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/biz/ I need your help recovering my old bitcoin wallets from 2016. I have a few different wallets on several deepweb websites where you could buy drugs and a bunch of other stuff but I don't remember the name of the sites. All I know is that one of them starts with a G. I just found this old piece of paper with all of my login infos on it. Whoever can find the name of at least one of the websites gets 30% of what's in it.

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You’re welcome

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contact me on [email protected]

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you shouldn't be on the dark web frenon, you go to jailies

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That's not it
No thanks

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Most of those sites either changed name or were closed down after so much time anon.
But try OpenBazzar

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Never bought anything illegal

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Ok I know about this one, it’s called 2+2+2+2 chon. Very sketchy, would not suggest.

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Yeah that's what I was thinking

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wow, great boost I passed by
need help guys, someone uses Bot Ocean project?
worth buying or better check for other bots?
want to test trading with bots and tools

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>you will get 30% if you help me
>leaves email so we could communicate so he could send me some reward after I help him
>no thanks
this bitch lies to you, he will not give you anything

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Fuck off retard. You're supposed to send the address after you've helped me.

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It's BTC too, why is someone putting their email address lol.

OP is it grams?

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grams was a search engine not a market place anon

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Anons this is an information gathering bait thread by a fucking glownigger. He is trying to strike up a convo and he will be cool as fuck and ask you where the new sites are for drugs etc. He probably will send btc if you help and now you're an accomplice. Hes a fucking cop and enforces laws and for this reason alone he is anti-freedom. Do not help him. Anyone that leaves money lying around unattended deserves to lose it.

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All the markets from deep web in 2016 are shut down. Alphabay, Dream market, etc. good bye coins

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Tfw when I had 0.5btc in agora before it shutdown/exit scammed

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>imagine being an actual glow in the dark and being so desperate to ask a bunch of retards on a mongolian horse milk appreciation forum for info

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aww that little startle-kitten is heckin cute

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