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What is the biggest mistake you've made in cryptos?
Heart to heart

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Swung link from 1k to 500
Will always regret this

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sold everything in 2018 when shit started to crash and didn't buy back before it was too late
I would've made it already if I just held

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I swung a stack of about 200 linkies when it was around $1
Now I realize that it probably cost me $200,000 unironically

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Stagnating was my greatest mistake. If I diversified I would had been a millionaire in 1 month and had at least 100 millions if i went all in AMPL and YFI and swung. I never went into any AMPL clone or YFI clone. I stagnated.

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you mean your lack of wait?

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A poorfag so no huge deal, but had 100 LINK that I swung and traded like a retard, got left with 25 that I recently traded for DOT.

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Too lazy to make a Bitcoin wallet years ago

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sent 550 links to the wrong address

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Sold my 1100 LINK in January 2018 crash. Never rebought after that.

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I should buy more winning cryptocurrencies that brought me huge profits. But don't worry, I'm buying a dip of FRM and RUNE!!

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Not holding and selling too early and falling for fudd.

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Not buying 12 BTC in March 2020

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Also sold 7000 LEND, which today would be 70 AAVE.

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ive missed out on so many opportunities because of my bad timing. i think i would have been a millionaire by now but i only have 20k

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panic sold 1 BTC in 2018 for 2500$

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Getting out of LINK at $15, then ignoring it for 7 months. Oh look, it's fucking double that now and there's no way I can buy 5,000 LINK now at that price.

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Been Involved since 2013 and still haven't made it. (Was a kid, didn't have monies to buy)

Also recently, ASKO

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Losing $150 dollars on DOGE

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never bought a coin shilled here since

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So in the short term you were making profits. Ended up with less link at the end.

Are you saying you’d rather have held and didn’t take any profits to play with? You’d have rather kept that capital tied up, right?

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Don't believe in crypto before.

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Bought yfv/value. Probably lost like $5k before I capitulated and took out my remaining $2k that I had on their platform. It really was a whale farm and dump scam and I fell for it

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i sold every single one of my bitcoins in 2018 to finally pay off college
i didn't leave even one in my wallet when i could have spared one
in the end they served their purpose for me at that moment, but thinking about what could have been kind of stings

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Sold 15 eth at $600

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Sold a significant amount of link under a dollar for taxes purposes before things started to pump for link, should have just filed for an extension and held.

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Knowing about Bitcoin and mining in 2012 but not buying or mining any

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Sold my BTC to buy GME at 250

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forgot to take my meds and sent 25 Eth to scammer in the early morning kek

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I got into bao super early before it was known to be working with sushi and I sold 100k of bao (at current prices) for like $10k of parsiq which is a PIECE OF SHIT

I also got drunk a month or so ago and put 2.2 eth into a rugpull rather than .2 eth. I don't normally drink and will never trade again when drinking.

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Jesus that has to sting

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LINK. I had over 50k once. Now I have 2k. I deserve to fail.

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It's literally up 20% while everything else in that time period is up 100% - 300%. You're an idiot if you held this utter shitcoin instead of moving it into literally anything else.

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I still hold my bags as a pure reminder.

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I was born too late, If i was born 5 years earlier minimum I am exactly the kind of person who would have bought into bitcoin back then. I probably wouldve sold by now and finally be living my offgrid NEET fantasy.

Oh well now I just have to pick one of literally 8000 other alts and hope its the right one

1 in 8000, not that hard right???

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Thinking link was a scam just from the sheer amount of shilling that went on

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Wish I bought 100k LINK instead of 50k

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sold chain link at like 7 bucks, converted the rest to xrp. Stopped buying bat .stopped buying cosmos

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Spent 1 eth on gas fees

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This comment with the r*dditspacing is literally peak midwit
You'll forever be a poor faggot blaming external factors
How does it feel ?

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FOMOing in near the top in january 2018. I'm still up from then because I bought plenty of LINK, but if I went in a a month earlier or later I'd now be a multimillionaire.

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Trying to time the bottom in 2018 and not buying in before 10k

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I had a friend in high school freshman year that was a massive computer nerd. Entire house full of computers he tinkerer with. Knew everything about every mmo. He absolutely would have been the kind to get interested in bitcoin because he has apparently developed serious schizophrenia and thinks everything is a conspiracy. Like if he doesn't have btc I'd be surprised. Granted he's probably been pissing it away buying psychic shields and $5000 air filters but...

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>knowing about bitcoin at $270 and getting talked out of it by family
>Selling LINK in 2019
>Frequent paper-handedness this year
>Not moving to Texas

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Not getting into it years ago. Feel like I've missed the gravy train.

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sold 64k ADA @ 3c in 2017, before it pumped to $1.50.
Shorted BTC at 8k in 2018 instead of buying LINK, got liquidated by scam wick. Lost all the bullrun gains.
No money to buy the corona crash, ada at 3c again.
I just keep failing

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Ive only been doing this for a week so its ASKO. Good lesson though. Hope I'll be less retarded next time

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buying doge at .028 and tried swinging it, was my first week in crypto, didn't think it would ever hit .08 and could crash any moment.

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Never talk to anybody about your investments, let alone family members

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Not dropping another 50k into crypto during 2019/20 crab market. I just had the cash laying around too.

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Fuck off Ill reddit space as much as I want


fuck you

Feel the


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I had $85k to play with in 2016 and I fucked around with stocks. I missed all the signs. Even my poor friends mentioned buying bitcoin but I ignored it all.
Now I have like $2k to play with after buying a house and I missed most of this bull run. Not sure where to go from here.

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Well it's the same for me. Except I went for REQ

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when binance added bplay i lost 90% of my network gambling mostly blackjack

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I currently have 10k less then if I just held so yes

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Gambled 30-50 bitcoin away on online poker on the dark web in 2012

I’m over it though, there no way I would have held until now anyway.

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Ask me how I know you have sub 5 figures
Nigger level IQ deserves nigger level net worth
Unlucky to be born as you, missed your one shot at life

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Spent thousands of Bitcoin on Thai weed and threw away my old computer with 6.2 Bitcoin on because they weren't worth even a dollar each back then.

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Not going all in on xdai STAKE when it was $2

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Actually went to the Mt Gox web page with the intention of buying 50 BTC but backed out when it looked kind of sketchy and didn't want my cc# stolen.

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Same brother, you aren't the only one

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Bought LINK 1 month too early. Couldve bought at 20c but bought at 55c instead

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>bought AMB and Modum instead of LINK in 2017
>still holding

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Spending 30K + On NYAN at 300 per token. I thought it was the next YFI

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Going all in on payfair

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Did you at least get a decent jerb from your education?

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not sure if lucky or retard

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Didn't buy LINK in 2018. I had no money and my family was in a lot of debt so actually I think it's was impossible at the time

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I’ve been visiting /biz/ fairly regularly since 2016 but was too scared and too much of a brainlet to buy crypto until like a month ago.

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Losing $1000 on XRP swinging

>> No.28713812

You grew a plant and let it die, but you still have a sapling you can grow.

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21k (almost bought double that);to 4k. I understand ypur pain, bro

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Thankfully nothing too bad, but when I hit €20k I thought all of a sudden oh no this is a lot of money that I can't afford to lose. Told a friend and he was like yeah bro sell.

So I sold 4 eth €1000 and 400 Link qt €20.

Right after selling my link I realised how retarded I was and that it was a panic sell that I swore never to do again. So I rebought my link stack and actually have about 80 more now.
If I hadn't sold I'd be up maybe €5,000 higher. Bad decision but I think the paper part of me died that day. Now I dont even think of selling, in fact I just want to keep buying. Probably a good lesson overall. Wagmi

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Fucking AMB

>> No.28714217

Sold too early and cashed out instead of neeting it up. I thought I could make money every month by jumping on pump and dumps.

>> No.28714497

i only bought 34k LINK in 2018 and spent the rest of my wage money on fast food and cigarettes

>> No.28714501

same except I've been on /biz/ for less than that, though I've been on 4chin for 9 years at least.

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It will crash hard again, just wait Anon. We are in a severe bubble right that.

>> No.28714854

I sold 32000 LINK in 2018 to go on a trip with a guy i had a crush on

i ended up dumping him anyway

>> No.28714873

held xrp for 3 years

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>> No.28714949

Bought and transfer to some shits on deep web in 2012/2013

>> No.28715056

t. swung with chainlink a bit, panic sold, but waited for the dip and managed to buy back at around 13$ and end up with the same amount.
I held and never sold, and here I am now.

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All my mistakes were offset by the 1200 UNI I got for free. So none, I am perfect.

>> No.28715166

sold 10000 antshares

>> No.28715173

The horror

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>> No.28715251

Bought into andre cronje scam

>> No.28715332

Put $1000 into $BREE. Was so close to trying to swing my couple hundred linkies into it too. I think God saved me.

>> No.28715334

My first real crypto investment was buying $6,000 worth of ALPHA close to the top last week since all signs pointed to it mooning harder. It then crabbed for a few days then their platform got HACKED and my portfolio tanked over20%. I bought 3.5 ETH worth at the time and now its worth 2.7 ETH. It 'should' go back up but jesus christ If I had poured all my money into literally anything else id have 1.5x'd at least.


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Selling 1 GME stock @410 to buy ADA @ 0.18 and sold at 0.25.

>> No.28715373

jesus fucking christ, and it was shilled here at 20c i always miss the best

>> No.28715376

sold 10% of my link in december

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>> No.28715658

Isn’t Modum already out of business

>> No.28715671

Selling LCX will indeed be you biggest mistake. WEF names regulation in almost every article

>> No.28715684

not buying eth when it dropped down to 100$.

>> No.28715764

Not selling any of my shitcoins when they started to dump on 2018 january. None of them really ever recovered from that.

>> No.28715774

Seems like most people's mistakes were buying shitcoins and if they stuck with BTC and ETH would be a lot wealthier

>> No.28715777

kek, good times

>> No.28715831

you still did good dude.

>> No.28716010

im finally getting some luck on some shitcoins. it was really dumb to not load up like 25 eth when it was below 200$ though.

>> No.28716102

Bought BCH at ATH.

>> No.28716157

yea dude... i had no fucking idea how much NFTs would blow up... i bought in at 1.50 and sold at 5, thought i made a killing, id be up another 30K if i held, FUCK ME LMAO

>> No.28716247

I just panic sold zil at a %20 loss. I'm never trying moonshots ever again.

>> No.28716279

Yep this is my mistake. The only shitcoin that was worth it for me was link. Everything else underperformed compared to BTC or ETH lmao. Shame i only got 2,5k link at that fml could've bought 10x that.

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Trusting /biz/

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Get into magic internet money with hope tho stop been a poorfag 2 weeks ago and realise that erverything is on its ATH and it's about to fall into pieces...

And then just put +1 in the pile of failures that it's my worthless life.

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Bought in just before the peak of 2017/2018
Held everything to -90% or more
Didnt buy enough of the bear market
I was able to find some low cap gems that have thrust me into nice gains now, but I definitely made a ton of mistakes before then. I could choose to dwell on them but I've chosen to learn from them instead.
I think I lost about $5-10k of my own money from 2017/2018, but im up about 60k right now.
Learn from your mistakes and move forward. Dwelling on the past is useless unless youre using it to learn
Detach emotions, find something you have conviction on and it will pay off if you've done your due diligence

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Did the wallet ever claim them or did you sent them to a bitcoin wallet or something. This is one of my worst nightmares

>> No.28717360

Bought RGT for under $1 sold at $5. Now it's like $20. I had 2500 of them too.

I still maintain that NFT's are just a fad which will subside after awhile

>> No.28717409

Called the top on a swing but had 0.003 too little ETH for the transaction.
Had to watch my portfolio go down 40% over the course of a very painful 5 hours while
>muh banks process millions of transactions a second
took its time confirming my transaction for more ETH buy.

>> No.28717510

Putting money into Shib. Wasted $200. Still holding it though. Maybe I can double my money one day.

>> No.28717593

Was GIFTED 10 dollars worth of BTC when it was literally nothing: .008c per BTC. Just for downloading some wallet and blockchain. Thought “oh cool” and never thought about it again

Threw away the laptop when I moved when I was a stupid college kid. Never thought twice about the wallet or crypto

>> No.28717658

Sold my 150k link stack at 25 cents back in 2018

>> No.28717717

Got phished and lost all my money.

And I'm about to make the second biggest mistake because I'm planning to buy in again. Gamblers fallacy.

>> No.28717747

Man. I don't know how you do it man. At least you're living and healthy.

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swung out 4k GRT at 1.09

>> No.28717877

>got grailed by nano/rbc
>topiad by cryptopia
>account locked on bittrex while my coins crashed and burned

At least they allowed me to retrieve the change that was left
most of my crypto is cold storage now

>> No.28717920

Not putting more money into MUSE. I put in $1,200 at $1.55 back in late January, sold at the top in two increments and came out about $20,000 ahead. Hey, at least I knew when it was time to sell.

>> No.28717934

Making good profit off DOGE, then buying all back at .08 because I thought it was gonna reach .1 the night of the Superbowl.

>> No.28717951

only buying my first cyrpto 6 months ago even though I've known about bitcoin 10 years ago after coming home from a deployment with 60k in the bank with no expenses or debt

>> No.28717953

WHAT??? How?

>> No.28717994

Sold 6640 LTO and transformed it into 25 dollars via shitcoins

>> No.28718014

Dude it'll come back give them some time seriously. Don't look at it for a year. And don't chase coins.

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So "take meds" it's not just a meme

>> No.28718055

selling in 2013 for a measly 400$ profit LMAO

>> No.28718114

VIBE Coin. Awful. But that's life.

>> No.28718130

You really dont think Muse will rise ever again?

>> No.28718136

Not asking my parents to let me cash out my CS:GO skins to BTC like 6 years ago.

Selling my half a BTC to buy a gaming PC that I don't even game on in 2017 lol.

>> No.28718169

at least he's not fr*nch

>> No.28718178

Not selling my XBY for 300k

>> No.28718190

2010 I learned about bitcoin and started mining it, but then decided it was boring, finally bought my first bit of crypto last month lmao

>> No.28718253

Selling link

>> No.28718274

Selling a BTC dip.

>> No.28718347

Not buying LINK in 2018

>> No.28718363

I just dumped 30% of my net worth into BTC all at once

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not buying bitcoin at $10

>> No.28718450

Swinging LINK instead of hodling. I'd be at like 700k on LINK alone

>> No.28718475

Selling my uni gift bags. One i cashed out and bought some guns and the other i traded for link so it wasnt too bad but i should have held on to it

>> No.28718606

I sold my 11 ETH at 400$ after buying at 200$ and 245 Linkies, half of what I had at 10$ after buying at 4$. Everything was stale and wanted to take some profits and maybe even get back in later on but BTC took off and everything else with it.

>> No.28718632

Only starting a month ago

>> No.28718661

Delegating my 11k GRT when it was 50 cents

I could have had over 30k usd at this point reeeeeee

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File: 71 KB, 1387x727, silverbtc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believed in silver instead of crypto all the way back to 2009.
I kept taking quick gains in crypto because I didn't believe in it.
I could have just bought 1000 BTC and waited.

>> No.28718755

I panic Sold link at 3.90 when it diped from like 4.50

>> No.28718759

After the 2018 crash I threw the 80k I had left (originally 200k) into a single coin hoping for it to regenerate. I only held LINK and NEO at the time so the choice was between the two. I chose NEO.

>> No.28718763

anon tell me this is larp.. i cant imagine anything hurting more than this

>> No.28718767

Spending a fuck on of time on this site and not throwing stacks of cash at Link when it was being shilled on every board.

>> No.28718779

Wanted to buy grt at a little bit lower than 0.09 and missed the last dip kek

>> No.28718815

Buying XRP

>> No.28718861

sold everything in 2018 before shit started to crash and didn't buy back before it was already back at previous ATH
I would've made it already if I just bought the dip

>> No.28718889

Lost 21.4 btc trying to swing

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not buying kusama at 70$

>> No.28718934

I took out 10 K from the bank in 2018 and bought retarded shit scam coins when BTC was ~12K and still dropping. All my shit went to about zero and I stopped paying attention to crypto until a few weeks ago.

My other biggest mistake was spending all my time on /pol/ and never reading /biz/

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>I only held LINK and NEO at the time so the choice was between the two. I chose NEO.

>> No.28719047

sold 95k grt @ 35c
sold 400k rbc @ 2c

>> No.28719114

Thinking gains would erase trauma.

>> No.28719193
File: 1.02 MB, 1125x2436, A0A93253-19FD-4FB9-BD42-38AF782C85B8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek I even had it the wrong way round
It was 200->120 not 200-120=80

This would have been 250k link at those prices

>> No.28719211

Had 550,000 GRT at 0.14, sold too early, would have been worth 1.5M last week

>> No.28719309

Same shit, the regret sits deep.

>> No.28719505
File: 114 KB, 960x791, 1604021651209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ran a contract function on a token I was holding without reading it, burned 2 ETH worth of tokens out of my own wallet
Happened two days ago, enjoy

>> No.28719566

ITT: the failures and rejects of /biz/

>> No.28719587

shorted 1 BTC @35x leverage @12700 and got liquidated in 6h

>> No.28719619

Not selling HOGE at .00001 when I bought at .000001... I got distracted by a friend calling with a problem and missed the dump. I was up nearly 10x, and should have just taken the money and ran. Didn’t really lose anything past gas, and free hoge covered a lot of that, but damn, kicking myself on that.

>> No.28719664

woops didn't mean to post tripcode

>> No.28719716

Selling LINK.
Not buying back into LINK at .25 when I had 12k.
Buying 4k LINK when it was 1$ and then selling for a 2x.

>> No.28719752

sold half my link stack (3,500) at $4 before the market crashed last year with an intention of buying it back at its lower price. I never bought it back and put it into PMs instead because I was panicking like everyone else

>> No.28719755

started by using coinbase and was lock out of my crypto for months loosing me a significant amount of money, seriously fuck coinbase
the other was using a wallet without understanding gas fees, cost me so much eth

>> No.28719808
File: 64 KB, 1080x674, ElRsBqDXgAAA67x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>other than the obligatory "only regret you'll have is you didnt buy more"?

ive got two and please bear in mind that both of these happened after i realized what LINK really was going to become and still did them anyways

lost 2k LINK swinging in early 2018. goal was to get more link.

put about 100ETH (around 15k USD at the time) into GU (NFT card game) that is built on ethereum only to have ETH do a 12x and GU almost die from eth's horrible gas prices. holy shit am i still struggling with this one.

>> No.28719819

bought s9s after the crash when it was like 9k

then the price crashed further and I didn't fully have the electronic understanding to properly set it up, and there was no way for me to make a profit

so I sold them back

>> No.28719822

I bought 200$ worth of Bitcoin at $3.67 each back in 2012. Sent to some shady company that folded.

>> No.28719867

remember the reddit thread were versetti threatened to sue us for FUD lmao

>> No.28719887
File: 91 KB, 570x754, 1613017475637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl f
>search 'link'
>46 results

>> No.28719970

Went all in on dogecoin on the initial pump, then went to sleep. I'm recovering though thankfully because of the bull market.

>> No.28719975

Hindsight is 20/20. it's easy to say that now, but as someone who was around at the genesis of bitcoin I can tell you it wasn't at all obvious what was going to happen. I knew about bitcoin when it was just some computer nerd shit. It was this unknown computer """"money"""" that anons used to send each other for free because it was literally worthless. Seeing all that actually did more harm than good for me. Seeing it initially as a joke, a meme, and worthless framed my perception of it in such a way that I wasn't taking it seriously until it was already priced out of the average person's hands. So don't be so sure you'd have been so gung ho about it.

>> No.28720145

Buying dirt cheap gift cards with btc back when it was only $300. At the time it was an amazing deal since it was like a $20 btc for $100 starbucks, or $100 gamestop. Or even the designer clothes and shoes. I was a broke college student.

Little did I know, it'll go up by a lot. Never rebought during last year's crash either.

Currently have a comfy job, but I rather not work at all.

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Dumped Monero at $0.80
Dumped Eth at $2
Dumped XEM at 63 satoshis
Dumped BTC at $4K
More mistakes than I care to remember, not through lack of foresight either, I knew they would all boom. I had to sell to keep the lights on, and food on the table.
If I just held I would have over $45M today.

>> No.28720205

Same for dogecoin.

>> No.28720220


Off yourself

>> No.28720259

I was jokingly going to buy a hundred USD worth BTC at .08 but ended up not doing it and totally ignoring crypto for years

>> No.28720278

That wouldve been impossible to predict. You would've sold sooner or later. The money is just too tempting for the taking.

>> No.28720297

>didn’t sell XRP at 12x and buy sub $1 LINK

>> No.28720328

Margin trading on my first deposit in 2017. Every margin called and gave me little by little less things...

>> No.28720407

Didn't put $500 in bitcoin in 2011.

>> No.28720425

Never buying Link.

>> No.28720586

I've been in this position so many times lately anon. It doesn't even bother me because number go down but because of the opportunity cost of missing out on gains in an illogical bull market that won't last forever or even long. In a normal market it's easy to just hold and forget about it...but this market rewards attention, decisiveness, and luck so much

>> No.28720618

I had specific targets at the time.
I wanted to sell eth and Monero at $250
I wanted to hold BTC to $100K
Xem I was waiting for $1
I am getting back into it though and have learnt from those mistakes, I am grateful that I am now able to hold my crypto and live comfortably from my job.

>> No.28720648

Not reading whitepapers.
Buying into pumps, crypto cycles, be patient and find your best opportunity.
Not taking at least small percentage of profits.
Staring at charts after investment, if you believe in the buy all you're doing is scaring yourself on every dip.

>> No.28720677

I sold my Elrond when it was worth £7 less than a year ago and it's now £100+. I had about 100 coins. Fucking FUDed.

>> No.28720696

didnt start staking cosmos sooner

>> No.28720752

>Staring at charts after investment
How do you stop? I'm addicted to this shit and I know there's no point to it. Never act upon what I see thankfully, still a huge waste of time

>> No.28720798

BBN. Don't wanna talk about it.

>> No.28720862

Not mining more Garlicoin.

>> No.28720917

I've made heaps of mistakes that one can easily highlight with hindsight. But, some of those are unavoidable in real time.
My biggest structural mistake was not DCA-ing in during the bear market. I did it for the first few months of 2018 and picked up 40K Link - but, then I stopped. Should have just kept buying BTC/ETH/LINK

>> No.28720986

Followed bitcoin when it was 3k but thought it's a scam. Then bought in at 32k

>> No.28721008
File: 42 KB, 550x469, pepehands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know, it's some dopamine level stuff that takes a heavy hand to stop yourself. I still kind of do unfortunately, I like it too much.

>> No.28721042

I chose NKN over LINK. Never bet against biz was my lesson.

>> No.28721120
File: 34 KB, 361x387, 1610317871251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I missed the next LNK with GRT. Shit went from .70 to over $2 in a single day

Only have 500 stacks because I'm poor and now I'll never know what it's like to make it. Yes I'm mad

>> No.28721141

Selling uni. That's almost 10k I could've swung into any shit coin on here being shilled at the time and made a X10.

>> No.28721158
File: 33 KB, 842x960, 105599371_1196007847403892_8870612785159870015_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought it was a speculative market with no value.
I was right, just didn't realize there was so much money to be made anyway.

>> No.28721160

Not putting all my money in injective protocol when it was bellow 1 dollar. I only put couple of hundred... then added more later when it mooned a bit

>> No.28721191

Picked REQ instead of LINK in 2017

>> No.28721212
File: 7 KB, 236x198, 2ad780d9de818c788b544e5c9ce249e1--gym-rat-pinterest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At the end of the day that's why we're here, to gamble and see numbers go up and down... How possibly beat that impulse...

>> No.28721244

Was mining Bitcoin in 2013 and stopped because I didn't think it was going anywhere.

>> No.28721331

I bought 35,000 LINK in 2017 for .15 cents and sold it for 55 cents and thought I was smart. I would be a millionaire now if I would have just held.

>> No.28721345

Not buying link

>> No.28721363

Not buying more link

>> No.28721974

Sold RBC at .27
Didn’t go all in on AVAX at 3
Sold BCH at 450

I’m pretty cautious and diversified so mostly just opportunity cost

>> No.28722002

Wondering why i suddenly overpaod for a shitcoin. I was fucking with the numbers in uniswap and it fucking moon hard in like 5 minutes while I was lookong at other stuff and didnt notice. I ended up buying and wondering why the price was off. It shot up and went back down on top of me trying to manually input how much i wanted, made me pay for twice as much of what its worth. Still havent gotten my money back for it, fuck.

>> No.28722064

When enjin and some other Korean coin were pumping due to Samsung endorsements another coin popped up that was shilled as the next one to pump. So I put a few eth into it and lost half in a few hours.
Never chased a pump again and learned how to see shills from a mile away.

>> No.28722075

Not buying 600$ worth of BTC when it was 20$. Also forgetting my BTC wallet PW.

>> No.28722128

There’s literally nothing wrong with selling RBC at that price...

>> No.28722321

sold like 250k XLM for 10 cents back then, after that like 20% dump happened. i was literally happiest person in the universe. 2 weeks after that XLM reached 1$

>> No.28722342
File: 51 KB, 700x700, 1613100559467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sold 500k link under a dollar back in 2017

>> No.28722381

Lost 20k (at least 2 BTC at the time) leverage trading on Bitmex in 2018-2019

>> No.28722402

bought in at 1 cent

>> No.28722495

You're pathetic
Take it as constructive criticism

What's the goal in life he failed at?

>> No.28722547

using my heart and not my brain

>> No.28722588

Gave 50$ to a scammer. I hope he bought a new roof for his favela

>> No.28722673

1. Losing 1/3 of my stack on a dice roll game
2. Not selling my EOS stack at its peak and waiting for it to go down 50% in sats
3. Flipping my ETH for LTC at a loss right before the January pump started

>> No.28722870


>> No.28722902

Sold XLM at .35
>used to buy BTC for drugs
>in 2014
>old wallets are very lost
>started from scratch couple months ago
>wish I was still able to buy one or two whole BTC for a couple hundred
sill trying to make it...

>> No.28722985

Bought BZRX in September, didn't get out at the top and held down to 70 cents

>> No.28723068

You're suppose to sell at $0.7-0.8 like what I did.

>> No.28723174
File: 4 KB, 250x250, 1606174730611s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this. I lost so, so much if only I had just held on.

>> No.28723295
File: 153 KB, 1242x1568, 2A26BD28-A26B-464D-A967-F43539ACD1F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought CELO at $5.3

>> No.28723335

Sold everything after the 2018 crash and locked in 15k losses

>> No.28723372

Sold my iotas that I had held for years at $0.4, was going to swing it. It rose like 100% after that. Bought in today again at $1.2.

Sold my links this week at $28. Shorted it when it went to $30. I am still short in it, I hope to god it goes down this week. Fucking stinkey, go down

>> No.28723458

going all in on usdt @ 1$

>> No.28723460

Put a stop loss on GRT at $2 that I forgot about, triggered this morning and now I'm sad.. good gains but it's already back up, I've only been in the game for a little more than a week though, finally fucked up for the first time

>> No.28723607

I was going through my ww2 cognitive dissonance on /pol/ when a prophet introduced the algo information to a thread I was lurking on. This was back in September.

It’s been another huge learning curve. But to whoever that brother was, I am grateful.

Biggest mistake. Not being a better student of this new paradigm. Every month that passed while I was pussyfooting around has cost me thousands.

>> No.28723639

Sold everything at a lost a day before the biggest bull run in crypto history began. Everything thing was tanking for weeks on end and I had only been dabbling in crypto for a couple months , how the fuck was I supposed to know. Missed out on thousands of dollars, which may not sound like a lot to you guys, but it would have helped me a lot.

>> No.28724058
File: 120 KB, 280x291, 1512879223773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking same.
I put $10,000 into link in 2017 and sold at a loss because I believed in the fud

It's the only time I've actually had something in my possession that was worth millions.
Everyone says how they were going to invest in bitcoin in 2010 or whatever, but until you've actually held crypto worth millions and let it go, you'll never understand the pain.

My entire portfolio is only 150k and it shouldve been worth millions. Fuck me

>> No.28724263

trying to trade. i should never have listened to crypto twitter, or anyone else, or joined paid trading groups. if i had just held what i first bought i could have been a millionaire. instead, in 2017, after the first big dip i experienced when bitcoin crashed after first reaching $3k i sold all my shit at a 70% loss (the bottom). then i started to try trading. i made a lot of money, sure, but nowhere near how much i could have made just by holding and doing nothing.

my next big regret is shorting bitcoin at $6 the second time it visited the area in 2018. almost liquidated my whole account.

my third biggest regret is not buying the dip during the corona crash and ignoring btc for almost a year. i stayed up all night watching it crash and decided to go to sleep at 2am figuring that whatever happened we would crab at low figures for a while. i woke up to a 40% pump at which point i figured it was overpumped. then i stubbornly ignored the whole market for almost a whole year as my depression worsened. (although, that said. what i intended to buy was eos. i had the low marked on my chart to the cent. had i bought eos at that price it would have been a phenomenal entry, though my gains after a year would be nothing compared to if i had just bought btc or eos at the same time).

>> No.28724336

Will most of the shitcoins being shilled now not last a bear market either? Even the ones with good fundamentals? I'm kind of worried because I have a poorfolio full of shitcoins that I made decent gecent gains with, but Im afraid of the bear.

>> No.28724420

not acting sooner was stupid
20 years ago I knew what's up, but didnt do anything. Fear? probably more laziness and didn't want to bother.

>> No.28724479

Not holding my mined bitcoins. I mined around 250btc years ago

>> No.28724515

Going half-in on link in 2017 instead of all in.
50k link holder but could have been 100k

>> No.28724524

This. See >>28722342 and imagine my pain.

>> No.28724549

Using a super safe password on my doge wallet. Of course I forgot, years down the line. Few thousand doge on it too.

>> No.28724696

also, not buying eth when it was around $10 after seeing it shilled on /biz/ constantly years ago. i looked into it and thought about putting half my savings into it (about £3k back then), but it seemed really complicated to even purchase that shit and i was scared of losing money. only in 2017 when i saw it was worth hundreds of dollars did i eventually buy btc no matter what after seeing it rising in price in the news constantly.

funnily enough right now feels a bit similar to how it felt back then at around $3k btc.

>> No.28724757

sold bitcoin before it did 10x
sold tron before it did 500x
sold ampl before it did ~150x
sold xor before it did ~100x
sold prq before it did ~250x
sold bao before it did 100x
and just recently sold apy before it did 5x
and then finally
>never bought link
yeah, that is over 10 million in lost gains because of not holding
bonus: none of the shit I'm holding is doing anything this bullmarket
fuck crypto

>> No.28724864

I thought the people calling parsiq a piece of shit were just joking
you guys really are impatient lil cunts arent ya?

>> No.28724877
File: 67 KB, 640x480, bender shatter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been there :(
Hope you learned a lesson, HODL

>> No.28724995

In those 7 months you must have more than doubled that money in whatever you put it. LINK is still underperforming this bullrun.

>> No.28725179

I was around when there were websites actually *giving* one Bitcoin. I even downloaded a wallet at that time, because I was curious. But I then though "this shit is a cool idea but will never work".

>> No.28725375

putting 30k into xrp last october when I should've just all inned eth

>> No.28725430

Bought 666 link bc it was a funny number. Sold at $5

>> No.28725473

Buying WTC. Selling BTC.

>> No.28725521

Putting 1k into some shitcoin scam when I all-inned into Chainlink in 2018 with the rest of my money. Could've had so much more.

>> No.28725663

I put $100 into VTHO at 0.0010 and sat on it for weeks as it barely fluctuated. A month later, it almost hit a penny...

>> No.28725707

But that's a 4 year bag holding. Guaranteed your weak hands would've sold at June 2019 at $3 or anytime in 2020.

>> No.28725719

rekt by scam wik

>> No.28725799

bought btc at around $200 and invested into a scammer cloud mining platform

>> No.28725871

Putting money in substratum (SUB)

>> No.28725952

haven't made one yet i don't think, besides just not investing enough last year. i swapped dft for plt today though, maybe i'll regret that by next week

>> No.28726021


>> No.28726032

I put $12,000 into BREE. Count yourself lucky. Best part is that I got in initially under $6, held all the way up to $50, staked everything I had, and got rugged the day before my stake period expired.

>> No.28726164

1. wasting my entire life on the computer/internet but somehow never buying bitcoin until 2016
2. buying 0.3 bitcoin in 2016 and then spending it on drugs

>> No.28726262

Same, anon. Dove hard into BTC on the tech side of things in 2010, watched the price rise then crash back to single digits, and never bought in. Instead I was buying silver by mail during that time, and managed to stack a couple hundred ounces. If I bought BTC instead of silver, I’d have thousands of BTC currently. I don’t sell my long term investments ever, so there’s no doubt that I’d still own all that BTC if I had bought it back then.

>> No.28726295

Same but 2011, maybe 2010, I forget, it was when I was in college.
Every day I curse myself

>> No.28726324

Buying STA with 5 ETH's back in August at $0.2

>> No.28726348

in dec 2017, I bought a paid group membership from Crypto Kirby, a squeaky voiced faggot that shouts at his microphone and bangs his fist on the desk

>> No.28726491

I had 35k Link, then sold them at like $.50 to chase a BSV pump (that promptly dumped). I never was able to trade my way back, and have lost my initial investment three times now due to getting liquidated. It's ok though, because the rest of reality is shit. Women, work, politics, entertainment, it's all shit!

>> No.28726496

Swung link from 2,5k to 0

>> No.28726508

he was one of the several retards that shilled BCC
didn't fall for it myself, because it seemed too good to be true, but several people in the group did and then got banned from the group when they were asking questions after the exit scam

>> No.28726626

Bought 7 LINK

>> No.28726770

a-are u a girl?

>> No.28727144
File: 382 KB, 2048x1536, 1612473049069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you hear about those projects before they mooned like that? Honest question. Every single thing I see here has already done a 2-3x the day before by the time I see it.
I run into dozens of projects each day that doubled in price since the day before. How the fuck do people find out about this before it happens? It drives me insane always being 1-2 days late to a pump

>> No.28727246
File: 64 KB, 618x597, tiredpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spent 13BTC i bought for 85each on the DW

>> No.28727343

Thats cause the lower a cap is the more % it will have done recently if going uo. How do people not get this. Especially when everything is a bull market.

>> No.28727413

sell some

>> No.28727416

within a year, this list is going to include people who sold their 400 uni for less than the price of a house lol.

>> No.28727435

Not buying more, I guess. But selling 15000 LINK at 80 cents, bought at 30 cents, was the biggest in terms of actual potential loss.

>> No.28727488

Lost 6k

>> No.28727616

cashing out of crypto a month before the 2017 bullrun, and selling chainlink and BNB to do that. both sub $1

>> No.28727699
File: 183 KB, 616x1069, IMG_20210113_113522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not buying more desu. I regret.

>> No.28727776
File: 657 KB, 1024x728, 1556307396761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Giving up in 2018 after getting liquidated on Bitmex with all my Bitcoin. I shouldn't have gone all in, never do that.

They closed Bitmex "for maintenance" and some whale groups pumped the price of bitcoin while liquidity was down on another site. After Bitmex went online every Bobo was liquidated to shreds.

I should have stayed in the market, now I lost out on all those gains.

>> No.28727793
File: 116 KB, 1000x380, 1560456834167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this was me

>> No.28727800
File: 93 KB, 1024x1001, 1607416340978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but when something is sitting at $200k MC for weeks, why do I only see it at $600k+ MC the day after it doubled? How to people see it at $250k or $300k? Or how do they see it at $200k and know it will be $600k the next day? I am going to make a thread about this sometime. There has to be some insider feeds I am missing.

I see the flow of all important information in the digital world as follows (obviously there are deviations I don't care about):
objective reality ---> ???? ---> 4chan ---> normies via social media, "news", etc
The ???? is what I am looking for, I know some of it is just random people, but there has to be something more centralized than that

>> No.28727904


>> No.28727949

only put $300 in RVN at 0.02, still kicking myself on that one

>> No.28728028

Not buying BTC at $5 price. I would be a millionaire many times over if I had.

>> No.28728035

never trusted in cryptocurrencies

>> No.28728041
File: 236 KB, 769x600, 1601369666444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fapping when everything mooning

>> No.28728055

tron because it was listed on liqui.io in 2017 and I happened to be looking there
ampl when it was listed on bitfinex in 2019 and I thought it was interesting and was the first of its kind--> it did nothing but bleed for months so I sold
xor was shilled on biz last summer I think
prq had its IEO on Coinmetro and the CEO shilled it (also did nothing for a long time before mooning)
bao I heard from one of the people I follow on twitter when it was 1m mc

but I have just the worst luck, every single thing I sell ends up mooning hard as fuck, and every single thing I decide to hold does a 5x at best

>> No.28728104

when uniswap hits 1 trillion market cap and the token is worth $1000, how many people who sold their 400 airdrop for a PS5 are going to livestream their rope lmao?

>> No.28728203

hoge and asko and grt

>> No.28728275
File: 639 KB, 968x593, cum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28728337

Just as an example, I made COUNTLESS threads on a low cap gem that had some news coming in the pipeline, and not a single response to any of my threads other than myself bumping some of them one time each, etc. Literally the day after I posted one of my threads it shot up 3x overnight from 5m market cap to 17m.
Then people get interested once they see that its up 250% in one day.
When things are red and/or flat, people aren't interested. But that's often times the best time to buy.
Of course this isn't a one-size-fits-all type of thing, but I'd say to answer your question it's because people are more drawn to green candles. I'm sure those same projects you saw up 2-3x right before you looked into them, you probably scrolled right past the thread when it was either red or flat for days/weeks/months beforehand. The hard part is doing your due diligence and forming a conviction on something that you truly believe (and researched) that will do well.
Another possibility is that you may be seeing various pump and dumps, which can happen with a scam project or with a legitimate project that just so happened to be targeted by a group of PnDers trying to make a quick buck. But PnD's are another story and I'd say the majority of what youre talking about can be answered by my response before this paragraph.

>> No.28728359

Knowing early on, and each year thinking many times over I should buy. Yet I don't beat myself up over it as I wasn't in a situation to 'lose' that possible money in a sketchy investment, because I had a young family.

>> No.28728476
File: 115 KB, 1080x1380, 1613026482345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe this

what does this even mean on coinbase

I don't know, is that money I can get from them?

>> No.28728589

I don't know what this means, wrong pic before

>> No.28728854
File: 116 KB, 706x1880, available to send.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28729003

Same. I remember thinking I would KMS if LINK mooned and I never bought any despite all the shilling on biz. So I bought 1000 at $0.25 in like December 2017, then sold most of my portfolio after the crash in Jan 2018.

>> No.28729168
File: 42 KB, 720x960, 1594723004424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you are extremely lucky when finding 100x+ projects, but you are extremely unlucky on which you choose to gamble on long term

Yeah this makes sense up to a point. I know that occasionally there are posts that are actually early. Personally, I always spend at least a few minutes looking into every project I see shilled, even obvious scams, just to be sure.
My basic criteria are market cap below $2m and no hockey-stick graph. I have done pretty well on this, but I have never hit a 10x or above, not even once. Also, I don't ever believe it when someone claims a project with $500m MC will 10x so I usually don't bother with mid to high MC tokens (besides PRQ).

>> No.28729176
File: 1000 KB, 1242x1234, 1611905634754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Held all my crypto during the digibyte era on an exchange (POLONISHIT), got fucked over and lost 100x profit from a small investment.

Also not staying on /biz/ and in crypto.

Runner up is not listening to my buddy and buying Monero when it was upcoming and very low.

Now I'm a broke, indebt student with no source of income in the middle of a global panasonic.

>> No.28729188

Bought 14000 LINK at 20c and sold some time later because it was crabbing around

>> No.28729329

swung out 1.5k grt around 35c

Still got a comfy 5k stack, but it still hurts

>> No.28729586

bought coins besides link in 17
didnt buy anything since

only 5k link instead of what could have been over 13k

>> No.28729623

being interested in BTC and knowing it would be huge 10 yrs ago but too busy being a degenerate to buy some.

>> No.28729735

Cashed out of link at $13. Had 1700 link. Also spent $100 on FEG. I’m an idiot, I know.

>> No.28729747

Transferred 20k€ of nano to bitgrail right before bomber went insolvent because I thought "because I'm ez and kyc'ed he'll let me withdraw eventually.. and prices are at a 30% discount over there"

>> No.28729792

>Feel the

This kills the 4channer

>> No.28729901

reporting in, sold my 400 uni at 5 bucks for shit tokens that went down

>> No.28729910

using up hold and losing 18000 XRP

>> No.28730015

Trading my cubic rubics for asko at ath

>> No.28730031

Check the price you monkey , just thank god you somehow stumbled onto a gem by sheer luck

>> No.28730284

>So you are extremely lucky when finding 100x+ projects, but you are extremely unlucky on which you choose to gamble on long term
yeah, something like this. Maybe I should just set up a separate portfolio where I do the opposite of what I do in my main portfolio

oh btw, I sold POLS a few days ago at $3, and now it is already over $5
just watch it go on an insane run to $30+ over the next weeks

>> No.28730331

Sold UNI when the airdrop hit. Bought back, sold when it started dumping. Didn't buy back in before it went parabolic.

>> No.28730364 [DELETED] 
File: 77 KB, 1342x546, gr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only way is up from here.

>> No.28730387

going all in into theta fuel in may 2020
not buying link after it dumped back to 7$
not going all in link after knowing about it since 2018
selling monero after it dumped to 120$
selling btc at 14k, hoping to rebuy

yet somehow I have more money than I invested despite knowing nothing about economy.

>> No.28730755

I pretty much made all the mistakes you can do in 2017/2018. Tried to swing btc, chased moonshots buying them on top and never sold my shitcoins after making some profits. This time around i have done pretty well for myself and i am happy with that, however it does sting to think that if i didn't make the mistakes i did, i would have made it by now.

>> No.28731229

You have to network with people in the space. Get into twitter and telegram groups of people actually doing real work in crypto

>> No.28731436
File: 11 KB, 645x773, 1553902607153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Telling my family about my investments, hoping they would buy some crypto themselves. They never bought because "crypto bad" and they are now bitter towards me for making a fortune on fake internet money.

>> No.28731549

Bonkers lmao

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