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Red monday is coming.

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suck a dick retard

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Chinese New Year friend, temporary dip during the holiday while Chinese are cashing out for fortune cookies, fireworks, and giant dragon puppets. Enjoy the cheap prices!

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Are you all forgetting last week when we were going back and forth between 31k and 37k every day?

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Craig will reveal hard proof in COURT that he is satoshi in three days. That's why I'm shorting core and longing SV.

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Fuck off, bobo.

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Kys nigger

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Well well well, what do we have here? Bulls are on full tilt and flinging insults and being edgy, cause they know in the back of their mind they will be rugged and aren't doing anything about it. Bears on the other hand are calm and cool sitting on realized gains, analyzing the situation logically and speaking from long term experience.

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I'm still overall bullish, but we definitely have a 20-30% correction coming pretty soon.

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