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Bitcoin is failing you again

Buy Chancoins before BTC falls below 2400, Chancoins never fall, only go up with huge pumps of 3x value

Pajeet here, pajeet know

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Chancoin moonmission underway

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Is that a shop?

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I support my Chancoin brothers! Tipped.


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Yeah, it is a shop where you can buy Trump figurines.

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Chancoin will eventually take over all of /biz/, there is immense advertisement done everywhere and its supporters are getting multiplied every day, you should join now that it is still cheap, otherwise you will want to kill yourself later

Chancoin is the official currency of 4chan, we should glorify it

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I just feel sorry for those who have seen all the shilling and did nothing. When it moons they will cry that the biggest moon program was right in front of their eyes every day

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chancoin is newfag shit
where my doge bros at

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Roll for Free Chancoin: >>2871470

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JuSt HoDl GuYs