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I realized that making money is... actually quite easy. Why don’t people just buy chainlink and hodl?

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Because they don't realize that the value proposition of the entire space hinges on functioning oracles

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Thanks, bought IOTA at 0.11, I'm good

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I held chainlink while missing out on AAVE, Polkadot, SNX, SUSHI, UNI

I would have made more money jumping from those project at their low mcaps than hodling chainlink for 3 years only to get at max x40

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cuz they dumb
cuz they gay
cuz they stupid
cuz they black

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You mean LINK?

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ok but it's called risk faggot. hindsight is 20/20

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I was going to say you are being greedy, but I think you're just retarded

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chainlink is for savings. the goal of chasing pumps is to stack sergs, don’t blow your whole stack on shitcoins

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Too expensive now to make life changing sums

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looks like its due a big correction and its shit its pants before
ill wait for that THEN buy in and hodl
heh, didn't see THAT coming did you
nothin personell kid

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If you only knew

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>Too expensive now to make life changing sums
It's going to 1k eoy and eventually 81k you retard

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>Functioning oracles

You know, that thing that chainlink uhhhh.... Definitely will have..... Any day now....


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kek, i love it

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>implying that guy has more than 5 dollars to spare

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Can you elaborate on that? I'd love for you to proof me wrong

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Yeah, it's called, you had 4 years

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Link only has a 14b market cap, still has another 35x to go just to be half of what Bitcoin currently is, and once Bitcoin goes up another 5-10-20x higher, then Link will go up with it.
Seriously, do people not realize how early into Crypto we all are. Link could easily go another 200-500x it's just not going to happen in the next 5 minutes.

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Got a couple of grand to invest but want to invest it wisely
That's what I said, only been here since last month

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Listen to what this anon said.

Just because the tokens are more than $5 doesn't make its a good investment. Bitcoin is $45,000 a coin but can still be seen as a good investment, ethereum is $2k, etc.

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just see the future and time everything perfectly bros lol

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Low cap coins are gunna be booming like 2017 soon enough, nft coins will be this runs ico. CHONK and RARI

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>Assumes he would have timed each swing perfectly
Absolutely ngmi with this mentality

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Been seein CHONK shilled more and more

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Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens are a known scam

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because not all of us were lucky to be here when it was cheap and shilled heavily. Now, we can only hope to get in the next link.

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This. People don't realize link is going to create gajillionaires

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The next link is link

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token only needed to print mcdonalds money

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The sad thing is there’s a possibility this retard isn’t trolling

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>i cant buy btc for 30$
>i cant buy eth for 30$
I only answered you because of your digits

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you’re right :)

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yeah, I’m not buying into a project that you folks bought so cheap and in large quantity. I’d rather put my money into a low cap project that will get me equal gains as link got you.

yes, plain and simple.

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You’re right :)

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good luck fren
dont cry that we didnt warn you