729119

memba when WKHS was <5$, I memba

>> No.28729120

Anyone getting into any uranium ETFs/companies? DD seems good...

>> No.28729137

So many wagies...

>> No.28729149

Japan stocks are great. Their central bank is buying dips and by now half the economy is run and funded by the central bank of Japan. The country slowly stagnates and the population suffers but the rich people with investments make off like bandits.

>> No.28729154

Go all in $ARBKF.

>> No.28729155

You effectively need to convince me the cost of having a fancy window will be justifiable to building owners. Because that's what the company has to do to customers. How is this better than buying Fire tablets in bulk at 38$ a tablet for my business display? and having normal windows?

>> No.28729198
File: 56 KB, 166x205, 1584164053518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28729200
File: 951 KB, 785x788, sa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



Going to pick up some EH, anything else I should add/drop?

>> No.28729222

That's great, how much for a japanese waifu?

>> No.28729238

Everyone thinks their Warren Buffet in a bull market, every single SPAC has gone up just look at CCIV at $40 with no target

>> No.28729241
File: 14 KB, 400x400, 1603724377851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

calls i mean

>> No.28729263
File: 16 KB, 284x350, 323d333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28729278
File: 521 KB, 765x908, 1613206503047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bond yields keep going up
>/smg/ is still full of bulls

>> No.28729316

Why wouldn’t a wealthy business not want to show off its new fancy windows to consumers and competitors along with the market in general, imagine being the first business with these fancy windows everyone would follow suit

>> No.28729328


>> No.28729357

There is no real difference between any shitcoin thread in /biz/ and a stocktwits page. Holy shit.

>> No.28729378
File: 202 KB, 750x471, 05D7C8D7-7638-4D3B-8CF0-1DE1270A5275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28729386

I post the Thiel pics but there was a shill before me I think.

The spot price is still 29 dollars so the bear market hasn't ended. Good juniors are deep yellow, paladin, UEC, DNN and of course board darling UUUU. But they will all cashburn without a rise in spot to above 40 dollars minimum.
Only 2 major minors Cameco and Khazatomprom.

>> No.28729389

>Each window has its own IP address
That sounds ridiculously inefficient, surely their should just be one central controlled hooked up to multiple windows

>> No.28729393

next weekend try to do even 4 things in the OP image!
are easy 'free spaces'
small, incremental steps lead to large gradual change!

>> No.28729405


>> No.28729416


>> No.28729445

Don't let the real world get in the way of your secret club meetings, anon.
Follow your dreams.

>> No.28729451


>> No.28729453

Uhh. Yes?
Money is leaving bond market and going into equities
If I saw 10 year yield go parabolic, then I'd be a little afraid - but slowly ticking up? Yes pls

>> No.28729461

MFAC/BMTX at .60 went to 4.00
NFIN/TRIT at .80 went to like 3.50-4.00
TDAC at 2.00 currently at around 3.00 and expecting it to go higher when it's Definitive Agreement hits, should happen anytime now.
THCB at around 3.00 currently at 7.00ish
LGVW/BFLY at around 3.00 currently 11.00
Off the top of my head can't remember the rest.

>> No.28729464

Us treasury bond futures up 40% since November

>> No.28729500

Nat ttnp and mvis where my firsts

>> No.28729514

>Going to pick up some EH, anything else I should add/drop?
At a first glance:

>> No.28729549

>Money is leaving bond market and going into equities
Not with yields slowly going up. What you're saying has happened, but it's pretty much over now.

>> No.28729560

$GME to the the moon!!!

Make sure to check out these stocks too $AMC $BB $NOK #diamondhands

>> No.28729581

Hypothetically, if you were 18, in college, no income, no expenses, and have $5,500 in your checking account, how much of it would you put into your brokerage to trade and what would your portfolio look like?

>> No.28729583

>typical IPO dip
Agreed, I expect this, but also know that everything is pointing towards people hunkering down in remote locations. Starlink will be serving a lot of city-dwellers who have moved rural. I'll probably buy 50 of my position on open, then buy the same amount again if it dips.

Cheers, will pick this up with a few others like Albemarle too.

>doubt, it's another gov welfare queen project
All of these city slickers running away from Cities will need reliable internet to work, and if we get a new strain of Covid or more lockdowns even more so. You're right about it being a welfare queen, however that does not mean it can't turn into a viable and desirable product.

Perhaps, I think there is still room for growth over the next 5. I wont be shy to take profits though.

Cheers I'll check these out.

>> No.28729592

What settings do you guys use in your screeners, buying 45 ON call based or cringe, how about POWW calls?

>> No.28729593
File: 849 KB, 1890x1880, ViewWindows3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reduces energy consumption, this type of technology will probably be mandatory in future construction with the Dems in charge :p
Increases usable and livable space = higher $ for rent

>> No.28729605

3 years ago today, 17 children were gunned down in Parkland, FL in a school shooting. Since that time, major firearms manufacturers like Smith & Weston have had their share price double.
Why aren't you investing in gun reform anons? Do you want your children to die? Do you still buy gun company stocks?

>> No.28729613


>> No.28729632
File: 61 KB, 720x693, 1610488539843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28729660

i'll try....

>> No.28729672

100% TQQQ and put everything you possibly can claw into it.

>> No.28729686

You realize that yields only go up if people sell bonds right?

>> No.28729718

What are you talking about?
Each 0.001 the 10 year yield ticks up = more people selling bonds - that money has to go somewhere - it buys equities
>it's pretty much over now
what did he mean by this
are you trying to argue that the Fed will not allow rates to continue to go up? (even more bullish, as it would be more easy money for the market)
30 year yield just sliced through 2%
10 year yield just sliced through 1.2%
they will continue to tick higher, and money will continue to flow out of debt market into equities

>> No.28729726

Are you talking about Japan or the US or China?

>> No.28729745

All of it.

>> No.28729754

I think that BA might see some nice gains.
Also, AMD dark pool $99 calls should expire soon. I gambled into AMD on this premise alone. So far it keeps going up.

>> No.28729785

Come and take them Schlomo

>> No.28729787
File: 257 KB, 620x775, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28730005

Funny story..
after it happened, my mother called her broker (Merrill Lynch) and told them to sell any positions in gun stocks
her broker told her that a lot of clients were now doing that
so basically, retail sold their gun stocks to big money, who has seen 100% returns

>> No.28730012

wait is that Jan 5th or May 1st?

>> No.28730069
File: 103 KB, 267x306, yearsandyearsoffeels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28730077

>Do you want your children to die?
If I said yes would you judge me?

>> No.28730206
File: 55 KB, 720x720, 1613332782211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ThE mArKeT cAnT gO dOwN iTs ThE gOlDeN bUlLrUn
Golden calf worshippers get NOTHING. Jesus can and will wreck your market you sinners. Anyone worshipping false idols will lose everything and get bitch slapped by god.

>> No.28730211

Eays play for Monday. Since the very recent pump in BTC should send SQ up, buy SQ on Tuesday and sell it at the end of the day for an easy 3%.

>> No.28730216

absolutely. Luckily, I live in Florida and know the full context behind their gun relationship.

Florida is run by anonymous, shady rich people who have lawyers with more money than they have. These lawyers set standard after standard to protect independence because their clients go after the bottom line.

In Florida they had better things to worry about than nigger/minority violence. Unlike cucked blue states, Florida stationed armed police at schools with too much gun violence (I was aware of 'school shootings' a lot more than the leftist media would have you know) and started arresting people under 18 who attempt murder. They then told schools with a lower than D rating they'll be fucking shut down by the state and the 'underprivileged' kids will be SOL. Needless to say, the gun violence thing went away.

God bless guns.

>> No.28730241

I don't see a BTBN are sure you spelled that right?
As for BTWN I'm not as familiar with Tokopedia? I believe that's who they're merging with. The warrants are too expensive for my liking and I trade almost exclusively SPAC warrant and I prefer getting into warrants are under $3 so I can have at the very bare minimum at least 100% upside if they do get called. Chasing warrants that are elevated is alot riskier with the forced redemption clauses most SPAC's have and with how volatile SPACs can be after merge and with how much SPAC warrants tend to lag the underlying.

>> No.28730271

Does anyone here trade futures? I’m getting a $2.4K tax return. I’m thinking of using $2.1k-$2.2k to start selling options, and the rest to learn the futures market(buying one micro e-mini at a time)

>> No.28730319

may 1st, america is month/day/year

>> No.28730399
File: 377 KB, 1538x2048, EYtkh0nUEAA0OuA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plays for Tuesday

Buy DNN at open
Buy FXNAX at open
Monitor ACB closely to see if I need to sell
Monitor MARA closely to see if I need to sell

>> No.28730412

what the fuck I love Florida now

>> No.28730426
File: 6 KB, 250x250, 1613217589996s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will market sell because MUH CHRISTKEK RELIGION

>> No.28730459

Start with 500 and pick random stocks shilled here and use basic investigative work, invest around 50 to 100 in 5 to 8 stocks and see what you learned
After a week or two of profiting and losing you sell what you think is good to sell and cut your losses where you think you must. Keep holding most and rinse and repeat.
I've made slower progress than most but I recommend aqb and tech stocks. If you get into merger companies make sure you get out at the right time

>> No.28730523

Yeahhh :) WKHS was the first time I bought calls, bought some $5 when they were OTM with pennies for premium. Did over 1000%. That was a blessing and a curse

>> No.28730551

What happened to the GTE shills?

>> No.28730569
File: 882 KB, 1400x1000, 1534947458114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't need Jesus or an economy when I have the Fed and no money velocity.
They can't let the market drop, Anon. The US as a nation is tied to the fate of the success of SPY. They may kill the dollar, they may impose bans on short selling, they might even prosecute bankers who are short selling. They will do anything to prop up the market, and pray killing the dollar is all it takes when we are done here.

>> No.28730612

>Buy DNN at open
why? are people falling for that schizo's memes or is there actually a reason this is a good bet?

>> No.28730626

I used to hold /MES but it was hard to get desired leverage right. Position sizing with futures can be a pain unless you're just daytrading.

>> No.28730632
File: 73 KB, 1200x675, CEO-NERGIES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's okay to be excited anon but me, personally? I don't care about temporary price movements. They could list it on the Antarctic Stock Exchange and ban all buy orders Robinhood style for all I care.
Your market forces are powerless here.
The SYNERGIES are in control.

>> No.28730651

Inshallah PLTR will reach $100 by EOM.

>> No.28730686

am i going to lose on uranium just like with all these maritime stocks that i got memed into

>> No.28730808

What energy stocks will go up Monday because of the arctic weather?

>> No.28730826

Doesn't matter, did you not here me, god does not give a FUCK about the fed or the SPY. Golden calf worshippers LOSE. The market WILL go down, and ((them)) and ((you)) WILL lose everything. You are worshipping an IDOL before god.

>> No.28730866


>> No.28730871


normie moe is like SMG video update for normies

>> No.28730878

Bridgetown 2 basically. Run by Thiel's husband. Target is Traveloka.

>> No.28730893

you mean tuesday

>> No.28730940
File: 2.18 MB, 1893x826, DNN-3:19-2.5-Calls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


from another anon's post:
"Nope DNN is solid. Graytheon deposit has 1.8 % grade of uranium, the Phoenix deposit is 19.1% I read on there maps on Denison site. It will be easy to mine, considering it’s relatively close to the surface, also there is a lot of nickel in these deposits of uranium too roughly 2-20% nickel sells for like 18,000 dollars a tone, uranium sells for 66,000 dollars a tone, and there is predicted to be over 300 million metric tonnes in both deposits compound.

I could be wrong with the numbers but check their web page out, if they get approval to mine it, and say the uranium spot price increase from 30 to 60 making each tone worth 120k u can only imagine the revenue they will be making when it will only cost them $8 for every pound of uranium"

I am invested heavily in DNN shares
go look at the call volume on $2.5 3/19
There is definitely chance for big -10 or -20% swings, but I am going to hold for several months
I am expecting a 100% return
I am very bullish on uranium in general, so it's a no brainer

>> No.28730941

Money is a God, Anon. It says so on the dollar itself.

>> No.28730972


I am worshipping the same thing that church's do. That is the almighty USD. Praise be

>> No.28731004

DENN is superior

>> No.28731010
File: 67 KB, 494x600, 1607386873559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with you, this is no different than the obama years with a lot of green companies coming out and sucking up tax dollars. It will be different when they do finally roll out EVs but there are safer plays than the the green energy stocks. I plan on watching GEVO and ENG closely for a catalyst that shows they are gonig to be the leader. When that happens I will buy. Until then I'm going with the sure things like Semi conductors. I guess the one that i am willing to bank on right now are space related stocks. I think those are already more of a reality than we know.

>> No.28731022

how was it a curse?

>> No.28731023
File: 14 KB, 300x260, confused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How the fuck do you read futures. You guys seem to lose your shit but it's like hearing an alien prophecy in another language. What are they supposed to tell you??

>> No.28731043

Hmm, AMD calls gone?

>> No.28731049

Anon I'm jealous of your devotion, if I was half as faithful as you are I'm sure I could make my anime waifu real.

>> No.28731059
File: 323 KB, 845x845, 1613157668505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28731083

This. Good momentum going into this week.
Also, check out AMY.

>> No.28731088

Futures are pasts

>> No.28731114

>space related stocks
should get a big boost after the ARKX fund launches

>> No.28731133

Is your waifu good or is it trash? Post it and we'll decide

>> No.28731145

Almost all gains and losses are outside market hours (either PM or AH). Trading day is just noise for the plebs typically.

>> No.28731226
File: 153 KB, 400x400, 04218bbb-f6e1-4fbe-ab16-9b5b95bc0707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

P..please i..i just..i

>> No.28731230

Believing in God was a meme invented by 19th century protestants. Understanding the concept is more than enough.
Nonetheless tho the point made about the god on the dollar being some (((freemasonic))) ruse for god as money.

>> No.28731232
File: 443 KB, 900x730, AHHHH123312111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28731261
File: 286 KB, 400x575, 1613315604936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28731262
File: 174 KB, 460x456, Cramer_RepentZoomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe like $500. It's true you probably won't need much cash on hand in college (assuming from the "no expenses"), but as soon as you're in "the real world" you'll need it right away for first/last months rent, down payments, random supplies for your living space (especially if you live in a dorm all 4 years which hopefully you don't), etc. The money you'll make at a job should be chump change compared to $5k, so use just a bit of it to learn how the markets work if you're interested, otherwise keep it liquid until you have an income.

>> No.28731341
File: 145 KB, 1280x720, 1613194542787.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28731346
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>> No.28731358

Depends on your credit but interest rates are pretty low right now, why go for a 15 when you can go for 30 and put money in the market instead?
Obviously there's risk involved with that decision.

>> No.28731360
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>> No.28731380

>Biden calling for more gun laws
Damn it, should've bought gun/ammo stocks

>> No.28731382

>can anime be real
>can my anime wife be real
think about it, it is real. she is real.

>> No.28731387

hypothetically 18 of coourse
>underage b&

>> No.28731419
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>> No.28731441

Some of you are alright, don't buy Uranium Sunday night.

>> No.28731499

No. Don't try. Do or do not. There's no try.

>> No.28731503
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TFW the jews are able to trade all 24hrs

>> No.28731514

Not him but I'm gonna say "green candle addiction"

My brokerage account got a quick spike the first day I traded options. And then a 40% plummet the next day when I hit my day trading limit. Kinda like when I bought my first shitcoin and then I felt like anything I bought would pump

>> No.28731523

Well, I don't know, but I've been told
Uranium ore's worth more than gold
Sold my Cad', I bought me a Jeep
I've got that bug and I can't sleep

Uranium fever has done and got me down
Uranium fever is spreadin' all around
With a Geiger counter in my hand
I'm a-goin' out to stake me some government land
Uranium fever has done and got me down

Well I had talk with the AEC*
And they brought out some maps that looked good to me
And one showed me a spot that he said he knowed
So I straddled my Jeep and headed down the road

I reckon I drove about 100 miles
Down a bumpy road out through the wilds
When all of sudden I bounced to a stop
At the foot of a mountain, didn't have no top

Uranium fever has done and got me down
Uranium fever is spreadin' all around
With a Geiger counter in my hand
I'm a-goin' out to stake me some government land
Uranium fever has done and got me down

Well I took my Geiger and I started to climb
Right up to the top where I thought I'd find
A hunk of rock that would make it click
Just like I'd read about Vernon Pick

On the second day, I made the top
And I'm tellin' you, Steve, I was ready to stop
The only clickin' that I heard that day
Was the bones in my back that had gone astray

Uranium fever has done and got me down
Uranium fever is spreadin' all around
With a Geiger counter in my hand
I'm a-goin' out to stake me some government land
Uranium fever has done and got me down

Well, you pack up your things
You head out again
Into some unknown spot where nobody's been
You reach the spot where your fortune lies
You find it's been staked by 17 other guys

Well, I ain't kiddin', I ain't gonna quit

>> No.28731556

Facts it makes sense to invest the money expecially with low ass rates available right now. Reality tho. The faster I'm debt free the more security I have in life. The more free and fuck it I become to everything. To me. 15 years is better simple because I personally want the freedom of stress free living of being debt free. So sooner the better personally

>> No.28731630

Someone make new

>> No.28731635

If you think of futures like stocks that can be traded at any time and are for indexes and commodities instead of companies, then you are already on the absolutely wrong track but get the concept.

Technically they are something completely different, but if you view Nasdaq Futures ontracts as QQQ outside of market hours...

Shits complicated to explain.

>> No.28731648
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>coordinated jew dump to your stop loss price at open

>> No.28731713
File: 1.35 MB, 928x2048, Screenshot_20210214-170508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck

>> No.28731839

I know. Explaining the meaning of futures is hard. They're not "like stocks" but date based contracts, but they act like stocks in many ways.

>> No.28731853

new thread


>> No.28731854
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>> No.28731881
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looks like i'll be buying back into RGR it was a comfy stock

>> No.28731891

Your "Golden bullrun" will be stopped by god and you will languish in the sin you have committed. You sit on your online brothel, looking at pornography and murder and greed, committing blatant sins against god, and find it funny

>> No.28731896

i would go gay for that butt

>> No.28731902

Good man

>> No.28731911

Id color matches her interest in men

>> No.28731995

I just check them on cnbc.com on the PREMKT tab. I try not to overthink it though. You can stare at futures prices all night thinking it's a red day, then in the morning you wake up and an Iraqi oil field got bombed and everything is green again. It's whatever. Sometimes, all that information is just too much noise

>> No.28732004

I started buying more options, I played it "safe" by getting SILJ and FLIR calls, I got fucked lol, lost most of my gains. I still use about 25% of my port for options plays, I started playing with stocks in March, I'm up ~400% since then, so it wasn't the worst, I've just learned from a lot of expensive mistakes

>> No.28732291

Tuesday moves:
SOS (?)

AMD (?)

>> No.28732646

Based. Allah willing.

>> No.28732648


fucking brainlets i am 0.94 average cost gevo chad if u sell ur retarded this shit is literally free money which is why its so overvalued because anyone with half a brain can see that if they get 10% of TAM for jet fuel they are at 100 dollars per share

>> No.28732708
File: 180 KB, 1024x1975, schoolgirl_by_bigkneelover_d9onfzx-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have any idea what you just unlocked Anon?


>> No.28732719

they also found a mine underneath their mine i shit you not

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