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How are my farmers doing?

5k Staked, $700 in rewards so far

feels comfy

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printing a bit over 50$ a day. feels good mang

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How long did that take? What's the weekly roi?

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Comfy as fuck. Sold all my Uni for more bnt. Feels great

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How much u staking?

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Im in the SNX pool, ~45% APY until you reach the 2x multiplier which is 90% APY

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What did you stake? BNT or LINK? Should I put LINK into it?

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Depends on the pool you are in and if you have 1x rewards or 2x. The longer you stake the more you make.

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lol same, feels good to know that it'll 5x minimum by EOY

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yes, but the LINK pool is full so you can't

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watching my stack grow has been pretty comfy, but are you guys not worried about the unlimited supply?

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Yes if you have enough of them and there is room. Gas is crazy right now

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Two weeks in the LINK pool. Got 2 stinkies in the first week and almost 4 in the second. That's $6,000 already, feels supremely comfy.

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And that doesn't take into account SNX appreciating? How's that 45% calculated? Is it extrapolated from daily or weekly or something?

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the chance of BNT needing to actually print to the point of hyperinflation seems very minimal, and is absolutely a risk i am willing to take holding and staking

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Obviously. But I was asking how long did it take for OP to get 700 in returns with 5k staked

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The pool was free like 1500 link and I put 500 in for like 125$ gas. Fuck it.

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Just bought BNT last night. Which pool should I pick for staking?

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Idon't fully understand it desu

BNT seems like a anti midwit coin and I'm on the brainlet side

I buy, it print money

I bought my 5k stack at 2.40 and with farming rewards and mooning It's worth like 17k now

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Okay! Thanks anyway. Hope you make it fren

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you won't be bragging about money printing when crypto starts crashing this year and it'll be musical chairs to see who exits first and who's left holding the bags of a dead protocol

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I'm a poorfag. How much BNT is enough in order to get into farming/staking? Pls no bully

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There is no limit

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Is it worth staking my 540 banclets??

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Poorfag cope

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Sold all of my UNI between 20-22 to stake more BNT. Feeling pretty good about it. Don't think Bancor will be a good shitcoin exchange for a while, but it's looking more and more likely that UNI will have that casino market as it's only value in the defi market.

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>named after keynes

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Would it even be worth getting into sub-1000$? There's also gas fees, as far as I understand.

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I just jumped in about 1 hour ago. Link/bnt pool

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Newfag here how do I stake my 300 BNT?

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>Would it even be worth getting into sub-1000$? There's also gas fees, as far as I understand.
eh, lets say you had 300 bnt already.
it will cost you ~100 bucks to stake.
so, yeah, but only over a really long time. I would say go into the eth pool and leave it there for a long time, like a year.

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Also I paid like $10 and $150 for each approve and stake

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>I bought my 5k stack at 2.40 and with farming rewards and mooning It's worth like 17k now
i had no idea either, i went into a pool last december, when the rewards finally started showing it was a 50% ROI. That day I sold tons of shitcoins to bnt and staked it all. currently spinning off 120+ BNT per day.
LM goes on for almost a year still, i will monitor closely but for now, staying in...

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45k staked, gotten around 2300 BNT since the LM went live. I got like 22k BNT for the LM retroactively lol.

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$10 incoming?

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Rumor has it L2 solution (Arbitrum from offchain labs) will go live in March. Will likely see TVL jump like crazy as gas is cut x50. Either way this is a long-term play. Bancor's going to be a big player in bluechip defi.

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Nice stake you have there. I put 2400 bnt in the SNX pool 18 days ago. Already earned 114 bnt on just that pool.