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Cool. Now all we’re waiting for is acknowledgement of the best DEX on Avalanche, Zero Exchange.

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Then why did they have to burn tokens?
Because tokens that shouldn't exist were minted.
You can play semantics all you want but facts are facts.

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weird way to spell Pangolin

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>investing in turknology
>getting surprised when its buggy garbage

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>it wasn't a double spend
>multiple outputs from a single input

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what an absolute faggot
extra AVAX was created. That means double spend, whether you like it or not. AVAX that used to be on one account got duplicated to another account. Call it mint, call it whatever you want, that's a DOUBLE SPEND.

I hold AVAX but holy shit Emin is insufferable. Just admit that the bug caused a double spend instead of twisting through hoops. Not a good look.

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He's too cocky to admit it, just switch this garbage to ADA on the dip now
you know it's going to dump when alt mania is over

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Or people will adopt the Pangolin exchange. Holding ADA and AVAX.

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the AVAX I have (around 10k, with 10k LINK) is locked in Pangolin
Besides while I do think it was a double spend afaiu it involved the bridge from X to C chain, there's nothing really fundamental about it. Worst case they have to use a multisig or RUNE to swap between chains. That's fine.

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you are low iq

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Nice rebuttal. Multiple outputs, single inputs. Call it what you want, that's what it is.

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>speculates something
>facts are facts
shizo fud

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Explain minting
Explain double spend
Then explain what happened on the chain.

If you can't then shut the fuck up and don't talk about it.

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meant for >>28713274

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>spoonfeed me
he's absolutely correct, it's you who doesn't understand or you would be able to deliver actual arguments. No one spoonfeed this retard pls.

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The answer of someone who can't explain it.

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wasnt a double spend
I believe the Cornell Professor is smarter than (You).

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The why are half the features of the wallet removed? You cant even do anything with it

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they literally arent, empty your cache

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t. Laggard still living in the past

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No speculation. They had to burn tokens and announced it publicly. I get that you are a Turk and very nationalistic but denying reality won't change it.

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made me a millionaire listening to Klaus Schwab, and you?

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read the blog illiterate laggard

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>The bug did not affect regular transactions, coin transfers, asset transfers, coin destruction, or smart contract invocations. Avalanche never allowed any user to successfully send the same funds to two recipients.
>This means that absolutely no double-spends happened.

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Stop arguing against fudders. youre just increasing the fud, enjoy the stable 40 coin that's going to hit 60 and shove it in their faces later.

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>Avalanche never allowed any user to successfully send the same funds to two recipients.
They were sent to the same address more than once. That phrasing is some serious pilpuling. Funds sent twice to the same address is still a double spend.

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gonna nut when this his 1k in a year or so

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None of you faggots reading this? Am I the only one giving a shit about what happened on a technical level?

>bug occured specifically due to the different chains interacting incorrectly
>chains operate independently and do not crosscheck each other, which is why this could happen
>i.e. a coding bug that can not be replicated reliably due to nodes being chosen at random
>this is why it is not a fucking double spend
>some nodes in the network accepted an invalid block, some did not and were still processing shit
>https://github.com/ava-labs/coreth/pull/114/files#diff-9a870b1572ea65697aea0a8f959e0ee20efa4ff3370c3e39dcc2f3ec436b4fc3R212 basically makes it so that undecided blocks will be properly treated instead of a chain going fuck wild

someone correct me if im wrong here, im a fucking retard

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I don't really care, when are we mooning?

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read the blog Laggard, can you even read or is this the reason you are invested in Female to Male shitcoin, Pedodot, radicks?
thats going to happen this year.

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I read it. It's a double spend. Explain how SPENDING the same funds more than once, regardless of destination, isn't a double spend.

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holy shit this team is impressive

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>I read it. It's a double spend.
Its not a double spend laggard nigger.

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>As a person of color/as a woman/as a faggot/as an avax holder, folx, this is not a good look!
Go back

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thats the fucking point you dumb fuck, there were no funds "sent", they were converted between chains

this is basically like a ETH <-> AVAX bridge giving you 2 AVAX instead of 1. i.e. the bridge and smart contract fucked up, not the EVM or the AVAX network
you wouldnt fucking call ETH compromised but laugh at the contract writer who held the funds if that happened
same here, what fucked up is the client software not properly vesting blocks

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I made an argument, you did not.

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>sending from one chain in the avalance network to another chain is not sending
the language about minting is pure misdirection, they're minted on one chain and burned on another as a part of sending cross chain

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read the blog illiterate nigger

>> No.28715225

I did. You're just too busy guzzling turk cum to respond to the arguments made.

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do you think exchanging 1 EUR for 2 USD because the broker is just as retarded as you are is a double spend too?

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>I did.
no you didnt, you are a dumb illiterate nigger.
take some english classes poojeet and then try again.

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This has nothing to do with exchange rates. AVAX is AVAX idenpendently of which avalanche chain it is on.
>still has absolutely no rebuttal

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Of course you're right, the fudders here don't care about being proven wrong or right, they just want the price to go down. If you present them with facts so untwistable they will just ignore and create a new thread. Simply ignore and move on, WAGMI.

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>still has absolutely no rebuttal
it was already posted twice in the thread you blind nigger

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I read it and made an argument as to why it's wrong. You had no rebuttal.

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>AVAX is AVAX idenpendently of which avalanche chain it is on.
no, it technically isn't you dumb nigger, that's the point. the chains are running independent VMs. didnt you say you read the blog? thats literally explained there.

this is not a double spend because you literally cannot transfer between chains to pay someone this way, only within your own wallet(s).

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the fudders are priced out anyway lmao. they will NEVER make it into AVAX.
all they can do is sit on the sidelines with their poverty bags from centralized shitcoins and fling their Poop at AVAX like a monkey.
fucking hilarious seeing these losers squirm.

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I read the blog. Both chains are part of the avax network. Someone sent funds cross chain, and some AVAX were sent once but received multiple times. This is spending the same coins more than once.

>> No.28715795

>When someone moves AVAX from one chain to another, the system destroys the AVAX on the source chain, and mints it on the destination chain through a pair of transactions.
didnt you say you read the blog?

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>launch coin
Yeah its dead.

>> No.28715813

>I read it
but you didnt read it, stop lying jeet.
you are even too dumb to shit into a toilet and you want to make me believe you understood the words written in that blog?
nigger pls.

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>ITT: megachads that understand a double spend vs. AVAX shills that are over leveraged and staked
*popcorn intensifies*

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Turkroaches desperately defending their shitcoin in this thread

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I want to EMPHASIZE the so called bug was actually Vitamin Buterins fault. The Ethereum bridge didn't work correctly because of ethereums scalability problems and that caused the "double spends"

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Yes. The mint/burn is part of sending funds cross chain. Much like when you send on the same chain, coins are deleted from one address and reappears in another, that's how sending things work on blockchains. In this case the destination and origin are on different chains. This does not change the fact that funds are 1) sent once, 2) received multiple times.

This is laughable, just own up to the fact that it's a double spend bug, fix it and do better in the future.

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>ITT: AVAX megachads that can read vs. curryniggers that are priced out forever with their double digit folios

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Hahahahah nice bait anon

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Thats not Cornell, its Cornell tech in nyc

>> No.28716281

> Much like when you send on the same chain, coins are deleted from one address and reappears in another, that's how sending things work on blockchains.
i figured you would make this point, the difference is that the moving between X and C chain is explicitly limited to your own wallet. you literally cannot use this to pay for something and keep your money within the same chain.
you COULD of course transfer back x1 transaction to the x chain and use the remaining x6 to do transactions as you please, and it would be similar to a double spend in its outcome, but so would be the ETH / AVAX chain fucking up its exchange rates. it's not the same issue, and the weak link is the client / broker for the cross-chain transaction.

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Is this baby's first blockchain? You're so emotionally attached to your coin you must be dreaming of escaping poverty. The rest of us have already made it with BTC/ETH/LINK. My sides hurt so much from all this cope. You fuel me.

>> No.28716432

If you’re having to have these threads then the game is already over and you’re on your way down. Sorry.

>> No.28716479

>he doesnt know what IC3 is
ask me how I know you missed Chainlink in 2017.
you didnt make shit currynigger.

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Everything was fixed and just now waiting for the Bridge.
fudders got BTFO by based Emin.
fudders are priced out forever.
fudders will never make it with their centralized shitcoin bags.

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it's a double spend no matter how you look at it. It doesn't need to go to two different addresses to be a double spend, twice to the same address is also a double spend.

Also this definitely is a soft fork. They are just saying the blocks containing the invalid double mints are the correct ones, and providing code to other validators to roll up to that chain. Technically the other validators could keep validating their version, but luckily for the AVAX team they would eventually run into the same bug so they will switch to the patched code.

Splitting hairs on semantics, but it does look like they succesfully fixed what was in essence a coding bug. Just hope that whatever code they made to accept the "special" invalid blocks doesn't come back to bite them somehow.

>> No.28716745

fair point, but then the question comes up what impact a double spend of that kind even could have. originally double spend was a theoretical problem, not a practical one, and this was the latter in terms of code implementation

>> No.28716748

>it's a double spend
Its not, read the blog illiterate laggard.

>> No.28716767

that's completely wrong, jesus.
I'm holding lots of AVAX and they did fix the issue but there definitely was a double spend and a fork, no matter how they phrase it.

Luckily the other side of the fork is unsustainable.

>> No.28716852

Just read the analysis. Hyped again now.

>> No.28716875

I literally replied to the blog which I read
>dur they said it's not a double spend so it isn't
they are protecting themselves from bad publicity. But it was.

Still, it doesn't matter. Let's move past this fucking incident.

>> No.28716877

My 8 figures begs to differ loser

>> No.28717071

It wasnt a double spend and the bug was fixed.
cool story shitskin
but 8 figure rupees is like 20 bucks.

>> No.28717163

Sure, he can be smarter than me. But the fact is that the team already lied and he has a lot on the line to lose. I don't. Of course he would protect his project as a double spend is disastrous

>> No.28717224

wasnt a double spend nigger, try again nigger.

>> No.28717302

are you false flagging or literally retarded?

>> No.28717348

And this is why you'll stay poor. You'll never understand how the game is played as a whale. I make more from my coins 2xing than if yours 10000xd.

>> No.28717374

are you a nigger or just pretending to be a retarded nigger?

>> No.28717457

cool headcanon jeet but in reality you live in a sewer and you dig in shit with your hands all day.

>> No.28717478

Why are they trying to make it sound like they knew about the invalid mint when they rolled out the patch? If they did that means they just hoped no one noticed, then when the 4chan posts started they tried to cover it up and then wouldn't address it for hours. Realistically they patched the fix without realizing what the bug caused and figured it out when everyone else did. Not that it matters, just not a great look.

Still hoping for a good long-term outlook.

>> No.28717487

Lmao, how braindead are you? If you can't make an argument why do you keep writing? You make avax look worse when you can't even give a rebuttal to someone arguing with you. Fucking brainlet avax bagholder hahahaha

>> No.28717563

man the avax team is deep with ivy league CS grads that have passed up FAANG for this

18 devs, hiring 10 more right now wew

>> No.28717630

how/why would they have patched that specific thing without knowing about the bug? bizarre post

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kek, they are calling the invalid blocks with double mints "bonus blocks"

that's hilarious

>> No.28717663

they definitely did, the patch went out on friday that was referenced in the blog
probably planned to address this in the post mortem, i mean it would have been dumb to just randomly point out a mining error / "double spend" without proper PR prep

>> No.28717678

will you cry now poojeet?
are those tears forming on your eyes already?
do you have peepee in your eyes yet? boohoo boohooo baby gonna cry now because he was called what he is, an illiterate dumb little nigger aids baby.

>> No.28717695

>It wasnt a double spend and the bug was fixed.
cool argument, reread my post

>> No.28717713

(unironically based)

>> No.28717739

dont care didnt ask already sold.

>> No.28717749

I'm saying they realized the bug that caused the chain suspend, but they didn't realize the bug produced the invalid mints.

Assuming what you're suggesting is true: that means they are snakes and liars, which is far fucking worse than just not noticing the particular transactions that glitched as a result. What I'm suggesting is an excuse. If you're pro-AVAX you should embrace what I'm suggesting because what you're suggesting looks really fucking bad, buddy.

>> No.28717791

did they fucking hardcode the IDs? i fucking hope they know what theyre doing

>> No.28717808

itt brainlets eho dont know what a double spend is

>> No.28717851

it was typed by a nigger high from all the fermenting shit around him
go read the blog nigger.

>> No.28717882

>23 posts
>Can't make a argument
>Spams meaningless gibberish
Hmm, I wonder what the IQ on this one is, probably close to single digits

>> No.28717929

>be me
>10/10 wife
>two kids
>two houses
>early investor in BTC, ETH, and LINK
>bought AVAX at $4, sold at $55
My life is cushy as fuck. Stop projecting shithead. I'll never understand why all you fucks cling to your one true coin like a religion. Fucking cultists.

>> No.28718043

u mad bro

>> No.28718048

They absolutely knew, see >>28717641

yeah they did kek

Jesus christ you trigger me nigger, not only did I read the blog but I went through the actual patch they made and understood it. See >>28717641
Shut the fuck up and stop being a mindless pajeet who doesn't know what the fuck he talks about while acting cocky. Sit the fuck down.

>> No.28718108

>argument was already made
>dumb niggers cant read the blogpost and keep posting disinfo
>dumb poorfag nigger thinks hes smarter than a CS prof

Hmm, I wonder what the IQ on this one is, probably close to single digits

>nigger doubles down on the larp
top kek, nobody believes you bucko.

>> No.28718140

>wasnt a double spend
you cannot rewrite blockchain history, it's visible, they just hide it from the guy, but the record is there
it was not just a double spend, it spent seven times which is an absolute record

>> No.28718235

go dilate bro.
you are priced out and AVAX will never come back where you can afford more than 2 of them.

no YOU sit the fuck down you braindead nigger.
wasnt a double spend you nigger.
read the blogpost nigger.

>> No.28718314

there are several scenarios possible here and for some reason you're assuming the worst, without any supporting evidence

>> No.28718413


>> No.28718418

I don't care if you believe me because it's my reality. Your life must suck to be so bitter.

>> No.28718595

>I don't care if you believe me
yes you do otherwise you wouldnt post it.
but you are a larping nigger and a priced out salty loser and you are unable to read the blog because your single digit IQ prevents you from doing it.
hilarious, now please larp some more for my and everyone elses amusement.

>> No.28718685

Analysis is out, fudders fully BTFO and buying $ROPE


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Cope and seethe. Nothing makes me happier than watching shitheads with their heads so far up their own ass drown in their own shit. Enjoy going down with the ship loser. I already made my gains.

>> No.28719009

Impressive that the chain realized it was wrong and slowed down because of lack of consensus amongst participants.

But how can you read that blog post and not think that's a double spend? AVAX holders must literally be braindead to read the words "permitted the generation of 790.2160157 AVAX" and not realize this is a double spend

>> No.28719131

>Bonus blocks
Kek holy fuck

Also, the fact they first tried to just edit the block explorer data to cover it up first, then only changed it back and tried to gaslight the narrative into it being a "bug bounty" or something like that just shows how deceitful they are. They wouldn't have said anything if anon's here didn't see them editing the blockchain explorer in realtime. Also saying "no funds were lost" is deceitful because the value of everyone's avax in the avax eth pool decreased by an amount equal to 749avax or whatever the invalid mint amount is. Sure it may only be 0.000001eth worth of loss for each person, but it's still a loss in value.

Then trying to turn it into a semantic argument is the biggest strawman ever. They actually released a whole fucking essay arguing that it was an invalid mint and not a double spend, as if that makes a huge difference in reality. Attacking someone's semantics, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc and ignoring the actual issue is the first thing someone who's frantically scrambling to save face and hide the truth does.

>> No.28719147

I don't remember ETH having this exact same issue that hampered the network. No matter which way you slice it, this is the worst case scenario for AVAX and I'm gonna let you in on a secret, I was an original ICO investor, I had high optimism for this project and I've made the decision to move my assets into something safer like DOT or FTM

>> No.28719257

the only cope I see here is (You) and the other shitskin fudders, go back to your discord and suck each others dicks you poor retarded niggers.

>But how can you read
kek FUD niggers confirmed for illiterate

>> No.28719479

lots of bullshit in that post
that patch was published before the minting / spent was discovered, they'd have to be retarded to think nobody would ever see this.
I'd strongly assume they simply planned to cover it in their detail post instead of rushing a response
>decrease in value
this is literally false, they burned some AVAX from their own account to make up for it
honestly, a double spend as a problem to be solved in blockchains was not defined with cross-chain interactions in mind, so just calling this one is not correct either

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You just somehow read my post saying that the blog is clearly avoiding calling a double spend, a double spend, and somehow thought I was saying that the people claiming that it's a double spend can't read.

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I love how your only argument is "stay poor". You do realize that some of us are oldfags right? If you were on /biz/ as early as I was there's literally no way we could be poor. Keep hitting that copium fag.

>> No.28719595

Double-spending is defined as where the same money is promised to two parties but only delivered to one. If completed successfully, one of the two recipients will not be paid.

>> No.28719652

Avalanche emphasis security over liveness retard, If ETH experienced the same problem it wouldn't "Hamper" the network but it would kill their chain and they would require to fork it.

AVAX just proved how secure it's 4 days ago.

>> No.28719848

i mean, if you look at the code this is as close to a fork as you can get without calling it a hard fork. they coded in the block IDs this issue affected to be treated differently across the network

you can see from my posts that i wouldnt call this a double spend and i am still bullish on AVAX because this happened so early, but i'd also consider this a soft fork judging on how they patched it

>> No.28720085

How do abominations like this even exist?
I’m calling undercover fudder, there’s no way anyone could possess this lack of self-awareness

>> No.28720175

>safer like FTM, pajeet coin with no whitepaper and 37 validators
you ruined what could have been a plausible fud anon

>> No.28720235

double spend avax fags

>> No.28720253

And yet you somehow managed to stay poor.
Now you stay poor forever you nigger.
You missed this one too.

Keep crying more about a double spend which wasnt one you dumb nigger.
Wish your nigger mother took a trip to planned parenthood.

>> No.28720265


>> No.28720388

I'm going to comment these out on my client

>> No.28720441

post hand w timestamp pls

>> No.28720491

Posts yours you nigger.

>> No.28720510

the network wouldnt accept you if you did, right?

>> No.28720516

nah it's just a basic failure of PR

However I pretty much understand now what happened and it does look fixed. The majority of the network accepted the invalid blocks so they decided to fork to that. And it was a code bug in the end.

This is why ETH has multiple code implementations of the consensus btw. Hopefully others will be made for AVAX too.

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>stay poor
>stay poor
>stay poor
Cringe. What don't you get about I literally can't. Stop projecting. How much of your stack is in AVAX to be this big of a cry baby?

>> No.28720687

I'm over 60% uptime, so I'll get my rewards no matter what. I'll change my staking cert and key after this stake anyway.
Lets find out what happens.

>> No.28720705

that just means you will be broadcasting a state that no one else in the network agrees on and will net no fees. Since you will be unable to progress due to errors being thrown on those blocks.

>> No.28720716


>> No.28720805

>poorfag nigger keeps crying
You are priced out FOREVER.

>> No.28720931


huh, unless other people start doing the same. That would effectively cause a fork containing no invalid blocks and rolled back to before that.

You will be a minority though, even smaller than ETH Classic. Don't think you'll be able to get much momentum going.

>> No.28720963

is this real? it looks like what i would do, and my code should never be trusted.. i regularly leave hurtful comments to myself, and my repos are always private out of shame

>> No.28721030

on the blog post, follow the link to their github patch (I think it's called "diff") and check for yourself.

>> No.28721056

>down 25% in 3 days
>priced out
so you’re admitting this is the new ceiling?

>> No.28721097

This is the new floor.

>> No.28721237


>> No.28721252
File: 1.92 MB, 280x211, 03DA7CD4-A3EA-4499-910E-0FE5B5512CDB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28721296

but unironically this is actually the safest way to do it. You want the code to skip atomic tx checks on only those blocks, with no possible loopholes for new blocks, that would be catastrophic

kek, after thinking it over this may be the birth of AVAX Classic. I might unironically do the same, anon.

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File: 76 KB, 713x664, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28721508

>j-just a UI issue. stay poor! $60
Cool. So your explorers are buggy as hell
>no!! j-just a API issue. stay poor! $55
Cool. So you don't have any tests to catch this sort of stuff
>no!! j-just a client issue. stay poor! $50
Oh. So your consensus protocol allowed a double spend?
>no!! j-just an invalid mint. stay poor! $45
Oh? But wasn't the same UTXO duplicated multiple times and then spent multiple times?
>no!! it's just a bug bounty. stay poor! $40
Oh. So this is business as usual then?
>no!! there's a detailed blog post that describes why everything is okay. stay poor. $35

Were you born this brainlet or did something happen to you?

>> No.28721521

You could turn the bug into a feature, call it the "high volume lottery minting function" or something

>> No.28721622

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Avax double spends
& March unlock gunna dump on you

>> No.28721646

You are priced out forever you cuck, no amount of whining and shitposting will bring AVAX down.

>> No.28721660

nah that's not what anon is saying. Network wouldn't work with the bug anyway.

He's saying just use the patch but also don't make an exception for the invalid blocks. So that rolls back the acceptable network to before those blocks. If enough people do this you would get a fork of AVAX that is actually sustainable. Similar to ETH classic.

>> No.28721679

cogntivie dissonance or actual paid shill
you saw the same thing with Trump people who still believe he's president after biden's inauguration lol
you set the expectation's so high for yourself and fall in love with your bags it's really hard to admit it's over

>> No.28721715

Nigger fudders said the same thing about last unlock, it didnt dump and went from 3 to 60 dollars and fudding niggers are priced out forever now.
Keep waiting and hoping for a dump that will never come you nigger.

>> No.28721766
File: 95 KB, 1024x605, 4299873A-0F23-4800-945A-D00DEA7ED1A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28721794

I'm assuming the best you dumb fucking faggot, learn to read. I will not reply to you retarded ass again. Jesus Christ fuck you for wasting my time. Don't ever do it again.

>> No.28721866

They lie snakes lie deceit

My validator node did not stop
Theirs did
Avalabs own majority of stake
They took their nodes offline they didnt stop upon this bug

This is worse than illegal mint and double spend 3.5 times in one blocn

The consensus engine failed

>> No.28721881

That is not a "double spend". The consensus wouldn't allow a double spend.

>> No.28721956
File: 115 KB, 1000x678, 1608164680588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bonus block

>> No.28722035

Avax would be the Democrats preferred voting blockchain.. that way their voters could get a double vote :P

>> No.28722043
File: 30 KB, 800x522, 111111123123REEEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28722061
File: 613 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20210211-094351_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its not a double spend its buy one get one free! dont you love sales goy?

>> No.28722167

Some anon told us im January AVAX node security sucks and AVAX would get exploited

That Anon told AVAX shills a solution exists and the shills berated him instead

You where right white hat anon. You where right

>> No.28722175


>> No.28722383

Why are we even shilling avax? I need more time to accumulate

>> No.28722400

I read that thread yeah.
It's a different issue though.

>> No.28722425

How am I priced out when I have 8 figures and the price keeps tanking? Do you even understand the words you are saying? Are you 30 IQ?


>> No.28722841

is ava dead yet?

>> No.28723045

double dead

>> No.28724113

not only was that supposed rce vulnerability entirely unrelated to the shitshow of the past week, that white hat anon also admitted to having made all his fud up so he could further accoomulate
from what i've seen he's doing the same now because he's still going long or he just wants to make a name for himself kek

>> No.28724159

I already told 8 figure rupees is not making it ranjeesh

>> No.28724173


>> No.28724233
File: 2 KB, 125x106, 1611193772721s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Careful. What's left of your brain is leaking out of your mouth.

>> No.28724235

yeah it's not like circumstances changed at all since last unlock.
keep coping and holding

>> No.28724288
File: 147 KB, 748x1124, Me'Fud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You where right
>where right
> where

>> No.28724354 [DELETED] 

are you projecting again you worthless nigger?
go shit on a street next to your dad.

>> No.28724528

>35 posts of hysterically calling anyone doubting AVAX a nigger pajeet etc.

>> No.28724649

I’m sure you know more about Blockchain Technology then he does anon.

>> No.28724708 [DELETED] 

but you are a nigger and a pajeet.
I wish someone would double spend his fist into your nigger lips.

>> No.28724896

>36 posts by this ID
>nothing intelligent to say

>> No.28724922

Finally noticing how incredibly secure avalanche is. The network safely recovered and shut down after noticing that a small portion of the validators had accepted invalid blocks.
Litterally unattackable, all the FUDers are eternally BTFO'd.

>> No.28725031

They'll just keep pretending to be retarded. They know exactly what they're doing. Just use the extra time they're giving us to accumulate. That's what half of them are doing anyway.

>> No.28725101

hmm why couldn't i see that on the avax explorer?

>> No.28725144

for some reason the biggest retards are always the loudest

>> No.28725168

Because not all nodes accepted the blocks

>> No.28725257
File: 59 KB, 570x198, Screenshot_2021-02-14 biz - AVAX fud is at all time high - Business Finance - 4chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28725389

I don't think you realize that in order to make it there needs to be a huge volume of money changing hands in a decentralized and trustless way using avax..
you probably haven't used any dex on chain nor probably will, and you just expect to get rich holding and shilling while others assume the risk of swapping their net worth into a chain which apparently has a random chance of a lottery mint along with a wallet and cex deposit lockup. You should at least try to understand why others might have trust issues, specially considering how badly it all has been handled.

>> No.28725407

Also avaxscan are running their own nodes and API endpoints. Maybe the team was the first one to update their node early, and had to update the client to handle the specific cases.

>> No.28726028

>shills btfo'd
>thread stop getting bumped
Pure magic.

>> No.28726101

it was literally a double spend
coins from chain c were able to be transferred multiple times onto chain x

>> No.28726152


>> No.28726218

animefag your flowchart is retarded
enjoy your turkish cumcoin

>> No.28726272

>Finally noticing how incredibly secure avalanche is. The network safely recovered
>incredibly secure
>safely recovered
you bagholders keep ignoring the fact that an issue was present

>> No.28726377

If they said "its recovered" and is now secure thats not failure to admit an issue was present. There was an issue. Its resolved.

>> No.28726416


>> No.28726492

>it doesn't count because I say it doesn't count

>> No.28726547
File: 61 KB, 608x922, 8820fca08fc15189237e94d1de32106c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instead of shilling, why attack the network and prove how worthlessly insecure it is? :)
I mean since it's so simple to you, you could literally cash out millions right now. It's much better than working as a shitpost slave imo.
>she is to retarded too understand the retard version

>> No.28726563


>> No.28726635

*why not

>> No.28726736

Why is it still tanking then?

I want to believe in AVAX but I'm getting fudded by this. I only have 68 so I'm not gonna lose everything, but still, down it goes!

>> No.28726803

It's free falling now holy shit

>> No.28726825

>more semantics will solve it
Also notice the extreme agression yet limited vocabulary of AVAX supporters in this thread. That's how you know they are turkish shills.

>> No.28727020

fuck off the team worked relentlessly to fix that problem
I can imagine your fat neckbeard ass thinking he is so smart and sassy for posting a dogshit comment on the internet
you are not even a 20th of the value and briliance of Emir, the only thing you can do is direspect him because you are just a weird sad frustrated troll

hai siktir

*spits on you*

>> No.28727024

Why not? Take advantage of a problem to fud the coin, get more of it cheap.

>> No.28727067
File: 55 KB, 1070x403, avaxshort2electricboogaloo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi guys, Im the degenerate who opened an avax short with the absolute last of my food money. Some anons told me I was gonna get rekt. Looks like I'm still alive, kek. I doubled down on my position with the profits made and intend to ride this all the way down to $10

>> No.28727109

I think its not, Binance is the biggest exchange AVAX listed on and deposits and withdrawals are still suspended.
CZ is cucking everyone and dumping it artificially to scoop up panic sellers.

>> No.28727201

>CZ is cucking everyone
>dumping it artificially

kek, he's preventing people from dumping

>> No.28727314

Not how it works. Shorting also provides artificial liquidity.

>> No.28727319

they were suppressed a while ago, long before this latest development, so I don't think that has much to do with it

>> No.28727351

A-Anon, I don't even know what to say to you at this point. Not only did you get the guys name wrong your turkish is also wrong. I would even dare to call you a double fudder.

>> No.28727403

the exchange is closed off.
CZ can do with the price whatever he wants, he can paint the chart any way he likes, he has the volume to do it.
there is huge differences in prices across all exchanges.
>and intend to ride this all the way down to $10
better close the short when the bridge reopens which could happen any moment.

>> No.28727514

the exchange on binance is fine, I'm on it right now and I did a trade not long ago, sold and bought back in.

I think a lot of whales are staking now tho, and once they're out, they might dump it

>> No.28727551

Wrong. Uncertainty is what causes it to keep bleeding, If he opened deposits 3 days ago we would've been on our way back to 60$ or already there.

>> No.28727864

I don't get how this is problem because people can just convert it from USDT

>> No.28727923

>the exchange on binance is fine
no its not, they dont let any AVAX in or out and they have the most volume and CZ has the deepest pockets. its in his interest to scoop up as much AVAX as he can and thats what he will do and what we have observed over the last months.
>I think a lot of whales are staking now tho
they get cozy staking returns tho
I think they will only dump their profits while maintaining their stake.
the staking ratio is still extremely high, actually it even went up same as validator count.
I see a bullish divergence here.

>> No.28727969

If you actually believe that you're retarded. Literally the only thing opening deposits does is allow people to send their AVAX to the exchange to sell it. Exclusively. That's the only thing that can happen. Fuck you're dumb.

>> No.28728159

>If he opened deposits 3 days ago we would've been on our way back to 60$ or already there.
basically the idea for centralized exchanges is to buy up as much share in defi as possible.
thats why they were so quick to list UNI or SUSHI or yfi. this defi is a threat to their business, they cant beat it but they have enough money that they can buy a big share of it and then later manipulate the governance and use the protocol to their advantage.
they are doing the same thing with AVAX because its an even bigger threat to their business.
if you used pangolin you will instantly know what I'm talking about.

>> No.28728228

based, serves minties right for lying so much

>> No.28728292

Careful with that. Turks are retarded. They'll sink their entire savings into a dying shitcoin out of misguided nationalism just to see it pump. I would keep an eye on that short if I was you.

>> No.28728345
File: 27 KB, 1291x355, avax exchange.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bro, I used it a couple hours ago and it was fine.

This could be shopped, but I aint got time for that, and the time/date is New Zealand time

>> No.28728445
File: 223 KB, 1197x783, proxy-image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you think this is real AVAX you are trading when you cant even withdraw it and nobody can deposit?

>> No.28728467

Why are you buying when it could dump further?

>> No.28728525

I mean... Avax is literally free x20 from this price.

>> No.28728680

Um, I don't know, but I can buy and sell it and exchange for USDT so if it's not real, at least it does everything the real shit does for me

I just set a small sell and buy back order before work. I haven't bought any more from fiat or other cryptos.

I only have 68 so I'm not sure what to do, if it massively dumps I won't be homeless or anything, and I bought it at $13ish

>> No.28728704

Chinese new year. They're not doing anything till its over.

>> No.28728799

I bought 500 at $13. Im re-loading here. Sure it could go down to 35 or so but anything under 45-50 is a major steal.

>> No.28728816

you dont understand what I'm talking about.
be careful with your short. they can pull it any way they want and they know all your moves.

>> No.28728826

this t.b.h.

>> No.28728912

I'm not the guy shorting, I just sold half my stack and set a buy order like 3% less that the current price, and that worked

>> No.28729002

There are millions of AVAX stuck on the network that can't be moved to Binance right now
>b-but use a different exchange
This is where all the liquidity is. Return to normal would have this at best case $20 FYI.

>> No.28729133

nobody is going to sell them anyway.
most AVAX is actually staked or delegated. look it up on avascan, its directly on the front page.

>> No.28729199
File: 114 KB, 640x750, Brandenburger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm almost a billionaire, but you're probably more free than me. Klaus and WEF are just one faction; and not even the strongest one. No one single group has more talented fighting men than mine.

>> No.28729243

You faggots sure are dedicated to pushing this doublespend narrative huh?

>> No.28729420

you won't get this for $20 anymore, trust me

>> No.28729620

Yes... They are. Did you know that the majority of coins right now are ONLY stakeable? As in, you literally can't do anything else with them. These are coins that are vesting over time that VCs and the dev team have. It's also why AVAX is so centralized right now.

Also when you look at the stats and see 80% staked it's a big con. Almost all of the unlocked (vested) tokens are being sold right now and no one is stupid enough to be staking them.

>> No.28729872

>If i call it a doublespend enough times it’ll be accepted as true

>> No.28730093

>As in, you literally can't do anything else with them.
great returns for that staking tho
>These are coins that are vesting over time that VCs and the dev team have.
they are unlikely to dump that much.
>It's also why AVAX is so centralized right now.
its completely decentralized, the upgrading process to 1.2.0 was proof of that.
>Also when you look at the stats and see 80% staked it's a big con.
Its not, you need at least 2000 AVAX to participate as a Node operator.
>and no one is stupid enough to be staking them.
If that was true Node count wouldnt go up but it is going up and tons of people are interested in running their own node.
With the next upgrade Avalanche gets Governance which nodes can vote on and Node Operator requirement is likely to be lowered soon.
Long term staking will only go up as it has done so since mainnet launched.

>> No.28730220

He spent it 7 times you delusional retard

>> No.28730405

Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Doublespend.
What’s Double Spend ? It is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Avax would, were it not Avax call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Avax, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

>> No.28730488

Emin said people who gained can have it as Bug bounty. kinda based.

>> No.28730540

He minted it 7 times.

>> No.28730542

double spending, double digit IQ, double in the ass avax fags

>> No.28730545

>no sirs is bug bounty i am not pajeet you are pajeet fuk u no double spend u fuking bich

>> No.28730620

>unlikely to dump
You don't understand how VCs work. They're already up 100x on their initial investment. They'll be pulling out at the next unlock assuming the price hasn't gigacrashed by then. They still have skin in the game since the vesting is over ~2 years but they'll certainly want to derisk as much as possible.
>completely decentralized
Bro. If the team and VCs have 100% of all stakeable tokens (called LockedStakeable UTXO type) being used to stake today, tell me how the fuck that's not centralized? That's nearly 75% of all 360M tokens. It doesn't get much more centralized then that considering it's proof-of-stake. Sure, there might be 1k nodes or some shit, but the don't have nearly the same weight as the team and VCs.
>node count wouldn't be going up
No one gives a fuck about your 2k node. I'm talking about nodes that have 1+M. Don't you understand that your votes are weighted by total balance?

>> No.28730624

>opened an avax short
What exchange is this that allows shorting alt-coins? I'm a nocoiner and I'm curious.

>> No.28730944

>You don't understand how VCs work.
its nowhere near done yet, only thing they will dump is their staking rewards.
also you seem to not understand how Avalanche and its Consensus works, I recommend you read the whitepaper first.
there are serious gaps in your education about this protocol.
>I'm talking about nodes that have 1+M
these nodes make more $$$ per month if AVAX price is high.
AVAX is sustainable, low risk and low effort passive income. every node operator has already realized this by now.

>> No.28731002

you can margin trade on pretty much every exchange nowadays. if you are a burger you might need to use a VPN to access.

>> No.28731164

>only dump staking rewards
no? VCs aren't stupid enough to throw away 100x returns for a possible 11% on a token that could be worthless in an impending bear market
>gaps in education
why don't you spoonfeed me

>> No.28731407

not that guy but:
>on a token that could be worthless
AVAX is needed to run nodes and the overall tokenomics are very strong with AVAX so its not worthless at all.
its one of these coins that will decouple from BTC, it even has a chance to dethrone it.

>> No.28731595

Rip paid avax fudders

>> No.28731609

You're missing the point. VCs aren't going to lock up their unlocked tokens into staking when they are up 100x already. That's an easy business decision.
>0.5 -> 50 * 10M = 500M
>0.5 -> 20 * 1.11% * 10M = 222M
It's really that simple.

>> No.28731698

Holy shit I’m one hash collision away from having a trillion AVAX

>> No.28731702

>avax classic

>> No.28731758

the absolute state

>> No.28731761

your numbers are way too low.
why cash out at x100 when you can cash out at x1000+ ?
these VCs know exactly what they bought.
its like with chainlink, they will hoard it.

>> No.28731852
File: 393 KB, 1440x1517, SmartSelect_20210214-185602_gateio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want off

>> No.28731869

not with that bug that was patched, the network slows down before it could be that bad (printing trillions).
neat safety feature.

>> No.28731893

hmm, I'm seeing $39 on binance

>> No.28731970
File: 312 KB, 660x574, 1586133919805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>check twitter to see what the turkroach "crypto genius" is saying about his AVAX TOKEN SIR


just another example of "genius turkish man" posting basic blockchain shit (PERMISSIONLESS AND IMMUTABLE!!!) to make himself sound smart

he should also talk about how it's DECENTRALIZED!!!

>> No.28732051

still $43 on huobi wtf
weird prices on all exchanges.

>> No.28732089

There’s literally a whitelist of hashes you can do whatever you want in (not that it’s practical to collide with them)

>> No.28732174

It's pumping on binance

>> No.28732193

You can't be serious? Have you seen how everything is pumping? Best case scenario we have 6 more months of bull. No one's taking that risk with 100s of millions of dollars. Not when they still need to get their initial investment out. Like I said, they still have other half locked up anyway that they can only stake with.

>> No.28732271

falling knife damn

where you think its gonna crash to?

>> No.28732334

>No one's taking that risk with 100s of millions of dollars.
they do all the time. you need to think on a bigger scale.

>> No.28732359

>if you are a burger you might need to use a VPN to access.
The exchanges still allow you to access and buy coins with a USA bank account but you can't use a USA ip to access the exchanges? Never bought a cryptocurrency in my life so I don't know how any of it works, sorry if that's a stupid question.

>> No.28732405

depends on what exchange you are looking at.
seems like there are some good arbitrage opportunities too.
>buy AVAX cheap
>send it to other exchange
>sell it for profit
anyone doing this?

>> No.28732443

I don't like this price disparity. I believed in AVAX but I might have to get out for a while

>> No.28732517

fuck yeah, buy at $36 and sell at 43 and keep cycling

>> No.28732586

something strange is going on for sure
just gotta check out which exchanges have withdrawals enabled and you are set.
sending AVAX is really fast too.

>> No.28732610

I have 8 figures homie. If you had anything close you would know that this game is all about derisking. I'm going to take the guaranteed 100x over a possible 1000x every time when I'm playing with millions. You can't seem to comprehend that they can sell their March 9th unlock and STILL have over half their tokens. It's you that needs to think bigger.

>> No.28732690

Avalanche is a guaranteed x1000+

>> No.28732788

I only have an account with binance, so I won't, but I think other anons should, it's a good opportunity

>> No.28732825


>> No.28732892


>> No.28732936

Coin of the future

>> No.28732961

fuck it I'm gonna do this.

>> No.28733041

Sure, it could be. Definitely not this bull run. Maybe the next one. Smart money isn't going to take that bet without pulling out a hefty profit.

>> No.28733107

Where can I find this file?

>> No.28733118
File: 191 KB, 512x468, 1610950465264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fucking university professor wouldn't accept this solution in a 101 class. Absolutely disgusting

>> No.28733260

>Definitely not this bull run.
Its happening this one, its the EVM but cheaper and faster.
it has even better tokenomics than Ethereum as its hardcapped.
>Smart money isn't going
to pull out.
you will see

>> No.28733924

This will age like milk

>> No.28734114

screencap it

>> No.28734250
File: 137 KB, 1282x1032, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 4.31.30 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Already did. Isn't it funny that these tokens could have been staked for a year but for some reason are being unstaked at the same time as the unlock of March 9th?? Hmmm really makes you think.

>> No.28734371

call it "minted" or call it "double spend" there was a transaction where one output had multiple inputs
and that's a huge fuck up

>> No.28735122


I'm guessing $5 by Feb 21

>> No.28735244

what a piece of shit coin.. zzzzzz

>> No.28735525

This shit is dumping harder than my fucking ass after taco bell. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?

>> No.28735585

This coin did a 20x recently...

>> No.28735666

they will continue to stake

>> No.28735690


>> No.28735752

Oh yeah? Why go through the hassle of re-staking instead of just staking for a longer period? If you think really hard I bet you'll figure it out.

>> No.28735897

Just to add to your argument. They now have their tokens unlocked+ now they know the blockchain went offline for days because of the double spend bug

>> No.28735991
File: 60 KB, 600x580, E7018458-079F-420F-8A08-D157E807C2C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28736180

Because after every staking period I get my rewards.
I cash some of it out to pay for the node infrastructure and use the profits to stake more to my node or for something else.

>> No.28736261

And you think he isn't smart enough to lie to you?

>> No.28736480

That doesn't explain why the bulk of stakers are choosing to unlock around March 9th, the date of the next major unlock. Nice try anon. Try again. Call a lifeline if you can't figure it out. Its not that hard.

>> No.28736591

Correct, we should be listening to random amateurs who don't even have a basic understanding of the subject. That's the best path to knowledge and becoming an expert on something.

>> No.28736765

do you know what IC3 is?
>That doesn't explain why the bulk of stakers are choosing to unlock around March 9th
to sell some of their rewards which is not enough to satisfy the large amount of buyers

>> No.28736989

Ahh!! You're so close smooth brain. The distribution of end periods wouldn't be congregated around March 9th if that was the case. Threads almost maxed. You get one more try.

Can anyone help this guy out? Why in the world would a majority of starts chose to unstake around March 9th, the next major unlock?

>> No.28737302

To pump the price up, for the newfriends that bought at $60 :)

>> No.28737372

Newfag here can someone explain what double-spend means?

>> No.28737421

because that is when vc can dump

>> No.28737438

So they don't get dumped on by the cohort that started staking earlier than them. AVAX 50c EOY!!

>> No.28737488

Damn, I looked away for a bit, now it's at $36 on binance, I should have sold

>> No.28737507
File: 3 KB, 125x112, 1611192561228s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congrats frens. Thanks for playing are you smarter than a smooth brain.

>> No.28737667

that doesnt mean they will dump though, I think many people as well as me still believe in the project

>> No.28738179

Just sold my small stack (69) at $35.40

>> No.28738226

>imagine being those naive
Bro. If they weren't going to dump they would have chosen different unlock dates. Period.

>> No.28738957
File: 15 KB, 320x320, 1607415304428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ngl, your desperation to putdown the AVAXbros is giving me a lot of hope for this project. I'm stuck staking but it might turn out to be what saves my 100X profit afterall.

>> No.28739237

Pathetic spin attempt

>> No.28739641
File: 15 KB, 251x242, 1564882049096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no avaxbros

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