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Hey McLosers! Just wanted to let you know that MCDC is getting ready to McMoon. The McPlan is working.


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I can't tell if these are funposts or the death rattle of POOED.com bagholders.

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kys namefag at least spell her name right

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McFucking kill yourself

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Could you manage that? That'd be swell, cause right now i can't even sell mine they're so worthless.

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Based Mctiaga working overtiem. trust the mcplan

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It’s a clue

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CEO here, with a message for all the salty RubeCube cucks shocked that usecase doesn't seem to move markets any more predictably than a triple-A shitcoin with a community that's actually still fun.

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i lost my life savings on this shit stop scamming

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MCDC always have best waifu

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Checked. Rubic was fun for a while, sure; but the devs thought all their success was due to their talents. Whoops.

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Viral baby

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>fuck.no coiners

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I'm gonna give you a tip fren. Buy low, sell high.

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so...what is your mcplan

just become a mcdc waifu?

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Kek we don’t work McOver time for Waifus. We work over time for CNN.

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Having so much McFuckin fun building this coin from the ground up! Great group. Great team. Great food. #MCDC

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Lmao my spelling is even that good heheheheheheheheh. Nice try

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the mcdc crew are autistic, which makes it extremely possible.

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Ask the McFamily. They know McTiaga can’t spell

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I never mcsold and I’m mclovin it.

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i dont know man

these still a good meme

just dont know it is a good buy

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A couple of whales bought the presale and doomped and that makes it a scam how?

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Reminder that the team is literally all black trying to dump on white newfags to build an African village.

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When we McMake it we will all have McFun

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Ba ba ba ba bah , I'm mclovin it

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Reminder that the team is literally all white trying to pump to build a viral shitcoin.

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Now this is a conspiracy

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Already having McFun fren.

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t. jamal

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Hey Dejan, how’s your telegram group?

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So you're just gonna wait for another chance to sell your whole stack when the price is higher, but it'll be early days of the moon mission and you'll feel it in your McBones - so you won't sell, no, you'll buy high again won't you, bro - and end up with a pretty little suicide stack, which you'll inevitably end up swinging once the next pump reveals itself for what it actually is: a quick stop for Big Macs at space station 0.10c.

Never change, biz.

Or you could lower your average right now at these presale prices, put liquidity in via XIPOOH-MCDC and actually fucking make it.

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What is the point of your screenshots?
There's nothing there.
Subliminal fud, post a screenshot, nonono don't read it or anything, it must be valuable to have been screenshotted.

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This is bullish

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Post hand with time stamp if you wanna call anons black on a Tibetan basket weaving forum kek

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Already fact checked Dejan

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Is this your master marketing plan?
Shilling McScam after the McRugpull

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I love random screenshots of conversations that apply nothing to the point you’re trying to move across Dejan

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What in my post are you referring to?
More fud schizoposting lol

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Stop Mctalking like a McRetard
You actually are making me want to buy in

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if is a scam

why they still marketing this shit?

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Is this chart bullish McScammers?


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For me, it's the Quarter Pounder

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still don’t understand why you’re fudding if it’s been rugpulled
Thanks, pajeet I just picked up a small bag kek

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Remember anons. Don't fall for this scam.
The PnD was fun but now it's over.
There's no listings coming. Comma is a scamming jew.
This coin was created to scam so the money could be put into Rubic. Everyone shilling wants to dump their bags on the next retard

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very soon

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>doesn’t know how cryptos work
Okay Dejan lmao

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comma is a schizo yes, but the team and community make up for it.

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Take my advice. You idiots should've launched on BSC. No one is going to pay ETH gas fees for a memecoin scam with a graph like that

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>I love random screenshots of conversations that apply nothing to the point you’re trying to move across Dejan
The screens are pretty explicit about you nerds getting dabbed on by some bitch from onlyfans lol

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fuck you gay loser, you banned me from the rubichads telegram for no reason you absolute disgusting subhuman. KYS and fuck your gay scamcoin

>> No.28716787

Gas fees will be gone next week.

>> No.28716790

More profit > Less profit
do you understand why scams exist?

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I will post feet when we hit 1 dollar. Be McMad.

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>Pumped Rubic
>Left before it reached .80 cents
>Pumped MCDC
>None of the team sold
Smart thinking anon, I almost bought into a bullish team
Fuck off retard

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oh no no no

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Nice, I'll never have to see your gross ass tootsies

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Rubic Total Victory
Rubic Revenge
Get Rekt McScammers

>> No.28716935

No doxxing kek

>> No.28716949

Ay yes the team which hides Coingecko listing results from the plebs. The reason you have a community is bagholders who don't want to sell at -99%

>> No.28716960

everyone in that tg liked me kek, and then you went on a salty little rage and banned a bunch of people like a faggot


>> No.28717051

>get out of our chat
>chat is named "commarubicchads"
situational irony

>> No.28717055

Yeah the screens are pretty explicit about something the team thought happened but was proven wrong fucking kek

>> No.28717077

Join the other rubichads. None of these mc scams are allowed
The handle is rubichads

>> No.28717143

Hey guess what I made that meme and any Rubic meme you’re using Dejan and I’m on the MCDC team.

>> No.28717150

fair point, i actually liked comma before this shit, before he started shilling people to go to mcdonalds and scream about being paid in MCDC and stuff like that. i really didn't have anything against the MCDC people until they started banning anyone who questioned the coin and turned our chat about rubic into a chat about a scamcoin. Sure as hell made it feel like we were in a PND groupchat

>> No.28717159

nigger coingecko literally only rejected because the coin was less than a weak old and they didnt want to dishearten the community. Not saying the action was right but maybe they didnt feel it was the correct time to share the news when they were already down?

>> No.28717165

just join rubichads. let these scammers baghold forever

>> No.28717216

Your ego is showing dejan

>> No.28717219

dubs of truth, thanks man, i'll join

>> No.28717221

Yeah. Good luck with those bags

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The Comma Rubi Chads Telegram group is infested with McScammers
McTiaga is the Comma Rubi Chads Telegram admin and also a lead schiller of McScam MCDC

This scheming cunt has been banning any Rubic anon in the group chat who speaks out against McScam. The group in now private because they can’t take the heat by true Rubic loyalists.

>> No.28717304

is that you blu blu? you insufferable Patethic weeaboo faggot have fun in the tranny rubic chat with the rest of your kind

>> No.28717336

No Dejan, everyone hated you because you were a greedy little gremlin from Serbia who always fucked over every anon, it wasn’t an admin decision, more then half of telegram agreed to remove you.

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Keked and checked, but still, ngmi.

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The Comma Rubi Chads Telgram is full of McFaggot fraudsters who created MCDC McScam
These rats schilled it to unsuspecting Rubic anons in the group
Than they pulled the rug and dumped on them
They fud and swing Rubic as well
All the dumps the last few days are them
Tell these McFaggots to get rekt

If you want a real
Based and Rubicpilled Telegram
Join here: @rubichads

-No Fud Faggots
-No Swingers
-No Schilling McScam Shit Coins

Just Rubic
Simply Rubic

My Rubic Stays Cubic

>> No.28717425

literal trannies there

>> No.28717429

retard, i'm not talking about whatever mcdick telegram you are, i'm talking about RUBICHADS

>> No.28717435

Don't pump their bags. You morons.
You might want to dump on normies but the only getting dumped on is you.

>> No.28717440

Not true, we only banned you Dejan

>> No.28717456

Posting TG is retarded fud. Imagine feeling like you're a cool insider and posting "insider screenshots" from a public tg that's listed on the website.

>> No.28717465

>something the team thought happened but was proven wrong fucking kek
Thanks for correcting the record, 1,672,792,081,234 MCDC (market value $0.48) has been deposited into your account

>> No.28717541

He was talking about Rubichads, almost everyone from Rubichads is in MCDC Dejan you retard

>> No.28717558

Elite and Team TGs are private. No one is falling for the scam.
It's literal shitcoin that pumped x180. It's dead

>> No.28717615

Are you saying people can’t be wrong?

>> No.28717625

Yeah the kiked rubichads. True rubichads are laughing at you fucking scammers

>> No.28717633

I would say a good 60% of the current TG community bought in around presale or below 1 cent and are still not losing money, thats why they aren't selling lol.

>> No.28717659

no they aren't dipshit, only the admins and cool kids are in your MCDC stuff. 95% of the chat joined for rubic and stayed for rubic. You faggots are literally a cancer on the coin. Just stop. Stop with your MCDC garbage, the coin is dead. It is dead and gone, and will never be again. Let it go. Holy fuck.

>> No.28717681

For doxxing a female and for people posting porn. Yes I do remember this kek

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File: 32 KB, 820x399, photo_2021-02-07_21-48-19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I created the Rubic Ranger meme and the image you're using in your post. Still hold Rubic too. The team isn't selling, building this coin is fun for us. Get over it.

>> No.28717696

Use proper English before typing, thanks Dejan

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Please take my bags
I'm seething and crying because no will take them
They are extra heavy
I hope someone will take them

>> No.28717731

If its a dead scam that already pump and dumped why would they still be actively trying to shill it. T. retard. Why would the teams telegram be public..?

>> No.28717780

Lmao. Check their wallets. This is a b'
blatant lie

>> No.28717806

Is there another Rubichads? I’m in three of them and they all hate you

>> No.28717865

don't have a bag i went to your group and i saw literal trannies posting there and you retards simping for men dressing as a woman. Degenerate scum i left immediately after i saw that shit

>> No.28717875

No one types like this

>> No.28717894

>posting porn of a whore who dumped 30k USD
those pics weren't even month old. lmao simps

>> No.28717904

It's not retard, check for yourself you dimwit.

>> No.28717948

yeah dejans telegram is pretty fucking weird

>> No.28717955

Yeah. The real team telegram is totally public. You think I was born yesterday?

>> No.28717963

This show isn't even good

>> No.28717973

>>28717051 >>28717055
>>28717077 >>28717143
>>28717150 >>28717159
>>28717165 >>28717216
>>28717219 >>28717221
>>28717283 >>28717304
>>28717336 >>28717347
>>28717389 >>28717425
>>28717429 >>28717435
>>28717440 >>28717456
>>28717465 >>28717541
>>28717558 >>28717615
>>28717625 >>28717633
>>28717659 >>28717681
>>28717691 >>28717696
>>28717724 >>28717731
>>28717780 >>28717806
>>28717865 >>28717875
>>28717894 >>28717904
>>28717948 >>28717955

>> No.28717995

>doxxing a female
>posting porn
please kys lmao, just do it already
i literally did neither of those things and you banned me. Shame you can't prove it because you deleted all my messages too kek.

It will be so joyful to watch your coin die, like all shitcoins do. It may take time, months, years even, but it will die. And when it does, I will smile. Your death is inevitable, friend, and so is your coin. Memento Mori.

>> No.28718030

>b’ blandtant lie sirs

>> No.28718104

Dipshit, why would they make the teams telegram public? That makes no sense. Its a team TG.

>> No.28718113

>Reddit spacing
Off my board normalfag

>> No.28718119

>Clicking post IDs over and over and over, for what, a minute?

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File: 264 KB, 556x674, 1612936353721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This discord tier drama is so fucking cringe

>> No.28718188

i mean its already pretty dead, they're trying to revive it.

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>I created the Rubic Ranger meme and image
We don't give a fuck McFaggot
What you did in the past doesn't matter
You are a trader and a thief continuing to
defraud anons
You already manipulated Rubic hodlers to buy your shitcoin. Than dumped on them
Get Rekt

>> No.28718240

because they are being payed too, fucking idiot

>> No.28718251

>trannies literally seething over MCDC

>> No.28718260

wait until you see the mcdonalds ultra elite telegram :D

>> No.28718341

>sneeding chucks over and over for what, a suck n fuck?

>> No.28718355

nigga it's called spacing for emphasis, kys
been suspended from reddit for 5 years, never going back

>> No.28718385

They are being paid to shill a dead shit coin that is currently making no money, by who..? The one who shilled this is a team member?
>fucking idiot
go back

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File: 695 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210214-143508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember that this thread is inorganic. Everyone posting here is a telegram tranny. Nobody in here is actually positive about this other than shills.

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File: 206 KB, 965x1080, B3CC3425-F3C2-45A3-B36E-A7866DAD2DEF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why yes indeed I sell fine wares, how could you tell?

>> No.28718456

>Rubic cool kids are in MCDC.
Well I'm sold, thanks. :D

>> No.28718530

I’m not even gonna begin to talk about how many errors this post has anon

>> No.28718540
File: 41 KB, 600x600, 47373738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at the McFaggots chart
Is that bullish?
You can't make this shit up


>> No.28718565

i mean cool kids facetiously lel
not everyone man, i'm from the new rubichads chat, just here to tell mcdick trannies to suck cock and die.
hi loliposter, sorry you got banned from the new rubichads, maybe i'll unban you if you dm me :D

>> No.28718711

fuck off and die, OP

>> No.28718787

I poor and isso have mdcd and rubic.
You are Rich, why dont buy mcdc?

>> No.28718822

Ok but who even are you lol? The way you type and space is the same exact way in every post. You constantly make threads fudding MCDC and on every ssingle MCDC thread you samefag proxy fuddiing it. What is your deal lol?

>> No.28718909

probably someone from the MCDC elite chat who's trying to do shitty FUD to make people fomo. So fucking cringe.

>> No.28718912


>> No.28718964

Pretending to be a third worlder to fud MCDC doesn’t work lmao

>> No.28719068
File: 697 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210214-144405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 61 KB, 759x551, 1612969893056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've Mclost everything. I'm going to Mcfucking kill myself.

>> No.28719116
File: 2.57 MB, 1686x2384, 49ac6be9565011b0d7b5c66ab0451e82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already forgot about that

>> No.28719122


>> No.28719136
File: 23 KB, 680x368, McComma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You deserve nothing but complete destruction
You McFaggots stole money
You are thieves
Pajeet pump and dumps and Nigerian Princes have more class than you
You McScammers continue to deceive and lie
Get Rekt

>> No.28719159

Another pointless screenshot, do you fudders not think about what you share?
There's so much seething, trap successful! :D

>> No.28719216

>Locked liquidity
>Top wallets haven't even sold yet
>Prime chance to get on the bottom floor right the fuck now
You'd have to be a literal retard not to get in on this moon mission holy shit

>> No.28719227

i actually liked you, it's a shame they banned you

>> No.28719277
File: 1.69 MB, 498x278, 9573bc84713c2c66174e0cbcf64d6ea0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you bought a coin called mcdonald
the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.28719285


>> No.28719332
File: 309 KB, 785x757, 1605248726797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Top wallets haven't even sold yet

excuse me what the fuck
McDelusional, anyone that buys this is a massive retard.

>> No.28719335

Ok, the FUD was kinda getting to me but this actually sounds alright, how do I buy?

>> No.28719420


>> No.28719470

Locked liquidity doesn't stop the devs from dumping. It just means those are fake wallets, and the real dump will come from multiple smaller wallets. But you're a fake shill anyways so idk why I'm telling you this

>> No.28719508

kek'd and sneeded

>> No.28719633

smaller dev wallets dump. top wallets are sleepers

>> No.28719673

you already own it. lying faggot

>> No.28719691

why's this dude so mad

>> No.28719745

Typical of fudders unfortunately, it's quite sad. :/

>> No.28719878

what did this msg say

>> No.28720072

please pump this coin up i need to dump my bags on you

>> No.28720422

listen if you're being serious, don't. This coin is a community made coin that will be shilled and pumped the same way as any other shitcoin, and will die out just like any other shitcoin. It is past its prime, and will not go back up significantly again. This is a death rattle.

>> No.28720462

look at the ID he is relying to

>> No.28720854
File: 8 KB, 222x227, 124352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My Rubic Stays Cubic

>> No.28721291

kek thanks, my bad, was trying to save a retard.

>> No.28721973

Hey Tiaga, thanks for banning me from the chat!

Keep posting muh (((trust the plan))) and muh (((dev wallets didn't sell)))), i'm sure this dead coin will be going places!